How to make Striped 3D Typography in Cinema 4D

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a fun striped typography look using Cinema 4D. First I show you how to use the Mograph Type tool and the random effector to create the scene. Then, I show you how to light and prepare your type or logo for render using Light Kit Pro.


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  • another try, don’t know why i chose this theme, but whatever

  • Hi Nick, Tanx 4 Ur Tutorials,They’re great.
    But this one is more, i have a qustion man, please: i can’t find “over head soft box” and “linear sky light.c4d” in cinema4d.
    Where are they? Could You help me please. Tanx a lot man, ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • So, right now my first one.
    Thanks a lot for your blog!

    Greetings from Germany


  • Hey Nick amazing tutorial as usual. I’m really learning alot here. I’m currently getting into dslr filming and mostly filming events but the editing part is kind of a hassle. Any tips for getting basic effects such as in this video? .

  • Just using an alpha works great too.

    Continued Success

  • Posted this on the preview of this tut, meant to show it here: here’s my outcome!

  • Question for anyone. Can you do multiple C1 C2 on a material. lets day I have 1 material that I want added to both Caps or Fillets.. is there a separator for that? do you use a comma? C1, C2? or Something else? or can it be done

  • nice little effect Nick!

    just got a quick question about the Klavia font…how did you get it to work inside Cinema4D on Mac? I got the font a while a ago for some After Effects work and it works fine in all the Creative Suite on my Mac but not in C4D! any tips or tricks on that?


    • Not all fonts work inside C4D… I can’t remember which do which dont but in that instance, make your type inside of AI and when you save it, save it as an illustrator 8 file, make sure you outline your type, and just open it inside C4D. Literally, //file/open/ and you should be good to go. Drop it in an extrude and have fun!

    • Thx Lukasz,
      i know, that’s what I usually do but the problem is that some fonts i have are open type fonts (otf) and I figured out that r11, the one I’m running does not support OTF fonts and others, r11.5 or r12 do, Maxon released an update for that and in order to make full use of all fonts in the mograph text tools i’ll have to get r11 or r12!

  • nice work nick.

    btw, would u guys mind to check the kill bill style head-shot tutorial i made myself.

  • great tut again nick!
    here’s my attempt. tried to crank every cap i could find ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • so cool tuts

  • HI Nick

    This is what i came up with.

    let me know what you think


  • Thanks Nick for the great work you put in; started with your tutorials a few weeks back now. A lot of great stuff to go through!!

    I tried my hand at a simple animation for the text, here is the result:

  • anyone know where i can get an alternative to the Klavika font because i dont want to pay 40$ for a font im gonna use a couple of times, thanks.

  • Hey, Nick! Check my version:

    It has a little crash above the “N” I can’t figure out where it came from.

  • God work man, congratulations!!!
    Saludos desde el fin del mundo!!

  • I had a lot of fun doing this, check it out! thanks for the tutorial.

  • Hey, how do you get the tct to become 200 cm? Mine is 200m. Is there any way i can change it to CM?

  • How did you get the text to become 200 cm?
    mine is 200M when iยดm working with it.
    And if i change it to 2M, all the adjustment i make looks so wieard.

  • Just made a couple for kicks today…one to celebrate VD!!!

    Thanks for the Tuts Nick! Keep rockin!



    Pretty happy with the result as i just started to really go into cinema 4d! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • awlways thankyou:)

  • thank you Nick!.. it’s fun to play with..

  • you’re the king nick! thanks so much.

  • Menno Weerepas May 18, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    Thanks Nick. I made this but the movements seems to disturb the stripes. Is this because i used the settings of global illumination you use in your video. If i use IR + QMC (Full Animation)instead will this solve this problem?

  • Can you help me and tell me the render setting respectively in this tutorial .. becuase I don’t know what are the adjustment values for this ? can you help me please ?

  • Thanks NICK, and here what i did with it..

    it came out pretty well, just check it out..
    and please do a proper rendering tutorial as well..bcoz every time i render even though i put 300 resolution the result is the same as 72, it wont give more resolution for please look in to it..

  • check it…in an effort to drive these tuts home, I’m been trying to combine them. Here’s the striped text in the “art gallery” room I created with another GSG tutorial:

    some funky reflections happening on the filet extrusions, that I…like? I dunno.

  • Remembered this tutorial and had an afternoon to pump out a render. Also inspired by Beetlejuice.

  • Its good tut…
    this is what i did:

  • Adding the final shape to an atom array gives a nice effect. See a quick one I made here.

  • That is so awesome tut man :3

  • Wow, that was amazing. I am into animated video and generally use 3d max, flash and after effects. BUT i think I should learn cinema 4D too.

  • When you increase the end fillet cap I really become so much surprising.
    Awesome tutorials all of them.
    Thank you so much for this kind of tutorials.

  • Brilliant ideas here, really useful.
    There was no Fullscreen button, though.

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