How To Make Concave Objects Behave Correctly in Cinema 4D

November 24, 2010

In this short tutorial, I show you how to solve a common problem when using dynamics in Cinema 4D. Sometimes, when you try to use a concave object like a bowl, it won’t behave properly. The trick is to make sure you have the right collision shape selected on your dynamics tag. Usually the first two to try are “Static Mesh” and “Moving Mesh”. Be careful though, as these are the most graphically intensive shapes to render. If you are using basic objects, try to stick with automatic or one of the other shapes. Check out the tutorial for other setting examples.

Example of the Problem

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  • Hi Nick! your the best designer. great tutorial and useful.

  • If you create the “bowl” out of a sphere primitive and then just switch the sphere to a hemisphere then the particles will go straight into the bowl without switching the body tags.

  • Very useful as usual, thx

  • you make me laughing when you laugh πŸ˜€

  • I had this problem with a marble run I just made. The marble kept bouncing off the track and rolled all spazz like but once switching the rails to static mesh the marble rolled smooth as it would in a real track set up. Good tip to point out.

  • thank you, for your tutorial. you very help me to learn cinema))) sorry mistakes. from Russia))) ??? ??? ???????!

  • Hahaha, cool… I found out about this a few data aggo, just played with the settings and found stativ mesh solving the problem. πŸ™‚ I know I can’t provestlige it, but I beat you this time, Gorilla! >:)

    Lol, thanks.

  • nice tut!

  • Thanks NIck this is very useful, There was so many time I need to know this tricks

    Nice Tuts

  • awesome.
    just what the doctor ordered!

  • Such a good explainer, even to people who could fix this problem independently should be awestruck by the the skill in which Nick explains things. Cellophane =P, Great explainer, great artist.

  • Nick start using maya…cinema dinamics sucks….

    • Maya is a highly technical software that has a steep learning curve.Even doing something simple in Maya takes time and effort, C4D is aimed at artists first and as such is laid out to provide them with great set of easy to use tools.The technical stuff in C4D is hidden away in python, xpresso and coffee for more advanced users when they need it.

  • Hi there, Nick! Another great tut. Thank you!

    But I have some question about mesh – I have no such option. I got static mesh and next one is “another mesh”.


  • Hey, nice video, can’t wait for that big tutorial, hehe!
    So, the moment I saw this, I remembered I have something like this, done in Cinema 4D R11.5 (which I still use), but haven’t come across with that slippery problem/bug… Is this R12-related? or maybe I did it differently..

    Anyhow, here’s the demo I’m talking about,
    it’s about 5 months since I made it.. so watch it, comment, and correct me if I’m wrong; it’s the only way of improvement!

    Thanks & Cheers.

  • Should mention that the “Moving Mesh” option is only available in r12. Was a godsend to see that addition when it came out. I was getting mad at the BS fracture object workarounds in r11.5

  • i run is this problem las week ty very much

  • hi nick great tutorial, can u tell xpresso and
    user data tutorials.i am fully confused that….

  • hey you’re still the best !
    thx for your explanations

    good job

    from France


  • Cool! Is it the same in 11.5?

  • omg i was having that problem with the automatic collision shape JUST yesterday..
    i’ve seen this before, but completely forgot about it xD
    thanks for reminding!

  • I found this out a few weeks ago, man I thought it was me! Good to see the solution shared πŸ˜€

  • hi,

    nice solution.. a hav made this whit softbody.. works too..

    ps: sorry for my bad english πŸ™‚

  • Hashem Ali Hussain November 25, 2010 at 9:29 am

    Thank man can’t wait for your next tutorial

  • SoOo Nice trick & Tutorial thx you ^^

  • Thank you so much, you just solved some major issues and reopened some scrapped animations πŸ™‚

  • any solution for this in r11.5 with using a particle emitter? as you know in r11.5 you always need a mograph object to get it done… tried the workaround with the fracture object but i still get alot of particles falling out : (

    • i figuered out that if i make my particles larger and change the spline.interpolation.mode i get different results, still it doesnt solve the problem.

  • Thanks for the tut!
    Good job.

  • Totally nice! Great fast and straight on the carrot. I like this and can’t wait for the big rocket πŸ™‚

  • Hey guys

    is there anyone here that can help me or I can pay to make JPG image logo into 3D in Cinema 4D. I’m having hard time with this one. Email @

    • My best advice is to check the C4D tutorial for modelling a character. That shows how to import a sketch as a template and build from there in C4D. It may not exactly apply to a 2D logo… but it is a start. If you created the logo yourself, then you can certainly make it 3D yourself in C4D. I think this is one of those great opportunities to learn. If you’re serious about C4D as a tool, I think the software and the help info included has pretty much everything you need. Just add some creative thinking πŸ™‚

  • I might have a couple of times annoyed you ;-), but deeply admire you. You have such a great potential to explain complicated things, and to emphasize the basic principles of the computer generated graphics, animation and photography. Thank you a million times SENEI!

  • Yo ! It is the first tutorial about a tip i already “solved” few months ago… I get better ? πŸ˜‰
    Thank’s Nick.

  • Thank you, for your tutorial.

    Here’s my final result:
    Hope you like it !!

  • C4D R12 Broadcast does not have the “Moving Mesh” shape option for it’s limited Dynamics. You can make something static mesh. but it doesn’t move with the physics of the scene. Is there a work around for this for people using Broadcast versions of R12 and not Studio?

    Thanks Nick!

  • I definitively have to spend more time on the dynamics. I’m currently dropping a grid of coins into a box, and when they hight they fall from is too high the first 4 levels of the grid fall through the box..
    Why could that be?

  • You are like.. a friend… but on demand. You roole. Cheers from Santa Cruz

  • This is super useful! Thanks for this tutorial and your friendly hand wave πŸ™‚

  • Sent an email a while back asking about tracking and a spot I was making that required red footage be adorned with a little character. Ended up doing it with my own solution of AE tracking and creative camera math. But here’s the final spot. You’re welcome to post if you like. (if you think it worthy). All lit with LightKit Pro.

  • WHOOP WHOOP that was a big problem when i followed your tutorial with that bowl and marbles THANK YOU

  • Thanks alot Nick. no more problems with this. thanks.

  • OMG!! just want to let u know that u saved my life for my final project!!!!!!! love ya!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks Nick, You da man. Don’t know what I’d do without you.

  • Done this a handful of times and sometimes the hole is obstructed by the “plastic wrap” as Nick mentioned with the simulation tag set to “static mesh” What has helped me is selecting all points in point mode and right click “optimize”. Also setting the “collision margin” to a really low number solves it in the project settings (cmd d/dynamics/expert). Thanks for the tutorial.

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