How To Model And Render A Realistic Bedroom In Cinema 4D Part 1

December 7, 2012

In this tutorial, Chris shows you how to model a bedroom scene from scratch using various modeling techniques and tools in Cinema 4D.


In Part 2 of this tutorial, I will show you how to texture and light the scene to get these final images using the Physical Renderer.

Watch Part 2

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  • haven’t seen it yet, but this is a great one for sure!

  • Chris talks way too fast, maybe have an on screen key press visual to see what you’re doing? Most screen cap software has this built-in

  • Beautiful work! Can’t wait to watch and learn some things. And then maybe put the Texture Kit to good use ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love you nick,This is the one that i have been waiting for it long time .Thank you so much Dud !

  • Nick & Chris,

    It’s awesome to see this. Glad to know this is all done with the Physical Renderer.
    Sidenote – it would be great to see those rendered images in a little higher resolution to see the details.

  • I love that you put a picture of yourself in the model.

  • Thanks for putting this one up! Felt like I was listening to the Micro Machines guy there a few times though.

  • there is an easy way to model this free video

  • Nice Tutorial!
    One suggestion:
    Wouldn’t it be more efficient if Chris would use XRef-Objects for the Scene? So the single objects could be edited afterwards without re-pasting the object in the scene.

    Kind Regards!

  • Great Tutorial Chris, loved the tip on creating the plant so quick. Looking forward to Nicks follow up.
    Cheers Guys.

  • I didn’t even have any caffeine.

  • This looks like its going to be a great tutorial. Now I’ll have something to do this weekend. Thanks Chris.

  • A long waiting is over…. I love your tutorials. Thanks.

  • Just finished and can’t wait for Nick’s follow up on the texturing.

    I personally prefer the quick pace you take Chris. It helps me pay attention and although I have plenty of experience with C4D I picked up plenty of great tips for sure.

    I really struggle in the texture department so this is going to help me a lot. And, I can finally use the texture kit!

    Thanks guy, you rock!

    – Jordan

  • Very good Gorilla

  • LOVE the tut. Chris I love how quick you talk, and fly through your shortcuts. It makes me aspire to be that proficient in c4d with shortcuts. for those that cant keep up, I had trouble at first so I just went to vimeo where the video is posted and downloaded it. So i can easily jump back if needed.


  • tnx very cool

  • I watch this tutorial and i like it and i can’t wait the texture & lighting part of this tutorial :):)

  • hey it seems to me that you have used ambient occlusion in your render. (last render picture)
    It is quite greyish to me , scale the contrast down a bit for the looks of it
    sorry if I am rong (:

  • hey chris
    My name is Twanneke and’m from Belgium. It is a good and nice tutorial. I hope there are more of these tutorials .I’m a fan of you and Nick. I’m already a year now cinema 4d and have already learned a lot from you both. Thanks for that.
    P.S.: I hope to learn a lot from you. Greetings Twanneke.

  • Nick! Quick, upload the second part!! I always wondered how people do such realistic renders. I know that most of them done in max, but you are not going to use v-ray for c4d, are you? I must say these renders look pretty damn realistic:)

  • if you make another render tut for Exterior render would be even more awesome, thanks anyway.

  • Nick , please , upload the second part today .I can`t wait to see it and finally learn how to make realistic renderings..You both are amazing ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Great, fantastic, faboluos, excellent, nick the best

  • Very very nice.

  • wonderful thx ! ๐Ÿ™‚ keep em coming! ๐Ÿ˜€ greez from vienna/austria

  • To quick for me =( I can’t even figure out how to go to polygon mode because I don’t have that fancy square in my interface >_<.

  • this tut is awesome perfect speed…if you cant keep up … just replay…. awesome I would love to see this one punch of modeling and lighting & texturing… Chris Schmidt is awesome!!!!!

  • Thx a lot for this tutorial. I followed with great interest and look forward to see more.

  • Love greyscalegorilla…all my respect from Argentina

  • greyscalegorilla is a bible in my life…all my respect!

  • Great tutorial but hey, a bit slower wouln’t hurt, at least explain what you do in every step. It’s supposed to be a modelling tutorial after all, not short cut contest… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Having trouble with the initial sizing of the draws (2:49) one of my draws resizes itself i’m i not pressing a key when dragging after pressing i ?

  • As always, great stuff Chris. Can’t wait for Nicks half. PILLOWS! Guys, check this out just saw it. You’ll flip out over the simplicity of this one.

  • hai,
    I was searching for wall texture as in this video but didnt get.
    I searched in cgtexture and arroway but no similar texture was found.Do anyone have this kind of material? Or do anyone know from where to get? Please help when you are free

    • That one should be fairly easy to make yourself. Try to experiment with Noise>electronic and then stretch it with axis in the noise menu.
      Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

  • Caps caps caps!
    just kidding, loved the way you did it pretty damn fast

    Hope to see the seccond part soon ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also, maybe you can show us with some vray light techniques?

