Introducing Cineware and Cinema 4D Lite For After Effects

April 4, 2013

Maxon and Adobe announced Cineware and Cinema 4D Lite that will included in the next version of After Effects. Of course, we will have more tutorials about this functionality as it launches. But, for starters, I made a few demo videos below to show off what this new workflow could do for you. One video is for current After Effects users looking to learn what Cineware and Cinema 4D Lite can do, and the other video is for current Cinema 4D users wondering about the new workflow and how it works.


Cineware is a brand new way to work between After Effects and Cinema 4D by letting you bring Cinema 4D files directly into After Effects with no rendering. Imagine Live Compositingโ„ข directly in After Effects without having to render any files out of Cinema 4D. Change anything in your Cinema 4D file and it will automatically be updated in your AE comp. Very powerful stuff.

Cinema 4D Lite

Included in the upcoming version of After Effects is a FREE version of Cinema 4D called Cinema 4D Lite. It’s a new version of C4D specifically made for AE. For After Effects users, its a simple and free way to try out 3D in their workflow without buying anything other than After Effects. I think this will open up 3D to an entirely new set of users that would have never tried 3D before. Plus, if AE users find they are using Cinema 4D Lite in their projects and need more power, there is an easy upgrade path to the Professional versions of the software like the Broadcast or Studio version. A Full 3D package inside of After Effects… Period.

Demo For Cinema 4D Users

Demo For After Effects Users

Visit Our Cineware Page

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  • Nice Stuff, dude!

  • This is huge. Bridging this workflow hurdle will make it more fun for us to do our craft. Thumbs up.

  • Mind = Blown

  • So what exactly is the deal with this. I have AE CS6 and C4D R14 Studio….Am I going to have to get something else to use this now?

  • Really great news, Nick.
    And how will 3D time render be inside AE?

  • DAMN! This is so awesome. My wishes became true. I can’t wait to try it out!

  • Awesome! So stoked for this. I love that we don’t have to commit to specific C4D cams, and that now we’ll be able to choose them in post… or add an AE camera. Love it. And the on-the-fly, real-time updating from C4D to AE is insane.

    Do you know if Cineware can be used with C4D R13, or does it just work with R14?
    I hope you’ll do a multi-pass tutorial with this new system. That would be super helpful.

    Thanks for this and for all the great info you provide, Nick!

    • There is a short video on Adobe’s website about exactly that. If you place objects on different layers in C4D, the Cineware plugin can read those layers and apply them as separate layers in AE. Then you can add compositing elements between those layers in AE.

  • Hello, I think that is a great tool
    but I wonder what difference it would with Element 3D plugin?

    • Well you can do A LOT more than you can with Element 3D, so yes it’s competing with it. The one thing Element has going for it is that it’s realtime. THis news will force them to add a lot of more features if they want to stick around.

    • Element 3D is simply a GPU accelerated plugin, and that’s it, it is a plugin for AFX.

      CINEWARE is a bridge between two of the best applications in the VFX industry.

      This is very exciting news.

  • Hey nick, is there any release date? Cool thing i have creative cloud.. It’s a shame that the mograph tools in the lite version are so… lite..

  • This is an absolute gamechanger. Would like to see how it deals with more complicated scenes… but I can imagine building really huge amazing animations out of multiple C4D projects all strung together in AFX…

  • Would Rendering a scene be influenced by CUDA graphic cards? or is it just cinema rendering?

    Thanks for the anticipation of this stuff!

    • Cineware actually runs the AR3 Cinema’s native render engine inside AE, so you’ll have almost the same render speed as you’d have inside C4D, BUT! You won’t have to render a sequence of your scene with other multiple sequences of special passes, buffers, 3D data, etc and then take them to AE for compositing only to render them again out of After Effects. You will only have to make ONE final render from AE and that’s it!
      This is huge guys! Not only as a time saver but also as a disk space saver.

  • Now the only thing missing is C4D with Creative Cloud! Hope that’s not too far away from reality…

  • Wow, I had no idea Adobe was so terrified of VCP’s Element 3D.

    I love it when companies compete and it’s a win-win for users.

    • I don’t think this was as much as a reation to Element 3D as it is an evolutionary step. Maxon has been working with AE for years now, this is just taking it to the next level. If anything VCP probably realeased Element 3D early because they probably heard this was on it’s way.

