How to make a Simple Spin Logo Animation with Cinema 4D

March 23, 2010

In this tutorial, I use Cinema 4D, Mograph and the Random Effector to animate a simple logo. I also show you how to texture your text with different textures for the front and sides. Finally, we animate a camera using CS Tools Easy cam and prepare our animation for render.

Final Animation

Watch Part 2

Inspiration for this tutorial from Reserve17

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  • As i stated on Facebook, Nick your videos, and tutorials are amazing man!!! I’m working on a video right now for a contest. And I needed a logo tutorial with After Effects and Cinema 4D. And you pulled this one right in the NICK of time!! lol. If I win the $50K, i’ll mention your blog at the awards ceremony. I appreciate the content in which you produce. It’s truly inspiring for a student like me!!

  • gorgeous looking forward to it! Still finishing up ice cube tutorial.

  • Great tut so far πŸ™‚ i also have been looking for som tutorials on presenting logos in different ways (for a upcoming reel), and this one looks really cool πŸ™‚

    Also i have a small suggestion, if you could make a couple of small tutorials on how the different stuff (Tool, objects, effectors) in MoGraph works that would be really cool.. kinda like the ones you have made with the nurbs tools and the CS-tool tutorials

  • awesome dude … i just found out your site yesterday … and i’ve already watched like 10 tutorials hahaha … i just got Cinema 4D i think it is much more dinamyc then 3D max and i love it πŸ˜€ hopefuly watching some more tuts today =)

  • Nick great work! I forgot the trick with C1/R1!

  • Hi! exellent tutorial πŸ˜€
    i try to do this…

    please… do you make a tutorial in how to create the intro in the videos of

    the intro only… please

    sorry for mi english.. i hope you understand me :S


  • when i put the big soft box on top I don’t get the reflection on the text at the top just more toward the sides of the text. HELP!!! nick

  • man, thats awesome.. looks so great but its so simple, too. great work, gorillaboy πŸ˜‰

  • Awesome Tutorial Nick
    I knew mostly how to build it when I saw the preview. I found that out with luck, but never toughed you could create something cool out of it.

    Also I got an unrelated question. Could you do a tutorial related to sound? All the animations look cool, but the sound gives an awesome feeling to it when done right.

    Ones again! Keep up with this, you are a true inspiration for me!

  • Mr Campbell, you did it again! You really boost my learning curve.

  • Hahaha awesome how you say my name πŸ˜›
    Thank you so much πŸ˜€ no YOU ROCK ^^
    Looking forwart to part 2, im gonna make it when my imac is repaired =]
    Thanks again!

  • Just wanted to point out that, towards the beginning where you increased the spacing cause the letters were touching, you can also check “constrain” under the Caps tab, which basically compensates for the extra width from the bevels.

    Happy to see a new tutorial- looks beautiful, and can’t wait for part 2!!

    • Yep, everyone needs to know this. They should put a big red sticker on the box. Especially if you’re extruding someone’s logo – you don’t need extra thickness messing it up, but this goes for fonts in general. They’re designed to look that way, not for us to stick extra crap around the edges in stuffing up the counters haha.

      Constrain your caps!

  • i noticed with mograph text when you make it editable it creates null inside of null, i wonder if this is any relation to the “adding a null above” scenario like in your tut Nick?

  • Gregory Matthews March 23, 2010 at 11:55 pm


    Been a fan for a long time. Great tutorials as always!

    Quick question, probably super basic for you, but is stumping me a little.

    Can you point me in the right direction on how to duplicate the effect used for this Creative Cow Masters Series Intro (the part where the Creative Cow logo falls to the floor and bounces a little before settling down):

    Is this done in C4D, Realflow, After Effects, or what?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Nick.


  • Checck out this Drop To Floor plugin for keeping y axis equal to 0. Hope that helps :]

  • amazing nick , u rock man ! fo’ real !

  • it’s great. thanks for the lessons. and zvinite for my bad English. I am from Russia:) I would like to see a lesson here on this subject with crystals and their deformation

  • You’re now officially better than the video copilot for me as a 3d/motion blog. Tho’ you’re having different styles and provide different techniques you’re deconstruction politics is a very nice addition to the site. Tasty stuff.

