Intro to Physics and Dynamics in Mograph 2

September 8, 2009

In today’s tutorial, I show you how to set up the tags properly for Dynamics in Mograph 2 for a simple scene. I also go though how to cache the cloners in the scene for render.

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  • Hello there !
    Thx for that intro on mograph2.. really nice,
    I wonder if you could make one on MoSpline, actually i’ve just got started with cinema 4d and 3d in general, so i’m not yet good at all and i can’t find how to render mospline(in simple mode), i mean getting them visible at least (i tried with sweepNURBS..)
    thanks for sharing your knowledge
    watch u soon !

  • hey nick!… thanks so much for this intro to dynamics… i found this so exciting!.. waiting for new C4d 11.5 tutorials!! thanks aganin dude!..

  • Nice tutorial. I just got 11. Guess I gotta brake the piggy bank again. 11.5 seems like it can really add to speeding up the workflow.

  • Good intro tutorial. Not a C4D user, but still informative.

  • damn go and cut your hair !!!!! its out of the cam focus 🙂

    nice tutorial i will try it next week when my new c4d version arrives my workplace

  • wow -dynamics in 11.5 are really fast. Thanks Nick!

  • Cool, watched thismorning after doing my own experiments last night: (you already saw these nick).

    I’d be interested to see how polyFX is used, and also some cool mospline stuff. Check out this guy’s stuff on vimeo, anyone got any idea how he’s ripping off the sphere using polyFX? I can get all the faces being affected by a random effector but not get dynamics to work with them…


  • Thanks, man! I had no idea how to start this until I saw your video. Keep ’em coming.

  • Have you got a new camera or something, there seems to be an improvement in video quality, the detail is greaat on full screen, I really need 11.5 now I’m still using crappy 10 like a douche. Good work. I hope your decision to focus on training brings you the rewards you deserve.


  • @ Matt
    That pretty simple,make a shpere set the segments as high as you want.Use the polyfx object and make it a child of the sphere,and apply a random effector to it.In the random effector settings you can ply around with the postion setting,like 250 units for
    each value [x,y,z].After that set the falloff to boxor something like that,while moveing the effector through your sphere you should get the desired effect.

    • cheers, I did think it might just be high settings in the random effecto, guess the key to mkaing it look good is fine tuning the rotation to go with the pposition. Gonna be up late tonight again trying more cool stuff. It’s like christmas!

  • I love your tutorials Nick. What makes them awesome is that you are not scared to make mistakes and work through it with us!

    Dynamics are simply amazing and I look forward to diving into this tutorial. I do have a couple things I would love to know more about and maybe they can become future tutorials…

    Materials… They make or break your vision I think. What about adding video to a material? How do you set up layers on materials to create a more realistic feel. Could you run through some of the key parameters to know and or what they do?

    The ever so popular morphing of shapes or objects into other shapes and objects but with particles…

    Rigs! Do you know how to rig characters? animate them and composite them into a piece of footage?

    What does the environment thingie do? (proper terminology, i know).

    Animating to music!!!!! how do you do it?

    Those are just some of my questions off the top of my head.

  • this is soo cool man so many thigs come 2 mind, so many ideas of what i could do if i knew how to do this, I gotta find a copy of C4D unfortunetly i dont have money to buy it so i guess ill be downloading it from somewhere or getting it from some 1

  • hi man … awesome job you’ve don .. really helps people .. but how about breakage stuff or objects .. we want to see your tut. about it


  • Man I can’t wait to get my hands on 11.5! Awesome tutorial as usual Nick. Thanks bro!

  • Hey Man!
    Thanks alot for the tutorial. I just got my hands on cinema 11.5 demo, and its greaatt!! The new updates really do help alot.I also have some cinema 4d tutorials of my own. Feel free to check them out at my page.


  • Ugh, now to convince my work that we need MoGraph module. They spend thousands on DigiEffects crap, and limit my 3D to $400 🙁

  • well… do i make this in cinema 10.5?????? respond me please !!!!!!
    this FX is so cool!!!

  • Hi Nick,
    thanks for this little tutorial.
    This is only scratching the surface of what the updated module can do.;)
    In the tutorial you say the playback gets choppy when you increase the amount of clones.
    Small tip here. Switch on render instances in the cloner. Instant playback enhancement will follow. Try it. They really did a brilliant job with implementation of these ne instancing. Plays smooth up to a wery high clone count.


