How To Make A Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin In Cinema 4D

October 24, 2012

In this tutorial, Chris and Nick show you how to make this Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin scene in Cinema 4D. First, Chris shows you how to model it using a Loft Nurb, the connect object, a boole for the face cutout, and displacers to make the pumpkin bumpy. In part 2, Nick will show you how to light, texture, and render your pumpkin scene for compositing in After Effects.

Example Video

Part 1: Modeling

Part 2: Lighting, Texturing, Compositing

Links Mentioned

Flame Simulator
Exporting Cinema to After Effects Tutorial

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  • This is great, thank you so much!

    I have a C4D n00b question: when creating the “inside” of the original pumpkin (around 8:00 in Part 1)  I somehow managed to create a HyperNURBS object instead of an Instance.

    Only realised my error when I got to 28:00 of the same video – and of course, the inside of my pumpkin isn’t scaling with the outside when I adjust the Radius size of those middle NURBS.

    Is there any way I can salvage this or do I need to start over?

  • Hello NICK!
    Look this Video
    can u make a tut please?
    Greetings from Germany

  • Awesome and very timely. Thanks for the post

  • I try several day ago to do the same moddeling technique for my pumpkin. i just gave up because of the booleen tool. it’s just unworkable… and i’m actually running apretty decent pc! :/

    any tips?

    • Hi,
      same problem here.
      I takes more than 1 hour to copy and make new positions.

      I actually run this system (optimized for Audio Workings, No Antivirus, No Network, everything I don´t need is turned off or deinstalled) :
      – Win7 64bit
      – MSI Z68 A GD 65
      – i7 2600k
      – 16GB Ram Corsair Vegeance
      – 120GB SSD Vertex 3
      – MSI GTX 560 TI ll Twin Frozer

      To refresh the Editor Views after make the simplest change it takes minutes (!) to have an actual view…

      Please help.
      Nick, maybe u can make a tut on how to optimize an PC/ Mac for 3D Apps…
      Can´t find any good infos till now…
      THANKS a lot 😉

      btw: sry for my bad english…

  • LOVING IT! I’ve been looking forward to this tut since it was announced 😛

  • Maybe it is off topic a little bit, however I am quite new to cinema 4d and I am totally obsessed with paper-origami style animations. I was trying to find some tutorials, however there is no such thing around internet I guess… Have you got any idea how you can build a realistic paper,low poly,origami looking like scene? It just looks so sick, but I have many troubles to achieve this effect… I was trying to build low poly objects -> I was deforming polygons with random effector -> i was adding cloth nurbs to make it a little bit spatial, however I always have some troubles with applying dynamics and in animating those… I will appreciate any help dudes…
    Peace and Love.

  • Here’s one I made a while back. The hair was inspired by one of Nick’s hair tutorials.

  • HI..
    I am really interested to know about this one..
    can u make a tut on this one??
    I am so excited to know about this one..
    Waiting for your replay 🙂

  • Terrific…. Nick & Chris… As allways. I love it.
    By the way….. Have you ever try to light up and/or texturize whith this free pluging of Nitro4D (
    It’s wonderful and it’ll speed up yor workflow.

    Thanks again, and again, and again.

  • Any insight on why the texture on the pumpkin null object wouldn’t work? I followed the tutorial and everything is set up according to the directions. The inside instance shows the texture assigned to it, the hierarchy appears to be in the right order, but the outer skin is default grey and doesn’t reflect the texture assigned to it. I’m using R12 Broadcast — don’t know if that has anything to do with it.
    Otherwise, this was an awesome modeling tutorial!

  • Great tutorial, I got a lot out of this. First I nearly didn’t bother ot watch it as the final result looks a little old school ray traced. Really cool though.

  • Chris / Nick … Great work as usual ! Keep ’em coming 🙂
    It’s always interesting to see how we all tackle projects / workflow.
    Another option would be to use displacement as an alternative to booles.
    Here’s a quick example, carving away the surface skin with the interior
    light shining through.

  • i know this might sound stupid but what layout are you using. i cant do anything past 8:50. please help!

  • Awesome tutorial! Learnt allot from the modeling! This was my result, I added in a hair render for the grass/wheat field behind as well as a texture on the pumpkin and floor, oh and a little bit of dirt too! 🙂

  • Great Tutorial.
    Check out my render in my blog

  • This is my result from the Tutorial:
    Thank you for sharing these great techniques!

  • Hello, Nick!
    A quick question. I started rendering from C4D to AfterEffects and suddenly I realize that the sky was missing. I’m not sure why. Btw this tutorial is great, thanks for the tips and Happy Halloween to both of you guys!

  • My results from the tutorial…I deviated a bit…didnt use the sky…made my pumpkins from spheres and a few other changes…

  • I wish You could make tut on modeling a realistic skull someday. It would be awesome. I was trying to model it few times, but my workflow and the outcome wasn’t too good.

  • I wish you make this tutorial 🙂
    can wait watch and learn from you how to make character like on that link.

  • With so many powerful modelling tools now available in C4D and R15 adding a host of new ones, loop slide being a huge help it’s really bad practice to teach people to use the Boole object. It creates triangles and Ngons which are nasty to animate and can cause artifacting when rendering.

    I have grown to love the C4D modelling tools, they are on a par with Max and Maya at times. For anyone who really wants to learn how to properly learn modelling using Quads and HyperNURBS/Subdivison Surfaces check out Shane’s tutorials here the guy is the Nick Cambell of modelling!

  • Personally,

    I think it would look even better with SSS.

    But that’s just me

  • i really cant finish this tutorial because i dont have the linear skylight i can’t get passed part 2 when we have to add the Linear Skylight because i dont have that

  • This and the flame tutorial were so long ago but I thought I’d share the Halloween animation I made for a client this year. I used many many things I learned from this site in making it, so thanks guys! Enjoy:

  • Thank you so much for this tuto !
    I followed almost up to the end, but I didn’t get to have the same result of the shadow as the example. My lights don’t give any cast on the floor.
    I tried to modify several parameters like light, sky, material, etc.. but I couldn’t figure out what it was about.
    I’m waiting for someone’s advise ! Thanks in advance !

  • Thank you for the tutorial, it was a nice help for my project.
    If some one whants to see it:
    Thank you again

  • This is great, thank you so much!
    you can just save for a curves adjustment in photoshop.
    my tutorials :

  • Glen C. Dangerfield March 24, 2017 at 12:34 pm

    This is great, thank you so much!
    my tutorials :

  • I try several day ago to do the same moddeling technique for my pumpkin. i just gave up because of the booleen tool. it’s just unworkable… and i’m actually running apretty decent pc! :/

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