  • Hi Nick! Nice and very helpful tutorial:) I have one question though: if I switch to ‘explode segments and connect’ mode in the fracture object, the coloring method with c1-c2 only works for the first character. Do you have a solution? Many thanks, Attila from Hungary

  • Hi Nick, awesome tutorial there. Waiting for the second part.
    just a suggestion here…. I love ur dynamics animation clip you did for the last christmas. (the falling candy animation). Could you show us how to do that? I mean the second part where the candy forms a christmas tree.

  • Can’t wait for part 2….aargh in fact I am waiting for my part one to render.

    Thanks Nick!!

  • Hi Nick…. another sick tutorial.. as standard!

    I was just wondering if anyone else has had a little problem I’m having – When i try and drop a texture onto my text object, it doesn’t show in the render. I have to apply it to the fracture object, but then it doesn’t let me split it across C1, C2 etc.

    Any suggestions?

    Keep it up man…. I’m guna buy the light kit right now! lol

  • I just started using cinema 4d a couple weeks ago and i was wondering how to import the bifurk text into c4d. Can someone please help me?

  • Wow, great tutorial. Thanks so much for taking the time and share the fx with us.

    Hey everyone, on my C4D R11.5 i don’t seem to need a NULL object. The Letters are rotating fine, however I cannot get them to explode. Either way, with or without NULL object. Does anyone has a source file here. I just cannot get path this obstacle.


    • i have the same problem

    • @King, i figured it out what we do wrong. You must click the FRACTURE OBJECT first and then go to the menu and select the MoGRAPH RANDOMIZER. If you don’t select the fracture object it won’t work.

      It seems first not like a big deal but somehow Cinema requires you to select the object you want to have randomized.

      Just follow then Nicks steps and add the Null Object. Worked now for me.


  • Patrick de Bruin March 24, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    Cool tut again Nick! I have a question though, you “tricked” us in believing you added a floor to your project πŸ˜‰ But instead you chose to use a plain (like you always do), but what are the benefits of using a plain instead of a floor?

  • Nick, you’re my personal Jesus… Bless you.

  • Well thanks so much for a great tutorial Nick, I just discover your site a couple of weeks ago and all the content you publish is just amazing, keep the good work and I’m really looking forward to purchase your HDRI Light Kit Pro. Greetings form Mexico

  • Nice tutorial Nick! Here’s my version πŸ™‚

  • Great tutorial! .. I was wondering if you had a tip on how to get reflection falloff and still save render time?

  • My Exclude object in the compositing tag of the floor plane is not working.
    There some special setting to flag?
    I’m using Cinema 4d v. 11.514

  • Mohamed Anis Dahmani March 25, 2010 at 7:13 am

    Thank you Nick for sharing this awesome tutorial !

    I have a request, please πŸ™‚ Can we enjoy a new tutorial on how to do this :

    And thank you again !

  • Hi Nick,

    Just found out about you a couple of days ago and already lovin your tuts! I’m new to C4D but been doing some work in 3DSM a few years back. And with your awe tuts C4D is working like a charm!

    But I am having a bit of a problem in this particular tut. And it’s the NullObject. The thing is that when I add the materials shown in the tut to the Text Object and then add the NullObject in between the Fracture Object and the Text Object, the materials jump off! And all the tasty colors goes gray/standard. And then when I take away the NullObject the materials are jumping back on, but then without all the nice fracturing going on.

    Do you know any way to make a workaround for this? I know that you said that the NullObject-fix is some kind of a bug in the software, but I figured that you’ve encountered this before.

    Any help from you would be more then appreciated!



  • my version so far

    Maybe after part 2 I will update the things done in after effects…

  • Nick, Thank you so much for your site. I discovered you a couple of months ago and now i check your site almost daily. Your instruction has helped me understand how to make better looking product. Thank you so much for all you do. I greatly appreciate it!!!
    God Bless

  • I noticed you changed the spacing between the letters in this tutorial. “Kerning” it stinks that within Cinema you can only do global kerning. NIck when you go to the Cinema 4D convention. Could you ask them to include per letter kerning in the next version of Cinema.