  • Hi there I tryied the 11.5 demo .
    Great stuff ! Dynamics are easier than ever and so quick…

    I didn’t know the Mograph cache it’s great too.

    I think i’ll definitely buy it as soon as possible, maybe if we put metaballs inside the cloner it will make something like water, I’ll try tomorow ; ).

    Thanks for the tut’s, “see you” soon

  • awesome..
    unbelievable how simple it is.
    Nick, what kind of machine are you using anyway?

  • looks like falling water. Do spheres and metaballs 😉

    Insanely fast renders on that 8-core.

    Your render lighting is simple and elegant

    • Actually this isn’t quite working yet. Modynamics don’t work as a child of a generator object like Metaballs.
      For now a simulation like this can be done with RF or a Thinking particle setup in C4D but not the new MoDyn tools.
      This might change though.


  • Nick, One thing I find confusing in C4D is knowing which type of menu options to mix together, to create a motion / physics effect. Lets say I model a tube-like blade of grass and add it to a Cloner, and I want to make the blades swirl around in the wind. Do I use Objects > Deformation > Wind? Do I use Dynamics > Wind + Gravity? Do I have to use both? Can Objects > Particle > Turbulence be used on something that’s not being created by a particle emitter? It’s hard to know when and where to combine things.

  • Forgot to mention I’m on the old and weak R11. 🙂

  • i’m having a caching issue.. if i have several cloner objects, if i cache them all, they don’t correctly interact with one another, if i only cache one, they don’t interact correctly.. is there a way to work around this?

    • I had the same problem ,for example, with only a sphere and a bunch of boxes in a cloner (like in the vid) if I cache first the boxes the ball bounces crazy, so in order to make it right i have to first cache the ball hitting and then the boxes that are hit, so maybe something similar is happening to you and need to cache it in a specific order.

  • Great tut man, I love how your diving right in to these new features. Maxon did a great job making dynamics much easier to use.

    One note on your hiccup in the tut. You cached the mograph and then didn’t notice any speed increase in the playback. It was because you still have the cloner object selected. When you have the object selected c4d is still updating the visual bounding box and a bunch of other stuff. Deselect the object and it’ll speed up.

  • Killer tips!!! Just got 11.5 and came straight here. Super sick!!!!!!

  • I combined some tips and tricks in 11.5 and recorded a video tutorial to use this technic with the standard particle system.

  • what is the work around 4:10…general situations, I needed to have my objects linked together from the beginning, that exploding thingy does not make me a happy camper…thanks

  • Thank you for this nice tutorial. Hope you’ll make more tutorials with mograph soon 🙂

  • Nice tutorial, here’s my first try with MoGraph2

  • this is great, thanks! I still only have the demo of c4d, but I just smile at the sight of little boxes jumping around lol. something I just love about it.

    thanks for the tut, nice cat ambulance by the way.

  • Hi! Nick, I have a problem exporting to my After Effects form Cinema 4D 11.5 Don’t know why is not working. The only thing that I can think is that maybe the plug-in needs to be update it.???? …:( Everything was working with the version 11. Can you please help me—thanks for the tutorials..:)


  • Do you know where I can do that..:)? Also, can you do more tutorials in bringing Cinema 4D into After Effects? Thanks for replaying back–keep up the good work!

  • How did you get yours to work—you think, maybe because I’m using After Effects CS3 instead CS4???

  • Is there any way you could show us how to do this using the older C4D 11 Mograph? I tried replicating the dynamics tutorial of the bouncy balls, but with a grid of squares from a cloner object. Nothing happened. It didn’t fall. It was the tutorial from the day you had crazy hair.

    Your site is a huge help. Thanks.

  • Hi Nick,

    Just like to say a big thankyou for showcasing C4D tutorials.
    You Rock!

    I’m slowly looking into moving to 3d and your bootcamp quick drills have shaped my understanding into 3d.

    I have 1 request or a question with dynamics….

    lets say i have a object floating in the air hanging on a chain (Dog tags)
    and something hits it from behind to cause a subtle bounce / dangle.

    How could this be done using Gravity only effecting the tags as they dangle on the chain, but still be in its current position as if its been held by something?

    Regards and big love from UK


  • I tried doing this tutorial. When I got to the part about selecting the object and right clicking going to “MoGraph-> Rigid Body ” that option wasn’t available to be selected. I am not seeing that tags anywhere in the program. Could someone please help with this issue. thanks

    • I find out what the problem was. I was use release 11.0 instead of 11.5. I was able to complete it once I upgraded my software. Thanks Great tutorial.

