How to make a Dynamic Chain with Cinema 4D

January 28, 2010

In response to a question from: ITV Teacher

With help from This tutorial and CG Society.

Final Result

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  • Nice! I have been trying to get it to work since your workshop at Hyper 🙂

  • Thanks Nick! Have been looking for a solution to this! and once again you got the answer.

  • Check this guy!
    Different solution, but realy nice to.
    It’s nr. 6th from the top

  • Thanks nick, i will watch it when i get home. Did you see the work around posyed in comments on my vimeo question video. It worked using two fracture mograph objects. Keep on keepin on

  • love Dynamic !!
    Good Tut mr gorilla

  • Very clever! Had this exact problem.

  • Great work Nick – I was wondering how to do something like this.

  • Very good – thanks for sharing – always giving me the WOW !! good Man!

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  • Great! This is exactly what I was searching for yesterday. I have to animate a key chain.

  • Okay, so how do you attach something to the end of the chain, such as a ball?

    • I’m trying to figure that one out too. Problem is I have an entire lamp with bulb that I want to dangle from the chain. Tried a number of things but I can’t get them to go. I was thinking of trying to link the root null of the lamp to the position and rotation of the last link but I’m not sure how to do that.

  • Awesome tutorial as always, and I do like (or at least not mind) your more off-the-cuff tutorials, but I really would appreciate a preview video separate from the actual tutorial, I’d love to see what I would be making before I spend the 20 minutes to learn it 🙂

  • yeaahhh boiiiii!!!!! thanks nick!

  • pretty clever ! null object, damn it !
    thx for sharing the info, really helpful.

  • GREAT!!! Thank you!

  • A Grand Unified Theory of Chain Dynamics. I like it.

  • Thanks!!!! more marble lifting options ;O)

  • Thanks!!!
    always null object works^^

  • Cool Nick. The little part with the explosion deformer was brilliant. Seen somebody do it manually by separating all segments and using the fracture object then but this is the non destructive way of doint it. Very nice. One thing i would do to make it faster is using uniform as the subdivision mode in the rail spline for the chain link and set it low on the collider cahin and i tend to use the N-sided spline for the shape rather than a low value circle. Can still use the circle in the “pretty chain” .

    Nice to see that convex shapes aren’t so hard in MoDyn. Seen some other cool methods but this is non destructive so it’s cool.


    • Very, very clear and useful tutorial. It covers far more than swinging chains. Well done…you’ve given me some new ideas

  • the ULTRA sollution! 😀

  • Very nice tutorial!

    I’d just like to offer my help if for some reason you ever get stuck.

    Love your approach to the whole helping everyone out thing too!


  • hey guys what is the best way to get mograph2 is there a free site or am i just dreaming?

  • Don’t forget to tell people to check “Render Instances” in the Object tab of the Dynamic Chain. I was stuck for 20 minutes trying to figure that out.

  • Nick thank you for solving my chain question. Awesome job! I have one more question about this. If I want to connect the chain together to be like a necklace, I’m guessing all I have to do is make the cloner object radial instead of linear? Hope I’m right…

    • hmm, can’t figure out how to rotate the links on this one… did you figure it out?

    • Nevermind, I got it. I duplicated the (radial) cloner object and turned it 90 and then spaced them out to fit linked into each other… BOOM. NECKLACE.

      Couldn’t have done it without your mention of RADIAL, thanks.

  • HI Nick,

    Thanks for the great tut!

    I did notice that I had to keep the Fracture Object in the pretty chain hierarchy for the Inheritance to work properly – hope that helps someone else who’s stuck.

    keep up the great work

  • Alright, so I’m racking my brain trying to attach a lamp to this chain. I have tried a number of different techniques to get the lamp to be correctly dynamized but nothing is working.

    I have tried polygonizing and connect so the entire lamp is one polygon and then doing the Fracture Object/Explosion workaround and the closest I can get is having the entire lamp fall to the ground while the chain passes through it. Or I had the chain stay connected to the link attached to the top of the lamp and the rest of the lamp pieces blew up.