  • Fausto G Pacheco March 25, 2010 at 11:20 am

    Hi Nick, I have some troubles setting easy cam, i even checked you tutorial about it.

    I dis exactly as you show, but when I go and activate the easyCam_cam nothing happens the view goes to the center.

    I even downloaded the tools again, but the error persists.

    Can you help?

    • I got the same problem, I think it might be a C4D version thing. I’m using v11.5, maybe EASYCAM only works in earlier versions but I could be wrong


  • Hi Nick!
    Nice and very helpful tutorial
    But I have a problem:
    if I switch to β€˜explode segments and connect’ mode in the fracture object, the coloring method with c1-c2 only works for the first character.

    Do you have a solution?
    Many thanks,

    Attila from Hungary

  • Great tutorial again.
    I have a problem with this one though. Every time I put null in between fracture and text object my text disappears. When I move it underneath it appears again but of course then the rotation animation doesn’t work…
    Anyone had this problem?

    • SWERC: I have the same problem. Have you sorted it out yet?

    • I had the the same problem, try using reguler text not mograph text, then apply extrude nurbs.

    • I’m having the same problem, when I place a null between Fracture and text then select fracture the text disappears…


    • just discovered something, when I select the text layer then goto the text tool (text object) basic properties and turn “ON” >visible in editor. The text reappears then disappears on its own and I noticed the change I made turn “ON” >visible in editor. Automatically reverts back to “DEFAULT” as apposed to “ON”. the same thing is happening when I turn on >Visible in render… Any ideas?

    • Drop the text object under the null object. suggested by ron… it worked 4 me..cheers..

  • LOVE this tute Nick, fantastic!
    There is something I would like to try. How can I change the text from the start to something else at the end. For example lets say camera posItion one is GRAYSCALE and as this breaks up and turns into GORILLA.
    How would I go about doing this?



  • Does anyone know if this is possible to be done in Blender3D?

  • This is a great tutorial, it would be great if you could check out m take on it

  • Hey this might be a really stupid question but im fairly new to cinema 4d. I noticed when you render you have a lot more boxes rendering areas at the same time. I noticed I only have 2 going and so it takes me pretty long to render. I have a brand new 8gb imac so i figure i got some decent power in this thing to handle more. Is there a way I can change the amount thats being rendered at a time? Thanks and im loving the tutorials man.

    • Patrick de Bruin March 28, 2010 at 4:18 pm

      No, the boxes represent the amount of cores your processor has, so you probably have an iMac with Core 2 Duo. I get 2 boxes on my MacBook Pro as well.

    • ohhh ok got it. thanks. yeah i do have a core 2 duo.i knew i shouldve just went for the quadcore lol. all good. thanks.

    • you can change the number of render boxes under preferences and then renderer. I have 2 cores on my crappy windows machine and i have 7 boxes (render threads)

    • that did it. thank you! this makes rendering much quicker!

  • Hi Nick,
    This was going to be my first Cinema 4D tutorial and I’m having a bit of trouble. Followed along with you upto the texturing with no problem. I did have to find the “null” object since I have version 10.5 and the layout’s a bit different. When I tried to apply my texture to the text object – nothing. This only happens when the text object is a child of the null. If I remove the null, the textures appear. Of course if I remove the null, I have the problem the null is meant to solve – explode segments doesn’t happen when the random effecter’s rotation parameter is manipulated. Let me know if you have any ideas about what might be going wrong. I even tried texturing my text object before the animation and got the same effect? It’s a great look and I appreciate the tutorial.

  • Salut Mr Gorilla

    Ici la France. C’est toujours un vrai plaisir de suivre tes exercices. BRAVO.
    THANKS, see you.

  • hey, nick… i have the same weird issue as Brett Perry. my materials are disappearing the moment i put the null object in!? whatΒ΄s that all about…? Thx in advance man…

    greetz sebastian

    btw: great tut anyway πŸ™‚


    • I figured out how to solve the problem πŸ™‚
      just align the materials a second time to the fracture object and everything is all good… cheers

    • Hey Shinobidesign,
      Having the same issue, just wondering if you could explain in more detail how you mean “align materials a second time to the fracture object”? Thanks!