  • Hi Nick, I like it so much this tutorial but I have troubles with the rigid body I don’t find it.
    Mograph tags – Mograph Cache
    Mograph Selection

    This is what I get and there is not the Rigid Body. 🙁

    My Cinema is the 11.008 Version.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Check out my version, dont know why the cubes seem to wobble at the end. fair play on all the work you do, your very kind

  • Hey man LOVE THE SITE!!, my name is Thomas Chylinski and i was wondering if you could help me!

    I am a high school student living in Australia, Sydney and i am currently doing my HSC (which is my higher school Certificate) so that i can become some mad designer like you!

    For my Design and Technology subject i need to make something AMAZING! that makes you go WOW! Thi will become part of my final design project which will help me get into a digital media course at my choosen University. I have looked at your website and tutorials everyday, and was hoping to find some amazing inspiration from you. And i have had some inspiration but i need something wow wow factor you have created a couple of those but havnt put TUTs to them:(

    I am just asking and wondering if you could make a FULL tutorial on Cinema 4D R11.5 on some amazing techniques that you have learned and created from the works that you have made from your experience with the experts in motion design!

    I need to come up with ideas but i am stuck and i have been for a few weeks now. I am really really stressing out and i need some advise on some ideas or just some really really good tips.

    Thankyou for all the work that you have been doing KEEP IT UP!!!

    Thankyou again for having the time to read this.

    • Hi, Tom. I love to help and show people how to make cool shit. But, I’m afraid that the ideas must be yours. I surely can’t show you exactly what to do for your projects. The idea is to learn from sites like mine and apply the knowledge to your own work. Think about making some limits for yourself to get going. “IT has to be black and white”, or it has to be to this song”. Making really great stuff takes time, but you can do it. Just keep working on making it better every project. Keep rocking!

  • Hey man, thanks for all the tutorials!!!!.

    Just one question, in this tuto you explain how it works with cinema 4d 11, but I have cinema 10, how can i made it? in the “Intro To Dynamics in Cinema” tuto you explain the same but with dynamics? theres a way to make with Mograph in cinema 10.

    Again thaks for everything, and sorry my enghlih.

    From Ecuador

  • Hi, Gorilla, thanks for your teachings.

  • Second project from day one, skipped ahead in the tut list for this one, cause I was so excited to get started with physics. great explanation again on this one.

    The ball gets jogged by the blocks too much in the last second, which I attribute to the density being too low, allowing it to be agitated.

    The render came as a surprise, because my iMac is too slow to actually play-back at a decent speed.

    here is the link to the video:

    thanks again!

  • Oh yeah, beautiful overview. Currently playing around. 🙂

  • is there a “rigid body” in r.11 ?

  • Hi Nick, i have a question. When i make this tutorial, in the part that u put the mograph tag “regid body” at min 2:07, i get a different effect, like a explosion! is not the same effect from this video .. hmm, im new user on CD4, but i dont understand that step, why i get the explosion effect!?

    Its great to learn with you, thanks 4 all the tutorials! regards from portugal

  • Awesome tutorial. Thank you.
    Here is my first test with dynamics in mograph2.

  • I know I’m way late to the game on this one but I’m learning Cinema as we speak and really loving it. That said, you spoke about a workaround (4:40ish) for applying MoGraph physics to objects and looking for the effect to be edited based on what you want the object to do within the scene.

    Anyway, I found that making that object editable turns the MoGraph object into a null object and does the reverse.

    Again, this is most likely common knowledge since this tut is a few months out but still worth mentioning.

    Thanks Nick!

  • Your blog and your tutorials are just perfect ! thanx !
    Peace from france !

  • Hey Nick,

    thanks a lot for this great tutorial,

    i tried to mix some of the techniques i’ve learned from you.

    here is the result :

  • can u make one on how to do this with text

  • This is a very powerful tool. Thanks for sharing some tricks.

    Here are my results

  • Hi Nick
    What is the difference between the Mograph rigid and the Dynamic rigid body? when do I use one them? is it the same?
    I’m talking about the intro to Dynamics tutorial and this one


  • thanx man the tut realy help me and am becoming beter and beter every day thnx

  • btw the after you bake the cloner objects they won’t effect fracture objects with the tag set to “explode segments and connect”, with a rigid body tag set to “on collision”. It’s really strange.

