How To Fix Missing Textures With Light Kit Pro

April 16, 2014

In this quick video, I answer a question we have been getting in customer support for Light Kit Pro lately. Many have you have been asking about how to fix missing textures in older scene files where you have used Light Kit Pro. We made a script to fix exactly that and it came with your latest version of Light Kit Pro.

Check your Light Kit Pro install folder to find the script and use it any time you see a missing texture error for older Light Kit Pro scene files. The script is included in version 2.0 and up. Keep Rendering!

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  • I’m interested in animating still photographs in Cinema 4d. I’m fairly new to the program, but have taught myself many elements of Photoshop and After Effects during the past couple of years. I”m a television news producer in Los Angeles looking to expand my abilities and I’m grateful for your tutorials. I suspect my efforts are still rather crude, but this is a link to the sort of things I do and am interested in learning in Cinema 4d

  • Greyscalegorilla, You are the Gorilla…lol… Hi Nick, I love your tutorials and your personality. You have help me improve my cinema 4D workflow massively and I wanna say thank you very much, am most grateful.
    However, I have been trying to figure out how they made BET AWARDS 13 animation and was thinking if you could help me out with a tutorial on it. Would very much appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

  • This is off topic, but I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how does some of their work. I’d really be interested to see how the materials and lighting are setup. Thanks!

  • Dear sir your work is great you are very nice parson. Retrospected sir Can You make this Title Tutorial i am very thankful to you. God Bless Greyscalegorilla

  • Hi,
    My problem is slightly different.
    Just started a new job and the past graphics producer created some c4d projects for a client. The client wants the same graphics only the text needs to be switched out to new words to fit with the new spot.

    When I open the files and try to render out the new text I am getting the errors of these missing textures,
    However the light kit was something purchased by the old producer and he took it with him when he left, therefore the textures don’t exist on the computer anymore and can not be relinked.

    Aside from purchasing a new light kit, I was wondering if there is a way to just delete the missing textures completely from the project.

    I am somewhat new to cinema4d.
    I have tried running a script, deleting unused textures from the material manager, and anything else I can think of but the textures still exist in my info manager and appear with a red x and I cannot figure out how to delete them from there.

    Any help you can give would be much appreciated.


    • Hi,

      If the scene was built with Light Kit, then you will need another version of Light Kit to render the scene. You can delete the Light Kit Lights in the scene, but then you will have to re-light it.
      Hope that makes sense.


  • Hi,

    the real way i was able to do to solve this asset error was in this way:
    Once you render and get the error for the .jpg just go to
    -> “MODE” (just below the OBJECT TAB)
    -> Project Info -> “TEXTURE” tab
    there select your missing texture , in my case umbrella and sofbox , and click to load ( the 3 “…” wherever they are placed
    Cinema4d will now ask for copy in the path and other stuff, click “yes” all the way

    that’s it, next time you’ll use LKP you’ll never get back errors


  • Hi Nick, please can you help me, this lightkit pro works with Cinema4D R17? and does it works, how do i install it?

  • Hey R19 throws this error, after the fix :/

  • In Cinema 4d R19 , I followed the same procedure suggested by @ TRICKMASCHINE and it worked nicely.

    Here’s the process

    ->Click on “MODE” (just below the OBJECT TAB on the right side)
    -> Click on PROJECT INFO and then “TEXTURES” tab
    -> there select your missing textures and click on file browsing button below the list of textures to load ( the 3 “…” wherever they are placed)
    –> Cinema4d will now ask for copy in the path and other stuff, click “yes” all the way

    that’s it, next time you’ll use LKP you’ll never get back errors

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