How to make Striped 3D Typography in Cinema 4D

January 11, 2011

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a fun striped typography look using Cinema 4D. First I show you how to use the Mograph Type tool and the random effector to create the scene. Then, I show you how to light and prepare your type or logo for render using Light Kit Pro.


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  • Thanks a lot Nick, this is very inspiring. As always πŸ˜‰


    • Hi guys! Anyone knows how to achieve this I mean the multiple words etx.

      • I think they did explained that in the end part of the video. But if you want to recreate same effect in CG I’m guessing After Effects is your best shot, I think you can do this with particular within short amount of time.

  • whooow.. effect looks pretty cool ..
    you rock .. πŸ™‚

  • Cool! ItΒ΄s very original! Thanks Nick πŸ˜‰

    • Another great tutorial however correct me if I’m wrong Nick but this was almost certainly inspired by one of Steffen’s pieces in his 30 seconds of motion video you posted a few days a go?

      • Maybe subconsciously? Perhaps that’s where the stripes came from. But, I was actually trying to make something else and found this look by accident. It’s funny how brains work, though.

    • Fair enough. Its a great look and another great tutorial, Thanks!

  • Man, this looks cool!!
    Thanks Nick!!

  • Yeah man this looks so original and I especially like the super contrasted black & white stripes.

  • whooow , very nice look , very inspiring thanks Nick

  • Thanx, I appreciate your work, man!

  • Excelente trabajo, tiene un estilo muy particular.


  • Hey Nick you could drop an animated texture out of AE on the rear element to make some cool effects.

  • Really cool effect! Thanks for sharing this. πŸ™‚

  • ahh, Ive been seeing that font so much lately, and I didn’t even know the name of it. Klavica is my new favorite font!!!!!

  • Hey nick, really awesome to show such a simple concept, and a mistake, turned into something really cool!

  • Really Cool. Are there any other selections built into C4D except C1 and C2?

  • Not exactly the way I did it but close!! Nice job Nick!!

  • The geometry behind this is pretty interesting.
    This is a very lo-res render (and the camera move needs some tweaking) but you get the idea:

  • I’ll try to animate this, Really great idea! I hope to get it online fast πŸ™‚

  • Cool Nick… Thank you.. greetings from Ecuador!!!

  • i don’t have words to tell you how great you are so just thank you Nick ! πŸ™‚

    NOw, i know what i will do tonight πŸ˜‰

  • Nick.. I just watched a tutorial with your buddy Rob Redman.. His latest on his site. He still bumped Gamma up to 2.2 and appeared to be using R12. Is there reason to do this? Or should it be left 1 100% of the time when using linear workflow?

    I know this is probably a question for pariahstudios but there’s no comment section.

  • Hey Nick, if in the ‘caps’ menu, if you turn off Hull Inwards and turn on Constrain, it makes the text stick out from the back.

    you can’t texture the text different to the fillet like this, but it’s like a quick way of doing it i guess


  • Very very cool tutorial! thanks!

  • Great job. i love how you talk through everything. I have learned so much from you since I have discovered your site.
    Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Selection textbox for the win! I can’t believe I’ve never seen anyone use it before (myself included)

    as usual, the smallest tips are the BEST and there is always a useful tip or ten in your tuts.

    Thanks Nick!

  • where do I get the Linear Daylight please?

  • nice effect NICK !! .
    great tutorial as always !! ..

  • nick, this is great, but I am almost hesitant to ever use this technique in my work because it is so unique to you and your style that if I ever even tried to put something like this in a reel or even in print (i assume) most (knowledgable) people looking at it would just say “oh thats that gsg tutorial he did a while back”…

    not to take anything away from the work you did (its excellent), but it will be interesting to see if anyone can take this idea/style and create something entirely new from it…

    • Tutorials are never about recreating the piece exactly in your work. People do notice and you will get called out for it.

      Tutorials and training is all about learning how the tools and technique work together so that you can use that knowledge to make your OWN pieces. The final examples are just an excuse to learn with a goal in mind. Now, take this tutorial and other stuff that you have learned and make something uniquely yours. Have fun!

