How To Make The Cherry 7up Look With Cinema 4D

June 14, 2010

In this tutorial, I go though the process of making this Cherry 7up Animation. First, I show you how to model a simple cherry to use for the particle. Then I show you how to use the Mograph Cloner Object, Dynamics, Spline Effector, Global Illumination, and Linear Falloff settings to animate the scene. This is a long one. Over an hour. So go get a coffee, get comfy, and I’ll see you in the tutorial.
Based on this spot by Psyop

Cinema 4D V12 Update
The “Follow Animation” switch in the tutorial is now called “Follow Position” and “Follow Rotation” in Cinema V12 and above. You can find it in the “Force” tab in the rigid body tag.

Final Render

Having Dynamics Tag Problems?

Watch Part 2

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  • nice tut!

    my outcome:

    I never get rid of the 2d spline shapefeel, what can I do about it? Still looks more 2d text then 3d text. thx in advance!

  • my spline effector doesn’t attract cherries on the text… what can i’m doing wrong?

    • You are probably forgetting to highlight the cloner object before you get your effector! First click the cloner object, then click mograph and the spline effector… this way it should work.

      • Neither does mine. I am using C4D R12 Studio. I select the Cloner then go to Mograph, select Spline under the Effector menu and yet nothing happens. Any idea? suggestions? Thank You.

    • I had the same problem, it was so frustrating. Try this:
      after adding spline effector and assigning the text to it go to your cloner > tab ‘Effectors’ and drag your spline effector into that box (or click on the black arrow in white circle and choose your spline effector). It should work.

  • when i need to change the follow animation under force in rigid body, it doesn’t have position only.. please help, i really want to make this, its a great tutorial as well!

  • Chances are, all you guys need to do is crank the “follow position” option up to 10 and that is the equivalent of what he did.

    You are most likely running version 12 or 13. Nick used version 11.5 for the original 7 Up tutorial where there was a “follow animation” scroll down bar. See the “Having Dynamics Problems” video he posted. He kind of clarify’s this problem from around 5:00 to 6:15 in that video. By clicking on that bar you were able to choose what animation property (rotation and/or position) you wanted to control with the “Strength” option that was located just beneath it.

    In versions 12 and 13 they have gotten rid of this “follow animation” scroll down bar and just separated the animation properties out individually to try to eliminate a step. So now you basically have the equivalent of a “Strength” bar for both properties (the rotation property and the position property) already at your disposal and you don’t have to go through the process of turning them on, so to speak. In version 12 and 13, if the rotation or position properties are set to “0” than that is the equivalent of them being set to “Off” in version 11.5. So, like I said earlier, all you should need to do is crank the “follow position” option up to 10 and that is the equivalent of what he did .

  • I’m having a unfamiliar issue with this tutorial. When I add the second spline effector and add the second spline text to it, the first spline effector spreads out the cloner objects to the second text! I’ve been checking and double checking and everything seems to be correct, the first text is still applied to the first effector but just goes to the second text the moment I drag the effector in the cloner effector tab. I guess I could automate the strength in the cloner effector tab from 1 to 2 but that doesn’t make sense.. It’s exactly around 40 min where you say “let’s see if everything still works” and it does, it doesn’t for me for some reason. Could you tell me what might be the problem? Great tutorial as usual πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for the tutorial Nick…
    Im having the same annoying problem Nick had though – except mine still isnt working… When I move the fall off box down the length of the cylinder all the cherries fly to the cherry text spline. Which is great, it’s works how it should. However as soon as I add a keyframe at frame zero move the fallout box along the cyclinder and add a KF at 50F – Hit play and naff all happens (the cherries dont move but the fallout box does). Nick’s did the same but seemed to rectify itself on playback. Ive even tried rendering the frames out but still the cherries aint budging. With both keyframes in place if I go back to 0F and manually move the fallout box the cherrys move. It just seems to be when I hit play they wont move. What the hell… any ideas anyone?

    • If anyone else has this problem…. (the Spline Attractor not working anywhere other than keyframe 0F). Try this…. Delete the rigid body tag on the cloner then re-apply it.

    • Ok! You can deleted it or apply the rigid body directly to the object instead of to the cloner. That one works for me.

  • Great tutorial, but I am having troubles finding the ridgid body tag. I have looked in all parts of the menu, but it does not exist, I tried to add dynamics, but this does not work for me and if I were to use it, I would need a whole new tutorial, please asssist.

  • Hi Nick, great tutorial! I can’t get the splines get filled with the clones. I try every config posible but i cant get it work. Is there an effector that work similar to spline but with objects? Thanks in advance.

  • Hi dear Nick. hope you are doing well. This cherry tutorial is wow.
    to practice this cherry animation, I have only C4D 11 so there is no mograph rigid body tag to do this cherry practice. so please advice me, Is there is any solution for this?