    Any ideas?

  • Heeee Nick! you did it!

  • Exactly what i was trying to do last night.
    But I didn’t think about using the Explode Object.
    And the null object Trick is a must know.

  • That’s great stuff. I think Mograph2 is becoming a powerfull tool thanks to your tutorials

  • Is there any possibility to “bake” the dynamics and then replace the dynamic objects with good looking high poly objects that it calculates the dynamics as fast as with the low poly objects?

  • God bless you and your brain man!!! what would we do without you!

  • Hi Nick,

    Could you bypass all the mo-graph filters like cloner / bomb etc…If you built the chains as individual polys and made them editable objects then apply the dynamics?

  • You rock, Nick! Invaluable stuff.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Awesome tutorial!
    Exactly what i was looking for!
    I had tried to create a chain, but i had the same problems.
    Thanks a lot!

  • Great tutorial. Mograph 2 is bomb.

    My go at it…

  • Hey Nick! Thanks so much for this, I’ve been having a ton of problems making gears work in C4D and had to use blocks instead of cylinders to hold the gear shafts.

    Now I can update this further.

    I have user data on them to change the size and xpresso controls the amount of teeth and even polygons in the cylinder.

  • Great man, really good stuff…I noticed that you entertained some tutorial recommendations, so I have a dynamics one if you feel up to it. great stuff keep it up…

    • P.S. To Reply to Jimmy and Brady Sammons above, if you use the ring trick I just mentioned (near bottom), you can set the collision type of a start and end ring to Static and control the ends of your rope that way. If you want the rope to look like a rope rather than a chain, set up an Xpresso tag to have each point in a cubic spline center itself on each point in the chain, then model your rope around the spline as an extrude object or braid or whatever, then let the chain do the course physics- rendering only the spline based rope… constructing crude robotic links and hinges like this is the only way to work around this limitation in this first edition of MoDynamics. i’m sure they’ll fix all of this with V12.

  • For anybody who is trying to figure out how to attach a ball to the chain check out my video.
    Here is how I did it in Cinema

    Thanks to Magic for figuring it out first.

  • WOW!!! U R GREAT!
    I don’t know why u must put a null object… why you must use an explosion modifier… where is the logical line… BUT U ARRIVED WHERE I THINK NOBODY CAN DO!
    (sorry if my english is not perfect like your tutorials, but i’m italian! auhauhauh!)

  • mmm… i speak too early!
    I’ve got a problem.. in your video tutorial it’s all ok.. .but when i applied INHERITANCE EFFECTOR to a perfect render chain i don’t see an effect on it! mmm!!!

    • How did you make the copy of your Pretty Chain? When I first made a copy, I did a ctrl+drag and that gave me problems with the inheritance tag. Then I used cmd+c/cmd+v and it worked.

  • thanks! thanks! thanks!

  • great solution

    here my test

  • Wow, I must say that this is a very time-consuming way of making it work.
    Of course I can’t do it any better, but in cases like this, it would have been awesome to know Maya or 3Max or something.

    But after all, Cinema is nicer.

  • Hey, awesome tut!
    Great workaround… Check this out:

  • I just wanted to say thanks for figuring out this problem. Love the process. I do want to add my two cents. Pretty much all of the examples I’ve seen look like slow motion. My test has the gravity set to 20000 and it seems to help with a more real time look. Here’s the link..


  • I think, the very first object in the cloner object is the actual object you put inside, it is not an instance like the clones. So the effectors that only work with clones does not effect it. That may be why you need a null object. That’s my guess 🙂

    Great tut by the way!!!

  • sorry for eng. i am from Turkey

  • Fantastic! I can imagine that this technique will be good for a who bunch of other stuff as well.

    Cheers Nick!

