How To Make The Cherry 7up Look With Cinema 4D and After Effects Part 2

June 16, 2010

In part two of this tutorial, we finish up the lighting and animation in Cinema 4D and prepare our scene to render and for compositing in After Effects. In After Effects, I show you how to use Trapcode Particular, RS Motion Blur, Frischluft Out Of Focus, and Curves to composite the scene, add bubbles and to color correct our render and finish our scene.

Now it’s your turn. If you make something using this technique, link it up in the comments. I would love to see it. Remember, these flying particles can be anything, not just cherries. Try coming up with your own concept. maybe Golf Tees or Legos or Lolly Pops? Make it spell out your name. Try everything to make the spot your own and push the technique further. It’s the best way to learn. Thanks for watching.

Watch Part 1 of this Tutorial

Tutorial Focus:  ,

  • was I supposed to read wat was on that notepad file that opened up…

  • when I open my project in after effects its empty. thoughts?

  • Hi Nick,

    Thanks for your great tutorials, I’ve started learning 3D and you’re very inspirational and I can’t wait to do more of your tutorials!

    Cheers from France~

  • Just an addendum to my previous comment, I figured out a way to make the motion blur transitions even smoother. I changed the Shutter Angel to 100, and increased the Shutter Samples to 10. This dramatically increases render time, but the that’s the trade-off you suffer if you cannot purchase the RSMB plug-in. It works well, though!

  • Great tut but i have a little question on my final rend when it’s rendering i have white edges on my berries and stems is that normal…? plz answer asp grtzzz

  • Hi the way thanks man for this awesome tutorial…but I think I messed up somewhere. I have already rendered it but the AE won’t recognize the AE file exported from C4D…It says unsupported file…am i missing something.?thanks a a lot.

  • Jhonattan Rodriguez May 18, 2012 at 10:44 pm

    Realmente sorprendente …!!!
    Como te admiro Nick…!! saludos desde Colombia!!

  • Hi, Nick.
    Excellent tutorial, thanks a lot for work.
    Just want to ask to cut the rendering time

  • where is this tut part 2? i really need it… And at first Tnx 😉

  • To all those guys who are still stuck up with the ”missing plugin” confusion… its called ‘Reel Smart Motion Blur’ (RSMB).. .. Brit has given us info on this in the comments section on part 1 of the tutorial with an alternative solution to the plugin… credits to Brit..

  • Nice tut, thanks. But guys I’d like to know how to make the berries, or the particles or whaterver actually fill the text spline (the inside of it) instead of just following the external path, I have gaps between it, not nice at all.
    I’m using R14. Thanks Nick, thanks guys!

  • Nick! you’re the best!! Thanks a lot for all your tutorials, i learned so much from watching just this one.. bless you 🙂

  • I know this is an old tut, but I’m having some unusual behavior. My cherries are like fighting with each other in some nooks and crannies, takes them almost 10 seconds or so to slow down. I’m on r15. At first I had to set the shape type from automatic to automatic(modynamics) and it seemed to calm down, but then returned. Setting it to moving mesh seems to make it even worse. Any clue what’s going on here guys?


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