Intro to Modeling Part 2b: Extrude Inner and Bevel

October 12, 2011

Part 2b of Chris’ introduction to modeling series. Here he will add Inner Extrude and Bevel to your modeling arsenal. Check out Part 2a for more on Extrude.

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  • looks cool will check it out

  • As a slightly more advanced user, it was nice to have this to go back to and check I was using the tools to their fullest, which I wasn’t 🙂 Hope you consider this helpful rather than critical, but the only small thing I would change is that there isn’t much importance placed on creating quad geometry, and a wee bit too much tolerance of ngons that C4D’s tools too easily create.

    Beginners might benefit from good quad discipline right from the start, and might appreciate a few examples of what they might do to fix C4Ds oft-encountered rubbish geometry, especially that created by the bevel tool in anything but the simplest circumstances. Just a thought – don’t wannna put you off a great series of tuts !

    • I think Jay has some good points. I’d like to know do’s and don’ts of modelling before I pick up bad habits. Again, another great tutorial Chris. Really like the experimental flow. Maxon should be calling you up to do a series of tuts. Looking forward to more.

      • I agree with Jay and Bret. I’m finding that as I try to bend and distort the shapes that there is a problem with lumps and bumps in the geometry, so I’m trying to get back to basic good and bad habits. Please Chris, if you can go ahead and create a tutorial and “basic Dos and Don’ts” that would be awesome! Thanks for the the tutorials!

  • really important tutorial thanks a lot

  • Great stuff!
    I’ve started using C4D recently and I really appreciate the tuts. I like the emphasis on using shortcuts and getting the basics down before moving on to more complex projects. You have a very clear and humorous style, keep up the good work.

  • Thanks Chris! Good stuff so far regarding the modeling features of c4d.

  • Not too much learned from this but I have gone over most of these tools on Cineversity before a long time ago. One thing I do to switch between point,edge,and face mode on “default” is by tapping the enter key. Comes in pretty handy… Keeps me from going over and clicking every time.

    • ‘enter key’? OMG you’ve just saved me a year of unneeded mouse movements. Thanks.

      Great tutorial Chris, no matter how long I use this software I always find new things to learn by watching basic tutorials.
      At 23:00 I believe the middle n-gon didn’t seem like it was extruding because it of the high variation in the tool.

    • I just hit 1, 2, or 3 for points, edges, or polygons.

  • Great Stuff Chris! Looking forward to some Animation Tuts! The info provided on this site is very helpful, and valuable information! thanks! Gorilla Brainiacs!!!!

  • Hey guys I want to use Cinema 4D R13 and I want to get the demoversion, can I put on my name and email on the maxon demoversion page. But I’m 15 years old and I want to try it, pls need a reply thanks.

  • hi there , i know this has nothing to do with this post but i need some my simulation tags in my r13 copy . it seems that all i have its rigid body,collider body and ghost body, no cloth!! i cant find cloth anywhere ! thanx nick

  • I always watch these tutorials thinking I already know what X tool dose, and it always turns out that there’s a ton of other stuff it could do that I had no idea it could. Thanks Chris.
    looking forward to the first project 😛

  • In R13, you can simply select a face/ edge using the select tool, and then hold down ctrl (on a mac at least) while dragging the axis arrows and it will extrude that face/ edge.

    Accidentally found this one!

  • People and 3D modeling teachers say that it is highly recommended to model using “quads” it is that true or is there another way to model?
    This because when I saw Chris explaining the “bevel” tool it creates triangles and some 5 points polygons!
    I hope someone help me! I am starting to model and i am really interested in learning all that i can about modeling.

    • Yes, quads smooth out better with phong angles and hybernurbs. Use quads whenever you can. Triangles are ok in many cases. It doesn’t matter what you use on flat surfaces and triangles are almost always better than n-gons(5+ sides).

    • Hey guys, It all depends on what you want to create. If you are creating still images, then tri polys are ok but if you are modeling for animation or you mesh is going to be distorted then you should stick to quads or quads for where the mesh will bend. If you have triangle polys or 5 or more sided polys when animating, you will get funky things happening to your mesh.
      Great tut, im a maya user that is trying to cross over to Cinema and your tutorials are making it that much easier!

