How To Make A Metal Logo Type in Cinema 4D and Photoshop

November 9, 2010

In this tutorial, I show you how to make a 3D Logo Type in Cinema 4D using Mograph Text and a bend deformer. I also go over how to texture and light the scene give it that reflective top-lit look. Then for the final composite, we will bring our 3D render in to Photoshop where we will put the final touches on using blending modes, blurs, and curves.

This tutorial is based off of this excellent identity rebrand by BEELD. Check out more of their incredible work here.


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  • Awesome Nick!

  • Christopher Tamani November 9, 2010 at 11:20 am

    nice tuts again Nick.awesome as usual.hope you could teach us about how to use the animation layer or motion layer in c4d.thanks again.

  • So stoked for this! cant wait to get off work and check it out. Thanks again Nick

  • Great tut Nick, thanks a lot!

  • i thought the bent text was going to modeled so it’s got a flat back, rather than just using the plane to cut through it – but it works and is quicker so fair enough!!

    Cheers Nick

  • I really like your website and your products Nick (bought 2 of them), but I can’t believe you just did an hour-long tutorial on some simple text using bend deformers.

    But the kids from Russia and France will love it…

    • The bend part isn’t what took long. It’s all about the textures and lighting on this one. Sure, I could show you how to make this in 10 minutes by just clicking the right buttons. But, going though the thought process and talking about the lighting technique takes some time. I prefer to teach the technique, not just the button presses.

      By the way. Thanks a ton for buying my products. If you got the kit, you may end up liking this tutorial. Give it a shot.

    • lol, why Russia ? )
      Anyways, I guess initially guys got inspired with cars’ model name on back side

    • So sick people cannot just get the sense of tutorials like this. It’s not an hard-bend-modeling tutorial. It’s all about tweaking and adjusting things not using only cinema and lights but also using photoshop and some tricks. Anyway, also if I already know how to do it, I think there is always something to learn, just only looking someone great using software and techniques like Nick!!
      Thank you for all your work dude..

    • Guys, I get it. Nick made his point clear and I respect that. End of story.

  • lookin’ good is there keep the top and bottom edges of the text/shapes/ at 90 degrees?

  • Went another route to do this, I used a Boole and a Tube with this text object… Also the FFD deformer works well, but can’t quite figure out how to make the FFD transformation editable so you can animate everything. Anyone have any insight?

  • i don’t think the beeld stuff is using a bend deformer. it looks like the text is booled through a cylinder because the extrusions all go straight down and are not deformed. just an observation!

  • Thanks Nick, easy and plain as usual πŸ™‚

  • Hi Nick,

    Could you please guide me to where I could buy the font that you used. I love that font! Awesome tut, learned so much today about lighting. Thanks again.

  • here is a test i did some months ago with splines,extrude and deformers. plz comment

    • Hey this is really nice about 3d the graffiti sketch is a little weak but the treatment in 3d ilove it!

    • hey thanks, i know im not really good in typo but it was fun and more of a test how i can make good looking deformed extruded splines in cinema4d. are you doing graffiti ? if so, maybe you could share some of your sketches so i could make it 3d ?

    • cool look mate!!! can u come up wid some screen-shots of how u did this…
      looking forward…cheers

  • Awesome stuff..

    Though i think the original creator used some pearl like material with SSS(sub surface scattering) on it.. Not sure but looks like it

  • So usefull and nice effects, thanks Nick!!!!

  • Well done Nick..but is this the same look of the new Brazilian movie channel telecine??
    Still nice to teach us how to do it.

  • Hi…
    i am ali from IRAN
    very nice
    very amazing
    very cool
    you have very creative mind
    what can i do for upgrade my creativity ?

  • OOOOOOOhhhhh Aleluya!
    I have years asking to myself how to make that curvature on texts to simulate logo cars…MANY THANKS Nick, I have the answer now!

  • Terrible tuto Nick, thanks you for sharing your knowledge ! You’re a beast ! πŸ˜‰

  • The cleanest way is to use the FFD deformer, just make sure to have enough geometry as nick said.

    Use FFD deformer
    Keep the default 3 segments
    Center it with your text
    go to point mode and pull the 3 middle points outward.. easy as pie with straight edges.

    Just convert to polys if wanted.

    Great tutorial, but this deformer is a lot easier imho.

