How To Make The Cherry 7up Look With Cinema 4D

June 14, 2010

In this tutorial, I go though the process of making this Cherry 7up Animation. First, I show you how to model a simple cherry to use for the particle. Then I show you how to use the Mograph Cloner Object, Dynamics, Spline Effector, Global Illumination, and Linear Falloff settings to animate the scene. This is a long one. Over an hour. So go get a coffee, get comfy, and I’ll see you in the tutorial.
Based on this spot by Psyop

Cinema 4D V12 Update
The “Follow Animation” switch in the tutorial is now called “Follow Position” and “Follow Rotation” in Cinema V12 and above. You can find it in the “Force” tab in the rigid body tag.

Final Render

Having Dynamics Tag Problems?

Watch Part 2

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  • amazing tutorial Nick! i love all your works and tutorials 🙂 thanks

  • thank you nick …you are amazing!!

  • man u look like Ted mosby from the tv show “how i met your mother”

  • Nick president !
    Nice work

    thx a lot dude !

  • pretty sure they used ICE in xsi to get this done, but great job in getting it to work with c4d! there is more than one way to skin a cat!

  • MAN! You made me dancin around!!!! Great Tutorial! Lets see what I´ll make of it later 😉

  • Problems Will Robinson! The 2 stems and the 2 cherries are in a group: CHERRY but when the rigid body is applied to the cloner object…the stems and cherries UNGROUP. eeergh? mommy.

    • I have the same problem, further more in my spline effector when I select full spacing under segment mode they all line up with all the letters but it doesn’t look random like in the tutorial. It’s just evenly spaced across my text.

      Nick I really like outcome of this tutorial! Keep up the good work!

    • Try adjusting the “Individual Elements” option of the rigid body tag.
      About the even spacing problem: You probably haven’t added MoDynamics or don’t have enough cherries. Or you set follow animation to position and rotation.
      Hope I was able to help!

    • Turn off your cloner object and double check your stem placement. Mine got adjusted slightly… and was throwing the whole thing off with disconnected stems… making it look gross.

      Also, inset your stems into the actual cherry. I think this may help with the grouping in the null and the collider calculations.

    • try rigid body collision tag and set individual elements to “top level”, this will keep cherries and steam together as one object if that is the case

    • Check this quick tutorial out about this problem.

  • outstanding! amazing morph

  • Another great explanation of process as opposed to just doing for us. Thanks Nick

  • Hi, Nick please please can you discuss the differences between all the 3d software?????. I am starting to use LightWave, but I do not know if I will continue using it specially that the market standard is 3D studio Max, and what is the easiest 3d software to study and use. so what do you think???

    • lightwave is the most backwards non-friendly user interface 3d software i’ve tried to use. you have to be an engineer to use maya. i think c4d is really geared towards visual users like artists (which is probably why i’m learning it faster than i did with any other 3d software that i’ve tried in the past). i used maya for a semester and couldn’t tell you what any of it did!

    • I have been using Lightwave for ages and have always been frustrated by it. Started using Cinema4D coupla weeks back and it is stunning what I can already do with it. Thanks mostly to all the awesome tutorials by Nick. I might still use Lightwave for modeling occasionally .. but that’s about it!

      3D Studio Max is great for character animation and so is Maya .. but Cinema4d seems to be the best for Motion Graphics.

  • Awesome.. quick question.. How come where you unchecked default lights it says autolights for me. I have R11.5. Is there a newer version?

  • Guys,
    If you click the rigid body tag on the Cloner, select Collisions and then change INDIVIDUAL ELEMENTS to “Top Level” that tels cinema to use the whole null object instead of the individual pieces of it 🙂

    Cheers for another awesome tutorial Nick!

  • Really, really nice tutorial. Thanks! Waiting for part2.

  • i’m more interested in learning how to control my camera better. i’m glad you’re going to go over some of that in the next installment. i did a project about a month ago and fought with the f-curves all day until i finally got something nice i really liked. easing and timing is not nearly as easy in c4d as it is in ae but when it happens it’s like heaven.

  • Oh, That was really funny (especially you tell the particles what they have to “do your physical thing”) and educating. Thanks for your great effort to learn us very special things and tips.

    Keep up to good work Nick!

  • Thanks Nick. You are a freak of nature!

    Sexy Box by Air! Awesome song.

  • Quick Tip: If you have MoGraph there’s little to no reason to use an Arc Spline ever again. Use the MoSpline. You can center the axis and bend from there (far less annoying). You can also set the exact number of subdivisions and get it to respond to dynamics among a host of other options.


  • His work and perfect my congratulations !!!!!!
    Very Good

  • Great tutorial again, Nick. Got a few tips compared as to how I did it.
    BTW: to control how fast the cherries “pop” into place you can simply adjust the strength of the force (follow animation).

  • You’re the best man….no words!!!!

  • Oh.yea
    i addict your tut GsG

  • Ohh my god.
    nick you are the best.

  • Monton de sobones, Pajeros de mierda, Porque no l echupan la pinga grupo de babosos

    • When someone share knowlege an valuable tips like this for free, people usually tend to be thankfull and appreciative. It´s simple as that. It´s a simple matter of politeness, not ass-kissing.

      Now please go have a stroke, you non contributing zero!

  • WOW… I’m new at this, but tutorials like these are the inspiration to continue learning and artistic reach this level.

  • Does C4D render with your CPU or GPU… or does only the viewport utilize the GPU?

  • This tutorial is freaking awesome!!!!! Keep it up Nick!

  • Awesome techniques 🙂

  • Awesome! Thxs for sharing!

  • Hi nick, I have a question, what kind of computer you think we need for run the Cinema 4D and make an animation like you usually do? For PC and Mac, What kind of video card do a good work for render issues?

  • I get this weird effect when my animation moves to the second position (7up). Some of my cherries upon ending on 7up are sized down. I didn’t add any random effectors, so I am wondering why on ‘Cherry’ they’re uniform scale, but upon wipe to ‘7up’ a few get distorted… anyone… thoughts?

    • upon further inspection, I had ‘rotation’ selected under parameter tab on my spline effector. If you’re getting a distortion on your moves, make sure you only have postion selected. 🙂

  • You even make it better then the commercials,
    your awesome Nick, keep up the great work

  • Any way to FILL the area of the spline, rather than attach the objects to its path?
    The Spline Effector works good for thin typefaces, making fat bold letters look outlined.

    Any way to fill a volumetric object with particles?

    P.S. Nick, you’re the best! Thank you for the great tut!

    • I even used a small typeface and it still is way to even across the spline. I added a random effector but that’s not doing it for me either. Anyway to fill a volumetric object would be nice!

    • I was wondering about that too. The only way I found was to set as the object it in the cloner. But I’m thinking there must be an effector that can do this as well.

    • If you want to fill text with clones, for example, instead of just cloning onto a text spline, you can add the text spline to an extrude nurbs and just drop that into the “object” field in your cloner. Then the clones will fill the volume of your extrude nurbs object. Just make sure you turn off the extrude nurbs visibility.

    • Oh, never mind… that won’t work with the Spline Effector…

    • i was wondering the exact same thing. i’ve been experimenting with the segment mode attribute in the spline effector, but nothing seems to work. i’m gonna try a few other things…

    • I got the same problem….trying to fill a DIN with just spheres and it just attaches the elements on the text path…am I doing anything wrong? On the video it seems like working perfectly…

    • same concerns here… was trying this effect with things other than type, but can’t get them to “fill” the space rather than just line up with the edges.. please let us know if anyone out there comes up with a workaround.

    • having the same problem. Somebody save us!!!

    • Anyone a solution yet? I just can’t seem to get it working right, everything still attaches to the spline edges.

    • Found a partial workaround!
      Reverse engineering at its best ; )
      Fill a desired volumetric object (or a thin extrude of the fat spline) with clones like we do with a cillinder in the beginning of this tutorial, apply a spline effector which will move the clones out of the camera view, then move it so it stops affecting the clones! – They will fly and fill the object!

