Intro To X-Particles

July 3, 2014

In this short video, I wanted to give you a quick introduction to X-Particles. See how to set up basic emitters and add modifiers to start to take control over millions of particles. Look for more X-Particles tutorials very soon on Greyscalegorilla.

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X-Particle Examples

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  • Hey! i was messing around with x-particles just today (:

  • Hey! What if particles are going thru object with colider tag? Changing normals to any/in/out helps. But still few particles are going thru

  • Yes, I have wanted to purchase X-Particles for some time, but…I have found particle simulations and whatnot are a real resource drain. Though my system is certainly not A-level, it is a one year old i7, 16gb memory, and a decent GPU (660ti). Any simulation requires that I tone it down on the particles, ergo the end result is good, but hardly remarkable. So, I am just wondering if it is really worth the extra for X-Paricles considering I don’t feel I can really max out with it……

    • Not many people can ever max out these things, you need to just work with your system limitations. You need to first simulate the particles with low res/ low particle count preview quality feedback. This way you can work out the simulation you like, every now and then you could crank up the particle amount to see what it looks like as a still. Then work on your texturing/lighting, this time you can crank up the particles to get accurate feedback but you don’t need to run the simulation as you have already got that. Then export preview quality render to check it out with sim + tex + lights + camera moves.. Comp it if needed to see how it works with your footage or graphics. Then take some full res stills with max particles, and you can see if it is working. Only at the end when you are happy you would crank up the particles and turn all your motion blur, DoF, GI etc…

    • You can always dig deeply into your wallet and spring for a Krakatoa for C4D plug-in. It’s pretty nice and renders quickly.

  • is there a way to get x particles for free (or a demo) ? im only 15 😛

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge with such passion once again!

    Please tell us how to create these things :


  • Is it possible to instance particles with custom geometries?

  • Man, really appreciate your guys tutorials! It’s really about time to say this out loud…
    Especially for the fact that your tutorials, and tools as well, been a great help for me in the past. And just as well had a really deep impact of inspiration to my thinking out of the box when working on Projects… You really gave the initial aid to start on working and developing own Projects and tools as well.

    So almost by now you might probably think what’s this all about… Well all i want to say is, keep it coming up and many thanks for having all of us being part of your knowledge!


  • Hello

    I have inspiration for next tutorial for you. Its nice effect. How to create something like that.

    Greetings from POLAND!

    • Hey not sure if you’re aware but those images weren’t created with any kind of 3D program. They’re photographs of ink in water taken by Alberto Seveso

  • Tried some tutorials and used my new knowledge to make this:

  • Are X Particles an entire new system or do they use Thinking Particles to work? Can these things be achieved using just Thinking Particles?

    • X-Particles is an entirely new system. You do not need TP to use X-Particles. Not only is X-Particles easier to use, but it can do so many more things than TP. You should check out the demo.

  • I decided to combine X-Particles with some of the cool techniques Chris has been tutorializing on Sketch & Toon. Thanks for all the inspiration Nick, Chris and crew.

  • hey nick you rock !
    your are my new andrew kramer for c4d, i ve seen your tuts and now i can know how to do all the effects i m seeing on Tv. great job nick and thanks for all, keep posting crazy c4d broadcast effect! i will look around and post you video on effect to understand….
    i go back to the next one..

  • Hi Nick,
    Can you please view this piece and let me know how its done. Its an awesome work of art and the guy who has made it claims to have it done in C4D.

    I’ve tried using the random effector and shader effector but I can’t seem make a completely filled cube like Ion has done it.


    • So after just 1 sleepless night I figured it out 🙂
      Its a really simple setup, u just have to slice an editable plane with random widths using knife tool. Use a polyfx to detach individual polygons and then use random effector with random mode in the effector tab set to sorted. The fall off weight has to be adjusted and the positions (x and y in my case) have to be animated.

      Now I can rest easy -_-

  • Hello,

    I Just started looking through a few tutorials. Does anybody know how to change the particles from circles to something like lines or squares. I’ve tried multiple things but I can’t find simple way to switch out the particle type that is being emitted…. everytime I render I get the damn circles. Thanks!

  • Is there a way of making custom particles so they aren’t always a sphere shape?

  • Great tut Nick

    When is it coming the tut about glowing particles touching the floor and changing the floor texture?


  • I’m like WHAAA….Just 5 mins into this tutorial, I’m like rendering frames of starfields or what galaxy or space rich stars would look like. Already, so easy to setup and play with X-Particles.

  • Hello! It doesn’t look like X particle scenes can be modified with time scale in the dynamics tab (under project settings). Is there any way to get an “ultra slow motion” render without changing any of the emitters or modifier settings?

    thank you!

  • The x-particles 3 interface seems wildly different from 2.5. Can you do an intro to x-particles 3?

  • Thank you! was so useful for me!

  • Hi There, How do I render the rain as lines? everytime I render it becomes spheres?

    Great Tuts as always!

  • Hi! Thank you for the tutorial! Is there a way to make particles follow a path like spline?

  • Great website guys! Sorry I missed the x-particles 3 sale you had recently for $499.00. Will there be any sales in the future?


  • So cool, tks!

  • Gorilla Guide to X-Particles:
    For “Rendering & Caching” which render engine used in tutorial…?


    • Jon uses standard for most of it but also uses a bit of Cycles 4D though most of the techniques shown do not require special rendering software. Thanks for asking!

  • No one to reply…..?
    Wanna know before buy.


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