  • …There is another way to make that curvature on typos? I saw Beeld website images and they look not to use the bend tool…what do you think Nick?

  • This is pure gold, the explaining of light/shadow mechanics is invaluable!

    Seriously, thanks πŸ™‚

  • thanks for the great tut nick! you’ll soon recieve an email
    from me for maybe kinda nice job for you πŸ™‚

    i tried my self at it.
    directly from cinema:
    and postworked in ps:

    thanks for some great new techniques!

  • Ah ha! nice one Nick! I saw this the other day and thought, wow that looks cool and low and behold.. its on your site. Cheers buddy

  • Excellent – that turorial was reaaly fun πŸ˜‰

  • This is nice. More tutorials on materials and lighting would be awesome. I suck in that area.

  • Wow. What a great tutorial. I started early in the evening and now I have 2 good results at the end of the evening. Had a lot of fun with it.
    I liked this one especially for creating a good metal/chrome look and the tweaking in Photoshop afterwards.

    I usually never used Curves. Always grabbed Levels en Brightness/Contrast to do the trick. But now, because of your explanation I understand the power of the curves. ; )

    Here are my two results.

  • Thanks Nick for this great tut. I really like a lot of the thought processes and the problem solving techniques. Even though I don’t see myself needing a cool “car logo” text (as this tut looks like to me), I do see myself using the similar techniques you use to recreate certain “looks”. I look forward to learning more and maybe even getting involved in some 5-second projects!

  • I think I like your orange render better than the originals!
    I gotta go back and watch again, but I don’t remember if you selected Natural for intermediate points on the motext. really smooths it out.

  • I forgot it was supposed to look like metal, haha! Nice works everyone.
    My try:

  • This tutorial is perfect, thank you by to make this video!!!

  • I love the amount of detail you put into explaining the lighting, Nick! Learned a lot from this. Especially the environment stuff in the material! Very cool, will come in handy.
    I created this
    (Yea, I know what ya’ll thinking :p Girlfriend came over and had a bit of a bad day, so I kinda took the chance to actually cheer her up a bit with Nick’s help. She loves it πŸ˜€ So that’s 2 for 1, Nick πŸ˜‰ )

    Looking forward to your next tutorial πŸ˜€

  • Best Tutorial EVA !!!! keep up dude!

  • Damn almost 1hr tutorial for a txt.Tips and tutorial it fine but almost copying the entire scene from Beeld lol so unoriginal..In two week everyone will have a vimeo accounts maybe Behance also with the same logo but different names..Thanks for the tips though..

  • Took me forever to figure out how to light this. Thanks Nick!

  • After building it myself, followed along to see how Nick does it. I had used Nick’s GSG Lightkit Pro, of course, and used the Overhead Softbox, but instead of the Skylight I used the HDR Sky with one of the included prebaked HDRI’s. I also used GI, and never did any post work on it.

    I disagree about the original text being metal. I see it as a high gloss plastic or pearl, almost translucent. That’s the approach I took.

    But, following Nick’s tutorial, I learned how to make some really amazing metallic text. The tips on using the gradients for the environment and adjusting the gradient of the Skylight made for some awesome metallic text!

    This has been a great learning experience for me, both figuring it out myself, and then seeing another approach. Hope to see more like this.


  • Thanks Nick πŸ™‚

  • i cant find MoText! i can only find text object under Mograph

  • ?????????????

  • Why Chinese can not be displayed, thank you, your tutorial is great.

  • Nice tuto, i learn some tips. I apply some of them in this image, still in wip, the final result will be animated.

  • Thanks Nick
    Did you know
    You must work to explain most of the work for the Beeld company
    Because it is frankly unbelievable and then work very Extravaganza
    Thanks again

  • Great identity, great tut. Thanks Nick!

  • And again linear workflow helped allot to light your scene Nick.
    I have Cinema 4D R11.5, without linear workflow, so it took my quite a while figuring out how to light my scene. I cranked up the brightness multiplier a few times and I also used GI for my scene.
    My try:

    Oh and the letters FC stands for Frisian College ;).
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Probably the best tutorial i have seen on here. everything about it just creams professional. You taught us some important lessos and for me learned a lot about lighting as IT IS THE most important thing when it comes to 3D, you can model a fantastic peice of work but if you light it badly it will look crap, so well done nick, bravo.

  • Awesome!!!!…. well done Nick.. you’re a master… thanks a tons…keep them coming.

