Importing 3D Models into After Effects using Cineware

June 16, 2013


In this quick video, we will go though how to import simple 3D objects into After Effects using Cineware and Cinema 4D Lite. We will add 3D objects into our image and do a quick composite in After Effects.

In this tutorial, we use some great free models that are included in Cinema 4D Lite provided by the wonderful folks at Pixel Lab.


Learn More About Cinema 4D Lite and Cineware

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  • Getting a little upset here.
    Your last few tutorials have been lacking the “Hi it’s Nick here from Greyscale Gorilla ‘I’ am the Gorilla”.
    Otherwise great stuff

  • yes that’s right, your brand “i’m the gorilla” should not eliminated, we want it back
    ^o ^/ by the way nice haircut that nick ^ ^,
    i’m from indonesia,..a new comer in C4D world,,
    I like to follow your tutorial, I really hope you give a tutorial step by step on making
    cartoon or superhero characters..

  • I just a month or so ago signed up for the creative cloud. I don’t have Cinema 4d lite or Cineware. I checked The application Manager to see If I needed to update something but nada….am I missing something Nick? Or is it not quite been released yet and this is a “coming soon” kind of tutorial? Thanks for all your awesome direction.

  • Great tut, looking forward to getting my hands on this in the morning… interested to know what bullshit.c4d is????

    Thanks for putting so much effort into what you do πŸ™‚

  • Anyone seeing this yet? I’ve updated and still nothing.

  • Great stuff man, nice tutorial!

    I was wondering, can I link a AE object (solid for example) to a C4D camera, so that it is relative to the movement of de C4D camera? (or did I missed something)

  • Wow, you and Andrew Kramer help the people out so much in learning these sometimes overwhelming programs by making it seem so easy and simple. Thank you for your work. I’ve just discovered your website and I just bookmarked it for many hours more of future tutorial watching! Thanks!

  • Great tutorials as always. Keep it up!!! (And yes, bring back the Gorilla!)

  • Hey Nick, dont think im a weirdo or anything, but i loved your wallpaper so much i made my own! wanna see:

  • I have a question. Firstly, I now have AE CC and I have Cinema4D r14 Studio. I see that AECC comes with C4D lite. When I use Cineware I notice it opens up my pro version of C4Dr14, not C4D lite. Now to the question, I’m going through this tutorial and noticed that you go to content browser>Presets>Lite and that’s where you see Pixel Lab models – however since my Cinema 4Dr14 pro version is opening up with Cineware I don’t have access to those models. How can I access those models then? thanks for any help.

    Dale Jackson

  • Guys, i LOVE your tutorials, so clear and clean. i come from computed electronic music and begin slowly C4D + After Effects (zbrush for later) and you site brings me a lot. Those parts about the new Cineware link between the two softwares^^ is amazing ! Thank you for sharing with love. Greets from old Europe.

  • I’m having a fantastic time following these tutorials to use Cinema 4D lite with AE!

    Trouble is, once I close Cinema 4D lite I can’t figure out how to reaccess the file. Cinema 4D won’t open by itself. Double clicking the .C4D file I saved doesn’t open it, either. And I can’t seem to get it to open through AE, either.

    What am I missing?

  • Where do I get the assets for the tutorial?

  • Jack Pellegrini July 7, 2014 at 10:32 pm

    Hi I am curently a high school student who makes quite a few films. I have been using cinema 4d for about 2 years now and am just getting into aftereffects. I know there is a bunch of tutorials out there on how to create 3d objects and put them into a 2d picture, but out of all of the tutorials I can not seem to find one that helps me put a 3d animation using cinema 4d into a live action scene, with the correct lighting and all that stuff that would make it look like it is in the actual place. Would cineware work on a multi frame bases with different cameras or does it just work for images.
    Thanks Jack

  • Hey Nick, was wondering if you could maybe answer my question. I’ve watched a lot of your tutorials and they aren’t helping me at all. I can see my the preview of my composition in Cinema 4D Lite after I created it however if I try to drag it into a scene/create a new composition with it, all I’m seeing in my preview monitor is black.

  • Awesome tutorial πŸ™‚ I’m just starting out with After Effects and your site is exactly what I’m looking for. I’m a avid SolidWorks user and I’m looking for a way to bring my animations and OBJ. files to life.

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  • Hi there; unfortunately when I follow these steps my model doesnt come up in the comp viewer? It’s just a black screen. I can see it in my project file viewer but not in the main comp πŸ™

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