  • Way Cool! So where, when, how can we get it, I think this is an excellent result from The Adobe and Maxon collaboration

  • This is amazing but it does look like its slow when trying to move around in AE but to be able to change things without rendering is HUGE!! like the color or text or even cam very excited. Do we know when this update is?

  • This will be the best AE update yet. Does anyone know if older versions of Cinema 4D will work with this. I only have R12, so will this still work or will I have to use Cinema 4D lite or upgrade my current version of Cinema 4D.

    • You need at least R14.

      • I watched a tutorial showcasing the new features and they said R12 and above will be supported. As if you have a full version of c4d it will open instead of the lite version as that is for those that do not have any c4d installed. Ill include the link if I can find it.

  • That’s really neat. Besides the camera, are we able to export C4D null objects via Cineware?

  • I’m almost sad that I just bought Element3D… but happy I’m a creative cloud member.

    • Don’t be. I believe both can work together and there’s no need to pick and choose. Element 3D is dramatically faster then rendering from Cinema 4D, even if you are able to skip a step in compositing now (which does help quite a bit). When you need something quick, or on the fly, or want to experiment with it’s animation engine, Element 3D is great for that. However there will always be things in Cinema that you can’t do in Element, so that’s why I think having both will be great.

      The Cinema 4D Lite version seems like a joke though.. from my understanding you can’t render images larger then 800×600 and there’s no polygon modelling? I might have misunderstood though.

      • Lite is limited to 800×600, but the idea is that you’ll do all your final renders through Cineware anyway. Cineware in AE is only restricted by the max comp size in AE.

      • Plus you can model things with splines and primitives which you can’t do in Element 3D.

  • Guilherme Todorov April 4, 2013 at 7:52 pm

    I am curious about more complicated scenes like Global Illumination, Physical Engine & etc…
    The selling point to me is the camera animation, so it would be a better tool than Element because you would be working with the raw sources, no workarounds… And for motiongraphics there are scenes which is all about camera animation, so the real-time-changes would be useful.
    But still, nothing compares with the speed of working with image sequences, so I don’t think this will be a 100% replaceable workflow.

    But definitely a tool to keep an eye on.
    thanks for the info

    • absolutely right. wise words. seems to me they just want to look be like “we can do element 3d too”

      • Element is way faster though.

        • i agree. watching the Demo makes me wonder what sort of system requirements are needed to keep it from crashing.
          The big benefits will ceom from having access to more animation tools like shatter and some of the lighting tools you dont have in AFX. Considering element 3d doesn’t include shadows, it would be an interesting addition to afx.

    • As far as I know you can’t use the physical render with Cineware… yet.

  • For those who don’t already have Cinema4D… have you tried installing any of your products (Light Kit, City Kit, Transform) into Cinema Lite?

    • I’m wondering as well which GSG products will work with CS4 Lite. Would love to play around with Transform, although I’m not a Cinema4D user (yet).

  • Wow, bridging the gap was much needed

    • expect the bridge is too heavy and it can not carry the weight of the 2 sides. and so the bridge collapses when your client is looking over your shoulder waiting for you to hit render. but you cant. so you lose the job, you dont get paid, then you find out your client was a mass murderer, they stalk you for weeks, months.. then when you are not looking. they kill you.

  • you should try element 3d, its awesome!!! and way way faster.

    why dont you do element 3d tutorials?

    you have an extremely fast machine, way too expensive for most of us guys, and it looks pretty dam slow even on your machine.

    i think i’ll stick to element 3d.

    • There are pros and cons to both competing products. C4D has tons more features, quality rendering but with slower speeds. ELement 3D is limited featurewise but has speed on it’s side. Pick your poison.

  • I would like to kiss everybody in Maxon team, for this awesome plug in, they created!!!

  • i just watched the cineware demo on the maxon site. interviews are so staged.
    clearly they are freaking out because of element 3d.
    saying this is a whole new workflow is ridiculous. my guess is, this will rarely be used, especially by compositors.

    the biggest issue is speed, once you start combining this in a multi layered composite, its pretty much useless. this is why we pre render 3d.

    i will say its helpful.. but in very small doses, element 3d is a whole different architecture, its built for speed this is exactly what we need in after effects, for cineware to work, cinema 4d would have to be rebuilt from the ground up.

    sorry…. im not sold at all.

    • mmm….good point.

      • Element slows down drastically as soon as you crank up anti-aliasing, DOF and instances… every tool has performance barriers.