      A Volume-to-Volume transition can be done with a 3rd step: a spline effector in the middle. Animate the Object property of the Cloner during the stage where the Effector is in power.

    • Nice one, Serge! When you animate the Object property in the third step are you transitioning over X amount of frames or is it a turn off/on situation?

    • Soy, the switch is immediate, on/off kind.
      Here’s a test reel, Cube-Spline-Cone:
      See, there’s a problem with dynamics of parts: they attempt to stop at the Spline stage.
      I wonder now how to overcome that.

    • Anyone found another work around? Serg, can you explain the Volume to Volume a little more?

    • I realize these are older posts, but I had the same problem and figured it out. It ended up being the scale, my cherries were too small, so the effectors influence was too great. I scaled everything up and it fixed it.

    • My “quick” fix is this: Start in illustrator and add holes inside the area you are trying to fill. Import the AI file and use that as your spline. Those holes will read as extra edges in your spline and your object will appear to fill the area. Maybe not the solution everyone is hoping for but… hey it works.

  • “we’ve got some church goin’ on” LOL

  • Great tutorial Nick!

    I have a question about render time and computer specs.

    I’m sitting on a Mac Pro with a 2×3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon and 9 GB ram, but stille the render time for each frame is about 1:15 minute. When i saw you render, it only took a few secons. What are you specs?


  • We love you Nick! 😀 after caffeine and nicotine i have another addiction.. it’s called cinema4d and i blame you!

  • Hey nick.

    Firstly, Thanks very much for your tutorials. I am a web design instructor at a college in Queensland Australia, and myself and my students play with your tutorials during the down time to learn how to play with fun creative software. Great stuff.

    I have a question for you, or the community:

    When trying to scale the cherry down after grouping the objects together, I’ve noticed the stalks scale in a completely different ratio to the cherry themselves – to the point they cross over, float well above the cherry, and simply dont look right.

    This becomes even more problematic when using the effector – the stalks disconnect from the cherry altogether and become a seperate object. Is there something different that needs to be done on a windows version of C4D 11.5?

    • Try to select all the objects instead of the actual group(null)

    • Thanks MJ – Apparently I just didnt have the right “determined” look on my face when I did it the first 5 times.

      Rushed through your suggestion, and worked like it should have the first time.

      … It’s all about the tongue hanging out the side of the mouth.

    • My stems and balls were disconnected when i put in rigidbody dynamics. I grouped them together already. Could anyone pls tell me how to solve this, can i combine them or sumthing?

      • This happened for me too.
        If you click on the Cloner Object, and then on “Rigid Bory” under Attributes, there will be a section called Collision. Go to “Individual Elements”. You probably have it set to “All”. Change it to “Top Level” and this should fix the problem. It did for me anyway…
        Hope that helps!

  • thanks for popping our cherry NICK!

  • too sweet!!! nice one mate! there goes movie night!

  • Superb, This is the best tutorials

  • Hey Nick, awesome as always!

    Regarding the live update of the effector moving. If I recall correctly it only live updates when playing the timeline or on frame 0. I think it has something to do with the MoDynamics calculations.

  • Hey how Does yours Render Fast And Mine Dosent? What do you Use Like Have you Got The Full Package? Or Something Or a Fast Computer?

    • Its a fast computer. What i cant understand is that a Mac Pro with a 2×3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon and 9 GB ram takes more than a minute to render :S

    • Renderspeed depends on how fast your computer is and how much RAM you have, also Nick rendered at 320×180 pixels in the tutorial. Rendering at a higher resolution takes longer.

    • Hmmm I would say Nicks using a mac pro with 2 quad core processors (that’s where the render power is)….

      and AT LEAST a Geforce GT 250 512mb gfx card, maybe more as the mac pro supports upto 4 of these or the ati 512mb HD equivalent

    • Maybe a little bit off topic, but i’m planning to buy a new mac myself.
      Could someone advise me a good standard mac, not the most expenisve one, but good enough and not being frustrated about rendertimes.
      I think my budget is around 3000 euro.


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    ??? ?? ????????.

    very so cooooooool !!

  • very so cooooooool !!

    In Korea you can see it’s a passion.

  • Great tutorial! You rock man!

  • Hi nick and everybody. i have a problem i cant find “segment mode in full spacing” my c4d in only make choice for “use index – even spacing – random” please help me friends.

  • An interesting effect for this would be to play with the tracer object on the cherries, and put some moving bubbles (subtle) on the cherries that are flying around…

    … Might play with that at some stage 🙂

  • Excellent tip on changing the Time Scale in the Project settings for MoDynamics. If I can take away one new technique from a tutorial, then it’s time well spent. That was my big takeaway on this one. -now I must go purchase the light kit pro as a show of gratitude. keep up the good work.

  • Reminds me of the 3D world tutorial. Thanks.

  • Awesome stuff Nick!

    I find it a little bit harder than normal to use this technique for something different and original… See where I’m going? I can’t kind of imagine this method of animation for other things than small simple clones shaping text or simple objects.

    Well, good stuff anyways. Thanks! 🙂

    • Looks like a leak of inspiration to me 😉

    • The small clones can be anything, Marcy. Here are a few ideas. Ticket Stubs, iPhones, Silverware, Speakers, Spheres, Cubes, Legos, Books, Coffee Mugs, Tennis Balls, Quarters, Golf Tees, Paper Clips, Chinese Lanterns, etc…

      Maybe pick a hobby that you are into and try to do one based off of some small item that you use in that hobby? Then, spell out a word or make an item out of those objects using the techniques. Hope that helps.

  • Awesome tutorial. Nick you are THE BEST bro.
    Waiting for the part 2.

  • Holy crap dude. Incredible tutorial. They just keep getting better and better. My cinema development would be lost without you.

    Can’t wait for part 2.

    Thanks again.

  • Thx for this great tutorial. We all here love it.

  • Awesome as usual 😉

  • i try to follow the tutorial but after I put the rigid body tag, the cherry is separate in to different parts

    what I do wrong ?

    • In fact, I had the same problem.

      However, the above didnt help with the issue you seem to be having.

      To fix this, on your rigid body tag, select “Top Elements” of the “Collision” component under “Deactivation”. Fiddle with those and they sort things out 😀

    • Hi Steve Thanks for that solution. I was undid for a solution at this point for quick some time.

      Much appreciated.

  • do u have the link for the layout u have

  • Thanks Nick! Your tutorials are awesome

  • hmm – videos aren´t showing up no more..
    Whats happening with your site Gorilla?

  • Dude, another awesome learning experience. One question, the textures you’re using in the light kit, I don’t seem to have those, I looked through the update and the texture fix thing you sent out but I can’t seem to find them. Did I miss it or something. Thanks for your attention in this matter.

  • Thank you so much Mista Gorilla !!!
    Every single piece of experience, you share with us… is awesome, the must, ‘la crème de la crème’

    Can’t wait for part 2

  • Stunning as always Nick, thank you for your continued support and offering tips, tricks and tutorials to make this kinda shit look sooo good.

    Can’t wait for part 2 too! 🙂

  • question: if the image sey explored? image now inverse: ok a object: like the name and this “name” blow up our flyinh some meshes nick how i cam make that?

  • This is one of your best and sexiest tutorials yet!

    I’m looking forward to how you generally accomplish motion blur, because the final looks great. It sounds like you’ll be outputting a pass and maybe then mapping to RSMB or one of AE’s built-in blurs. Though, I find it difficult to get it popping this way.

  • I lost my mograph morphing cherry to Nick’s tutorial! hehehe.. this was awesome fun to redo.

  • Nick, wat tha heck man! THIS IS SO DOPE ! NOW EVERYONE CAN DO IT! You need to start making tut’s that are poo! lol thanks a lot man!

  • Totally awesome tutorial!
    You totally rock, and even tho the scatterbrain method is sometimes a bit confusing, it definitely keeps it fresh to watch and never gets boring. Excellent!!