  • So I have been playing with this today, and am slightly confused about something. I have created a ‘bucket’ by using a bezier line and then using the Lathe to make it in to a bucket shape. I want this to fall and hit the floor plane, so I put it into a Cloner Object, made 1 instance, and applied the Rigid Body Tag to it. It falls perfectly. Now I want to make a ball that falls just after it, hits the bottom of the Bucket, and bounces up. The trouble is that the ball seems to bounce off an invisible surface at the top of the bucket. The only way I can make the ball fall into the bucket, is to change the Collision Shape to Static Mesh. But then gravity doesn’t affect it and it doesn’t fall. HELP!!

    What am I doing wrong?!

  • If I were to try to use this effect on text, would I need to build the letters using individual cubes (for example), then join them?
    Ex. the letter “E”.
    Use three cubes manipulated to form the letter, work the mograph magic on each segment, then join them together as a single entity.
    Think this would work?
    Thanks for all your knowledge and patience.

  • very nice tutorial! and very nice web site 🙂 thanks for sharing

  • Hi there Nick i know this tut is from 2009 but i am new user of C4D actually trying R12 last update and i cant find “rigid Body”

    I try to look in selection tab and fin Rigid body but when i select it to plane it marks like a dynamic body and starts to fall down without reason…

    What i am doing wrong?

  • Thank you very much!
    You saved my life, I needed to do something similar, had the Cinema 4D R10 but only used the “dynamic” and many objects to be losing a lot of time to render. But MoGrpaph 2 (cinema 4d r11.5) is much better and render time is almost negligible.

    Thanks again.
    Sordiales greetings.

    PD.: Sorry I used the google translator. I speak Spanish.


    Muchas Gracias!
    Me salvaste la vida, necesitaba realizar algo parecido, tenía el Cinema 4D R10 pero solo utilizaba las “dinámicas” y al ser muchos objetos se perdía mucho tiempo de render. Pero con MoGrpaph 2 (cinema 4d r11.5) es mucho mejor y el tiempo de render es casi insignificante.

    Nuevamente gracias.
    Saludos Sordiales.

    PD.: Perdón utilicé el traductor de google. Yo hablo en español.

  • Just started watching your videos and love them! Very helpful, love the style! Figured I’d share my first creation with you:

  • Hello…I have a little problem:

    I have Cinema R12, and when I want to put Rigid Body on the plane and Cloner, I click MoGraph Tags, And Rigid Body isn’t there…Do I need to download it from somewhere?

  • I actually knew some stuff about physics but the way you put things, it’s so easy.

  • Nick I have Cinema 4D 12.028 and there is no option for rigid body in mograph tags.How can de-uprade my advanced version to 11.54?

  • Thank you ,I got it now 🙂

  • vc tem face de bêbado!rsrsrsrsr

  • Hey thanks for this tut.
    It’s basic but for the steps in Rigid Body (I couldn’t get items to fall as a rigid body…) you fixed my problem!
    Another thing: I have R13, but can’t find the multi-target light that you used.. I get the lightbulb.
    I can’t create the shadow you have!

    Any idea’s?
    Gr. Rens

  • Hey whats up, thanks a lot for this tutorial but I have one problem, my Cinema R13 don´t have the mograph rigid body tag like image below:

    how I fix this ?


  • uhuhu… I find!
    In Cloner property, Dynamics Body, Collision
    Individual Elements = All
    Go back tutorial… =]

  • Thank you! Not only straight on the point but also very entertaining rhythm!

  • Good information. Lucky me I discovered your blog by chance (stumbleupon). I’ve bookmarked it for later!

  • Thanks a lot very cool !

  • Can anyone tell me where to download MoGraph 2 ?? I don’t have Rigid Body under my MoGraph tab…

    • That’s because the name changed in the R12, R13 and R14’s version. You can find the Riggid Body at the Simulation’s Tag list.

  • Hey Nick! Thanks again for your help! Your tutorials are awesome!! This is my result… … Greetings from Colombia

  • I am using Cinema 4D R13–how come when I select my layers (as mentioned in the video) and apply a rigid body-my cube explodes instead of dropping on the plane?

  • For all of you who’s having problems with the new tags (I’m using R15):

    Select the plane and right click > simulation tags > collider body (make sure ‘dynamics’ are OFF or the plane will fall along with the cubes).

    Then select the cloner object > right click > simulation tags > rigid body. Select the ‘collision’ tab and make sure individual elements are set to ALL.

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