    • hey rick… okay, here is the way I did it:
      just select the 3 materials (while your text object lays inside the null object), hold down the control key and drag the materials up to the fracture object – and you are done…
      seems to be some kind of issue with version 11.0 πŸ™


    • Nice work Shinobidesign figuring this out, much appreciated!

  • hey nick great stuff!, btw do you know of any good tuts on soft body dynamics in c4d

  • My render time seems to be taking longer than it should be, I took off the ambient occlusion effect and it still takes over 5 minutes to render out one frame. I’m running a Dell Precision with 4GB of RAM with intel duo core processor so, any idea what else it could be?

  • Thanks Nick for this awesome tut. I just have one issue here. After throwing the null object i notice that the text disappear on screen which makes my render useless as i cannot see what’s happening. But if I try to remove the null object the text comes back just fine but again I can’t apply the explode segments.

    I’m stuck. Any idea? Thanks a million.

  • Hi Nick,
    You’re doing well man, but, recently I couldn’t watch ur tutorials anymore.
    I’ve searcheed for a solution on firefox team, I didn’t found any solution. I hope you have a solution for me. I do really appreciate your help.
    PS : your account on vimeo doesn’t work as well

    Good luck dudde

  • Hey, Nick Campbell

    I’ve been watching your video tutorials it’s a good way of learning Cinema 4d.

    Keep Up the good work.
    Thank God for people like you.

    I’ve seen this cool animation on behance network.

    Check it out .
    Cool effect.
    Do think you can pull it.

  • You might already previously done this. but would you be willing to make your C4D layout available for download? I love it!

  • When I put the null object, my text desappear…only when I quit the null object I can see again, put the random effector dont’s work. :S

    • I had the same problem before…make sure the text object goes in the null object (if that makes sense) so its not just sitting under it. I think you can just drag the text object onto the null object and it just be good to go.

  • Hem legend in Portuguese how to fix this tutorial

  • K so i’m new to C4D, when i get to the animation part, I follow your instructions…i make a change then ctrl+click the circle so it becomes red and so one. When i play nothing happens. If i click on each frame none of the changes are there…its very fustrating. can anyone help me πŸ™

  • hiya nick, im a noob at cinema 4D and having problems.
    When I put the null object into the middle all the text disappears and will only return when I change the settings in fracture object back to straight.
    can you help? ben

  • Hello Gorilla, hi community

    thanks for this great extra cool tutorial.
    You must be a god. I’ am a c4d-beginner and after sucessfully practicing your tut.
    I want to make a product box with the same material and lighting as in the
    spin-text (since several days ;-)).

    My problem is this:

    As you see, I can’t get the right material display on the other element.
    I would expect some gradient angel settings as in some other 2d- graphic programms
    but I can not find something similar in c4d.

    How could I manage this?

    Should I create a single object for the product box and how could I do this?
    The spline actions are making me crazy. Often I bite in my hand while doing this ;-).
    Combining a square and a circle seems to be a very critical mission for me.

    Or can I modifiy the gradient of the material directly so that such
    a box…

    … (its skin) would look exactly like a letter of the spin text?

    Any help will save my life and if I get it, I will do the rest with your HDRI Kit :-).

    c u stevie

  • I tryed making this awile ago, i saw some guy with it as his avatar. this is great though πŸ™‚

  • Roberto Gonzalez May 9, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    Hey, How’s it going well i was just wanted to ask you. How do you Save the Project from Cinema4D so that it can imported to After Effets? For some reason i’m having a bit of a problem with that..


  • to everyone having problems with nullObject and materials, need to upgrade to 11.5 version.
    ive just fixed it;)

  • Hey Nick,

    I have a question regarding the texturing for this tutorial. When I tried the “C1” and “C2″mapping, I was not able to do both sides of the capped text. I think it has something to do with the null. not sure though. If you could write me back, I’d be psyched.