  • Not that I don’t appreciate the beginner tutorials but they’re everywhere. Would be nice to learn how to get our hands really dirty with a tutorial on modeling something and not just touch on the basics anymore.

  • I´m neeeeeew on C4D and really apreciatte this site and the tutorials. Also i can learn English! 🙂

  • Thank you very much for education for beginners like me new to C4D, I hope that means more training

  • Unfortunately, the bevel tool in C4D is very primitive compared to apps like Max and Modo. Beveling a series of corners and edges creates messy topology, so be aware of that. There are better ways using hypernurbs and the knife tool, which I’m sure Chris will cover later on.

  • I make broadcast graphics – limited modeling – so this set of tutorials is opening up a whole new world for me. Thank you!

  • Like a lot of others here I’m self-taught in C4D so I’m enjoying the thoroughness of these tutorials and I get a nugget of new info here and there. User type bevel? That’s the kind of thing that I glossed over and never tried.

  • Hi Chris, great stuff so for. I have just 2 things I’d like to comment on.

    I’m still fairly new to Cinema and this is a total newbie thing, but as I was playing around with “Only Select Visible Elements” I accidently clicked off “Tolerant Edge/Polygon Selection” and damn near ripped my hair out trying to figure out why the live selection tool wasn’t working like it should.

    I’d also like to hear you talk a little more about n-gons and how one can use them as an advantage or disadvantage when modeling. As far as I can tell, n-gons is just a dirty word at this point, and I don’t want to go anywhere near them.

    great stuff as always, and thank you!

  • Hey Chris, where’s the Tuesday tut? Been looking for it all day 😛

  • What a great series!!! I wonder when the next one will come up. Looking forward to watch it!

  • Thanks for the great modeling tuts! I’m just starting out in Cinema 4D and it’s so helpful to be able to learn the basics. Can’t wait for more!

  • Hi all, I’m following a 3D Max modeling tutorial for C4D and had an extrusion question… Max calls it “Hinge Extrude” and Maya calls it “Wedge Extrude” but I can’t seem to figure this out in Cinema. It’s sort of like Matrix Extrude but in Max you can select multiple faces and bend them! Pretty cool. Beveling an edge does something similar when the type is set to convex or concave but I notice the geometry isn’t clean at times and it’s also only used for one polygon face. I read that there was a plug-in once but it’s no longer available… Any thoughts on how to do this would be great!

  • Thanks for the tut, but one question: Is there a seed for the variation of the extruding or how can you change this output?

  • Hi Chris (and Nick of course)!
    Im a Graphic designer and started to use some 3D in my print design some time ago. I ´ve learned a lot in this site and I´m a daily visitor.
    I´m currently in a project that requieres complex logotypes to be in 3D (much like NBA logos done in ESPN graphics *), but like I said, the 3D must be complex (not just using extrude nurbs to some vector).
    I tried many things but the results are far from good (actually I kind of suck at modeling) and I haven´t been able to find a good tutorial that could explain to do something like that from VECTOR. Please let me know if you have an interesting link of a site (or favorite modeler) that mostly covers modeling that I could learn of.
    Like I said, huge fan of GSG!
    Thanks a lot for that!

    P.S. You can see here an example of what Im trying to achieve, at 0.35 you can see the Miami Heat logo really “flesh out”

  • Good basic modeling tut for c4d noobs

  • Hi Chris, thank you for the great tutorial! I really like your tutorial very much.
    And I think the process of the alteration of the object is interesting.
    So can these process be key framed? Or how can I animate this kind of movement?
    Thank you 🙂

  • Hey Chris,

    Your videos are so so great & I enjoyed watching your videos, can you provide short videos for modelling for beginners like cup, simple car & so on so we can get more involved with Cinema 4D

    I hope more success for you guys.


  • Love these tutorials. What would be the best next tutorial to learn more of C4D?

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