    BTW, I have a sneaky feeling there’s gonna be a LOT of “particle to text” commercials appearing over the next few weeks … 😉

  • Hi! Im having troubles with the “Spline Effector” when i do the animation manually works but when i set the keyframe to the cherries fly to the “Spline Text” the cherries explode ain’t going linear as the preset said they explode and then goes to the spline text and it’s the same from cherries to 7up spline, Anyone have an idea?
    The animation looks cool but the explosion it’s annoying.

    Tnks for the time to read it.

    • My cherry’s animation explode too right in the middle of the movements…same problem described by Garo…someone got an idea?
      thanks for share all your knowledge, master!this tut is the best i’ve ever seen for free.

  • Thank you Nick…Awesome

  • Hi Nick, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to make such long and in depth tutorials – it’s REALLY appreciated!


    I did mine with “Watermellon Cola” – distorting the “watermellon” with a nice bend and then lots and lots of nice juicy watermellons 🙂

  • Carlos G. Rodrigues June 16, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    Great TUT. Tank’s Nick.
    And if we wont to travel to another cylinder?
    Tank’s again.

  • That is it!! do ya thang thang man!!

    Much Respect for the tuts! ALL of them, since the lines pre-comp


    for those of you having issues with your stems becoming disconnected and making unwanted results, or your round cherries becoming all whack, here are some solutions. One of this is most certainly the solution.

    •Adjust the “Individual Elements” option of the rigid body tag to Top Level. This will include ALL elements within the Null as one object.

    •Turn off your cloner object and double check your stem placement. Mine got adjusted slightly… and was throwing the whole thing off with disconnected stems.

    •Also, inset your stems into the actual cherry. I think this may help with the grouping in the null and the collider calculations.

    •Double Check your spline effectors under the Parameter Tab. It should have position only checked.

    Hope this helps with any snags you fella’s have been running into.

  • set this effect up to create a bloodstream time of effect with strawberries. it travels along a spline. any reason why as the falloff travels through the objects they shoot insanely fast down the spline?

    tried turning down the MoDyn time scale but to no avail.

    • Try adjusting the falloff of your falloff. Make it larger.

    • nick, done did it. didnt work. strange results happen. it ignores a smooth loop in the spline and just shoots to the end. i cant even tweak spline effectors strength down from 100% or it it doesnt follow the spline. i also had to drop the falloff modifer to a very low number for it to follow the spline. objects were imported as .obj from may.

  • Hey Nick…I was following along your Cherry tutorial. And I made the two cherries with the two green things, grouped them, put them in a cloner object and gave that a rigid body… and then there is instant physics to the cherries. But with my cherries the red cherries and the green things are not attached as yours are?! So in my mograph physics the red cherries and the green things are seperately flying around from each other? Any idea what I’ve done wrong or how to solve this?

  • my cherry = EXPLODED!

    Once i turn the spline effector around and move it into the front of the cherry’s and scrub it, everything is fine. The cherry’s do what they are supposed to do. BUT. I set a KF at frame1, move the spline effector in the z direction across them so they land at their final destination (everything is good here), then i need to move to a new frame. So, i go to frame 50 or so, i have to then remove my spline effector as it resets back to its original position (z position before i moved it) and then set a KF. If I play the animation, everything i good until about 1/2 way through and the cherry’s literally explode everywhere (but they do go to the spline text eventually. I will make a video of it and post if on my Vimeo to show you all later for further exploitation.

    any thoughts on this?

    • “i go to frame 50 or so, i have to then remove my spline effector” does not mean take away, means move again.. sorry, looked funny and wanted to clarify.

    • I’m having this same issue. The animation mostly works, but about halfway through the cherries explode all over the place and then quickly take position on the splines like they’re supposed to. Anyone know what’s up with that?

    • just wanted to add a quick note that no, i haven’t figured it out yet, but my name also happens to be Charles… so i thought that was awesome.. lol

    • same problem! any of you figured a fix?

    • Figured it out, it was because the stems were detaching, click on the ‘cherry’ cloner object, goto rigid body, then individual elements > top level. x

    • Thanks Dave!that was the solution!the only problem now is when I add the top level in my rigid body tag, my cherries became “rigid” and are not moving naturally during the animation…

  • I’m using C4D R10. My Mograph options are slightly different to those in the tutorial. I managed to get by so far by following as close as I could, but hit a wall when trying to add the rigid body tag. The tag isn;t under Mograph tags in r10 it’s under Dynamics tags and there’s two types – Rigid Body Dynamics and Rigid Body Spring. Anyone know how to create the same dynamic effect with these tags? Any help greatly appreciated… other than telling me to upgrade 🙂

  • You know nick, you really make me mad when you use your light kit in your ‘free’ tutorials. If there was anything i liked about every single on of your tutorials it was that the lighting always kicked ass. But now i feel like im being pressured to pay for your light kit which i will not do, i feel like your videos are 40% advertisement and 60% education.

    I really hope you read this, its ruining your videos for me.

    • Sorry you feel that way, Dan. With this tutorial, I mentioned that you can use ANY HDRI image to light the scene. Just add a sky and add any HDRI image you own to use the sky sampler. No GSG Light Kit needed. I really do want to keep all the tutorials accessible to everybody, not just people will all the right plugins. At a certain point though, I will be showing you all the tools I use including paid plugins like Trapcode Particular, Frischluft, RSMB and the HDRI Light Kit. I use these tools every day and they are a big part of how I make my scenes. I made the kit to make my lighting easier and more beautiful. I offer it at an inexpensive price so you can use it too. However, I will always try when I can to mention other techniques to light scenes. Thanks as always for watching!

    • I love you,definitely! Thank you so much senseï for showing me the ultra power of the spline effector! :p

    • Hey Dan, this is really childish. Do you really think, Nick is able to do all this stuff just for fun. Everybody needs to make some money. So please, show sum luv! THX 4 all the free stuff, Nick.-

    • Dan, when you start making free tutorials then you can start complaining about how they are made.

  • Awesome.

    Thanks for the cool tutorials, Nick!

  • Nick thank you very much for your tutorials they are so inspiring. You are a great teacher

  • What an AMAZING tutorial, thanks alot.
    Cheers to the posters who worked out the individual elements fix as well 🙂

  • Anyone got any ideas on how you could use multiple objects to build the words ?

    • If you put multiple objects inside your cloner object it will alternate between your objects. So, if you put in a sphere and then also a cube, (lets say your have 200 clones) you will get half your clones as spheres and half as cubes (100 spheres and 100 cubes). you could even put in more than two objects. The Cloner Obj will take care of the rest for you. I learned that from watching Nicks great tutorials!!!

    • Thanks, I’ll check out some of his older ones 🙂

    • I dont know if you figured this out yet, but reading through the comments Scott mentioned “If you click the rigid body tag on the Cloner, select Collisions and then change INDIVIDUAL ELEMENTS to “Top Level” that tells cinema to use the whole null object instead of the individual pieces of it”

      This fixes the issue we were having of the cherries exploding half way through the spline effectors animation. Thanks to Scott for the tip. Hope this helps anyone else having this issue.

      Cheers Mates!

  • i got 2 quick questions:
    1) how do the clones register inside the space of the spline using the spline effector as opposed to along the spline? I have been trying this with other splines and either it is unreadable or the clones look like a disorganized cluster along the spline path…this is even after changing the segment mode in the effector…

    2) is there any way to force the clones to stay oriented yet move freely with dynamics?

    any help is greatly appreciated, thanks 🙂

  • Thankyou Dear Mr. gorilla!
    Awesomeness like always!