  • I loved this, can’t wait to try this, I’m probably going to fail

  • so so nice …where the next part i am wating

  • Great Tutorial Chris!

    I really like your fast modelling methods and learned a lot watching this! Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

  • When I render the leaves from the plant pot hair seems to draw the leaf and a brown stroke over the top, any way to avoid this?

  • Very useful and interesting )))
    THX a lot, really

  • Hey Chris and Nick, a big thanks for this nice two part tutorial you know I really learned quite a few new techniques and stacks of great shortcuts and I just know this is going help me in my workflow.

    Once again thanks guys.

  • This was great. However I felt it fairly hard to follow as it was so damn quick!

    Maybe a more in depth or slower tutorial for some of the basic models to help out people that are new .

  • Excellent! I really like the pace of it.

  • Nice work. Amazing to see how quickly a room can be modeled. Great job!

  • It’s way too slow for me as a beginner. Can Chris do this tutorial a bit faster? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I`ve been trying for days and days to find a plugin that does the ” PSR zeroing” . Can somebody please tell what can I do about it? Is there a plugin or just a Cinema 4d R13 function that I`m not aware of it?


  • Great tutorial, I wonder though… If you give this guy a energy drink, does time stand still for him like in Over the hedge?

  • Chris, great “quick” modeling techniques.

  • Hi!
    Thanks for all your great Tutorials!
    I have a Problem, and no idea how to solve! When I set the textures for the drawer it looks like this:
    I have modeled it several times and always got the same problem. Do you have a idea how to adjust the gradient to each drawer? So that there are 6 Gradients in the front.
    Thank everyone for any help!

  • Thanks. One of the best modeling tutorials in C4d !

  • Great tutorial…..thanxxxx very much chris and nick
    chris: can you explain the second cloth simultion(blanket)
    i make it but didnot looking as you

  • hey guys , tell me please , why i can’t see video tutorial ? why it does not appear and not start playing!?

  • Chris, you’re talking sooooooo fast I can’t follow…. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I guess you are very enthusiastic about modelling the room…
    Some slow step-by-step explanation about the HOW would be nice.

  • Awesome tutorial
    Thank you ..

  • OMG this was a tutorial? nick plz come back, this guy is just talking and working fast, i cant see a thing, its like he didnt care about teaching something :/

    Btw, greetings from Venezuela.

  • hey, thanks for the tutorial.

  • hey men thanks a lot !!!

  • Awesome! It seems easier than it is. Thanks.

  • Haha, why does Chris have a swastika mousethingy.

  • Great tutorial guys but please Chris, slow down a little as quite often I find I have to watch a few seconds over and over again just to get what you are doing.

  • Impressive ! Thanks a lot

  • Hey – Can I hear the other guys play pinball in the background while You’re workingโ€ฆ ? Great one. Thanks. I liked the speed.

  • Chris, you seriously make me sick how easy you make it look.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the content..

  • What’s the use in doing this so fast?
    For a beginner is way too fast and it’s a shame.
    Thank you.

  • Brilliant tut guys, love it

  • Where is the key PSR 0 next the light cant find it!

  • Where is the button PSR 0 behing the lights, i cant find it

    • Hey Carrasco,

      well if you’re “stuck” like me, here’s how i added the PSR Button:

      – Rightclick on your Menuband on top in some “blank” space (e.g. to the right of the Buttons-Row) and choose “Customize Palettes…”

      – in the new window which popped up type in the “Name Filter” on top “PSR” (without the quotes)

      – you should find the “Reset PSR” button in the list below the Name Filter.

      – Drag and drop it to your favorite place ๐Ÿ™‚

      HTH & cheers,

  • Awesome Tutorial… I like the how you’re speeding through it (even though i can’t follow it as a total beginner), but it is fun and also interesting to see the Workflow of you Pro’s.

    And it gives me an idea of how work from the idea to the final setup!

    Thanks Chris & Keep up the great work!!!


  • Hey Chris, I really loved watching you having fun speed modeling that room. I was totally depressed because I’ve been trying to model a room for a month and it didn’t meet my (too high maybe) expectations, but seeing how you made an amazing one in just one hour made me want to start all over again. Now I’m motivated again ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Great Tutorial guys!!

    But impossible to follow lol, i have to pause it every 10 sec

    But thx anyways!!

  • The instances of the leafs doesn’t bend, even if I change the subdivisions. Any advice? Great tutorial btw!

  • Could u use expresso to make the leafes start at the end of a few tree trunks?

  • Ronald Franรงa February 26, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    Hi friends okay?
    I’m from Brazil and do not understand much English.

    I’m sure the minute 3:00 … what it is to do after the U + P? what it is “leet” (that’s what I could hear the audio) After doubled ahead of Mobile at minute 3:00 he was smooth.
    please help me out! Sorry for not understanding the pronunciation in English.