        • yes, true. but element is in a whole other league above this. what nick has just shown us is bare bones text layer with extreme lagging, as soon as you put that into a composite, its rendered useless (pardon the pun) and trust me, all these demos are done on the fastest machines possible… machines that are way out of the regular motion designers price range.

          this is purely an exercise for maxon to put trust back into their userbase, to let them know that they are still thinking about them.

          • Element 3D will struggle to keep it’s realtime performace once they add shadows, better transparencies, true reflections, sss, etc. Plus you’ll have to spend money on a higher end video card. C4Dlite comes free with your AE upgrade.

    • its does look really slow…but excited either way to see new advances being made.

      • er, yeah, realllly slow, and this is on nicks 12 core with a huge graphics card. seems unworkable to me. seems to me they are just trying to catch up with videocopilot. videocopilot did it the smart way, they used a gaming style render engine which was pure genius, cinema 4d has a totally different architecture, theres no way it could work efficiently in a composite, cinema 4d would have to be rebuilt for this to work… and thats just not going to happen

        • I think it will be most helpful for getting the “look” down on a single frame. But yeah.. I couldn’t imagine scrubbing through and trying to play back a camera animation, it seemed so slow for such a simple scene. Especially in Nicks computer.

          I feel like it’ll be a lot like CS6’s new “Raytrace Render” which I have used twice. It was so painfully slow it actually was faster to do it in a 3D program and then import the sequence. Let alone use Element 3D.

        • They might make it happen. Competition is a spark for greatness. They are not just wrestling Video Co Pilot, There is also Autodesk to consider. Maxon always tries to amaze like the Apple Mac and Canon. It’s tough out there. Soon we might see Maxon include liquids like like they did with the new sculpting.

  • wow, some powerful stuff. I wonder what the render options and limits are…will it interact with c4d render plugins such as vray or in the built in physical render?
    mmm….really interesting, and if it does its job nicely then its really mind blowing.

    • hmm.. look at the speed of it on nicks machine, he has an ultra expensive top of the range mac pro. with maxed up ram and graphics card, and it was lagging big time. stick this layer into a composite, and thats the end of that!

      • Yeah, I guess that once we get a chance to test it, we’ll see what the real benefits are.
        To me the “C4D in AE” idea is ok but not the stunning aspect. The chance of doing some adjustments even if minor but essential to take your work to the next level and seeing what the FINAL result will be before rendering out is something I surely find interesting though. I guess that I’d still go for regular ol school workflow but I’m sure I could find some great benefits from this new set up. Just a matter of making the best use of it for one’s needs.

  • So cool, that youยดre on Maxon site included Video! Greetz to Chris! -__-

  • Nice one.

    How about the rendertimes with multiple copies of the same file (same camera) with an offset in AE? (e.g: a loop)
    And what about timeremapping and rendertime? (e.g.: 50% slower or 100% faster)

    • hahha, absolutely no chance my friend, there is absolutely no way you could work with this and manipulate it in a composite, look at the speed of it in nicks ultra powerful 12 core!!!!

  • Extremelly awesome! except render time…

    • er.. yup! right on.
      render time will be an absolute joke, their site says “its great for client changes” yeah right! ahahahah, ermm.. in the compositing world, we pre render elements for a reason… theres not enough power to handle it!

  • Lets say we want to ram preview this so it renders every time there is a change?
    It kinda cool in certain situations but really pulls you down with lag on the comping part

    • dude, look at how slow it is on nicks machine! he has a 12 core with about 64gb ram and a massive graphics card… seems useless to me, its videocopilot all the way for me.
      cinema 4d needs too much power for it to be workable through after effects and with compositing!!!!?? real world client changes??? forget it. i’ll stick to pre-rendering my composites thankyou

  • and so nick deletes my posts because i say something negative about this product.. nick, your pathetic for doing that, what about freedom of speech? i didnt swear, i didnt lay into you or your site. all i did was say this product is deathly slow, too slow to work with in a real world composite.


    maxon is so scared!!

    • Nobody is deleting comments. But if you don’t be nice, I will have to start.

    • Mike- I’ve been following Nick for over 5yrs and i’ve never seen a post deleted. maybe you didn’t save it correctly ๐Ÿ™‚

      As for this plug, i love the idea, but agree with you and everyone else here. It seems very slow and it most likely will be; it’s a brand new plug and it will have its limitations. I’m sure there will be improvements. However, the ELEMENT3D joint is revolutionary! It’s something the industry needed, even if just to wake them up and show them the little man has knowledge too. ๐Ÿ™‚

      @Nick, keep up the great work and i’d love to see a collaboration between GSG and VC man.