  • I know it is a really bad question, but I am new to all of this, when i group the cherry, I scale the whole thing down but everything scales completely wrong and they aren’t all connected and become separate pieces, any ideas anyone thanks 🙂

  • Nevermind, I was scale-ling the object wrong, sorry

  • Great tutorial.
    Thank’s Nick

  • el tutorial “How To Make The Cherry 7up Look With Cinema 4D Part 1” tiene 1 problema… solo lo reproduce hasta el minuto 14 y luego se cierra…

    geniales tus tutoriales

  • Can you do a show explaining the differences of all the 3d software, I am currently investing a lot of time and money studying LightWave, So the question is is it a good investment or should I switch to a different software. Thank you

  • Can you help me? My second falloff move just isn’t working no matter what I do. I’ve followed your instructions to the letter but nothing at help? Any idea?


  • Nick, Fantastic tutorial as always. I was wondering if you could make a tutorial on the Cloth module. I really don’t get how to use it and it would be an AWESOME help to me. THANKS IN ADVANCE 🙂

  • i wonder why it looks darker in my pc, im using windows.. i still have to use the softbox to achieve the last rendered result of this tutorial, while global illumination for u is enough..

  • Awesome Nick!!

  • this was a blast. i am officially hooked. so what’s next?

  • Hi Nick. As said by many…”Awesome stuff Nick!”

    I have a question…I am wondering how one goes about doing a similar animation but the drink has mixed fruits. How does one pull that off?

    Thank you sir!

    p.s. I will be in your lovely city next week. Let me know how I can buy you a beer? 🙂

  • Hi Guy,

    Need some help with my project, I want my cubes to animate into a N.
    Please view the image;
    I’m using the text spline and spline effector, but i want to ‘fill’ the N with cubes, now they are hanging around the spline.. Please help.

    (Great tut, good stuff nick)

    • I’ve got the same problem. Any solution? (maybe, it’s a silly task, forgive me, I’m a beginner)

    • hey use a thin font . i suffered from the same problem and i used a thin font . it worked ;like a charm. by thin font i mean u can use rawengulksans. its a good font and works for this project

  • Hi!

    Totally new to C4D and I have a problem early in the tutorial. When I apply RigidBody tag to my cloner object. The cherries are still overlapping with each other. Can anyone help me?


  • Hey nick awesome job… you dont have any idea how many things i’ve learned from your tutorials, thank you for that….. Here is what i did with this tut and some others, check it out!!!

  • Hy Nick
    You ARE just great. Your tutorials are the best I know. I’ve learnt realy a lot from you. Many thanks for that!!

    You asked to share our work with you. So here is mine. Very open for improvements.

  • This is a superb tutorial, great work!

  • Wootachapawawa ! you will go to heaven for tihs

  • Has anyone figured out another work around to the “fill volume of a spline” issue? I am trying to make the cherries form into a bomb… I am using my own font creation, so the spline is still “text”, and can not understand the Volume to Volume part of Serg’s explanation… Any help?

  • Nick, I’m half way through this and I’m outta my skin at how much this has opened me up to a whole new world of creativity.

    Thanks for inspiring a guy who had none.


  • Hey man, first of all great videos. Thanks alot for sharing your knowledge. Secondly, Im running Cinema 11. I have mograph but I don’t think I have Modynamics. I don’t see the rigid body tag under Mograph tags. I do see it under my dynamics tags option. Do they work the same way?

  • Hey guys, found a work around for the filling the volume (at least on my end)… Start by creating 2 OBJECTS and cloners for each… Hide the 2nd object (your target object), and add a inheritance effector to the 1st object (your source object)…

    In attributes manager for Inheritance Effector, go to effector tab and drag the target object into the Target Object Attribute Link… Check the Morph Motion Object box and animate the strength slider from 0-100… You can also animate a random effector to make the clones rotate on their journey… Then you can add spline effectors to make the clones fly to your text or whatever…

    • Also, instead of the strength slider, you can use a falloff like the Gorilla did in the tut to control the morph.

    • hey louis’s link is working and im not understanding what your saying. can you explain it better cuz i need to figure this out for the 5 second project.

    • If you create two objects, obj1=”Source object”, and obj2=”Target object” (the first being the “stage 1” and the second, “stage 2” as Nick calls it… ) and then drop your clones into those objects with 2 cloners… When you apply the inheritance effector to the target object, and hide the source using the lightswitches, it will morph from the Source to the Target after you check the Morph Motion Object box and drag the target to the attributes manager…

      Much like the “Spline Effector”, and you can still use the falloff to animate from one place to another… Not really sure how better to explain it… I did a search for inheritance effector on google and found the tutorial for it… I wish I still had the link, but I forgot to bookmark…

    • i think i found the tutorial you were talking about,
      what im trying to do is take a custom spline and have the balls go into the volume of it.
      it works for a regualr object like a square but when i bring the spline into the object box the “Mode” box disapears and i cant select volume. ive tried extruding it but that didnt work either.
      do you think “Current State to Object” option on the extrude nurbs would work?
      is there a way to convert a spline into a object with volume in it?

    • Never mind figured it out!!!!

  • Hey Nick,

    Aren’t you concerned at all that these jobs will get outsourced? You argue that if a 12 year old can do it, then you should step up your game… the problem is, I don’t think a 12 year old would be a threat..

    I’m thinking that if a fraction of India or China decides to take up motion graphics, then all motion-graphics of the future will be done in those parts of the world, where it would probably be 70% cheaper to do.

    There’s a reason why artisans over the centuries have always held on to their techniques… just because today is today doesn’t mean they were wrong and this “open” internet is right…

    Do you get what i’m saying? What are your thoughts?

    What are your thoughts?

    • This means that all VFX and Motion graphics work in the USA would effectively be wiped out…

      I don’t want to be a pessimist, but I really do think the outlook for this field is pretty bleak for Americans as it is…


    • Being concerned is fine, but there will be no stopping outsourcing for motion graphics. Are you saying that it’s sites like mine that are teaching them??

    • I know what you mean Bobby…
      It’s happening with video copilot…
      You can see everyone just copying his tutorials and uploading their work on utube.

      But here is something good…
      These guys don’t know about videos/graphics…
      They will stuck up why their video is not good, because they cant light properly they dont know whats aspect ratio or fps, global illumination and much much more…

      they just copy tutorials that they see, and thats gonna hold them back there…

      also they wont gonna make it into market cause they cant model original objects or they cant manage free or bought models… they wont recognize whats goin on with textures and all those things…

      things are not that bad… the world is on crisis, so things may be always bad 😛

  • Thank you so mouch.

  • Hi Nick! Fantastic tutorial’s!

    As I am trying to get to grips with Cinema, and am therefore watching various tutorial’s; yours breaks it down in the most fun way!!! Great style!!! Thanks for what you are doing!!!

  • haha, my 8500gt can’t play it smoothly. Which Mac do you use? What are the specs?

  • I have Problem downloading the video its failed when i reach 200 MB is there something wrong

  • Nick awesome tutorial but I have a question, I can’t continue making this project because of one thing, for some reason when I go to mograph tags, the rigid body option is not showing up. 2 out of 3 options are showing up but not the rigid body one. How could I get it or cinema 4d? and if you know could you please post the link here anybody? and Why might this be happening?
    Big thanks to anybody who helps me out.

  • How can you do the seen by camera without the HDRi Light kit Pro?

    Thx for this great tutorial!

  • hi, dis is chandrakanth(chandu) from Indian
    i see ur work & i download ur tutorial ur work is super,.
    thanking you

  • [URL=][IMG]

    Help. I cant get it more readable… any idea? I did what nick said. :S Problem whti letter a and i.

  • Again a great Tut Nick! thanks a lot!

    Was already playing with this after your presentation at NAB, but it’s great to see it in exact detail. thanks!

    I made these 2 pieces inspired by your tut:
    this one after the NAB-presentation;
    and this one just a while ago after this tut;

    If you got the time, could you drop some critique on these pieces? just from a creative point of view.. would love it!

    thanks a lot, and keep it up with these great tuts!!

    ps. got any idea when the monkey is in front of the camera again? 🙂

  • Hi Nick,
    awesome tutorial.
    quick question: instead of cherry how can we use letters of text to turn into another letters of text. I mean text as a primitives in this kind of animation.

