How To Make a Candy Cane Text Animation In Cinema 4D

December 21, 2010

Ho Ho Ho! In this special holiday tutorial, I show you how to make a delicious Candy Cane animation using Illustrator and Cinema 4D. I show you how to animate the type with Sweep Nurbs and texture it with a candy cane texture. Then, I show you how to light the scene for the final render.

Thanks again for watching and making this such a great year for Greyscalegorilla and me. You make this site awesome. Happy Holidays!


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  • i like your work and your tutorials. u do a great job. isn’t it funny to see yout work all over the world wide web by peaple doing your tutorials?

    maybee u like my work, too?

    we produced an independent dark Sci-Fi End-of-Days satire movie. with a lot of CG and AE shots.

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  • Excellent tutorial. I follow the blog for a long and really is great everything you do. Sorry for my English. Keep it up.
    One question, I want to achieve something like this think you could make a toturial how to do it?

  • Great tutorial!
    ho ho ho xD

  • Great !! Awesome as usual, Nick

  • Sweet! Sweet, hah! get it…..!???

  • Cool stuff! Where do you get the music for your animations? Do you make all of them?

    I feel like a good soundtrack really adds a lot to an animation, and would love to know your approach!


  • Once again a great tutorial Nick!, Feliz Navidad and a big hug form Mexico mate!

  • really amazing Nick, happy holidays!

  • I made this ( a couple of months ago. The type was in C4d and this tutorial would have been a big help, I still learned some new techniques. Great tut as always.

  • Very nice.
    Frohe Weihnachten from Deutschland.

  • Very good and thanks for diving into Illustrator, to show how to export the path to C4D, and then how to “manipulate” the whole deal.
    That rotation really was something sweet!
    Merry Christmas and happy holidays πŸ˜€

  • merry christmas Nick

    more ape sh*t in 2011

  • Well, well, what a coincidence…I dealt with something similar in Sunday night and Monday morning. Not candy cane style but similar in using handwritten text (with freeehand spline using mouse) with sweep NURBS (controlled by expresso~user data).

  • What fonts do you use?? It seems you use the same ones over and over.

  • Hey Nick,
    thanks a lot for your amazing Tutorials. I wish you and all the American people a Merry Christmas and a good start in the year 2011. Hope the Tutorials will go on in the future.
    Many Greetings from Germany

    Yours Nico

  • Happy Holidays Nick! Thanks for an awesome year! You make cool shit man.

    Thanks again,


  • Thanks for yet another awesome tutorial, I will try this too, Nick.
    Happy Holidays and a happy and prosperous New Year to everyone!

  • Awesome comment. πŸ˜€
    Nice work Nick.
    And a happy holiday to you too!

  • Happy Holidays to you and yours Nick!

  • Merry Christmas everybody.

  • Thanks, Nick!

    How much candy can the canner can?

    • Even if the candy canner can can cans of candy can the candy can canner can cans of candy while doing the can can with a candy cane?

  • Happy holidays everybody and merry Xmas from Lyon.

  • Hey Nick,
    Is there a way in C4D to see 4:3 action/title safe guides inside the 1920×1080 environment?

    I work in television producing commercials, and use C4D whenever possible. The spots are full 1080HD (1920×1080) with 4:3 center cut graphics.

    Any suggestions on how to view 4:3 guides in a 16:9 C4D project?


    • One option is to make a square spline 4:3 and attach it to your camera and give it a color and set it to always visible. only problem is if you adjust focal length.

      I think I saw a rig once for this but can’t find it.


  • ho-ho-ho Happy holidays to you Nick!

  • Thanks again nick!
    this is my final result
    free hand writing is not as easy as i thought but there it is…
    Merry Xmas everyone

    here my other projects

  • Happy holidays to you as well Nick! It’s a pity we don’t have snow in Australia, I love it!

  • Hi Nick,
    Thanks for those little tweaks with C4D and wish you merry christmas and a happy new year !
    It was a pleasure to learn some of your techniques and gave me inspirations.
    I hope more intensive trainings with your knowledge, especially on motion design, for 2011…

  • BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLL i love u gorilla and merry xmas xxx

  • Very nice tutorial again πŸ™‚

    The thickness after adding the caps can be solved by checking “Constrain” on the caps tab. I saw you spacing out letters in a previous tutorial because they got too thick. You probably already know this but I thought I’d just point it out for other people to read aswell.

    Happy Holidays from Holland!

  • love the tutorial. wish that font was free though πŸ™

  • Hey Nick,
    here is mine:
    Didn’t had the trapcode plugins, so I had to improvise a bit.

    Happy holidays.


  • Nick you are great!!!!!
    I mean really, I would never be able to thank you enough for the things you have taught us.
    Tut is awesome like always. Thanks again.

  • Alrighty! Here’s my stab at this. Have a great weekend, all.

  • I tried it myself, too.
    Please comment. And merry christmas and a happy new year.

  • Happy Holidays Nick. Thanks for all your help.

  • Awesome as always Nick…. i was wondering how to make some balls like this here:

    You Rock.. and thanks for the efford.

  • Here is my contribution. its no animation. Thank you for good tutorials πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas

  • Merry Christmas for all of you, guys.

    After that, I want to ask this: How come when i put the path and the circle in the SweepNurbs it keeps the same, not like the tutorial. I dont see volume. :S Any help?

  • here’s mine (: i just love your tuts, i always lear something from them. i’m only sixteen, but here is what i’ve done :

  • please post a vid about your layout, how to get it

  • Hey Nick!

    I’m trying to import my scene into After Effects, but the black background keeps appearing. How can I just disable it? I’m not really an expert on this πŸ˜›

  • Also made a little Merry Chirstmas short, not with the candy though

    Nonetheless nice tutorial!

