How to make a Simple Spin Logo Animation with Cinema 4D

March 23, 2010

In this tutorial, I use Cinema 4D, Mograph and the Random Effector to animate a simple logo. I also show you how to texture your text with different textures for the front and sides. Finally, we animate a camera using CS Tools Easy cam and prepare our animation for render.

Final Animation

Watch Part 2

Inspiration for this tutorial from Reserve17

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  • Thanks. Greetings from Germany πŸ™‚

  • Hey. great videos. on c4d i dont have a null object button where yours is. Please tell me what i should do or if i have an older version of c4d

    • hey bob , u can use ur cinema 4d any version first of all i can goto ur menu bar name object, null is there, and second is to goto ur sortcut ur object bar in cinema 4d,,,.
      third to u can any create object like cube object and u select ur cube object on object manjr and hold Alt key and press G button in ur keybord, then u can see ur null object to create and cube into this ,, u can delete ur cube object and ur null object is free for u..

  • how come every time i put in the null between the text and the fracture, it dissaperes

  • Hey Grey Scale Gorilla!
    I put material on the Text Objects jacket and it’s not made me the color I wanted, I put it on Fracture Object that has the logo color I wanted
    Is two pictures illustrate:
    1. material that became the text Objects jacket:

    2. Material made the point to the Fracture Object:

    Help Please
    I Love Your Tutorials!! You are an amazing person!

  • Very Nice Tut. This was my first experience with c4d and with this very detailed tutorial i got an amazing result. Thanks man!

  • This is my first practice that I use cinema4d.
    Thanks to Your easy explanation, I get nice work!!
    Thank you gorilla~ you are a FP (Fantastic Person)

  • Tnks from Latvia (LV) very nice and poverful tutorial !!!

  • Following your tut. Tried to do the null object thing to make work Random Effector and Fracture Object. Text disappeared from preview. Help Nick! youΒ΄re the man!

  • I used an AI-imported spline and voila! It works. Seems C4DΒ΄s text tools are still weird & crappy after all these versions…

  • Un grand merci !

    You’re awesome, you explain very well !
    It was just a little hard for Easycam installing… Final video is just GREAT !

    Thx again.

  • I have a problem with assigning a black colour to the text. I am using trial version of R12. Basically any surface of the text that faces the camera goes a light grey colour rather than black.

    Default Light is switched on in the Render Options because without this I can’t see anything at all in the render since the floor light is faked with a gradient.

    Am I missing some obvious ‘you-really-should-have-this-switched-on/off’ setting?

    • OK so I found that I can change the direction of the Default Light from the Display/Deafult Light… menu on the viewport. That has certainly solved the grey faces on the text. Well, it’s moved them around at least!

  • The font is called MOD

  • Hi there Nick, you are simply amazing…I’m new to your blog, and I love it, its awesomeness…I have one question, when I come to the “c1, c2” part, it doesnt actually work, it keeps taking off the material from the whole text, I went through the tut for like 10 times, and its still the same… I’m not sure if I explained that well, but can you help me plz πŸ™‚

    I’m using r12 btw!

    • OoOoOoOops πŸ˜€ got it now, I just turned the “Caps” on :P….but hey, thank you for this great tut πŸ™‚

  • where can i find the lightning kit?

  • hi nick. this is what i got using your guide. i also added the cs stroke tool

  • your tutorials are kick ass!

  • Do u know what effects is used in Reserve 17 intro ?

  • Thanks a lot Nick! amazing tutorial, you take good time explaining everything and its crystal clear and easy to follow! in only 40 minutes i managed to do a similar (almost the same, but im going to change it after some practice) video for my Trance group Kagenmi πŸ™‚ ! thank you very much!

  • This is the font used in the first example:


  • the font was not bifurk it was the mod font

  • Hey Nick, are you using the default light and if so which direction are you pointing it, because when I angle my text the same way you have yours angled, the color of the letters turn grey-ish…can I have any kind of help with this because it would really help me with future projects

  • hello, i couldn’t get the exclusion for reflection to work with your lighting kit, works fine with creating a plane like in your video, just not with lighting kit, even if i follow the exact same steps… any ideas? thanks! p.s ive learnt more in 3 days follwing your tutorials than i learnt through 2 years of a degree course learning maya

  • Great tut Gorilla as always!! In the name of all us starters in C4D i thank you for the great help you give us. I salute you from Italy!