  • Hey Nick, look, about the “full spacing” problem… I mean, I’m doing a project in which I’m going to use a similar effect and I did my setup and it seems that randomly the full spacing effect either works or don’t. They stay along the path of the spline most of the time… Low number of clones? Follow animation setup? Help please…

    • I’m going to reply myself, exciting… I figured it out, it’s a font thing. If I use a “fat chunky” font, it’s more difficult to pull it off because the effect don’t use the space inside the closed spline to allocate the objects, (dunno if there’s a way to do the effect but instead of a spline, drive the particles to an object)… And by the time I’m writing this I can see that the spline effector can do that… Anyway, problem solved. Thank you for all the inspiration.

    • Yeah Nick, thanks for the reply. Yes, the cloner object is set to object mode but instead of driving the particles to the spline, I did the opposite, drove the particles in the spline to the object. Worked like a charm… Cheers

  • i’m playing with this great tutorial… just one problem : the effector works well but near the end of its path, it makes particles explode in all directions and then they go right to the second stage… how can i avoid that behavior?

    • Did you check the follow animation thing? You need to set it as position only… You can find it in the rigid body tag.

  • yes Saúl, position only was selected but they don’t go so gently as in Nick tutorial 🙁

  • Hey Nick,

    I was following through with this tutorial and ran into a problem I didn’t know how to solve that I was hoping you can help answer.

    About 21 minutes into the tutorial when you add the Rigid Body tag and then push play, when your cherries explode outwards, the are still staying together. I on the other hand have cherry over here stem over there type mess going on. If you have any insight as to what I’m doing wrong or what I can do to fix this it would be greatly appreciated if you could help me out.


    P.S. Loved the “Layers Tennis”…Great work!

  • BEAUTI-fuckin-FUL ! You are The Gorilla 😀

  • Hi Nick,

    Quick question and I’m gone. Wondering where I made a mistake…and it must be somewhere at the very beginning. The thing is: I’ve created my cherry, right? Placed stem on a cherry, positioned so it all looks nice when I render it. As soon as I add physics to it, stems are all over the place and none of them is attached to cherry!
    Where did I make a mistake and how to fix it? I’m not able to concentrate on my next step when I see them not where they r supposed to be! Help, anyone?


    • hello, i had the same problem, and solved it by selecting the option ‘top level’ in rigid body tag/collision/individual elements/top level

      hope that helps – good luck!

  • Another problem I’m having is when I’m trying to animate first scene. I have cherries waiting off the stage, making keyframe for Spline Effector Cherry (Z coordinates), moving it so cherries are flying to ‘cherry land’ and when I want to move timeline to set up another keyframe – cherries are no longer on the cherry text spline but flying from left side of the screen to the place where invisible cylinder is placed! No idea how I managed to do this, I always knew I’m special, but I was following u step by step. It looks that I am not able to move the time thingy to make another keyframe…Does it make any sense?

    Sorry…I’m a problem-generating person. Nice to meet you! 🙂


  • Hi Nick, compliments for the tutorial stuff….

    ONE QUESTION…I’m trying to change the (name)Spline with a Brand, but have only a null object…how can i say the spline effector to use the null object as a target for the cloner objects? Or do i have to use another effector for the cloner…? thanks…

  • Hello, thank you very much for this excellent tutorial!
    One point, though: I tried to (re)make this on the new c4d 12, and got stuck as, apparently the rigid body tag vanished from this new version; that way, I couldn’t avoid the ‘cherry explosion’…
    Any sugestions?


  • Any good person who knows:

    Why i dont get the “default light” in the Render Settings? In options… Have i installed in a wrong way the Gorilla light kit pro? Also I dont see the option “Decamara” (seems to be) after options, in the render setting menu.

    Thansk a lottt¡¡¡ I learnt too much from this site.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for this tutorial.
    I’m trying to do that with a trial version of C4D R12 Studio. Is it normal that there is no “rigid body” in the MoGraph tag menu ?

    • It’s a bit different in version 12. Watch the “What’s New in 12” series to get a better idea on how the new physics work.

    • For anyone using 12, a quick fix to accomplish similar physics in the tutorial can be done by using top level individual elements + tweaking ‘follow position’ under force in the body tag. Figured this out after looking at one of the ape’s earlier posts on June 18th:

      The Gorilla on June 18th, 2010 said…

      Check this quick tutorial out about this problem.

  • Hi All, Firstly thanks to Mr Gorilla brilliant tut one of the best I have seen. love the work mate and I hope you keep it up.

    Secondly I want to use this concept when making an animation for a construction animation using 3 Cloner objects for 3 different particles (Sand(large), Cement(Mid), Water (small))the participle are going to fly in and mix to form a wall.

    My problem: When I set up the scene and try to render a still preview I get the ‘not enough memory’ error. I have 4gb of memory and have never had a problem before. So can anyone give me some advice on how to improve my situation?

    Kind Regards

  • i keep on having the same problem…the effector works well but near the end of its path, it makes particles explode in all directions and then they go to the destination spline… how can i avoid that behavior? i’ve uploaded the project to this link :

  • Promo for YALA radio. solution from Greyscalegorilla tutorial.used HDRI LIGHT KIT PRO Thanks Nick campbell.

  • daam ur amazing

  • Fkkkin nice tutorial, love your website. I even thought about tattooing greyscalegorilla on my armpit.

  • I have C4D R12. I’m at the part where I got the cherries to fill up the word cherry. Then I add spline effector, and when i go to the force tab, none of it is the same as yours. I don’t have follow animation anywhere. Any advice?

  • Ugh so many typing mistakes. It’s late. Simulator>Dynamics>Rigid

  • Hey can some one please help me out. I know its a little late for this tutorial but ive just started on C4D….and this tutorial really stood out for me to do it.

    So basically my problem is when i put my spline effector on the Cherries, ive gone to the Segment mode to put the Full spacing option for the pull down menu, and it doesn’t appear to be in there only “Use index, Even spacing and Random”

    No sign of the Full spacing option…. ive got C4D 11.0 or release 11 if you want to call it that but would that make the difference?

    Do i need to download a plugin for it or what really stumped here.


  • You are funny, man.

  • It was great using C4d again, been a while 🙂
    Now I’m trying ‘the next thing’, but I can’t figure it out.

    I have, 2 groups (1 & 2) of clones, they are attracted to the same shape (a), so together they form one.
    Now, to the second shape, that will exist out of 2 shapes (B & C).
    Is it possible to let clonegroup 1 fly to shape B and clonegroup 2 to shape C?

    • Attach each clone set to a different spline effector. That way you can control them separately.

    • thanks for the fast reply. I thought u would be asleep at this time 🙂 (it’s 16:43 where I’m from).

      It could be that I’ve made it too hard for myself.
      I’ve followed the technique of Serge!Sokolov and ‘Final Cut Pro’, by using the Matrix thing and the inheritance effector to avoid the outlined result and give it more volume.

      So is it also possible with this technique or was I too stubborn and should’ve follow your way? 🙂

  • When I add Splice Effector 7up to the Cloner Object’s Effectors the cherries are immediately stuck to the 7up text.

  • hi nick,
    awesome work! i am usually an after effects guy, but since i found your tutorials they made me enjoy 3d work 🙂

    i just bought your hdri light kit – that seems to me, a great way to make things easy! downloading it right now and looking forward to using it right in this project.

    meanwhile, i’ve got a question for this tutorial – i am really stuck at one specific point: when i apply the rigid body tag to the clone object, this thing with the cherries intersecting each other doesn’t change at all. they do explode, but in the first frame they still intersect each other. also, when i choose “position only” in the “force” section, all the cherries fall down to the imaginary floor and don’t stay in place like in your tutorial … i tried activate/deactivate collision, but that didn’t change anything …
    do you have any idea where i could have gone wrong?

    maybe you find time to post a quick reply, that would be really appriciated!

    thumbs up, man!