      • Just to be clear. I like Element3D. I think using GPU was a brilliant move. But, Cinema 4D has been my 3D package for about 10 years now, so i’m pretty pumped that it’s coming for free in my favorite compositing tool.

        • Its free…. wow…… end of pointing out the problems discussion for me…. great work maxon

        • Hi Nick,
          You know the problem is, everyone was expecting the cineware to be a free ware since adobe is not going to release a higher CS but just AE+Cineware.
          You are doing a good work, KEEP IT UP.

    • Hahaha dude CINEMA 4d is the real deal here.

  • i keep seeing posts from people talking about how bad this is and how great videocopilot is, but nick keeps deleting them.. has anyone else noticed this? the posts were just being constructive, whats the go woth freedom of speech on this site nick?
    does nick work for maxon now?

    • First off, Nick isn’t a governmental body and as such has no constitution so “freedom of speech” doesn’t apply here. It IS however Nicks house and he can do whatever he pleases within it.

      Look, I have Element 3d as well and I like it but I could list about 10 major features that Cinema 4d has that make it untouchable to Element.
      Here’s a few,
      Global Illumination
      Real reflections
      Real shadowing
      Real transparency
      Real Dynamics

      Sure, render time will be slow, then again, it’s slow in Cinema.

      • I’ll add some more.

        Primite and Spline modeling.
        Real texturing
        Fracture object
        Overall better quality rendering

    • Please don’t troll. I haven’t deleted any comments negative comments. But, if you keep this up I will.

  • i thought it said EAT… SLEEP… BENDER… for a minute lol, yeah thats what I’m on. Looks awesome, but AE has always been kinda slow for me and I have a decent machine that pumps out C4D pretty quickly. I love the idea of AE of sourcing C4D’s renderer and assets, but there’s definitely a hardware advantage over users like me – I have to say though, C4D is primarily used in broadcast right? So it makes perfect sense to design a seamless plugin for studios who rely on both platforms. I’d love to be in a position to take advantage of it.

  • Thanks for the breakdown of the new workflow, Nick. One question – it seems like the rendering still has to happen somewhere, and in this case it would add long render times to your AE renders due to the 3D elements being rendered. While I can see how this would be great in some ways, it could also have an adverse effect depending on the project. Say you have a complex 3D scene imported in to AE, along with something like a lower third (made in AE) with some simple text. If you had to change the text (or whatever) in AE, every time you had to re-render a new version of the AE file, AE would also be doing all the 3D rendering legwork from scratch. Even if the change wasn’t to the 3D file. I’m not knocking the product and I think it’s great for compositing & testing, but I think it makes sense to know when it might end up complicating things more. Either way, I’m excited for more workflow options!

    • I am curious about this too…

    • Hi Jonathan,

      I think no tool is the golden, perfect solution for everything. So isn’t Cineware. There will be projects where prerendered output from C4D will do the job ans save your time. An other time you need to tweek your 3D scene until you get happy and here the full integration wins in reagards of comfort and time.


  • Hoping C4D R15 will have a DirectX Port and have GPU Rendering

  • Awesome update. Hoping they speed it up before release though. I will probably use it to bring in cameras quickly, other than that, it is a bit slow. Still incredibly useful though.

    How does this go with network rendering?

  • I love the easy workflow for the 3D camera view.

  • Amazing!

  • Curious about who is going to be handling DOF and motion blur in this scenario?
    AE? Or C4D? Or either?
    Hoping that by using AEs camera, you also get AEs motion blur.

    • I think this is the most interesting question. If you can work with 3D scenes in AE and then apply AE depth of field and motion blur it would be a game changer. It would bring AE more inline with Nuke. Element is pretty limited in what it can do but one of its great strengths is using AE’s DoF and motion blur.


  • wow, this is something really great

  • Element is better because of the render engine it uses. BUT i’m not sure if you can use another engine from cinema with cineware. For example if you install Vray in cinema 4d will you be able the get it to render in Afx?
    If so, then the answer to speed is another engine, like Octane (a vcard based engine) which is faster. The engine is pretty new, and i’m sure that in time you can use this workflow. Maybe is complicated to make a cineware compatible engine for c4d, but it is possible.

  • Thank you for this. If you could answer, I undertand that the Standar Final render includes the parameters you select in the render settings in Cinema4D (antialiasing level, GI settings, AO etc and that in the new AE, this final render you set, is more faster than in Cinema4D so far. Is that correct? Thank you.