  • Not sure if you know about the “DropToFloor” plugin but I find myself using it constantly to reset objects positions to the floor, especially ones copied and pasted from other scenes positions. Its great, just select your object and go to plugins > drop to floor > BOOM, your object is on the floor at 0.

    Thats the free plugin link. Another great tutorial, thanks Nick.


  • Hey Nick, your tutorials got me interested in 3D again. (I’ve been working mainly in After Effects for a long time).
    Also a long time ago I remember of a maya shader that only received shadows (shadow matte or something like that, I can’t remember), I mean if I want to make a render with an infinite floor (plane) and then compose that in After Effects I’d like to have the shadow rendered with alpha only but without the plane affecting the alpha channel itself, that’s no borders, no color, no alpha from the plane itself, just the shadow.
    Any ideas about how to achieve this in C4D.
    many thanks


  • Hey Nick! I did something like that a while ago.

    I’m not happy with that right know (because I didn’t pay attention the AE part. But what the heck, I want to share with you. πŸ™‚

  • I have strange bug when I use “Bifurk” font under Windows.

    Letter N. The same render under osx does not have this problem.

  • Nick

    great tuto man… im sure it will help a lot of noobs like me

    i have a question… when i put the c1 feature on the tag of the first material it enters only on the first letter of my sentence (i got another words, im tryin not with spin)

    how can i solve that… already thank you

  • Nick, did you get around to asking the Maxon guys about the “magic” of null objects?

  • I have juste litle problem whith nul object
    I can’t preview material on objet when texte are under Nul object, I duplicate the abjetc and i put texte on top but the rotaion dosen’t work well

  • hey i cant get the null object bit to work put the H to 24Β° still didn’t do anything

    • Try making the object edible, by selecting the text layer and hitting “C” on your keyboard. Seems to bypass the whole null object junk once editable.

  • Hey Nick, absolutely loving your tutorials!
    I’m new to it all but learning a lot with these videos..
    One question, one of the faces of a letter doesn’t move at all with the others. Have you ever had this problem or heard of it and is there a solution?



  • Here’s my tryout with another tut as well.

  • awesome tutorial! my first ever week in cinema 4d and this tut has been really bloody helpful πŸ™‚ heres what i ended up with…

  • I just got C4D and spent the afternoon with this tutorial
    here are the results:

    Thank you Mr Gorilla, thank you very much.

  • i just downloaded the trial version of cinema 4d r12. i tried this tutorial but it does not have “random effector” under the mograph menu. is this a paid or free plugin? thanks!


  • Hello Nick! Thanks for sharing thoose great tutorials. Just started to learn 4D Cinema a few days ago. Omg its amazing to get out a good result. I gonna learn more to expriment for myself. Perfect for my learning at the School Hyper Island in Sweden. And you know what. You and your tutorials disturbing my eighthour sleep. But hey i love it and can live whit it. Big thanks again for sharing..

  • hey how do you have the fast render because at the moment i have one box rendering. you know when you render picture while still editing. someone help

  • Hi.
    Nice tutorial.
    I have two questions.

    The first.
    I don’t find the link for the plug in that you use for move camera. Where can i find it?

    The second.
    I have a problem with fonts. i try different fonts that i have on my Librofont library but many of this don’t work.
    There are any restrictions about the format of typography or I must have to install this on Librofont?

  • Hi great tut, im a total c4d novice, earlier in the tut where you add the null, when i do this and alter rotation the text dissapears, when i remove the null the text is visible again. what am i doing wrong?

    • i got the same issue.. text disappears afta addin da null object as described in da vid.. i m usin vista 32 bit.. could dis be an OS specific issue..??

  • err…. Mine rotates diffrent…. Why?

  • Hi!
    I’m a super beginner in C4d. Thank you for all this amazing tutorials.