  • Hey Nick,
    I can’t reproduce this animation in R12. The dynamic portion seems to work different. The follow animation seems not to work for me here. And if i press play, the cherries fall down all together instead of exploding. Maybe you could take a look at it in R12? I would love that…

    Klaus 🙂

  • awesome¡¡¡¡ i used in this video
    cheers from chile nick 🙂

  • i’m using R12 and i get stuck in teh follow animation part, that option doesn’t appear how do i get around it?


  • how do u create HDR (dottedwithspots)

  • Hi Nick! Great work as usual! Thank you so much!
    But I actually have an issue in animating this scene in version 12 of C4D.
    This issue comes up when I apply rigid body tag to my cloner obj for having dynamics on my Spline Effector. Everything is fine, clones stick to my text spline spacing right randomizing well and staying together… but when I apply the rigid body tag they kinda fall down instead of being attracted by the spline and keeping position. I thought that’s because I cannot find the “position only” option in the force tag of rigid body (it works different in c4d 12). How can I fix this issue?


  • ive got slight problem ive got around 40mins of the video. the bit when you asked us to render. when i render i just get a clear off white image? do you know why this is happening. i deleated my softbox and hdri map but that doesnt seem to be the problem. does anybody know why this is hppening?
    thanks alot, great tutorial nick

  • when my cherries animate to the word ‘ cherry ‘ and 7up they are bouncing off each other it looks like they are having fight with one an other. Does any1 know how to stop this ?
    thank you

  • Hey, very nice tutorial. but i have one (i think) big problem. i have release 12. and i cant find the seting “follow animation”, that i have to set on “posistion only”.( its by 22 minutes in the tutorial. and by the “rigid body tag”
    or is it not important?
    i need help, because i want to finish this great project.

    hope someone can help me.

  • Hey Nick,

    Came across your site today! I know totally in behind times.

    Working on this Cherry tutorial, im running 11.5.

    However i have been back and forth trying to find out what ive done wrong but, My cherries dont been to be grouping together like yours when going to the spline extractor, no matter what type I use Helvetica/Gill/Arial, the cherries seem to be staying on the outside of the lines very spaced.

    Here is a screen shot:

    Rigid Body is on and ive followed the steps twice now.

    Hope you can help dude,


  • I have the same question as DerBeta re. the ““Follow Animation” switch in the tutorial is now called “Follow Position” and “Follow Rotation.” Please let us know which numbers to plug in there. I tried various numbers, but didn’t get the results, and gave up.

    I’d really like your help because there are so few C4D and AE combo tutorials, so I value your’s highly.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi. Great tutorial!!!

    When I follow along, I reach the first spline effector. I have changed the falloff to linear. When I move the box through the cherries, they begin moving just fine. So I placed the first keyframe at frame 1 with the cherries on the cylinder.

    However, once I move the spline effector about halfway through the cherries, they scatter (abruptly) all over the place instead of following the path. They eventually move back toward the spline, but not as nicely looking as in the tutorial.

    I have already checked the rigid body settings and they seem to match up with those in the tutorial.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again for the great tutorials!

  • mmm my spline setting in the spline effector doesnt accept a text object…
    i feel so dumb ;(

  • I’m frm India and I’m new to cinema,started it around dec last year…learning a lot from ur videos .. i tried something else based on the same effect..

    sorry abt the low quality ..had to compress the video before uploading

  • Hey guys.

    I want to do this project with an 8ball which features in a company’s logo.

    Would it be possible to use this technique to have the balls roll along a surface into position and then roll in to position for the next word?

  • Hey Nick. Using r12 and run into an issue with the animation. Applying the new style rigid body achieves vastly different outcome compared to your version. The cherries just snap straight to the spline surface with no style such as going far forward and pulling back to the surface in a bouncy kind of way. Also while they are sitting on the spline surface they are fighting with each other no matter how big the cherries. Any tips? Thanks

  • Hi! really Good tutorial.
    I’m following the tutorial carefully, but get stuck by the minute 22:20, when you put the tag rigid body, I can Not find that tag, I have version 12 ‘studio’ (i guess… lol) i search that tag at the promgram but i find it in simulation-dynamics, i use that tag but the cherries falls down, and look at force and i don’t find ‘follow animation’. Please help me, I really want to finish the tutorial is amazing!

  • hi… great work and great tut..

    but for R12 there are some differences I can’t seem to fix.. where can I find the same tut but for R12??

    thanks in advance and keep up the great work

  • Me and my brotehr are using this in an animation for a client, just because of you! Thanks for giving us inspiration and a cool starting point!

  • renato gonzalez May 13, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    hi nick , a couple of months ago I made this video . please check it !!!
    thanks your help!!!

    regards from patagonia / chile 🙂

  • Darius Salehipour June 16, 2011 at 4:19 am


    First off, this is the greatest cinema 4d tut site.

    Secondly, I have been trying this tutorial out in Cinema 4D R12 and as others have been saying, the dynamics are different:

    Scenerio 1 – all particles fall down slowly in uniform / do not separate from one another (yes they are attached to the spline, yes the collision is set to “top level”)

    Scenerio 2 – all particles do nothing (yes follow position is changed ranging from .5-10, and yes collision is set to “top level”)

    How others have made it work… I don’t know. I know it is not the most fun thing, BUT… a quick 2 minute video that anyone can make (including you Nick) using Cinema 4D R12 that shows this working and shows all the details would be GLORIOUS, and very much appreciated (hopefully by more than just myself).

    Thank you!

  • Hi, I just started using cinema, i have a kind of a basic question. When i use rigidbody, cherrys and brunches are moving different directions, i group them all and i dont know the problem, Could anyone tell me how can i fix it…
    Awesome tutorial, thankyou Gorilla 🙂

  • Dynamics problem in version 12 how to solve it friends.Any one post the video for version 12 problem solving video.

  • how to make it follow animation under force tag in the rigid body in csd 4
    i have force tag but there is no follow animation there
    i have follow position and follow rotation there
    help plzzzzz

  • Hey Nick, I have been having an issue with this tutorial. Ive been working on something very similar to this and the rigid body tag messed up with linear falloff. It caused it to not work. So I tried taking off the rigid body tag and it worked. My big issue now is that the balls in my video dont seem to be very….alive. they dont have that floating or gravitational effect. They just go to the word and “lock into position”. I hope you can help me out. thanks

  • Great tut! Thnx – One question.

    Lets say I wanted to add a specific texture to each cherry (or pair of cherries in this case)
    So I would have 300 count in my cloner object, and 300 different textures/materials for each individual object in the cloner object.

    How would I go about (randomly) assigning one material, to one object?


  • Hello man , I love your tuts, your awesome and i also like the way you explain the things.
    , I cant get it really work cos i cant Find the modynamics tag rigid body. its not there i also made a screenie so you know what I mean.
    Well i also checked it at the ´´simulation menu´´ or how should i call it :p. couldnt find it , i used the create rigid body from there , but it gave me different results and didnt go well.
    If you could help me I´d really really thankful.
    thanks for everything!

  • It’s been a while since someone posted. I have a question been trying to figure out for the last few hours. When I add dynamic body to the cloner object, all the cherries seem to just fall (no explosion like animation). when i change the follow position and follow rotation to around 10, the cherries are overlapping one another still, not floating around eachother. is there something im missing? im in c4d 12.

  • I had same Problem , I´ll try that out if it works Thanks if it doesnt , i must be sorry i wont thank you 😛

  • i think this look is very cool, but i have v12. How could i get the cherries to bounce off of each other .. pls help ! i cant figure it out !

  • I got a problem with this great tut.
    Got everything working good with 12 but when i got to part with the 7 up it’s goin g wrong.
    Duplicate the spline effector, deleted the keyframe track and put the new spline effector in my cloner underneath the first spline effector. The i move the effector to my second text and move it but nothings happening. I’am really stuck.

  • Hi great tut but in my cinema 4d i can find spline effector, is their a place i can download it please help.