  • I learned a lot from this tut Nick. Nice work! Always wanted to know how to get that metallic look.

    Someone want to do a tut using the FFD deformer? Thanks!

  • Here’s my try. Had a hard time lighting the scene. I’ve got a 6 year old imac, the first intell. The active render was very slow, so i had to render everthing after a change to see if it was any better. The result could be better if a spend an anonther day rendering. But for now i’m pretty pleased with the result.

    Thanks for the tut!


  • Hi Nick,

    While I use reflection I get a lot of jaggy edges which looks kinda weird (even when I set the render to Best).

    Any help on that ?

  • 1000’s of salutes for the tendency for sharing your awesome knowledge. grey(t) tut again in your inspiring blog, especially the explanation of lighting. eager to know abt your next tut, any teaser???

  • Now seriously, what was that hyper-cool-mini-sniper-plastic-laser-gun opened up in photoshop? πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the tips Nick, keep it up!

  • This was really cool and it got me way up the clouds here, I can tell you.
    After watching this great tutorial, I felt like to spice the jazz up a bit more. Simply let my crazy mind start do the magic. Instead of laying in bed, due I have a cold, this is what I came up with after some hours in C4D and a light twist on the peppermill in Photoshop to give it that sweet feeling.
    Have a nice day ya’ll!

  • Awesome, as usual. You’re helping me learn a lot about C4D!

  • Thanks a lot for this tutorial, I really learned a lot, especially about the lighting. It was well explained, but I still have a noob question : I’m trying to reproduce the bending effect on an extruded illustrator logo (text + random shapes).
    I tried either with the bend and the FFD deformers but it’s not looking as good as I want. I assume it’s because of the lack of geometry of some extruded “side faces”. What could I do to solve that ? I tried by making the logo editable and adding points on these faces but since I’m doing it manually it’s looking terribly random…
    So, if someone feels to help a total beginner, that’s your chance ! πŸ™‚

    (Thank’s in advance and sorry for my bad English…)

  • awesome as usual

  • Thanks Nick – Great tutorial as always. Don’t sweat the haters: I think this is a great way to learn and always appreciate a breakdown of current work. If people are going to copy this over and over, it just makes their own reel or portfolio look bad. It’s a pretty small world out there. Thanks for all you do for the community.

  • Nice one Nick! Was wondering if you could give some advice on how the BEELD folks did the cloth-geometry-stitch in the end of their reel.. Pretty wicked stuff that.. Have been trying it with cloner object.. Spline wrap.. And then random effector , shader … But can’t get it quite right tho.. How.. ?! You have beautiful eyes bro πŸ™‚

  • I’m surprised you haven’t toggle the preference to use the “neutral” montone Dropbox menu bar icon instead of the colored one.

  • Hey.

    I am not a c4D user but I am doing this in Maya, and I make a lot of your tuts in Maya.

    Tnks a lot, We all learn a lot with you, even if we dont use AE or C4D, as I.

  • Lots of handy tricks in this tutorial, thanks!

    Here’s my humble attempt:

  • Nick, are you using a truetype version of knockout? I’m using opentype and it doesn’t show up.

    Anyone else having trouble using opentype fonts in cinema?

  • Heres a render series. Comment if you’d like πŸ™‚

  • Nick, would it be possible to batchlist the frames from a C4D animation with the actions you describe on thwe tut? Would the color range select alwaays the same color or just the section you selected in the firs frame?
    Do you recomend to make this in AE instead?

    Thanks a ton!

  • Nick, great explaination as ever.
    a bend-deformer does work fine, but isnΒ΄t a FFD-deformer a better way, because the extrudes “can” stay straight and you donΒ΄t mess around with the angle which results of deforming with a bend-deformer. Just a thought i had…

  • hey nick,
    great stuff. i enjoy listening to you work through these projects, even if I know how I would do it. Always some interesting additional tips thrown in there.
    I kinda took the tutorial in a different direction. and turned my arched text into a train station of sorts. thanks for all you do, nick.

  • Hey Nick!
    Thanks for the great tutorial (especially about texturing and lighting)
    I gave it a try too…

  • Very cool tutorial and very nice hair cut.

  • O that ever so pleasant tweet that Nick has a new tutorial up. I’ve seen my fair share of tutorials, but nobody makes me more excited to sit down and geek out. Cheers Nick!!