  • thanks nick
    I tyr to solve this problem but i cant
    In my process, the inheritance effector is not working
    pretty chain is not follw the dynamic chain like a still image
    plz somebody help me~?_?

  • Dammit. My Chain gets alway ripped apart. Does anyone know why this happens?

  • Nice tutorial nick, the render instances option in mograph always seems to make things faster, which is good. Is there any reasons why you wouldn’t use it? Seems to me that it almost should be on by default.


    both chains done with the above tutorial…
    I removed the pretty chain on the lamp, I liked the ugly one better in this case…

  • Just watched the cineversity series on this concave shape problem. Be sure to do this too as it’s under free tutorials and explains some methods that might be also a good workaround in some cases.


  • magic & ryan & thomas thanks for advice
    really appreciate

    Eventually i solve this problem
    The problem is order of chain

    when i fist try, the dynamic chain is upper than pretty chain becaus its not working

    I spend almost 1day for this problem
    but really happy

    thak u for every one~ ^^

  • Hi Nick,

    really appreciated your tutorial! I found a slightly different approach without the need for an explosion object or the extra null object in hierarchy.

    Basically I just split up the chain link into multiple sweep nurbs with ‘keep segments’ enabled, first one’s growth from 0-7%, next 8-15%, next 16-34% and so on…

    Get what I mean?

    I’ll return with some pictures and explanations later.

    J. [mediengestalt]

  • By the way nice tutorial. I was actually trying that out the other day. here’s a tutorial I made a while back.

  • Gregor Middendorf February 5, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    Hey Greyscale Gorilla,

    thanks for the perfect TUT! Here is what i created… please make a comment how you like it!

    Greets from Germany!

  • For the people having trouble getting the Inheritance Effector to work, make sure you have ‘Render Instances’ ticked in the cloner objects. It seems to rely on that for some reason.

  • when i use the inheratince effector my nice chain wont move.

    • Hi Patrick,

      did you…
      …remove the rigid body tag from the ‘nice chain’ cloner object?
      …tick the option ‘render instances’ for both cloner objects (see Dan Bartley’s post above)?
      …place the inheritance effector right above your ‘nice chain’?
      …insert the additional null object to make it work (see 12:40 in Nick’s tutorial vid)?

      Hope one of these 4 has caused it 🙂
      Jan [mediengestalt]

  • woaaww.. now we are talkin’.. awesome.

  • Inspired by the chain demo, I’ve been building some other physics objects. A video and C4D file is available for each.

    * Nervous Nelly (Magnetic Pendulum) – Short chain connected to rod. Forces. Magnet that appears to be part of rod but must be separate so that forces work right.
    * Fighting Tops – Spinning tops that really keep their balance. Concave bowl.
    * Newton’s Cradle – Ball connected to two rod-and-loop. Realistic momentum.

    – Carl Kadie

  • Checkout this TUT.
    Using spline dynamics and contraints.

    No audio just video sadly.



  • my chain continues to rip apart even after having my mass from zero to 1000 anybody have any ideas?

  • Cool tutorial, I´m learning a lot from this site. Good work!!

  • Hello.. Great tutorial.. Can someone please tell me what I would use if I wanted to attatch a smaller ring to the end of the chain that falls freely with it? I can almost achieve this but gravity pulls the ring right through the chain..
    My goal is to have to chains falling with NAme Tag in between..

  • Hi GreyScaleGorilla,
    I found a link to your tutorial while posting a video on my youtube site. I posted a handful of MoDynamics chain animations last September that may interest your viewers. My favorite is the lariat chain… although the physics is so unbelievable in real life (versions of this in a lot of science museums including the Exploratorium in San Francisco) that I think most people ignore it
    I like the bomb/fracture solution. I’ll have to do some time tests for comparison, but I typically built my rough proxy links for the physics calculations by placing cloners, for rounded ends, in the main cloner, with two rectangles for the sides of the links in the nulls. You can deconstruct any complex shape this way, but your explode technique looks much faster, at least for building roughs. As long as you collect everything into a null and use Top Level.
    I encountered the limitation of the concave hulls almost immediately when I downloaded the trial of 11.5 and tried to fill a capless cylinder with spheres hoping I could pour it out onto a floor… even deleting one side from a cube and inverting the normals failed to generate a “hollow” object in the MoDynamics world. A few tests later and seeing the option for convex, but not concave shapes revealed the problem and one solution.
    Great Tutorial- thanks for posting and I’m glad I found this site.