  • Great tutorial, helped me out a lot guys!

    I’ve been looking around here but R13 seems to miss a cloth tag, is that correct? Or am I overlooking something here. It’s not under the simulation tags.


  • Havent used Cinema 4D much, using R14 and my cube doesn’t separate into segments? Help?!

  • could someone please explain to me how to add second window on the same wall?

  • Finally got a chance to see this one. Really nice. Thanks Mr. Schmidt ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks so much this is a great tutorial and very helpful! you talk very fast though!

  • For some reason my version of C4D does not have a “hair object” under Simulate. I’m using the Broadcast R14 Version. Can you tell me why I’m missing them? Or where I might be able to buy them if necessary?

    Great tut by the way!

  • bibbidibabidibu July 10, 2013 at 4:21 am


  • The Pillow tutorial could be shorten down by using the Cloth tag . In this i think the Cube with enough geometry of 20X 30 segment on x and z axis giving making it editable then adding sphere in the middle of the existing cube completely submerged inside the cube taking an oval shape (obviously need make the sphere editable first).
    Then Giving sphere cloth collider tag and the Cube Cloth tag. After that the we need make selection of the Edge of the Cube leaving the Up and down face as it is and go to the cloth tag of the Cube and select the Option Seam Poly. afterward select the Dress-O-Matic option in cloth tag and it would take the shape of nice pillow automatically. then delete the sphere and the cloth tag from cube leaving the pillow as it is.

  • Thank you guys for sharing your knowledge. It was my first day on cinema 4d and yeah, I modelled a bedroom. Tomorrow heading for nicks texture tutorial after I did my boring work. Keep it on, if it’s interesting to you I’ll share my tutorial results, just give me a hint ๐Ÿ™‚

  • It would be good if you guys could provide a list of the C4D shortcuts/keys used in this tutorial which works in any project, I’m already a C4D user but not fully aware of all keys used.

  • Great great tutorial, thanks a lot, although i do agree with some that Chris spends a lot of time rambling and that too at a breakneck pace…. it is always a tough job to keep up with him but what a talent at modelling he is…. Its always such a challenge to keep up with the guy… Great tutorials guys. Thanks again

  • The part where he starts creating the pillow I wanted to quite sooo badd! Slow down homie lol

  • Chris,
    You can prevent cloth from folding into itself by check Self Collision and Self Repulsion in the Soft Body Tag.
    BTW, it is INCREDIBLE how much I have learned from your tutorials. You and Nick are my new heroes!

  • Maybe it is fast spoken but it is a great tutorial!
    Chris I love your tutorials!
    You are really gifted teacher.

    I bought C4D Visualize r15, and unfortunately there is no hair mode so I cannot make a plant the way it is presented in this very tutorial :/

    Is it possible to get hair mode without upgrading to Studio version?

  • Hi Guys,

    Great tutorial! I also did the mineshaft, and this one is a good next step after that one. Chris is going fast, for sure, but the knowledge of the mine shaft series goes a long way in knowing what he’s doing.

    However, I got stuck on the second duvet/blanket. I’m doing this in R15 demo, and the thing is not only folding in on itself, but folding in a way that’s physically impossible, sort of like an Esscher painting, or a Klein’s bottle. You’d have to see it to know what I mean. Is it possible to upload some pictures? Would be interesting to figure out what’s happening.

    Otherwise great tut, as I said. I’m moving on with the rest of the room, without the second blanket:-)

  • Superb tutorial! Really complete. From modeling of each piece to render the light. Chris ,fantastic, really…fantastic.

    Just one word: thanks

  • Amazing tutorial, just REALLY hard to keep up with.

  • I appreciate that tuto. You guyz are doing a great work.

  • Lovely tuts, i have a problem when modelling the little drawer though. I practically took every step you took but the segmented slits on the drawer just goes halfway. Help

  • Hello, someoane really bugs me, to switch from 3ds max to cinema 4d (because cinema is so great with allplan nemetscheck …), and I watched a lot on this blog but do not see quite that much when it comes to architecture and interior design; in youre opinion is cinema 4d a good choise for architectural still renderings?

  • It is a way too fast for me.
    Can you issue a slower version?

  • thnx for tutorial but i want dawnload this viseo why i cant?

  • I just love those tuts and apreciate the speed of it since am not a beginner anymore and dont want to spend time on things that I already know ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Very good tutorial?

  • I am wondering at you guys.. Why are you trying to do the same thing ? I mean this tutorial is for learning purpose… Go ahead , do your own thing… ๐Ÿ˜€

  • This was great, thank you very much!

  • Thank you so much for this! I love your tutorials.

  • Hello Chris! Great tutorial, I love it, so useful! Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Is it possible to download it? I could download the second part, but apparently there isn’t a way to download the first one. Thank you.

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