  • Thanks for a nice tutorial again, Nick!

    Just a small tip for those who might need it;
    Try to press Ctrl + 3 when rotations the viewport instead of just 3, then you may “look around.” Might be helpfull for those who didn’t knew it πŸ™‚

  • Thanks to you for this tutorial.

    I learned a lot both before and after the tutorial.
    This “try to do that” followed by “This is how I did” is a good way for learning.

  • I made this after seeing the Blender version of this in Your Tweet Nick. (:

    Almost everything about the scene is different but I used the same lighting and did my own thing. Everyone enjoy. πŸ˜€

  • is motext for c4d 12 only?

  • I have an open question accordingly to the bend deformer.
    The thing is, I am trying to make a text bend around a cylinder, so it can be rotated around the cylinder radius, but I run into some pivot problems. It seems I can’t move the pivot of the cylinder and text(motext), to have the same center axis. This to prevent the logo to intersect the cylinder or the bend-deformer to space out of control.
    Anyone got a tip?
    Have a nice day,

    • If you have Version 12, you may want to try the surface deformer.

    • The Gorilla:
      I’ve tried but it seems to be some distortion problems, maybe I have to convert the MoText to editable object to get the axis correct. There has to be a way around πŸ˜›

    • The Gorila:
      Hi Nick I’ve come to the conclusion to get the bent text wrap around the cylinder.
      What I did was to center the pivots for the text, cylinder, bend deformer, to the same. I also had to make the MoText editable and then move the pivots for the individual letters. Phew that took a while to crack that nut, but hey now I know how to do it. So I thought it would be nice to share this with more people πŸ™‚

  • GREAT TUT ! just love it ! here is mine: [link][/link]

  • OOPS, link fail (:

  • Hey,
    as always your tuts are amazing and I just got a simply question, I dont know if someone mentioned it before. How do you change your settings to use cm instead of meters? and does it affect cinema in any way? that would be interesting, thanks πŸ™‚

  • Hi Nick, great blog. I’ve been following them now very recently, but I already learned a bunch of stuff. I have one question though. Could you show something’s with sketch & toon from C4D. How can I properly mix 2D toon en 3D rendering. Thanks.

  • Gotta give you props Nick. You’re remakes of the BEELD logos look even better than the originals!

  • OK, So I might be a perfectionist and a little too picky. But I don’t think you are bending/bulging the text the same way. In the example you found, the extruded parts are unmodified. They are perpendicular to the plain they are coming out of. So, I am curious to know if there is a way to bulge the face without modifying the extruded parts.

  • Its awesome!!! Great explanation as ever.
    Thanks for the nice tutorial.

  • As I suggested above a formula deformer would do the trick as well. I tired to make a How-To video and post it on Vimeo. But I failed, what a hassle to get the codecs and other stuff to work. Anyway anybody interested in a how-to video,go and see it at
    I tried a dozen of programs to get it in MP4format but I only got very frustrated, I definitely need a drink now. Let me know what you think of it. Greetings from rainy Belgium

  • Hello from France πŸ˜‰
    Thank you very much for this tutorial, here my try

  • Hello

    Thank you for your beautiful tutorial as usual.. but what i want to say is.. How could we bend only the object face only not the all side faces and those in back.. because i think that’s what already happen in the original pics from BLEED.. thanks again and forever πŸ˜€

  • hi nick !
    not bad tutorial, but i don’t unstertand why isn’t possible to have the effects with cinema4d directly ? (for the glow on the typo)

    • You can do the glow in Cinema, but I wouldn’t. It’s always better to get out of (slow) 3D land and move to a (fast) compositing program for as much as possible. Especially when you get better results.

  • Hey there, First of all Thanks for Sharing all those thing for Free !

    I’m from France and Iam trying to buy your LightKitPro, I find a trouble on the Payement Page :

    This is asking well in French ” Ligne d’adresse 1 ” witch the equivalent should be in english ” Line Adress ” . What is it ?

    This is the only thing that stop me from bying it .. Waiting for Your Reaply .

    Thanks again for all the sharing.

    Safe. Al

    • Thanks for checking out the kit, Pink! Sounds like they may be asking for your Street Address. You also many be able to switch paypal to english if that’s better for you. Let me know what happens. I will make sure you are able to get the kit!


    • All right get what was troubling, I was not Using a Visa .
      So got the Kit Thanks man !