  • P.S. To Reply to Jimmy and Brady Sammons above, if you use the ring trick I just mentioned (Two comments up), you can set the collision type of a start and end ring to Static and control the ends of your rope that way. If you want the rope to look like a rope rather than a chain, set up an Xpresso tag to have each point in a cubic spline center itself on each point in the chain, then model your rope around the spline as an extrude object or braid or whatever, then let the chain do the course physics- rendering only the spline based rope… constructing crude robotic links and hinges like this is the only way to work around this limitation in this first edition of MoDynamics. i’m sure they’ll fix all of this with V12.

  • Hi nick, just a quick dumb question, is this rigid body tag exist only in Mograph 2? coz I’ve got the C4D R11 and I don’t seeing it in my Mograph tag.

    and thanks for this awsome tutorial

  • As you may notice in the trackbacks at the bottom of this page, I have created a bunch of tutorials and one of them will be of particular interest to anyone following this thread, I created what Graham was describing above using radial cloners to construct the links instead of the fracture/bomb solution with a sweep nurbs. It renders much faster then this solution and for chains specifically I think it’s the way to go.

    check out the tutorial and feel free to make comments! you can click my name above to get to my website or click this link
    to jump directly to the post’s page.

    Again, BIG thanks to Nick for all his hard work teaching us, and to Graham for the inspiration for this work around!

  • Hey Nick, i dont have Rigid body, there is Only MoGraph Cash and Mograph selection, is Rigid body plugin?:(

    need your help please
    can i downloade it?

    great from Germany;)

  • Hey thanks for the tutorial, Ive been trying to use mograph text with this but I cant get it to work I use a fracture object but it just disappears

  • Niklas Rosenstein August 21, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    Check this out Nick ! 🙂

    Not sure if you take a look at facebook so i post it here too ! ^^

  • hey, how can i do this, using groups of object?
    they dont keep together..


  • You are great, The Gorilla! Thanks a lot for sharing!

  • Does not work the same way in Cinema 4D 12! Just so everybody know. Spent a couple of hours then I just switched to 11.5 and it worked staight away.

  • i watched your tutorials on this and i came up with a different way to do to this which isnt limited to o chains but can be with any shape with U’s or holes.

    what you do is you make the link, go into select faces mode, get the rectangle select tool, deselect only select visible, and select every face in and on an object. go ip to functions and choose ‘disconnect’ and deselect preserve groups. then go up to functions again and choose explode segments. this may take a few seconds depending on your comp and number of polys.

    what you now have is a null with every poly face of that object under it as its own object, but since its in a null you can move that null and everything else moves as if they were all the same object.

    now open up the null and select everything in it. every thing. give it a rigid body tag, select all of the tags and turn off dynamic, so that each is just a collision object.

    now make a cloner object and put the null in. make the cloner only make 1 clone. now make another cloner and put the first cloner in that. change the settings to whatever you like with that one, as if you just had a object in it. give the topmost cloner a rigid body tag, and make it dynamic. change those settings as you wish.

    this is tested in 11.5 and 12

    • I’ve tried to do that, but I didn’t figure out exactly how to make it. Can you create a file or short movie tutorial on
      I’ll be so appreciate for your help.
      Thank you very much in advance.

  • Man great tutorial, I want to thank you for your work and sharing.

  • . . . Nothing happens when I hit play, the chain doesn’t even blow up, or fall down.