    Here’s a recent intro for a festival i made based on this tutorial:

  • Thanks. Greetings from Germany πŸ™‚

  • Hey. great videos. on c4d i dont have a null object button where yours is. Please tell me what i should do or if i have an older version of c4d

    • hey bob , u can use ur cinema 4d any version first of all i can goto ur menu bar name object, null is there, and second is to goto ur sortcut ur object bar in cinema 4d,,,.
      third to u can any create object like cube object and u select ur cube object on object manjr and hold Alt key and press G button in ur keybord, then u can see ur null object to create and cube into this ,, u can delete ur cube object and ur null object is free for u..

  • how come every time i put in the null between the text and the fracture, it dissaperes

  • Hey Grey Scale Gorilla!
    I put material on the Text Objects jacket and it’s not made me the color I wanted, I put it on Fracture Object that has the logo color I wanted
    Is two pictures illustrate:
    1. material that became the text Objects jacket:

    2. Material made the point to the Fracture Object:

    Help Please
    I Love Your Tutorials!! You are an amazing person!

  • Very Nice Tut. This was my first experience with c4d and with this very detailed tutorial i got an amazing result. Thanks man!

  • This is my first practice that I use cinema4d.
    Thanks to Your easy explanation, I get nice work!!
    Thank you gorilla~ you are a FP (Fantastic Person)

  • Tnks from Latvia (LV) very nice and poverful tutorial !!!

  • Following your tut. Tried to do the null object thing to make work Random Effector and Fracture Object. Text disappeared from preview. Help Nick! youΒ΄re the man!

  • I used an AI-imported spline and voila! It works. Seems C4DΒ΄s text tools are still weird & crappy after all these versions…

  • Un grand merci !

    You’re awesome, you explain very well !
    It was just a little hard for Easycam installing… Final video is just GREAT !

    Thx again.

  • I have a problem with assigning a black colour to the text. I am using trial version of R12. Basically any surface of the text that faces the camera goes a light grey colour rather than black.

    Default Light is switched on in the Render Options because without this I can’t see anything at all in the render since the floor light is faked with a gradient.

    Am I missing some obvious ‘you-really-should-have-this-switched-on/off’ setting?

    • OK so I found that I can change the direction of the Default Light from the Display/Deafult Light… menu on the viewport. That has certainly solved the grey faces on the text. Well, it’s moved them around at least!

  • The font is called MOD

  • Hi there Nick, you are simply amazing…I’m new to your blog, and I love it, its awesomeness…I have one question, when I come to the “c1, c2” part, it doesnt actually work, it keeps taking off the material from the whole text, I went through the tut for like 10 times, and its still the same… I’m not sure if I explained that well, but can you help me plz πŸ™‚

    I’m using r12 btw!

    • OoOoOoOops πŸ˜€ got it now, I just turned the “Caps” on :P….but hey, thank you for this great tut πŸ™‚

  • where can i find the lightning kit?

  • hi nick. this is what i got using your guide. i also added the cs stroke tool

  • your tutorials are kick ass!

  • Do u know what effects is used in Reserve 17 intro ?

  • Thanks a lot Nick! amazing tutorial, you take good time explaining everything and its crystal clear and easy to follow! in only 40 minutes i managed to do a similar (almost the same, but im going to change it after some practice) video for my Trance group Kagenmi πŸ™‚ ! thank you very much!

  • This is the font used in the first example:


  • the font was not bifurk it was the mod font

  • Hey Nick, are you using the default light and if so which direction are you pointing it, because when I angle my text the same way you have yours angled, the color of the letters turn grey-ish…can I have any kind of help with this because it would really help me with future projects

  • hello, i couldn’t get the exclusion for reflection to work with your lighting kit, works fine with creating a plane like in your video, just not with lighting kit, even if i follow the exact same steps… any ideas? thanks! p.s ive learnt more in 3 days follwing your tutorials than i learnt through 2 years of a degree course learning maya

  • Great tut Gorilla as always!! In the name of all us starters in C4D i thank you for the great help you give us. I salute you from Italy!

  • Guys, I don’t have a website but I love the ideas you guys put on the site. I need help and I need some advise. I am building a website that I need a images of global ball turning as we use the mouse spinning it.
    On the global ball has name like Google, yahoo, skype, myspace, facebook and many others. when we need to go to the website we just move the ball around to find the name and then click the name it will like to that website.
    Is there such thing you guys can built or come up with?
    Please give me some ideas if that would be possible.
    Thank you

  • Hey Nick, loving your work and your inspiring tuts, I’ve learnt so much from just watching a few of your videos. I can’t thank you enough.