      For the ” Pinkman ” Name that’s in reference to ” Breaking Bad ” E Pretty nice serie.

      Anyway’s thank Again man !

      And well A quick question with no reaply obligation, I working on a Jingle that Looks like this One :

      And well for The background Equalizer Iam Using A ” Cloner ” and a the Mograph ” Sound Effector ” And cannot get the Color To Be Glowing like in this Jingle….

      Safe. Al

  • Originally I’m a photoshop guy and always wanted to start learning c4d for quite some time… This great tutorial looked simple enough not to scare me off, offered some great insight in your problem oriented thinking and even has some ps parts as well πŸ™‚ I haven’t touched c4d a lot before but you got me infected now! I need to upgrade to version 12 now and count me in as a future light kit customer. Thanks for sharing!
    Tom, Germany

  • and her is mine, thanks for a good tutorial

  • Nice to see some “not too scary” tutorials for beginners like me
    Keep it up Nick, you’re the greatest Ape of the Galaxy

  • Thanks Nick!!
    I have been trying to play with the same sort of compositing in photoshop, but my problem is still stuck at where it was last time, if only i could render out the shadows and the mettalic type together as a png and then composite onto a real shot in photoshop, like the hood of a car or something πŸ™ πŸ™
    i saw ur reply regarding using zbuffer but i still don’t get it πŸ™ πŸ™

    • what i mean above is that if i could render out the mettalic type and the shadows together, but exclude the background from the render

  • Just a side note. By pure luck I figured out that you can preview your fonts by pulling the small dot at the top in your font selection window.

    That way you don’t have to pick the font, close the window, see the font in your workspace, and then go back into the fonts again.

    Maybe you all know this, but I sure didn’t πŸ˜€

    Take care

    Kristian Fjord, Denmark.

    • What version of Cinema 4D are you running ? and what platform ?

      Unfortunately (for me?), I can’t find any “small dot” at the top of the font selection window
      I’m running c4d release 11.5 64bits on Vista


    • I’m using Cinema 4D R11.027 on a Mac with Snow Leopard. I saw that Nick had the small dot in his version 12 as well, but he’s also using a Mac, so can’t help you on the Windows part.

      Hope you’ll find it πŸ˜€

    • Thanks for your answer Kristian
      According to a friend, this is a mac-only “feature”

  • Went a little different route, not a big fan of chrome! lol

  • Thanks for sharing!
    Great Render result!

  • Great Tutorial,

    This is one of my first comment so I must say I learned a lot from from Nick.
    Thanks’s for all this stuff you made.

    Here is my work based on this tutorial:

  • you are really great

  • This is from a brazillian TV Channel… its called Tele Cine (thats why its tc ///) i got really surprised when i saw the image of the rounded logo, first i thought tc copied greyscalegorilla xD
    im from brazil btw

  • Hi Nick, thanks for the tutorial!
    Great explanation as ever.


  • Hi Nick, great tut as usual! I got a quick question, I can get pretty much the look of the metallic text but I have to turn on global illumination. I noticed you didn’t have it on in your render. Any reason one why that is??

  • excellent! great style, quick movement (pause button is there for a reason!), knowledge covering more than enough bases, I’m about to do more!

    Keep rockin, I’ll thank you by buying your lighting kits when I have money LOL!


  • Where did this tutorial go? All I’m seeing is a screenshot of the C4D interface and the final renders.

  • Nick, Thanks again for an awesome tut. Learned a lot about lighting and shadows in this one. I ended up using a sky object with a gradient rather than the Environment setting. The result ended up very similar. I decided to use some AI artwork in the second one.

  • I would’ve just used a intersect boolean between extruded text and a cylinder to get the rounded text. So theres no wedge looking corner between the text and the plane.

  • Realy cool tutorial. I’m new at the Cinema 4D and this site is helping me a lot. I have a question about the subdivisions maded in the mograph text edges. How can I do it on a spline extruded? There’s no option for intermediate points when working with the extrusion of a spline, how can i make those subdivisions then? thanks for the tutorial. Great Work!

  • This tutorial helped me allot, especially with the lighting and tweaking tricks. Thanks!
    My take:

  • Great tutorial Nick. Do BEELD sell these effects for C4D?

  • created something alike in 2008, ffd and go…
    nothing serious – dont know, why some commentors are so angry.

    btw, who is beeld??