  • cool, could of done it with trapcode kinda i guess. u love your gotham

  • Excelent!! GreyscaleGorilla You are the best MotionGrapher. This Web is very important to many artist who want to learn with bigger like you. Im filmaker from argentina and never see anybody in web more enthusiast

    i hope learn more with you

    merry christmas

  • Hey gorilla!
    i’ve got a question for you. Im really into 3d and motion graphics and all that stuff. Im 16 years old and ive followed all your tutorials from the beginning but when i look at videos like triangle from onur senturk. They are just awesome and when i try to make a video like that 2 things could happen. 1 i copy alot. 2. It becomes really really bad. i never seem to create something awesome like those vids. Any tips?

  • Frohe Weihnachten (Merry Christmas) from Germany!
    And thanks for all the great Tutorials and ideas!

  • Before 1 year ago I made this>>
    Thanks Nick for advanced level πŸ™‚

  • Another great tut.
    Tank’s for this year tuts.
    We need you lessons next year.
    Ha a great holidays.

  • Hey Nick and Merry Christmas –

    I just wanted to say thanks for all the effort you put into these videos and although I’m going to hop program since cinema 4d doesn’t have the tools I need as opposed to other software I still appreciate as much as anyone your videos. I wish you luck in the future and I hope you have a twin that has a website on the software I choose.

  • Yo Nick, great work. Long time AE user but new to C4D. This was a great tute for me to get an overview of a small project from beginning to end.

    Really dig your work and your blog. Been hanging out here more than VideoCoPilot of late.

    Have a great Chrissy mate.

    Cheers from down under. Mike πŸ™‚

  • Nice effect, lo intentΓ© y funiciono !

    See My design :

  • love the site, I have been using cinema 4d for about a week now. I haven’t got much sleep. it is soo addicting!

    I bought the HDRI pack and the lighting kit. very cool stuff.

  • Hey Nick, great tutorial as always. I came across a problem tho, thought you might help. When adding End Rotation to my Sweep NURBS what happens is that the the text starts braking up at the begining and the end, kinda twists and starts braking right after. Even tho the texture isn’t rotated as much as i’d want it to be. Any ideas?

    Thanks and Happy Holidays to you all!

  • Hi i just have one question im like new to c4d and i mostly know all the stuff except for modelling or making u know like cartoons can u tell me a site where ican learn from or youtube vid plz it would be really help full

  • Hi Nick…
    instead of turning off the layer with the mouth to see the path you can click on the “q” button on the keyboard… makes it easier .

    have a good one.


  • i wasn’t sure how to email ha so i thought i would leave a comment. i just wanted to say that i love your tutorials, and they have been a huge help. My animation teacher and i are confused on the fringe intro exploding text thing. i would really appreciate some pointers or maybe a tutorial. thanks your the best man

  • Hi, don’t be angry. i do not agree what most people say here. i think most of your tutorials are very lame, cause they go in circles – no growth. What about bringing more tuts from pro’s like ‘the monkey’ or so? anyway, thanks for your good work. regards, jason

  • Do you hear tutorial voiceovers inside your head when working on projects in Cinema/Ae and stuff?


  • The music you used for the happy holidays card – what is that? thanks for the inspiration …

  • Very nice. Thanx!

  • Hey Guys! This has nothing to do with the video but I just made this up and wanted you guys to tell me something about it. I’m an architecture student and this is my first video-rendered with cinema 4d… What do you think.
    * I’d like to use a postproduction program but I haven’t yet..


  • hii nick,,
    I am big fan of urs, i learnt so much from u. I wanna know how to extrude polygon on a certain angle. c4d always extrude at 90 degree form the polygon… please reply..

    Your student,
    Pritam Singh

  • I made a happy New Year video based on this tutorial.

    (I kinda messed up a mask in After Effects, so try to ignore that part)

  • Simplemente Beauty…..e innteresante
    como siempre se agradece por el aporte

  • I need help!! Really want to do this tutorial for a project I’m working on about cakes!! I get to the bit where I import the path into C4D which seems to work fine..then when I add a sweep nurb nothing happens to my path…your one turns to black..mine stays completely the same. Then I add a circle and make it smaller like you do which is all fine. But then when I put the circle and the path into the sweep nurb folder I get a massive round 3d disc shape!! Please help!! Really want to do this!

    Thanks for any help,

    Jodie. :o)

    • Sounds like your objects are in the wrong order or you circle is too big.

    • I made the circle the same size as yours and the order is all the same as well πŸ™ Would you know why the sweep nurbs doesn’t even make the path do anything??

      • You might’ve done what I did – which is make more than one path (my first and last name). The sweep nurb should only sweep across one path, and it can’t be inside a null object. If you have more than one path when you import, pull the path out, sweep it, and duplicate the whole setup for your second path.

  • Great tutorial! I don’t know if anybody has mentioned it before, but a nice fast shortcut for turning NURBS (sweep, extrude, hyper, etc) on/off is the letter Q… so you can work on the spline and “Q” it on and off faster than clicking on it πŸ™‚

  • Excellent again Nick and Chris, Thanks for all the knowledge you share,
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  • aaah! many thanks for this tutorial! for years i have hated and despised the pen tool. you have made me a more peaceful person. Thankyou & Happy Holidays!

  • I’d like to know how you did the Motion Blur. Is it Cinema or After Effects?

  • Michaelia Stephens June 25, 2013 at 2:19 pm

    Hello! First, I love this tutorial and keep up the good work. My question is that when I import the illustrator path into cinema 4d there is a box surrounding it and its not letting me alter the path with the sweep nurbs or circle. Why is that? Here is a screenshot []. Please help, I really want to make my own version of this tutorial!

  • Hmm it appears like your website ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any helpful hints for newbie blog writers? I’d really appreciate it.

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