Intro to After Effects: Keyframes and Animation Basics

March 5, 2009

In this episode, I go though the basics of key-framing in After Effects including:

  • Setting multiple keyframes
  • Spacial Interpolation
  • Bezier Keyframes
  • Roving Keyframes
  • Auto Orient

Tutorial Focus:  ,

  • Hi nick, Nice and basic. Here is my Entry for the 5 seconds in Orange. ( I may have gone over 5 seconds) but it is still using the techniques you taught, tell me what you think !

    Harry Mitchell

  • nice with some basics…maybe you should be using some other kind of software instead/combined with the HD video solution you were talking about in the beginning. also has some nice tutorials where you can actually see which buttons he pushes… maybe you should ask him how he does it. Could be a solution.

    Keep up the good work

  • Thanks a lot, Nick! You’re the answer to my prayers.

    I’ll see if I can make 5 seconds of orange for you, although I’m a little constrained by my lack of AE experience. We’ll se what comes around.


  • Hey, im new with AE, and i really like to watch and try your tutorials! Thanks man!

  • hey nick,

    great blog! Been enjoying all the tuts…keep it up. Digging this kind of abstract contest theme.

    here’s my entry.

  • Hey Nick,

    nice basic Tutorials. I would love to see some advanced stuff, there are already a lot of basic tutorials out there and so maybe you can do a nice tutorial with advanced techniques? I would like to learn more about expression, specially with particles. More advanced than wiggle(*,*) or time*X… 😉

    I would also be interesting in some C4D stuff! You said you that you just got it so i would love to learn with you so a video with how you started, where you started and what are you planning on learning and how you will learn would be cool!

    Thanks for your great blog, keep it up!

    Looking forward to see more!

  • As always, great to see the different ways people handle even the basics. It’s a good refresher, even for those who have used AE for some time!

  • Hey Nick! this is my Five Seconds and Orange Animation:
    hope you like it!

  • And here’s mine:

    Still getting the hang of Vimeo…

  • …and mine.

    I agree with Daniel, id really love more walkthroughs to other clips of yours. Or of other people.

  • hey nick, this comment is off topic, but i wondered, is your blog wordpress one?

  • I work just 1 and a half year with after effects and these’s tutorials are great and usefull!!

  • hey nick loving ur blog. I am a big fan of motion graphic and graphic designing. I am not able to afford any schooling right to learn the principles or rule of designing or typography as you stated in ur speech in previous blog. I was wonder if you can teach some of that. there is no other site out there that i know of thats teaching design. so plz i’m asking you to do some of that.
    Thank you perry from Jamaica

  • Hey Nick,

    for the vimeo resolution issue, maybe you could upload bigger video already something like 1024*, it would already help even if it’s not HD! and I believe that vimeo allow a 1000 HD embeded video ? do the math,with one cast a day, you’ll have almost 3years of HD embeded video on your website. And not all your cast has to be HD I believe…
    Anyway I’m just saying that, because I think for some reason that Vimeo is awesome, I already have an account and it’s really easy to bookmark with “likes” and share with friends.
    Just a thought !

    I discovered your blog, after your speech “How to Be Creative and GET PAID!”. (and I’m also a student at FXPHD)After that I just eat your blog for breakfast. it was so refreshing, so many question I asked myself, and around me without getting the good answers, you had the answers I was waiting for and believed in… thanks a lot for that

  • Yeah Man! I’m a visual designer / flash stuffs and really hungry to get into AE. Your intro tutorials are great, really really helpful!
    Great Stuff!!!

  • Hey, Nick!

    I’m a trainer by trade, but am learning AE now and I just love it! Thanks for your tutorials.

    I’ve done literally hundreds of hours of online software demonstrations. My fav tool of the trade is Techsmith’s Camtasia Studio. Not only is it simple to use it has a feature called Zoom and Pan, which would solve your issue of people not seeing what you’re doing.

    Check out the Effects tutorials on this page.

    Keep the tutorials coming and you’ll have a really loyal audience.

    Thanks again.

  • Thanks Mike! That is some cool software,

  • Really good tutorial to remember the basics of key framing.

  • “FUN RIGHT!?”
    Thanks, this is really helpful.

  • Its just a square moving. hahaha.

  • I love these

  • Hey Nick,
    great tutorial!!!:) I would like to know where can I find the music that was in your project Five seconds and orange…Thank you! 🙂

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