  • This is awesome. I use the same technique and this post probably helped a lot of people.

    bands like a day to remember

  • This is a great and very helpful tutorial. I am an absolute newbie, but I have not been hard to follow your proposal. Thanks!

  • Really nice tutorial!

    Regards from Sweden!

  • Love the Lighting Kit by the way and this Tut is great.
    I’ve learned tons.

    Question though. with the MoText object you had that nifty little intermediate points bit, to take care of all the missing geometry. What if you want to do the same thing but it’s based on a custom outlined text wordmark that’s brought in via Illustrator and extrude Nurbed. How do we smooth out the mesh on something like that?

  • I am Brazilian and I started using 3ds max for ease of finding materials, especially for V-ray. It would be even easier to use c4d for work with the Mac platform as well, so no need to use Windows. I found the excellent tutorial, but did not understand that part of the XXX. You yourself did? It is a pluggin? I searched a lot here on the internet and not found. He wanted to know how to do and some indication of sites with good materials. Thank you and congratulations once again.

  • I am Brazilian and I started using 3ds max for ease of finding materials, especially for V-ray. It would be even easier to use c4d for work with the Mac platform as well, so no need to use Windows. I found the excellent tutorial, but did not understand that part of the Overhead Softbox. You yourself did? It is a pluggin? I searched a lot here on the internet and not found. He wanted to know how to do and some indication of sites with good materials. Thank you and congratulations once again.

  • nick so i was on the website that you linked and it was awesome:) cant wait to finish the metal text:)

  • Hey! Thank you so much for the great content that you write about Cinema4D, In particular I really liked this post “How To Make A Metal Logo Type in Cinema 4D and Photoshop”. I am from Brazil, and got this TV channel, every day I see this logo and now, thanks to you, I know where he may have been created! LOL πŸ™‚ Sorry for my bad english, it is not my native language.

  • u r the best nick

  • Great tut. Im from Brazil and alread had tried to do this logo, without much success. I dont read every reply in this post, but I found two things to talk:
    – you do not need to change the caps type, just the intermediate points. I use “uniform” and its work just fine;
    – to make a flat side, instead of use a plane to hide the other face, you can use boolean, but its consume a lot of memory.

  • Genevaldo - Brasil September 18, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    Hey Nick your really cool tutorial (How To Make A Type Metal Logo in Photoshop and Cinema 4D), the language and Portuguese-Brazil Portuguese-different from Portugual, this production made ??the stickers to the cable television channel, each Telecine ound channel has a style of video.
    And yes it is in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, it is also open to the greatest novels television station in Brazil, TV Globo.
    Nick thanks for the lessons I’m learning a lot for your tutorials and really loving the ease of working with Cinema 4D.

  • CΓ©sar VelΓ‘zquez October 9, 2011 at 11:58 pm

    Thanks a lot for the tut Mr. Nick; here’s my try.

  • Love the tutorial – very inspiring – will definately make me look closer at logos and try to create something. But I’m pretty new to C4D – is mograph thing part of the main C4D package or an extra you need to get hold of?

  • Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can get the true type font collection from? I’ve only found the open type version and apparently C4F can’t see or use that πŸ™

  • this tutorals so hard, problem, officer?

  • Generally I do not learn article on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up very compelled me to take a look at and do so! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thank you, very nice article.

  • Nice tutorial .. i have applied it with some changes … Typing in the old Arabic language … Look πŸ™‚

  • Hey Nick, really nice tutorial.
    But how do I get this dark thin shadows around the letters? Like in the source of your project, where the text hits the plane?

  • I got awesome results first time, so pleased. Before your explanation of reflections and lighting, my text always looked flat and harsh. Absolutely awesome tutorial, thanks so much for sharing.

  • I ended up using a very similar affect on a final logo presentation. Thanks for the tip, works a bit better then just a normal extrude / flat presentation.

  • The Mograph text tool is great -what if you need to use a custom shape in between – like a star with a circle?

  • great tutorial Nick.
    one of my biggest takeaways however was learning about Default Folder X. Cool app! I’ve needed something like this for a while.

  • Hi Nick, Big fan…here is my version of your tutorial!!!! keep it up my friend….. thankssssss….

  • What is the path where the overhead softbox.4d and HDRSky cinema 4d r14??

  • What about when you bring in splines from text in illustrator. Or is the smoothness of the geometry only available with Motext?

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