  • final render took a long time, about 10 hours!!! but really got a fantastic work!

  • Nick, this tutorial is awesome and is a brilliantly clever and simple solution to creating the 7up commercial.
    I’m trying to create this exact same effect, but I need the objects/particles to fill the volume of an objects geometry. Your tutorial only works with the spline effector.
    Off the top of your head would you know of a solution that would work?
    I’ve been trying to get this effect to work with thinking particles and having the thinking particles fly from a start, fill the geometry of one object, fly apart and fill the geometry of a second object has turned out to be vastly complicated in expresso. I have not been able to get it to work, nor have I been able to find the proper tutorial that can explain how to do this. I thought your tutorial would be the perfect solution but alas, it will not work with the volume of an object.
    I’ve tried combinging multiple tutorials but with frustrating results.

    Am I making this too complicated? Is there a simpler solution? Any and all suggestions are welcome.

  • I see the update you posted for the Follow Position switch in r12, however no matter what value I put in the space the cherries still intersect and touch…

    • Be sure to put the tag on the cherry now instead of the cloner.

      • At R12 you see the cherries interact till you press play, then when the follow position is at, lets say 100, the cherries will bounce off and go in the right position. So you have to play the animation first for it to work while at 11.5 you saw the result straight away.

  • Great tutorial but i need help with something…

    when i move the Spline Effector to make the cherries fill the words they scatter all over the screen unless i’m on frame 1

    Can someone please help

  • I hope someone can help me with this.

    The whole scene works right, till I put the second effector under my cloner.
    While the cherries usually move from the cylinder to the cherry word, after i add the second effector, my spheres already sit at the 7up and move over to the cherry word when i press play, in a weird way.. since they don’t cover the whole world.

    I’d appreciate help with this, thanks in advance.




  • hey awesome video, i just have a problem, im using r12, when i try to spread out the text it dosn’t spread, can you please make the tutorial on r12 please?!

  • help,

    when i put the rigid body on the spline text, it explodes and when i go to the force tab, what settings do i put on the position and rotation?

  • all of your tutorials are just amazzzzing! But this is really driving me nuts. I’m stuck at this:
    I can’t find a way out. I’ve just added a spline, selected “full spacing”, but the cloned objects fill the perimeter and not the volume. I’ve tried my best to fill the letter … dunno what else I can do. Helpppp!!!

  • Great tut Nick, i see how this technique can be used for many different purposes. Much appreciated.

  • where do i get rigid body tag??

  • nice tut!

    my outcome:

    I never get rid of the 2d spline shapefeel, what can I do about it? Still looks more 2d text then 3d text. thx in advance!

  • my spline effector doesn’t attract cherries on the text… what can i’m doing wrong?

    • You are probably forgetting to highlight the cloner object before you get your effector! First click the cloner object, then click mograph and the spline effector… this way it should work.

      • Neither does mine. I am using C4D R12 Studio. I select the Cloner then go to Mograph, select Spline under the Effector menu and yet nothing happens. Any idea? suggestions? Thank You.

    • I had the same problem, it was so frustrating. Try this:
      after adding spline effector and assigning the text to it go to your cloner > tab ‘Effectors’ and drag your spline effector into that box (or click on the black arrow in white circle and choose your spline effector). It should work.

  • when i need to change the follow animation under force in rigid body, it doesn’t have position only.. please help, i really want to make this, its a great tutorial as well!

  • Chances are, all you guys need to do is crank the “follow position” option up to 10 and that is the equivalent of what he did.

    You are most likely running version 12 or 13. Nick used version 11.5 for the original 7 Up tutorial where there was a “follow animation” scroll down bar. See the “Having Dynamics Problems” video he posted. He kind of clarify’s this problem from around 5:00 to 6:15 in that video. By clicking on that bar you were able to choose what animation property (rotation and/or position) you wanted to control with the “Strength” option that was located just beneath it.

    In versions 12 and 13 they have gotten rid of this “follow animation” scroll down bar and just separated the animation properties out individually to try to eliminate a step. So now you basically have the equivalent of a “Strength” bar for both properties (the rotation property and the position property) already at your disposal and you don’t have to go through the process of turning them on, so to speak. In version 12 and 13, if the rotation or position properties are set to “0” than that is the equivalent of them being set to “Off” in version 11.5. So, like I said earlier, all you should need to do is crank the “follow position” option up to 10 and that is the equivalent of what he did .

  • I’m having a unfamiliar issue with this tutorial. When I add the second spline effector and add the second spline text to it, the first spline effector spreads out the cloner objects to the second text! I’ve been checking and double checking and everything seems to be correct, the first text is still applied to the first effector but just goes to the second text the moment I drag the effector in the cloner effector tab. I guess I could automate the strength in the cloner effector tab from 1 to 2 but that doesn’t make sense.. It’s exactly around 40 min where you say “let’s see if everything still works” and it does, it doesn’t for me for some reason. Could you tell me what might be the problem? Great tutorial as usual 🙂

  • Thanks for the tutorial Nick…
    Im having the same annoying problem Nick had though – except mine still isnt working… When I move the fall off box down the length of the cylinder all the cherries fly to the cherry text spline. Which is great, it’s works how it should. However as soon as I add a keyframe at frame zero move the fallout box along the cyclinder and add a KF at 50F – Hit play and naff all happens (the cherries dont move but the fallout box does). Nick’s did the same but seemed to rectify itself on playback. Ive even tried rendering the frames out but still the cherries aint budging. With both keyframes in place if I go back to 0F and manually move the fallout box the cherrys move. It just seems to be when I hit play they wont move. What the hell… any ideas anyone?

    • If anyone else has this problem…. (the Spline Attractor not working anywhere other than keyframe 0F). Try this…. Delete the rigid body tag on the cloner then re-apply it.

    • Ok! You can deleted it or apply the rigid body directly to the object instead of to the cloner. That one works for me.

  • Great tutorial, but I am having troubles finding the ridgid body tag. I have looked in all parts of the menu, but it does not exist, I tried to add dynamics, but this does not work for me and if I were to use it, I would need a whole new tutorial, please asssist.

  • Hi Nick, great tutorial! I can’t get the splines get filled with the clones. I try every config posible but i cant get it work. Is there an effector that work similar to spline but with objects? Thanks in advance.

  • Hi dear Nick. hope you are doing well. This cherry tutorial is wow.
    to practice this cherry animation, I have only C4D 11 so there is no mograph rigid body tag to do this cherry practice. so please advice me, Is there is any solution for this?

    Thank you.

  • hey I have tried to do this in r12 and i still cant do this

  • Hi,

    For some reasons the cherry I’ve created keeps ‘falling apart’. When the animation plays the stems and cherries all go their own way, for some reason they don’t stay connected. Is there any setting I missed?

  • Hey Nick, my cherries are not filling the text, they all sitting directly on the spline. Did i missed something?

  • I’m was this same problem using r13, i found that upping the number of particles did the trick.

    • I tried upping the number of particles but does not solve it! did you find another solution solution?

      Thank you!! (;

  • In case anyone else was confused as I was: ReelSmart Motion Blur (RSMB) is a paid plug-in. After a little while of experimenting and researching, I found the AE5 documentation offers a similar, free effect: ” To achieve a result similar to the result of ReelSmart Motion Blur, apply the Timewarp effect, set Speed to 100, enable motion blur within the effect, and use the manual shutter control features to adjust the motion blur. ” It’s certainly not nearly as nice of an effect as you get with the RSMB, but for anyone pressed for money, this is an acceptable alternative. 🙂

    Thanks for the tut, Nick!

  • Check out this valentines animation I did applying the lessons learned from this tut.

  • Great tut Nick, thanks. I’m having an issue though. everything seems to working fine but like many others I’m having a dynamic tag problem. After I apply the rigid body to the cloner, they no longer fall but they still intersect. no matter how many clones i add to the count, they continue to multiply along the spline only. I know if they weren’t intersecting they would be forced to fill up the space but thats my issue, even with the tag applied, they still intersect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, keep up the great work.

    by the way, I am using C4D R12 Studio. Thanks again.

