Inflate or Deflate Objects Using Soft Body Dynamics in Cinema 4D

January 11, 2017

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to deflate and inflate objects using Soft Body Dynamics in Cinema 4D!

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Want to learn more about Soft Body Dynamics?

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Topics covered include:

• Prepping Motext or any extruded objects for soft body dynamics
• Learn about soft body dynamics Springs & their settings
• Using Dynamic Springs to deflate our object
• Using an object as a dynamic collider body
• Learning about Collision Shape options
• Using Soft Body Dynamics Stiffness settings to inflate our object

If you have any questions about Inflating or Deflating Objects Using Soft Body Dynamics in Cinema 4D, be sure to post it in the comments section!  If you make anything inflating or deflating using soft body dynamics, be sure to share it with me on Twitter or in the Comments!  Thanks for watching!


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  • Maira Serra Marsal January 17, 2017 at 4:07 am

    This looks awesome but I can’t do it. tried it 3 times, making sure I had set same settings as you do and for some reason it nevers folds as nicely. When falling over the colider body mine folds like a crazy sheet in the wind.
    Is there something that makes your eiht to fold and stay in the floor? As I said, I used the same parameters and I don’t know what else to try…

    Thanks in advance!

    • Make sure none of your polygons are overlapping, that could cause issues. If you have very dense geometry, you could have issues there too, best to use a Mesh Deformer for that. The method I go through is specifically for use with low poly objects like the number I created.

  • Excellent tutorial, what version of C4D are you using? Cheers.

  • Thanks EJ, I learn a lot from your tutorials. thanks greyscalegorilla and well done.

  • Hello EJ? I saw your animation put on the Dribble , and its amazing! I’m interested in one of the animation ” Boaty McBoatface”, I used to create one like that , but I cannot simulate the boat floating on the sea , I just make the sea waving by the noise shade. So can you make a tutorial of that animation ? Thank you very much and hope my poor English won’t make you confused) LOL

  • Thanks, EJ

    For me this was the perfect follow-on tutorial from Chris Schmidt’s “Four most important …. ” tutorial on soft body settings. And I learned some more about motext settings as well.

    Really helpful

  • Really nice tutorial, thanks for sharing.
    I don’t know why I’m unable to fix the tilt in inflation state, I tried to increase the Stiffness but it’s not happening and when I’m increasing the Follow Rotation it makes the object wobble. Please suggest me the solution.?

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