    • well put, but that has been your mantra since day one :)…i guess that i just feel mad that ive done this a MILLION times in c4d and always seen it as a mistake, never looking at how it could look cool on a design level (which is so does)…

      plus I never used the mograph type tool…always used reg type and fracture objects…shame on me x100

    • I thought this tutorial was maybe based on the type art of this fellow

      Thanks a lot for the tutorial, all your stuff has been amazingly helpful

    • I think I may put up a stream of tutorial stuff I’ve made and link it back to the tutorial I got it from. That way I don’t look like a total scheister, and can still document my progress, etc.

  • Sweet! I can definitely use this!

  • Yee cool! πŸ™‚
    Thanks Nick

  • Well you did it again you mad scientist!
    Keep it up!

  • As always, the coolest things are done by mistake!
    Great one nick!

  • I’m rendering an animation now. Id did a fun thing with the boolean.
    Here’s frame 26. Hopefully tomorrow online.

  • The bottom image really draws me in because of the shadowing.

  • Great Tut as always.
    I know you have your light kit pro to save you and us time in lighting, but if you could ever do a tutorial in how you set up/built some of your lights that would be great.

    • I learned Xpresso by tearing apart others rigs, actually. Feel free to open up the expresso on the kit and try to figure out what is going on. Also, check out Robert Leger’s site for some fun Xpresso training.

    • I agree robert legers got some xpresso teaching skillz.. he gives you an idea. shows you how it works. and then you have to make it. then a week later he shows you 1 possible solution. But in the mean time youve had to try to make it yourself. and actually dive into Xpresso. Sorry to go off on a tangent but I totally agree with Nick you just gotta dive into it and Robert makes it a little less daunting.

  • interesting take on the caps. dig it. πŸ˜€

  • Hey Nick…pardon my ignorance im still kinda new at this, but Im really have a hard time texturing the caps on the letters. C1 and C2…does not work for me. Am I doing something wrong?

    • make sure your using capital letters

    • Yeah that didnt work…lol I assign the materials and can get the face or “C1” of the letter to change color,but the sides or “C2” doesnt change colors. πŸ™

    • make sure you use a capital C and not c1. That fixed it for me.

    • Alex,
      Make sure you have two materials assigned to the text and the one for the face with the C1 has to be on the outside (to the right).

      If this doesn’t work get a refund because your C4D is broken. πŸ˜‰ Good luck.

    • Alex 1 thing that Happend to me a while back is C1 was actually on the back and C2 was on the front. somehow I got my caps reversed.. you also need to make sure you have Fillet + caps on. make sure to check both caps when you try C1 and C2

  • Ok this is really old but I used this technique in a past video

    It is in the beginning :32ish?

  • I wanted to try to animate the texture in C4D so I wouldn’t have to render out a video in AFX. Here’s what I came up with.

  • my first try.

    with a fightclub font like.

    really interesting tut man, thx again.

  • Thanks a lot,that’s really cool!

  • Sensei, you always amaze me, no less then perfect!

  • Hey nick. Did some experimenting and this is what I came up with.

  • Cool one πŸ™‚ 10x for it Nick πŸ™‚

  • another great one, thanks. i will consume this one too, with respect but no remorse.

  • Hi Nick, here is my attempt. I just animate the offset V on the material.
    Tks a lot for sharing your knowledge.

  • Definitely reminds me of inception haha, great work man!

  • nick ur so cute…
    r u straight? ;(

  • Here is my experiment… colours inspired by 1970’s old club flyers.

  • AWSOME! Thanks, I wanna try using this for other kind of animation…

  • nea nea neat Nick! πŸ™‚ nice 1

  • Hey Nick!
    Awesome tutorial!here is what I managed to do to make It extrude without the duplicated text.

    I changed the Fillet Type to Engraved.
    It works but the drawbacks are thatIt extrudes too much . Also, Different Texturing can not be done for the Text.


  • Hi Nick,
    Great tutorial. I took the challenge and did an animation version of this concept. However, once I started messing around, I got something really different.

    Instead of using a text object, I used an extrude NURB and animated a Spline Warp. The result was starting to look like FLUX. Nowhere near as good, but something like it. This was just messing around, I may do a longer form using MoSpline as the driving force for some more control.