    • Luis N, in the Dynamics body tag go to the Collision tab and change “Individual elements” from Off to ALL ( top level and second level also work in this case ) to fix this.

  • Hi, Nick. Your video is great. I love this Cherry video very much. But there is sth wrong with my work. After I use the ridgid body tag, the cherries and the green stalks are apart. The null object cannot get the four parts together. I have inspected all the steps, but cannot find the reason. If you can reply me, or other people can tell me the reason, I am so honored.

    • Hiya, had same problem with C4D 11.5. If u go into Collision settings in Rigid Body settings, and change ‘individual elements’ form ALL to Top LEVEL, the cheeries and stalks stay together 🙂

  • i have followed all the step but when i do the Spline and i do the key frame still not working what should i do also the cherry then it move into the text it keep the cherry in front of the text and the small green stuff at the back of the text so how to rotate the cherry

  • I did it yay! I did it yay! Thanks for all gorillas and small monkeys! (R13)

    • Yes this works. It is to be careful at every point. I worked for three hours and I managed twice. Thank you Nick, director of the gorilla.
      (C4D R13)

      A couple of the problem is where (Rigid Body) cherries are held together. It still manages to….

      L . A

  • love it ! but in C4D R12 i can’t do the same :/ and i can’t find how to do that . please some help here 🙁

  • if anyone is having the problem that when you animate the falloff box it doesnt shift the pesky cherrys, in your dynamics tag, try changing in the collision section to apply to children and top level, this should make everything seperate and move as you would expect!
    GSG is mega.x

  • Thanks for the tutorial !It is really awesome!
    Is there any way to make the transform from one object to another?Like in that Cherry 7up commercial video ,the text transform into a tree.

  • I had the same problem in r13 as others have mentioned; after I had created the second word the cherries wouldn’t fly off the first word. I added the spline effector to the cloner, removed it, added it, removed and re-added the rigid body tag, basicallt redid everything and it still wouldn’t preview. So I just went a head and keyframed the spline effector moving and it worked.

    Cheers Nick

  • One other thing, I added a random effector to the cloner so that they didn’t all line up neatly on the splines.

  • Hello Nick?thx for your tuts ! I follow your every steps in this tuturial, but I find that my cherrys cannot fill the word perfectly .They actually fill the line of the spline word but leave the room between the splines (just like stroke), so it can hardly be recognized as the original letters. Could you have any solutions? Thank you very much!

  • Genial el tutorial… Great Tutorial…
    Saludos desde Chile… Greetings from Chile

  • maybe the great gorilla can help us out with this, i’ve notice how many people in the comments have had a similar problem with no real answer to their prayers.. Nick I know you must be a busy ape but its driving me mad and i can’t solve it without your help.. ok so, the particles are lining up with the edges giving me this 2d text look.. adding more particles solves nothing and frankly it just adds to render time, i also tried adding a random effector to cloner.. it does look a bit better but it makes the text (in any kind of font) illegible… i want to know why your particles behaved well instantly and our isn’t… i believe “Einstijn” commented with a link to his work demonstrating the same problem..

    thank you

  • Thanks for all tutorial you are the best

  • Hey, i am trying to do this in a different situation but it doesnt work.. i have emitters filling up letters with small spheres.. then when they are full i turn off the dynamics of the letters and the spheres fall onto the floor….

    After the fall i am wanting them to do what they do in this tutorial on another word, but its not working…

    Can anyone please help me!! 🙂


  • Hey Nick.
    First, thank for this awesome tut! And for all your Tuts!! 🙂

    I now have a Problem with this one: My cherries flickering in the end Position like hungry ants… 🙁 What can I do? They may scurry around to find their Position but then should stay still or not flickering that much…

    Mass is 20, Rotationmass 150% / Force is Follow Position 100, Follow Rotation 50 / Collision is Bounce 0, Friction 500%, Collison noise 0%

    Can you or anybody else help me?

    My Version is R13.

  • Thank you Gorilla! Excellent tutorial!! Looks awesome!

    I replaced the cherrys by your multi-colored gumballs and made some text of my own.
    However, after the last text, i want the gumballs to respond to normal gravity and fall straight down into a bowl where they can settle nicely.
    I really tried several things, but i really can’t find out which effector i should use to “release” the gumsballs from the final spline effector and start falling down (bottom gumballs first…). Should I just keyframe the “Follow position” of the cloner object down to 0? This makes the gumballs fall down all at once…or should I somehow use the “Plain effector”? A small hint would be more than welcome 🙂

    Thanks again!

  • hey nick thanks for ur problem is rigid body ,follw animation is not open .how is solve the broblem pls help me. thank you

  • Thanks for the tutorial !

  • Great tutorial!!! Thanks man)))

  • Thank you for this awesome tutorials and inspiration. Here is my result:

  • thanks so much, excellent tutorials!

  • I animate the spline/fall off but nothing happens… the objects move when I change the position in live mode but not when I’ve keyframed it. any thoughts?

    • Hi There, I had the same issue- I found this solution by diggeing deep in the comments

      “if anyone is having the problem that when you animate the falloff box it doesnt shift the pesky cherrys, in your dynamics tag, try changing in the collision section to apply to children and top level, this should make everything seperate and move as you would expect!
      GSG is mega.x”

      hope it helps

  • one of my favorites. thanks nick!:)

  • I have a little problem here. When I use the spline effector, the particles get spread on the outline of the text spline, not the whole volume. How do I correct this? Please reply.. 🙁

    • That is just what the spline effector does. Try using a thinner font.

      • hi nick, im trying this effect but i need to use an object i.e. a pyramid instead of a spline.

        i thought the volume effector would do the same thing as the spline effector but it doesnt, do you have any tips? i just need particles (emmitter or just a cloner) to flow towards the pyramid and fill its surface.


    • I had this problem too. Even thin fonts were a little tricky in some cases. I went into Illustrator and drew a font with a single path instead of an outline. For example, an H was two vertical lines with one horizontal line. I put a 1 point stroke on the lines. Then I chose Object > Path > Outline Stroke. Then, I used the Unite Pathfinder to make one closed object that I imported into Cinema 4D.

  • I love the beautiful images you create in all your videos. I just wish you’d go over how you did that background. The thumbnail for this video is a pretty pink gradient background. Can you cover that in your next tutorial?

  • Hi Nick,

    A long time since this tuto was mad but still one of the best.
    I’m working on a similar animation with morphing between words during 60 sec.,
    but sometimes I would like the particules (little stars) to face the camera yet keeping the dynamics, and I can’t find a way… I tried the target tag and other stuff for hours but no result.

    Would you have any idea ? Please let me know, I’m in a rush…

  • Thank you Nick. It works great ! I was stuck with the target tag and didn’t realized there was the target effector (I’m still a junior at C4D).

    One last issue if you ever have a minute :
    I’d like to change smoothly the kind of particules in the transition between two words. Like cubes becoming stars for example. Do you know a clean way to do it ? I guess Transform does the job but I have no time to focus on it right now.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Cool, too the bells ringing in the background jjj…

  • Hi Nick

    I am using Cinema R16 and got stuck on the rigid body tag. It looks like they no longer have the follow animation attribute. Is there an alernative?

  • Hi!
    I know this is an old tutorial but I loved the look of it!

    I’m trying to have a go in Cinema 4D R15. Annoyingly I’m right at the beginning and I’ve already come across a problem – I’m kind of new to splines.

    I have my cherries and my cherry spline text but when I use a spline effector and put the spline text into the spline or rail area of the spline effector the cherries don’t jump to the cherry text?

    I hope this make sense?

    Any ideas on why it’s not working or what I have to do?
    I’ll have a look at other tutorials to hopefully build my own knowledge so that if I come across any other problems I don’t have to keep asking you questions!

    Thanks so much! I love these tutorials – it really helps!

  • how to download this video? please help!

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