How To Make A Low Poly Mesh For Softbody Dynamic Effects

November 20, 2014

In this tutorial, I will show you how to model a low poly mesh to use for adding softbody effects to high poly models. At the end, I will show you how to use Signal to animate the soft body settings to make our dino jump around the screen.


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  • First,
    thanks Nick !

  • Sebastián Viqueira November 20, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    iiieeeeiiiiiii nice one!

  • love you Nick ! it was really fun 😀

  • Tyrannowhat? Nick please! 😉

  • Amazing as always
    Thanxxxxxxxxxx a lot

  • you could have done some retopologically to the model to make a much more refined mesh ;p

  • heyy.

    last time I was here (probably around 2010/11) you still used to say “..I’m the gorilla” 🙂 what happened to that saying?

  • Since I don’t think Maxon will be adding a button/slider to their soft body dynamics tag that automatically calculates a low poly proxy mesh in the background, I’ll just say (hint) what a great plug-in/script that would be!

  • What was the car/truck softbody tutorial you were talking about? I don’t seem to remember it.

  • heyy nick!
    i was doing some tests earlier today and i came up with this!
    i know its nothing compared with what you do but anyway..

    really enjoyed this tut!

  • Awesome tip as always Nick / Chris, poor Dino though, that was too freakin funny

  • Is there any way you can change the contrast in only one object. I tried using Ilumination in Material edition but does not work.

  • I really like dynamics
    and NICK always surprise me
    Thanks again men Thanks

  • Great tutorial again Nick and thanks for sharing.

    Someday Chris should make/teach you a crash course in basic modelling and you can share your experience and journey with us so that the site would have more content on you learning more than just “Making things look sexy” as Chris would say.

    • A Chris modeling tutorial would be amazing. I think the way they propose modeling is so fast and accurate.
      And about this tutorial, i like a lot the concept. Is it possible to use it with a low polygon rigging?

  • Great Tutorial. This one and the van softbody tut are some of the funniest to date. Soft body deformation humor never gets old. Just too funny!

  • Kinda freaky, I was just thinking about this exact technique last week, not knowing if it was actually possible to cage a mesh.
    Now I just need to remember what I was actually planning to use it for :s

  • HI,

    Recently i saw one tutorial from CG motion box called : peel the text using thinking particles but he made that is 3ds max. i did similar effect without using TP and Xpresso tag in Cinema 4D. i want help from you how to do the same effect using cinema 4D Tp and Xpresso tag

  • Dude, great tutorial.

    Thanks. Your are modeling is good. No worries.

  • Nice tutorial and funny dino!!! Thanks Nick!

  • awesome tutorial .. using this for a rig with hair, considering that the hair has to be on the actual subdivided object to avoid gaps, but the low poly is nice for animating, only thing is the mesh falls apart from the object when cloned .. any tips?

  • This excellent men you are the best

  • Great tutorial! Is there any way to keyframe the object before the dynamics take over… while using the mesh deformer? Thanks.

  • Gracias por el tuto !!!!!
    thanks so much…..

  • Sebastian Nolte March 2, 2015 at 5:38 pm






  • Thank you!!! It help. Funny Dinosaurus-)))

  • Why don’t u apply dynamic to high polygon modeling directly? You do low polygon cover high polygon modeling because of want fast speed animation right?

  • maybe a stupid question, but when i try it, the object with mesh deformer doesn’t show in real time render. it is shown in editor view, but alt+R can’t see it, shift + R can see it. i want to know why. thank you.

  • So I’ve been playing with this recently and ran into a frustrating snag. My renders don’t have the same level of detail as what I see in the viewport. I’ve played around with the soft body and project settings quite a bit, and what I see in the viewport is what I want, but come render time the deformations aren’t showing up, even if I just render the cage by itself!

    Super perplexed, any idea what I’m missing?

    • I think I got it!! Seems to be the order in which your cages are placed in the scene hierarchy. I pulled my cage meshes out of the same null that my high-poly and mesh deformers were grouped in, re-initialized the Mesh deformers, and it worked!

  • cool, cool…till you don’t have to use this technique to speed up a cloner with dynamic objects!!!
    any idea?!?!

  • My low poly cage just starts to slowly inflate and explode with the default soft body tag on… if a mesh is self intersecting, does it bounce off of itself?

  • Epic! I just tried to use an instance of the main object and a couple of poligon reduction instances to make the cage, and it also works! Awesome Nick!!

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