    I’m pretty new to C4D, but followed the tutorial and still can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong, any help would be huge! Thanks!

  • Hi Nick brilliant tut, just having a problem when I make the chain longer say 80 links. I have the chain attached to four rigid body links evenly spaced 20 links apart. My problem is when I run the simulation the chain breaks in the third 20 link section. Any ideas mate?


  • great tutorial. thanks GSG. this is my work i used r12 of cinema 4d

  • Hey Nick, great tut love the blog. I am having trouble with the step where I add the fracture object, after the fist frame the whole chain just disappears. Please help, I have a great idea of what I can do with this if I could only make it work.


  • I’m trying to make one of the links break and the bottom on the chain follows its way down. I’m using v12. Any help? I´m trying with a NURBS like in the tutorial but i can’t break it… Thanks!!

  • I´ll try this:

    It´s so so simple a a little bit bad. I made it putting the broken piece static at first, without no dynamics and no seen by render, then when i want to break the link i change the grades of the link and active the dynamics and the seen by render… It´s so rudimentary…

    • I can’t seem to get this to work in cinema v12 using the simulation options. Is this only possible with mograph 2? I hope not! because I don’t have it :(.

  • Hey Nick, how u doing?..
    I have some problems with this tutorial.. i can’t find the rigid body icon in mograph tags. Why is this?.. The C4D v.12 does’t have the Mograph v.2?

  • Hey there. I’m trying this with a dumbell and all I need is for it to fall to the ground and break up the ground using explode. I’ve got the ground plane breaking thing happening fine but I can’t figure out how to get the dumbell to drop without the weights flying upward. Most of the object seem fine but the weights fly upward and appear to go through the bar. Can someone help?

  • Hi Nick.. when i start doing this tutorial I cannot achieve to work. i’m using C4D12. Just a minute ago, i tried something and work perfectly without helpers or an modifier. I just put the dynamic body to the first chain and only change the Shape setting to “Moving Mesh”.. then.. everything is paradise.
    Thanks for everythin..

  • Hey Nick, love the tutorial, but I can’t get it to work. I’ve read all the comments, but the trick for C4D R12 is to select “moving mesh”? Is that just for the Studio bundle? I just see “static mesh” along with other shape options.

  • Hey, i have a trouble here, i don’t know if i can post my project here and some one (. . . expert one) can check this out. the problem is that, i have all in order and i have do all the steps well, but, i think that my inheritance effect doesn’t work well.

    Here is my file

    Well thank you, see ya

    • Hey!
      For those that have trouble:
      In my case I had to change the Individual Elements option from Top Level, like Nick said, to Off. Then everything worked perfectly for me ^^
      So keep at it, and keep tweaking!
      Best of luck, all.

      Thanks for the great post!

  • Seems like something was changed in R12, has anyone figured out how to make this work in the latest version of C4D?

    • I got it working in R12, but I didn’t need all the work-arounds – my guess is that Maxon improved the dynamics engine. Basically, I was able to choose “Dynamics Tag > Collision > Shape > Moving Mesh”. My understanding is that this does the same thing as exploding the shape and using fracture to compute each polygon as a collision object.

      I originally had a lot of problems with my chain splitting, but I increased the scale of my model tenfold and the links finally stopped tearing apart. You can also play with the master dynamics settings in “Edit > Project Settings > Dynamics > Expert”, but increasing the accuracy there was killing my machine. It was far better to just scale up the objects.

    • Awesome, thanks Thomas. I got it to work yesterday morning and definitely noticed that the Dynamics Module Workflow has been simplified tremendously (For the user). I used this tutorial that is more up to date instead:

      Thanks again for the reply!

  • Hey Nick,

    I am having a problem with this tutorial i dont know why but about to go crazy, evertime after adding the fracture and setting that up to explode segments and connect my chain dissapears in the viewport i spent hours trying to find the solution but cant please HELP!!!