    Thank you.

  • hey I have tried to do this in r12 and i still cant do this

  • Hi,

    For some reasons the cherry I’ve created keeps ‘falling apart’. When the animation plays the stems and cherries all go their own way, for some reason they don’t stay connected. Is there any setting I missed?

  • Hey Nick, my cherries are not filling the text, they all sitting directly on the spline. Did i missed something?

  • I’m was this same problem using r13, i found that upping the number of particles did the trick.

    • I tried upping the number of particles but does not solve it! did you find another solution solution?

      Thank you!! (;

  • In case anyone else was confused as I was: ReelSmart Motion Blur (RSMB) is a paid plug-in. After a little while of experimenting and researching, I found the AE5 documentation offers a similar, free effect: ” To achieve a result similar to the result of ReelSmart Motion Blur, apply the Timewarp effect, set Speed to 100, enable motion blur within the effect, and use the manual shutter control features to adjust the motion blur. ” It’s certainly not nearly as nice of an effect as you get with the RSMB, but for anyone pressed for money, this is an acceptable alternative. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the tut, Nick!

  • Check out this valentines animation I did applying the lessons learned from this tut.

  • Great tut Nick, thanks. I’m having an issue though. everything seems to working fine but like many others I’m having a dynamic tag problem. After I apply the rigid body to the cloner, they no longer fall but they still intersect. no matter how many clones i add to the count, they continue to multiply along the spline only. I know if they weren’t intersecting they would be forced to fill up the space but thats my issue, even with the tag applied, they still intersect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, keep up the great work.

    by the way, I am using C4D R12 Studio. Thanks again.

    • Luis N, in the Dynamics body tag go to the Collision tab and change “Individual elements” from Off to ALL ( top level and second level also work in this case ) to fix this.

  • Hi, Nick. Your video is great. I love this Cherry video very much. But there is sth wrong with my work. After I use the ridgid body tag, the cherries and the green stalks are apart. The null object cannot get the four parts together. I have inspected all the steps, but cannot find the reason. If you can reply me, or other people can tell me the reason, I am so honored.

    • Hiya, had same problem with C4D 11.5. If u go into Collision settings in Rigid Body settings, and change ‘individual elements’ form ALL to Top LEVEL, the cheeries and stalks stay together πŸ™‚

  • i have followed all the step but when i do the Spline and i do the key frame still not working what should i do also the cherry then it move into the text it keep the cherry in front of the text and the small green stuff at the back of the text so how to rotate the cherry

  • I did it yay! I did it yay! Thanks for all gorillas and small monkeys! (R13)

    • Yes this works. It is to be careful at every point. I worked for three hours and I managed twice. Thank you Nick, director of the gorilla.
      (C4D R13)

      A couple of the problem is where (Rigid Body) cherries are held together. It still manages to….

      L . A

  • love it ! but in C4D R12 i can’t do the same :/ and i can’t find how to do that . please some help here πŸ™

  • if anyone is having the problem that when you animate the falloff box it doesnt shift the pesky cherrys, in your dynamics tag, try changing in the collision section to apply to children and top level, this should make everything seperate and move as you would expect!
    GSG is mega.x

  • Thanks for the tutorial !It is really awesome!
    Is there any way to make the transform from one object to another?Like in that Cherry 7up commercial video ,the text transform into a tree.

  • I had the same problem in r13 as others have mentioned; after I had created the second word the cherries wouldn’t fly off the first word. I added the spline effector to the cloner, removed it, added it, removed and re-added the rigid body tag, basicallt redid everything and it still wouldn’t preview. So I just went a head and keyframed the spline effector moving and it worked.

    Cheers Nick

  • One other thing, I added a random effector to the cloner so that they didn’t all line up neatly on the splines.

  • Hello Nick?thx for your tuts ! I follow your every steps in this tuturial, but I find that my cherrys cannot fill the word perfectly .They actually fill the line of the spline word but leave the room between the splines (just like stroke), so it can hardly be recognized as the original letters. Could you have any solutions? Thank you very much!

  • Genial el tutorial… Great Tutorial…
    Saludos desde Chile… Greetings from Chile

  • maybe the great gorilla can help us out with this, i’ve notice how many people in the comments have had a similar problem with no real answer to their prayers.. Nick I know you must be a busy ape but its driving me mad and i can’t solve it without your help.. ok so, the particles are lining up with the edges giving me this 2d text look.. adding more particles solves nothing and frankly it just adds to render time, i also tried adding a random effector to cloner.. it does look a bit better but it makes the text (in any kind of font) illegible… i want to know why your particles behaved well instantly and our isn’t… i believe “Einstijn” commented with a link to his work demonstrating the same problem..

    thank you

  • Thanks for all tutorial you are the best

  • Hey, i am trying to do this in a different situation but it doesnt work.. i have emitters filling up letters with small spheres.. then when they are full i turn off the dynamics of the letters and the spheres fall onto the floor….