    This is the first animated…err…thing I’ve done. I took your tutorial and added a light with volumetric lighting inside 2 of the letters so it shines out when they open up. Any feedback would be grateful.

  • the name of that font u want…showed on those three videos is called full moon and you can download it here πŸ˜€ btw thx for tutorial πŸ™‚

  • a big fun an would like to know if you can do tutorial about the fox sports promo. still waiting.
    you are a great motioneer

  • Hey… Did a great tutorial, it’s very helpful to me. Thanks Dud..

  • Great Tutorial… πŸ™‚ I’m rendering right now πŸ˜€ … its nice to learn C4D with these kind of full- explaination – tutorials :D! sorry for my bad english..

    I’ll be waiting for more!

  • very helpful, thanks indeed!

  • Andrew Kramer is King of After effects and you are king of cinema 4D … thank you a lot of … from georgia πŸ™‚

  • Hey Nick,
    Awesome tutorial, really helped a lot!
    I actually came across the font used by the ‘axon’ example.

    It’s a cool font πŸ™‚
    Thanx for the tutorial,

  • I seem to be having trouble executing the fracture. The random effector is working though. I’m using C4D ver R13.016

    Any thoughts as to what the issue might be? Thanks!

  • Hey gorila my name is Santiago and i am a c4d beginner, and i have my first problem, im trying to do some tutorials and I know I’m missing something, in the part of the tutorial where i have to put MoGraph Random Effectors this is not appear… Why?? i need a plugin or what?? Please help me.
    Thanks, and i want to say that your work itΒ΄s great!!!
    Im from argentina and my english is not good, sorry for that

  • Brandon Kocher June 3, 2013 at 1:02 pm

    Throwing the null object between the text and the Fracture Object makes everything disappear? Wtf?

  • Just got into motion graphics. only had C4D for about a month, i know i didn’t change much but i will the more i learn.
    Thanks Nick.

  • Hey! Anybody have any idea why my lighting doesn’t look at all like Nick’s unless I use global illumination?

  • Hey man I just got Cinema4D and I dont know how you got the interface like that
    can you please explain it to me :3

  • Hey Nick, Thanks for the oldie but goodie! Just wanted to let you know that I executed this entire look using Cinema 4D Lite so you might want to add it to your “Compatible with Lite” category, even though Lite wasn’t out 4 years ago when you made this! Just thought I’d let you know since I am always looking for more ways to make use of Cinema 4D Lite while I am waiting to buy the full Studio Edition and I’d figured you probably have other followers in the same boat! Thanks for all the great work you generously share with all of us! Kierra

  • The null between the fracture object and it’s child is similar to the after effect’s placing of adjustment layer between two 3D layers in order for them to function properly i think.

  • if anyone would like to check out my “version” of this tutorial, thanks Nick btw πŸ˜€
    SPin Animation ::
    I appreciate honest feedback πŸ™‚

  • Well, I’m little bit late but font’s name from example is LOT, you’ll recgonize that X kind of square. Nice tutorial as always

  • Wonderful tutorial! I’m new to C4D so really learned a lot!

    One question though if I could kindly receive an answer. Under Ambien Occlusion, the Accuracy is greyed out. Same for the Anti-Aliasing options. Any suggestions on how to go about this?

  • Hi Nick,

    Firstly Great Tutorials On Your Site !!!!

    Love Them All.

    This is the latest tutorial I have embarked on trying and i have managed to accomplish the first part of the tutorial apart from a perfect render.

    I am having great difficulty rendering out an accurate Mov.

    my final render always seems to exceed the video. its as if my animation is too big to fit within the frames. or the camera is to close and it cannot fit everything in properly cutting the edges of my animation. I have gone through the tutorial several times and i can not seem to fix the problem.

    help me please.


  • What a Wonderful effect !! Great greetings from Morocco Kingdom

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