How To Use Textures and Objects to Light Your Scene With and Without Global Illumination in Cinema 4D

October 5, 2010

In this video, I show you a couple of ways to light your scenes with luminant objects and textures instead of lights. First, I show you how to use global illumination to get this effect and show some of the downfalls of using global illumination with animation. Then, I show you an alternate way to get this effect to cut down on render times and improve reliability.


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  • nick you have to show us how you made them plastic balls.. whats the index of refraction? 1.2?

  • Great tutorial!! I came up with my own take on it……

  • Hey Nick,

    awesome (<- spells that right? – I don't know it precicly, 'cause I'm german – sry in case of wrong spelling) alternative solution & tutorial – thanx 4 this, dude 🙂
    best regards

  • For some reason when I turn the material into orange… the light does not reflect orange. It stays white. Using version 12… thought it was odd… any suggestions? Or reasons why?

    Thanks for all your tuts. They’re great and I’m learning so much!


  • When ever i make the light a child of the sphere the sphere does not allow the light to shine through can someone please help me! im using R14

  • Thanks for sharing Gorilla!! This was a cruacial tutorial for my current project.

  • Hi Gorilla 🙂 i have a problem & it’s driving me crazy… I did small animation like this and when i do a render of one frame separately it’s nice smooth and there is nice light on the scene, but if i render all 30 frames for example there is no nice light and there are some issues with shadows, what is about? In GI i have irradiance cache settings and the is one more problem 😀 why i don’t have there any QMC IR animation settings or something, when it’s shows and when is not? I hope U’ll help me…

  • Dear Nick!

    I have one question to ask you. I made the knowledge you instructions in 1 Sci-Fi scene. I also used to Luminance fake Lighting and GI render settings. But the problems encountered when I render an image is very good, light very good simulate. But when I make a sequence it flickers like crazy. I do not know you have not meet the same situation??? How to do fix it??? Please just help me! Thanks GSG!

  • Is there any way to use the second option with a tube to have the tube illuminate an object inside of it? I tried global illumination here, but since this is an animation, I calculated that render time would be about 312 days. Which is a bit much.


  • When I add the object as an excluded object in the light settings, the light still doesn’t shine through it! Bizarre..

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