  • Hi Nick
    a little tribute to your fabulous Tut πŸ˜‰

    now i’m waiting for my new PC to play faster with c4D πŸ™‚

  • Great tutorial, Nick. I’m looking forward to playing around with this technique.

    Also, as I watched you set up your text in the tut, I thought it would be worth mentioning that once you’ve set up all your parameters (justification, font selection, size, depth, caps, etc.), you can make that the default for that tool (MoText tool or whatever) by going to the “edit” menu related to that tool and selecting “Set as Default”. I found this to be a real time-saver for me. I’m sure you already know about this, but I thought I’d mention it anyway : )

    Thanks for all your effort!

  • Hi Nick. Took you up on the idea of animating the stripes tutorial. You can check it out at I animated the random effector positio and rotation properties. I also animated the back bevel and text object’s depth parameters. Afterall it is chaos. Great technique I’ll have to keep in the back of my mind for future use. Thanks.

  • Sick! I really love it

  • another great tutorial nick cant wait for more. I’v just started to learn c4d this year and have been addicted to your tutorials. my take on this tutorial.

  • Hi Nick

    To do this without duplicating the object, you can make the object editable – Select all children, hit c again, Connect and delete all children again then just extrude the faces of the text!

    If that makes sense..

  • I loved your dynamic chain tutorial for C4D – but how can I attach an object to the end of the chain so that it swings with the chain as it drops? Been trying to solve it but nothing working so far! πŸ™ Thanx Nick – Alan

    • Hi Alan. There is a tutorial (#34 Hydraulics) at Rob Redman’s site, Pariah Studios, that may help you out. The technique he uses might be adaptable to your situation. Check it out.

  • Thank you very much Nick, i’ll try soon!


  • Hello super NIck! Anyone knows how to achieve this I mean the multiple words etx.

  • Hey Nick,

    I was throwing together a quick video for my last snowboarding trip. I needed a graphic for people’s names. I thought your striped typography was perfect. To me, it looked like it could be the topography of a snowy mountain. So instead of stripes, I put up a snow texture and used a rounded font to create more rounded edges. It doesn’t quite look like snow –maybe a stylized snow ground. Anyway, here’s the link.

  • Thank you Nick for another great tutorial!

    Found this site that makes it so much easier finding a good font to use in C4D:

  • very great stuff!!
    can you make a tutorial for object deforms?
    i dont know how i can make a breakout from a sphere to a cube or whatever


  • Ist a little bit different but it was inspired by your tutorial:)

  • Hi Nick!

    What your hardware (configuration)?

  • here is my Animation
    i simple animated everything, text, scale, rotaion, texture,…

  • I’m learning a lot dude.. I feel like I owe you a beer haha


  • Pretty cool tuto! Thx a lot for share all this. Keep going on man, i`ll be waiting for new great tutos =).
    Greetings from Guatemala city. Take care, cya…

  • Nick,

    I love you work. Can you post something on the theory behind motion graphics. What I mean is, what sort of things should we think about when tackling a project or coming up with a concept. And i don’t mean just the aesthetics and making it look good, but is also the design centered on the human condition. Feel me?

  • who knows how to make this effect in Maya? I’m going to try over the weekend , wish me luck!

  • Nick you’ve got so great ideas. I’ve done my versions that you can watch here:

    again thank you for your creative suggestions

  • Great tutorial, thank you!
    Your C4D videos have taught me far more than the manual has, I look forward to the next πŸ™‚

  • Quick question, How your rendering in boxes mine is a line from up to bottom type thing??? any help

  • another try, don’t know why i chose this theme, but whatever

  • Hi Nick, Tanx 4 Ur Tutorials,They’re great.
    But this one is more, i have a qustion man, please: i can’t find “over head soft box” and “linear sky light.c4d” in cinema4d.
    Where are they? Could You help me please. Tanx a lot man, πŸ˜‰

  • So, right now my first one.
    Thanks a lot for your blog!

    Greetings from Germany


  • Hey Nick amazing tutorial as usual. I’m really learning alot here. I’m currently getting into dslr filming and mostly filming events but the editing part is kind of a hassle. Any tips for getting basic effects such as in this video? .

