How to Loop Cloth Dynamics in Cinema 4D

October 28, 2015

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can create a seamless cloth simulation/dynamics loop in Cinema 4D.  First, I’ll show you how you can create your cloth ribbon using SplineWrap.  Then, I’ll show you how to apply a Cloth tag and pin parts of your geometry down so you can create undulating cloth movements using Turbulence and Wind Particle Forces.  Next, I’ll show you how to apply Camera Mapped striped textures to turn this animation into some “Op Art“.  Finally, I’ll show you my method for creating a seamless cloth dynamics loop.  If you have any questions, be sure to hit me in the comments below!  Have fun and if you make something with this technique, be sure to share it!  Enjoy!


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  • Awesome tutorial, thanks guys!

      • I am having a problem with making this loop.
        When I send this to render it continues the flag animation it does not move back to the initial state.
        I’m finding that if I go frame by frame through the time line it goes to the initial state, but when i click off, it snaps to the cached simulation.

        How do I solve this?

  • EJ makes some amazing tutorials but I feel like he shortcuts and skips over a lot of things that confuse some of us less experienced users. Please try to be a bit more thorough even if it could be a little bit boring for you. Thanks so much for all the work u offer guys 🙂

  • I’m having a problem with rendering…everything looks good in the preview and loops perfectly but when I go to render the animation in the picture viewer it looks completely different and loses the pose morph animation!?!

    • Which version of C4D are you using?

      Did you:
      • Cache the cloth sim (on BOTH the original and the TARGET/DUPLICATED cloth sim)
      • Make sure the Pose Morph tag isn’t in Edit mode

      Trying to think what would be different between the viewport render and the picture viewer and the only thing I can think of is the cloth acting screwy.

      If caching the cloth doesn’t work, you can try to export both cloth sims out as Alembic files and re-import and that will then be just baked animation, no caching involved.

    • Hey! I think I was having the same problem as you!

      The solution was to bake the point caches animation down to PLA keyframes (drag object into the timeline, and do a Function > Bake on it). I was freakin’ pulling my hair out trying to get the pose morph to render like this tutorial shows, but it would always “snap” back for some reason… the morph just WOULD NOT stick. Baking the cloth animation into keyframes solved it!

      Of course, after baking you cannot go back and re-adjust your wind… so make sure to copy your objects before baking them just in case you want to try something different later on.

      Hope this helps!

      And, if anyone else comes across this and has the same problem and a different solution… please post. 🙂

  • Hey EJ!

    You actually created a so-called Mobius-strip in the beginning with the spline. A 180deg rotation over the splin would also have fixed this (for people who don’t want to scale down).

  • Hey man, I got this to work alright but my question is how did you get the cloth material to blend seamlessly with the moving background?


  • Great! Thanks

  • Thanks, can You make a tutorial on usual ways of clothing system?

  • That was very helpful. Thanks ! ^^

  • Awesome tutorial, I think you explain everything very well. Thanks for posting it!

  • Hey EJ,

    Great video! You mentioned you could do this with most dynamic objects, however spline dynamics don’t have an offset function when cached. What would you recommend when trying to loop dynamic splines?

    Thanks again!

  • Hi! How did you get such a nice juicy and reflective black colour in GIF from the top of the post? In tutorial black colour on ribbon seems to be more lighter and flatter.

  • Hey EJ,

    what C4D version are you working in? It seems the offset cache options have moved somewhere in R18? Or am missing something?


  • Solved. For some reason Maxon decided to combine both parameters in the “start” box. Not sure why, but it works. Thanks anyway!

  • Hello I have the following suggestion:

    When you have your base animation for example 180 frames.

    Bake it, offset it -30 frames (start frame -30)
    Then offset the copy 120 frames (start frame 120)

    Make the whole animation 150 frames long.

    Start the morph at frame 120, and end it at frame 150.

    This way you will have a smoother transition between both states.

    If you want a longer morph, for example 70 frames, and 150 frames of animation, you will need to cache 220 frames. Then you offset the first one -70 frames, and the second one 80 frames (150 frames of animation minus 70 frames), then you start the morph at frame 80, and end it at frame 150.

  • Thank you soooo much!!!

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