  • Guys, I don’t have a website but I love the ideas you guys put on the site. I need help and I need some advise. I am building a website that I need a images of global ball turning as we use the mouse spinning it.
    On the global ball has name like Google, yahoo, skype, myspace, facebook and many others. when we need to go to the website we just move the ball around to find the name and then click the name it will like to that website.
    Is there such thing you guys can built or come up with?
    Please give me some ideas if that would be possible.
    Thank you

  • Hey Nick, loving your work and your inspiring tuts, I’ve learnt so much from just watching a few of your videos. I can’t thank you enough.

    This is the first animated…err…thing I’ve done. I took your tutorial and added a light with volumetric lighting inside 2 of the letters so it shines out when they open up. Any feedback would be grateful.

  • the name of that font u want…showed on those three videos is called full moon and you can download it here πŸ˜€ btw thx for tutorial πŸ™‚

  • a big fun an would like to know if you can do tutorial about the fox sports promo. still waiting.
    you are a great motioneer

  • Hey… Did a great tutorial, it’s very helpful to me. Thanks Dud..

  • Great Tutorial… πŸ™‚ I’m rendering right now πŸ˜€ … its nice to learn C4D with these kind of full- explaination – tutorials :D! sorry for my bad english..

    I’ll be waiting for more!

  • very helpful, thanks indeed!

  • Andrew Kramer is King of After effects and you are king of cinema 4D … thank you a lot of … from georgia πŸ™‚

  • Hey Nick,
    Awesome tutorial, really helped a lot!
    I actually came across the font used by the ‘axon’ example.

    It’s a cool font πŸ™‚
    Thanx for the tutorial,

  • I seem to be having trouble executing the fracture. The random effector is working though. I’m using C4D ver R13.016

    Any thoughts as to what the issue might be? Thanks!

  • Hey gorila my name is Santiago and i am a c4d beginner, and i have my first problem, im trying to do some tutorials and I know I’m missing something, in the part of the tutorial where i have to put MoGraph Random Effectors this is not appear… Why?? i need a plugin or what?? Please help me.
    Thanks, and i want to say that your work itΒ΄s great!!!
    Im from argentina and my english is not good, sorry for that

  • Brandon Kocher June 3, 2013 at 1:02 pm

    Throwing the null object between the text and the Fracture Object makes everything disappear? Wtf?

  • Just got into motion graphics. only had C4D for about a month, i know i didn’t change much but i will the more i learn.
    Thanks Nick.

  • Hey! Anybody have any idea why my lighting doesn’t look at all like Nick’s unless I use global illumination?

  • Hey man I just got Cinema4D and I dont know how you got the interface like that
    can you please explain it to me :3

  • Hey Nick, Thanks for the oldie but goodie! Just wanted to let you know that I executed this entire look using Cinema 4D Lite so you might want to add it to your “Compatible with Lite” category, even though Lite wasn’t out 4 years ago when you made this! Just thought I’d let you know since I am always looking for more ways to make use of Cinema 4D Lite while I am waiting to buy the full Studio Edition and I’d figured you probably have other followers in the same boat! Thanks for all the great work you generously share with all of us! Kierra

  • The null between the fracture object and it’s child is similar to the after effect’s placing of adjustment layer between two 3D layers in order for them to function properly i think.

  • if anyone would like to check out my “version” of this tutorial, thanks Nick btw πŸ˜€
    SPin Animation ::
    I appreciate honest feedback πŸ™‚

  • Well, I’m little bit late but font’s name from example is LOT, you’ll recgonize that X kind of square. Nice tutorial as always

  • Wonderful tutorial! I’m new to C4D so really learned a lot!

    One question though if I could kindly receive an answer. Under Ambien Occlusion, the Accuracy is greyed out. Same for the Anti-Aliasing options. Any suggestions on how to go about this?

  • Hi Nick,

    Firstly Great Tutorials On Your Site !!!!

    Love Them All.

    This is the latest tutorial I have embarked on trying and i have managed to accomplish the first part of the tutorial apart from a perfect render.

    I am having great difficulty rendering out an accurate Mov.

    my final render always seems to exceed the video. its as if my animation is too big to fit within the frames. or the camera is to close and it cannot fit everything in properly cutting the edges of my animation. I have gone through the tutorial several times and i can not seem to fix the problem.

    help me please.


  • What a Wonderful effect !! Great greetings from Morocco Kingdom

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