  • nice tutorial dude! had no problems to follow your instructions and just tried it out:

    Thank you for this one!

  • Hello Nick

    I have tried your tutorial on Cinema 4D STUDIO V 12.016 & 12.043. I am experiencing the same problem in both versions. Even after following the tutorial step by step my chain does not swing down but goes stright down due to gravity. Also I have made the cylinder object the COLLOIDER and Cloner Object the Rigid Body from SIMULATION > DYNAMICS > options.
    I donot know where the problem lies.
    However, My chain explodes into individual segments if I apply the Create Rigid Body tag to Sweep nurbs not the to the cloner object.
    Thanks in advance…

    • Thanks Thomas (Reply under ANDRIAN LUNA – 2 comments above). I got the point from you. I removed Fracture and Explosion. Made Cyclinder the Colloider and Clone Object the Rigid body from SIMULATION > DYNAMICS > Options… The Chain is working fine.
      I am using the version 12.043 of Cinema 4D Studio.
      Thanks to all, it was the simulation I was searching for sometime.

  • Hey Gorrillaaaa, what a great tutorial! It all seem to work fine but in my case (I checked 1000 times) when I add a Dynamic Body Tag to the Colner – objects disapear…no idea why but it made me to look for some other solution. What I found was: If you add a Dynamic Body Tag to a Cloner of chain links and set in: Collsion tab, shape to moving mesh it all works the same way. It’s way much easer, less seting up and so on… High efficency on calculations even if objects are made of many polygons. check for some details. In summary. If you want to deal with hole objects and dynamic body tags – play with MOVING MESH. Best regards

  • I gave it a shot this week and learned some nice things about hierarchy in C4D and dynamics.

    Thanks for the tutorial.


  • I didn’t notice if anyone else was having this problem, but it stumped me for a while. To make my copy of the Dynamic Chain (that would become the pretty chain) I did a ctrl+drag. For some reason, render instances wasn’t working with this. Eventually, I did the copy/paste method and it started working. Weird.

    Does anyone know why this would be?

  • Hi Nick.

    I am following your tutorial, trying to replicate it in Cinema 4D. However, when I apply rigid body to the cloner object, and the colider to the cylinder, the chain doesnt fall apart. (It just explodes as one big chunk)
    That’s where the problem starts.
    From that point following another steps doesnt really give me any results…

    Maybe you could help.


  • I meant 12… Cinema 4d 12…

  • Alright, got it from here:

    Thanks very much mate!

  • When I put the explosion down to 0.001% the breakage is still visible

  • hey do you know why my chain just dissapears?

  • As always, you kick butt man. This was very helpfull, especislly for R11.5 users

  • Perfect! I have a project in which I need a pendant hanging on a small silver chain, and this was the solution! You rock! Sorry about all the !!!!!’s

  • Great tut!
    wow im blown away by the commitment to educate people, true role model.

    learned bunch of stuff from your other tutorials as well, keep it up!

    Thank you!

    Big up from Sweden !

  • Thank you so much for this and all your other tutorials – you have saved my ass SO many times. Clear, concise and extraordinarily helpful.

  • Hello, Nick

    I’m Fajar from Indonesia. I’ve seen your tutorial about the dynamic chain, and I’ve tried that tutorial using Cinema 4D R13. And I’ve found a few problem about my project :

    1) after I put the rigid body, my chain didn’t blow up like your tutorial, I thought that not a problem, so I forward to the next step, put the explosion.

    2) after I put the explosion, the next step is put the fracture object. In R13 what I just foud in mograph is just fracture (the name is not the fracture object), I put it on, and my chain dissapear, only one chain remain, so I can’t forward to the next step.

    why it happen? is that because I using r13 ? maybe there’s a couple different between R13 with your version. Here I sent my project to you.

    Thanks for your attention, i hope you don’t mind to answer my question.

    Thanks a lot Nick.

