Intro to Subdivision Surface Modeling in Cinema 4D

February 2, 2017

In this tutorial from EJ from Eyedesyn you’ll get a quick intro to the basics of Subdivision Surface (or HyperNURBS) modeling, why it’s used for making organic shapes, and how to model and texture a couple fun models in Cinema 4D!

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Topics covered include:

• Learn what B-Splines are
• How B-Spline smoothing applies to Subdivision Surfaces & polygons
• The difference between Viewport and Render SDS settings
• Using loop cuts and subdivisions to affect SDS geometry
• Covering the useful modeling hotkeys like ‘M’, ‘U’, and ‘Q’
• Going over two example workflows
• Texturing models using different projection methods

If you have any questions about Subdivision Surface Modeling in Cinema 4D, be sure to post it in the comments section!  If you model anything using Subdivision Surface modeling, be sure to share it with me on Twitter or in the Comments!  Thanks for watching!


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  • I believe the Side option in the texture tag means which side of the polygon, not which side of the object. So Both means it will be on the front side of polygon as well as on the inside (the back side). The reason it didn’t render on the back side of your object I believe is because you turned Tile off.

  • Loved the Anchorman reference at 20:12 xD
    Great tutorial!!

  • Hey man!

    So that’s true in many cases except for certain projection methods, like Flat and Spacial mapping. I believe I was using Flat for the mushroom and that actually maps through to the back side of the actual object. Hope that makes sense!

  • Nice tutorial. Did you consider creasing the edges of the lego head using sub-d weighting? It keeps the poly count down and accomplishes the same effect as cutting in edge loops.

  • Hey guys, great tutorial. I am having a problem when editing the geometry inside of my SDS. After dropping cube into the SDS, I have to select the edges, points and polygons on the smoothed sds geometry, instead of the blue mesh representing the cube. The geometry of the cube is mapped onto the smoothed geometry and the blue cube mesh is still visible. It’s probably just a setting I have toggled? Running R18.

  • Hello, thanks for the tut! I tried to offset the white dot on the top of the head with the Offset V but it stretches in a weird way and then it disappears.
    Any solution for that?

  • Hello!
    first of all thx for all your video.
    i would like to know how do you do, to have the blue cage around your object which alows you to edit easier?

  • Great work man,God bless ur hands

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