  • Just using an alpha works great too.

    Continued Success

  • Posted this on the preview of this tut, meant to show it here: here’s my outcome!

  • Question for anyone. Can you do multiple C1 C2 on a material. lets day I have 1 material that I want added to both Caps or Fillets.. is there a separator for that? do you use a comma? C1, C2? or Something else? or can it be done

  • nice little effect Nick!

    just got a quick question about the Klavia font…how did you get it to work inside Cinema4D on Mac? I got the font a while a ago for some After Effects work and it works fine in all the Creative Suite on my Mac but not in C4D! any tips or tricks on that?


    • Not all fonts work inside C4D… I can’t remember which do which dont but in that instance, make your type inside of AI and when you save it, save it as an illustrator 8 file, make sure you outline your type, and just open it inside C4D. Literally, //file/open/ and you should be good to go. Drop it in an extrude and have fun!

    • Thx Lukasz,
      i know, that’s what I usually do but the problem is that some fonts i have are open type fonts (otf) and I figured out that r11, the one I’m running does not support OTF fonts and others, r11.5 or r12 do, Maxon released an update for that and in order to make full use of all fonts in the mograph text tools i’ll have to get r11 or r12!

  • nice work nick.

    btw, would u guys mind to check the kill bill style head-shot tutorial i made myself.

  • great tut again nick!
    here’s my attempt. tried to crank every cap i could find πŸ˜‰

  • so cool tuts

  • HI Nick

    This is what i came up with.

    let me know what you think


  • Thanks Nick for the great work you put in; started with your tutorials a few weeks back now. A lot of great stuff to go through!!

    I tried my hand at a simple animation for the text, here is the result:

  • anyone know where i can get an alternative to the Klavika font because i dont want to pay 40$ for a font im gonna use a couple of times, thanks.

  • Hey, Nick! Check my version:

    It has a little crash above the “N” I can’t figure out where it came from.

  • God work man, congratulations!!!
    Saludos desde el fin del mundo!!

  • I had a lot of fun doing this, check it out! thanks for the tutorial.

  • Hey, how do you get the tct to become 200 cm? Mine is 200m. Is there any way i can change it to CM?

  • How did you get the text to become 200 cm?
    mine is 200M when iΒ΄m working with it.
    And if i change it to 2M, all the adjustment i make looks so wieard.

  • Just made a couple for kicks today…one to celebrate VD!!!

    Thanks for the Tuts Nick! Keep rockin!



    Pretty happy with the result as i just started to really go into cinema 4d! πŸ˜€

  • awlways thankyou:)

  • thank you Nick!.. it’s fun to play with..

  • you’re the king nick! thanks so much.

  • Menno Weerepas May 18, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    Thanks Nick. I made this but the movements seems to disturb the stripes. Is this because i used the settings of global illumination you use in your video. If i use IR + QMC (Full Animation)instead will this solve this problem?

  • Can you help me and tell me the render setting respectively in this tutorial .. becuase I don’t know what are the adjustment values for this ? can you help me please ?

  • Thanks NICK, and here what i did with it..

    it came out pretty well, just check it out..
    and please do a proper rendering tutorial as well..bcoz every time i render even though i put 300 resolution the result is the same as 72, it wont give more resolution for please look in to it..

  • check it…in an effort to drive these tuts home, I’m been trying to combine them. Here’s the striped text in the “art gallery” room I created with another GSG tutorial:

    some funky reflections happening on the filet extrusions, that I…like? I dunno.

  • Remembered this tutorial and had an afternoon to pump out a render. Also inspired by Beetlejuice.

  • Its good tut…
    this is what i did:

  • Adding the final shape to an atom array gives a nice effect. See a quick one I made here.

  • That is so awesome tut man :3

  • Wow, that was amazing. I am into animated video and generally use 3d max, flash and after effects. BUT i think I should learn cinema 4D too.

  • When you increase the end fillet cap I really become so much surprising.
    Awesome tutorials all of them.
    Thank you so much for this kind of tutorials.

  • Brilliant ideas here, really useful.
    There was no Fullscreen button, though.

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