How to Make Chiseled Text in Cinema 4D

March 14, 2012

Add a nice chiseled look to your text in Cinema 4D with this tutorial. As I note in the video, the basic technique is the same across every font, letter, and even logos, but each one has it’s a unique way to get to the end result. Here I show you the basics of how you can achieve this look for whatever text or logo you are working with.

If you have any questions or requests of how to do this effect on a logo or some other font, please leave them in the comment section.

Watch The Tutorial

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  • I would probrebly use the weld function to get the exact middle but i am lazy ; )

    • So many nice modeling functions that would help speed this up! I’m not the best at modeling or knowing all it’s functions so I definitely need to up my game in that area!

  • you didnt show how you make this look , but good one , thanks
    I also found out if you remove N-guns from the face of those curved characters and then cut it with knife on path mode , you will get a smooth cut through

  • hey,

    ive been trying to use a similar technique to create a chiseled effect inset into a glass object. but the boole doesnt seem to like the solids made from the type. any thoughts?


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