  • Anyone have a video similar to this but with 2 rings? becuase it would seem the same but i tried it and it didnt work

  • Also, make sure your ‘Nice chain’ is above your ‘Dynamic chain’ in your object manager, because of the top-down calculation order.

  • you can make it without using the explosion object, just by changing the shape to “moving mesh” at the first place.

  • I really like your tutos, I love Cinema 4D, I know the tutorial is about cloner, mograph etc.. but if you need a reallistic chain is better to actually grab a real chain with a green screen (or green paper :P)
    and with an alpha channel import to Cinema. The 3D is great, but do not forget guys the REAL world, is much better, with better results.
    I work for movies and games, (where the time is money 😀 duh) and sometimes is faster to do stuffs for real than in 3D.

  • You can simply Nick’s setup a lot. Just create a chain with a cloner using Nick’s method or other. Add the Cylinder with the Collider Body tag and position it within the first chain link. Give the Cloner a Rigid Body tag. Under Collision set Inherit Tag to Apply Tag to Children, Individual Elements to All, Shape to Moving Mesh, and that’s it – Done! Three objects and two tags.

  • By the way, using the method I outlined above if your chain is too long it may “snap” due to the complexity of the Dynamics calculations. If that happens go to Edit menu -> Project Settings. In the Attributes Manger click on the Dynamics tab and then the Expert tab. Set the Steps per Frame and Maximum Solver Itertions per Step to the number of links in your chain.

  • Hi, thanks for the tutorial.
    I just use the last comment to do the chain, because there were some problems with the original set-up. Fine, now works. But, what if I want that my chain has some specific form, like be hanging from 2 screws on a wall. How may I setup this original shape, and then de Dinamics start to apply..? I cant figure that… Thanks in advance, and sorry for my raw english. Best!

  • Hi, thanks for this tutorial, very helpful, but I try make the sphere with shells and breaking when touch the ground like the image:

    thanks a lot!

  • Hi Nick! I have a question.. how can i add more weight to my chain?

  • Hi guys, I need a help!
    Look at my trouble
    why is it falling together? wut have i missed in this tutorial?

    • Put the dynamic tag on the chain link instead of the entire thing. Or, turn “Individual Elements” on in your tag’s Collision settings.


  • lol) i fixed it! thx

  • It’s more processor-intensive of course but I’ve got very realistic results by using rigid body dynamics: stick two links in a Cloner and rotate one 90º (after putting it in a null so it’ll let you rotate it relative to the other link), give both a rigid body tag, set shape to moving mesh, put the calculations per frame up to about 15 or so if required. Works nicely.

  • for everyone having problems with the inheritance effector (R15):

    check the following: prettychain -> effectorstab.
    you should see inheritance effector here. if not just drag’n’drop it from above.

    so the object browser looks like this:
    – sweep
    — rectangle

  • Hi Nick, great tutorial.
    I’ve done using both of your tutorials, depth of field and this one of the chain.

  • You don’t need to do all that stuff to get physics working properly with a chain -just click on the cloner object -> Dynamics Body tab -> See “Form” and chose “animated mesh” there. That’s all.

    Also make sure that “Hierarchy” there is set to “inherit to all sub objects” and “Individual Elements” to “all” (I am using the german version, so I am not sure what it says in the english version).

    • Hey Mike, thanks a lot for your comment, is there a possibility to connect an object to the chain following your method? thank you!

  • Hi,

    Am doing this tutorial on cinema4d R16 but it is not working , there is no lots of Option in R16 Mograph menu, Please tell me what i will do


  • is there anyway to make the sweep nurb collide itself and then bake the animation on a geometry sothat I can export an fbx of an animated falling cable on the ground?

  • Hey Nick, thanks for your tutorial. I am trying to make this happen in R16 but it does not work. All chain pieces are stuck together. Second thing is the cylinder, i guess you have to use the colider tag instead of the rigid body, as it simply falls down together with the chain. Can you please give us some additional comments on how to proceed in R16?
    Thank you!

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