How to get Random Movement with Mograph and Cloners

April 18, 2011

I was lucky enough to meet and hang with the legendary Tim Clapham last week during NAB while we presented at the Maxon booth. We got talking about Cinema 4D and Mograph and he explained Mograph in a way that really helped clarify how it works. In this video, I wanted to explain what he told me about effector order and how values pass though, and then show you the best Mograph tip I learned from him so far in his excellent Cinema4D Dynamics Training Series. If you are looking to learn more about Mograph or the Dynamics system in Cinema 4D, there is no better guy that tim to show you how it works. I hope to have a full review of his Cinema4D Dynamics Training as soon as I finish it.


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  • If Nick Can’t Teach Us,Nobody Can !

  • heey nick i did everything you did, even twice.
    but the weight transform doesnt change anything. what can i do? thanks!


  • Very useful tutorial. Thank you, Nick.

    Found a problem when duplicating the rig – changing the y position value on the secondary plane effector doesn’t do anything at all unless you first (before duplicating) group the original rig in a nul.

    Duplicate the nul whole and it appears to work a treat. Plane effector scales beautifully.


  • Wonderful. As I learn I hope in the future dejavu occurs between Nick Campbell and myself like Tim and Nick Campbell.

  • Hey dude, I have a question, I hope you can answer me, I see in your video tutorials of cinema 4d that you have a faster render, can you tell me what are the technical specs of your MAC & PC?

  • Thanx Nik,
    Its a great tutorial, Its very nice way you explain with out stressing 😉

    thnx a lot, wish you tsunami of inspiration and creativity.

  • Dear Gorilla,
    Great Tutor… i love alot…..


  • WOW! That was amazing! Awesome job Nick!
    But, I have a question: Could I do this effect with letters?

  • Thank you NICK!!

  • is there a way to control the weight of an effector without a cloner?

    so if you are using the plane or random effector directly on a group of poly objects. there is no weight attribute directly but can you add weight to objects or object vertex without a clone.

  • One small note. When adding the plain effector you forgot to mention the need to select the thing you want the effector to effect before adding it. It’s a small thing but super beginners like me will spend a good deal of time wondering why it’s not working.

  • I have a questeion about this… i have a coupple of toilet paper rolls. Set up with xpresso so it leaves a trail, the paper roll itself gets smaller and lowers as more paper rolls out.. My problem is cloning theese and making them random looking. Do you have any tips on this?

  • Hey Gorilla!

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial.

    I’m trying to build a big cube with lots of smaller ones. They should fly in one direction and build the cube step by step. I tried to work it out with mograph and a random effector, but it didnt work the way I want.

    Here’s an example:

    The guy unfortunately didn’t describe how he built this.

    I thought that would be something for GSG.

    So long, phil

  • Hey gorila my name is Santiago and i am a c4d beginner, and i have my first problem, im trying to do some tutorials and I know I’m missing something, in the part of the tutorial where i have to put MoGraph Random Effectors this is not appear… Why?? i need a plugin or what?? Please help me.
    Thanks, and i want to say that your work it´s great!!!
    Im from argentina and my english is not good, sorry for that

  • Skillistic!!!

  • Link not working anymore. Thk’s!

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