    After the fall i am wanting them to do what they do in this tutorial on another word, but its not working…

    Can anyone please help me!! πŸ™‚


  • Hey Nick.
    First, thank for this awesome tut! And for all your Tuts!! πŸ™‚

    I now have a Problem with this one: My cherries flickering in the end Position like hungry ants… πŸ™ What can I do? They may scurry around to find their Position but then should stay still or not flickering that much…

    Mass is 20, Rotationmass 150% / Force is Follow Position 100, Follow Rotation 50 / Collision is Bounce 0, Friction 500%, Collison noise 0%

    Can you or anybody else help me?

    My Version is R13.

  • Thank you Gorilla! Excellent tutorial!! Looks awesome!

    I replaced the cherrys by your multi-colored gumballs and made some text of my own.
    However, after the last text, i want the gumballs to respond to normal gravity and fall straight down into a bowl where they can settle nicely.
    I really tried several things, but i really can’t find out which effector i should use to “release” the gumsballs from the final spline effector and start falling down (bottom gumballs first…). Should I just keyframe the “Follow position” of the cloner object down to 0? This makes the gumballs fall down all at once…or should I somehow use the “Plain effector”? A small hint would be more than welcome πŸ™‚

    Thanks again!

  • hey nick thanks for ur problem is rigid body ,follw animation is not open .how is solve the broblem pls help me. thank you

  • Thanks for the tutorial !

  • Great tutorial!!! Thanks man)))

  • Thank you for this awesome tutorials and inspiration. Here is my result:

  • thanks so much, excellent tutorials!

  • I animate the spline/fall off but nothing happens… the objects move when I change the position in live mode but not when I’ve keyframed it. any thoughts?

    • Hi There, I had the same issue- I found this solution by diggeing deep in the comments

      “if anyone is having the problem that when you animate the falloff box it doesnt shift the pesky cherrys, in your dynamics tag, try changing in the collision section to apply to children and top level, this should make everything seperate and move as you would expect!
      GSG is mega.x”

      hope it helps

  • one of my favorites. thanks nick!:)

  • I have a little problem here. When I use the spline effector, the particles get spread on the outline of the text spline, not the whole volume. How do I correct this? Please reply.. πŸ™

    • That is just what the spline effector does. Try using a thinner font.

      • hi nick, im trying this effect but i need to use an object i.e. a pyramid instead of a spline.

        i thought the volume effector would do the same thing as the spline effector but it doesnt, do you have any tips? i just need particles (emmitter or just a cloner) to flow towards the pyramid and fill its surface.


    • I had this problem too. Even thin fonts were a little tricky in some cases. I went into Illustrator and drew a font with a single path instead of an outline. For example, an H was two vertical lines with one horizontal line. I put a 1 point stroke on the lines. Then I chose Object > Path > Outline Stroke. Then, I used the Unite Pathfinder to make one closed object that I imported into Cinema 4D.

  • I love the beautiful images you create in all your videos. I just wish you’d go over how you did that background. The thumbnail for this video is a pretty pink gradient background. Can you cover that in your next tutorial?

  • Hi Nick,

    A long time since this tuto was mad but still one of the best.
    I’m working on a similar animation with morphing between words during 60 sec.,
    but sometimes I would like the particules (little stars) to face the camera yet keeping the dynamics, and I can’t find a way… I tried the target tag and other stuff for hours but no result.

    Would you have any idea ? Please let me know, I’m in a rush…

  • Thank you Nick. It works great ! I was stuck with the target tag and didn’t realized there was the target effector (I’m still a junior at C4D).

    One last issue if you ever have a minute :
    I’d like to change smoothly the kind of particules in the transition between two words. Like cubes becoming stars for example. Do you know a clean way to do it ? I guess Transform does the job but I have no time to focus on it right now.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Cool, too the bells ringing in the background jjj…

  • Hi Nick

    I am using Cinema R16 and got stuck on the rigid body tag. It looks like they no longer have the follow animation attribute. Is there an alernative?

  • Hi!
    I know this is an old tutorial but I loved the look of it!

    I’m trying to have a go in Cinema 4D R15. Annoyingly I’m right at the beginning and I’ve already come across a problem – I’m kind of new to splines.

    I have my cherries and my cherry spline text but when I use a spline effector and put the spline text into the spline or rail area of the spline effector the cherries don’t jump to the cherry text?

    I hope this make sense?

    Any ideas on why it’s not working or what I have to do?
    I’ll have a look at other tutorials to hopefully build my own knowledge so that if I come across any other problems I don’t have to keep asking you questions!

    Thanks so much! I love these tutorials – it really helps!

  • how to download this video? please help!

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