How to make water ripples and create dynamically buoyant objects in C4D

October 13, 2017

In this two-part video, we’ll tackle creating a dynamic rig to make objects in Cinema4D buoyant. Objects that will dynamically move up and down with waves and create ripples as they pass through the surface of the water.


Part 1:
In part one we tackle the buoyancy. Using Wind Forces that stick to an animated water surface that drive the dynamic object to bob up and down on the surface. We even set up the ability for the objects to surf down the slope of the wave.


Part 2:
In part two we use the Jiggle Deformer in C4D and more Particle Forces to drive splashing effects on the water surface itself.


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  • Good to see some tutorials emerging again on GSG. Another gem from Chris. Cheers.

  • Nice! Can we get a part 3, material and render?

  • come on Please VFX tutorial…
    Balls and similar lessons are enough

  • I’m 3ds max pro designer you make me love c4d now am good in c4d coz of ur tuts and the other gorilla team I learned alot from you thanks

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