How to Use The Mograph Shader Effector To Animate And Color Clones In C4D

April 21, 2015

In this AskGSG Mario Darnadi asks how this spot from Dobromir Dyankov was made. We use Mograph and Global Illumination to create a similar look using the GSG Logo animated in After Effects.

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  • Hello, would be great a tutorial about how build a blackhole like “gargantua”.
    What do you think about this? Regards!!

  • Hey great tutorial loving the shader….

    Can anyone remind me why I might be seeing the effects of GI in the viewport but not when I am rendering to the picture viewer ?


  • alhussien khader April 27, 2015 at 10:09 pm

    wow guys real great tutorial i used c4d for to long time but today i learned new stuff that real helpful … thanks

  • With all this discussion about PYTHON for Cinema C4D at NAB 2015, I loaded an old XP Computer with Profound Effects Useful Things to help create the animate greyscale in old AE 7 the last version it would work in.
    Here is mine, no octane.

    Thanks I learn so much about How to work from you guys.
    File management, file placement, organization.

    Diagonally Parked in a Parallel World…

  • This would not work, something with the shader got messed up and when you guys added the type of mapping to flat insead of the UV it would not go up and start to follow the animation like it would for you and I can not find out why

  • thanks guys. these little color shader tricks helped me out sooooo much just then.

  • All great, however I still did not get which bit did trigger the glowing illumination of the cubes?

  • Hey great tutorial guys
    however I was thinking that this affect can only be used on big picture type of logo like grey scale gorilla logo or apple but what about other logo the written font will be extra pixelated because if you try to add too much clones ( eg 1000 ) and having an illuminated object light the entire scene with GI, the render time goes off the roof.
    My question is if we could do the same technique using Particles as particle do not calculate the topology so the render time should drastically reduce
    Im new to C4d its been almost 5 days since i have been using it, so forgive me if my question comes across as extra stupid 😀

  • Maximo Argañaras June 4, 2016 at 8:40 pm

    oh tanks !!! really !!!
    my practice.

  • Hi GSG!
    How to avoid c4d crash? Which functions or combined functions are not suggested? modeling settings… rendering settings.. really hope to get an awnser. thanks

  • Hi guys thanks for your tuts are simply awesome, i have a problem i am not able to set my aftereffects timeline with seconds, ive tried everything but i can not use seconds with more than 25 frames per second it shows me only frames how could i solve it?

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