  • oh man, 3d tracking just got a lot lot lot fast. Can’t wait to try this new workflow!

  • This is just amazing! i dont know if you have any knowledge on cinemas net render is able to take advantage of this. We use the net render all the tame at work so thats why i asked.

  • Its great, but I think it too slow.
    And, I got say, I dont know what happen with VCP and Gorilla, but its strange that you dont mention Element 3D, or just mention something like “an expensive plugin”…Well Element is really cheap. Anyway, its great see Adobe and Maxon working together.

  • This is going to be an amazing feature. Can’t wait to test it out.

    Curious as to how it will handle a scene with dynamics. I assume you’ll need to bake your scene before going into AE?

  • In my opinion this is a great move for new AE and C4D artist who want a bridge between 3D and comping. It is new and still has a ways to go as it only appears to support beginner level animations (text, geometric shapes, etc). If you are an advanced user (making huge environments, dynamic animations, xpresso, etc) then Maxon and Adobe suggest sticking with or purchasing the pro versions of C4D and using AE wherever you can.

    I have not played with Element as I am pursuing the advanced user field and I need far more control than manipulating imported obj files. If C4d is preparing for a battle with Element, then who do you think will win? The company with the full on 3D software and the support of Adobe backing it. How about the company that specializes in superior plugins? You decide.

    I would probably buy both. You can’t go wrong if you own everything. LOL

    • I think after this announcement VC has to step it up by adding more features to keep it’s user base.

      • VCP Already said they will add mor features to Element.
        anyway it will always depend on what you need for my needs Element is great -> others may need more..

        regards Mark

  • Hey, not sure if anyone has asked this already, but from what I’ve read, Element3D’s GPU rendering is faster, so will Cineware allow for this inside of After Effects? It’d be great to give my 680 a go at rendering a Cinema4D project.

    Also, (a little unrelated but hey) the City Kit is great Nick! Any more updates on the horizon now that Element has the ‘metropolitan’ pack?

  • This is awesome . I always get fuck off of rendering waiting and the other things now I’m just gonna make the animation and bring it in AE and make the final render without waiting 2 or 3 hours of render ..

    Awesome . Maxon and Adobe are crazy in a good way of course ..

  • How does this effect using any of the Greyscale Gorilla plugins for Cinema 4D with After Effects?

  • WOW! I know Element is out there, but it’s about time that we have the opportunity to work with live Cinema 4D 3D scenes in After Effects. I can’t wait to get my hands on this important new technology!

  • It’s look like very complicated for the complex scene with the Lightroom ect.
    And why they are going out a new After effect version every 1.5 Years ?

  • Pure madness this is.

  • hi,
    i think this is nice C4D in AE is something that can be very powerfull.

    but ithink i will stick by CS6 for a wile just because i have someone els modeling and i do the AE work thats why i use Element 3D (also im a C4D noob couldn build a hous in there if my life depends on it)
    i get every think prefractured, obj sequenze and stuff.
    If we need the high quality we use image sequenze and composit the old way.

    but for folks that do both C4D and AE i think this could be huge.

    question: how is the new 3D tracker can it compete with the Foundry?

    have a nice day
    regards Mark

  • It’s a useless and worthless plug in ever. Look guys if it’s too on Nick’s machine and as he says in the comment above that it renders the same speed as you render in Cinema what’s the point of using it? Right?

    I’d rather do all the animation and others inside Cinema coz its way faster to move around unlike inside AE it’s too crappy slow. How crazy to emulate Element 3D.

    • It’s a worthless and useless plug in ever. Look guys if it’s too slow on Nick’s machine… (typo error on the comment above)

      • You don’t get it, . of course you’ll do everything 3D and camera related in C4D, but atleast you don’t have to render twice. collor correcting and final changes will be way easier. example: color correction in After effects makes you realise that the color of a 3D object is not quite right => way easier to change

  • This is EPIC! Element 3D is dead!

  • My jaw has reach the floor at minute 5. Dream come true. Thanks for the demo!

  • This is an awesome thing. I have Element 3D. and I can see the benefits of both. and will use both. One of the real winners tho is Nick. I’ve known about Grey Scale Gorilla for a while but didn’t have C4D. so I didn’t come back often. Now Nick is gonna get a lot of new subscribers to his web site. And that’s a good thing , The smart thing that nick is gonna do now is concentrate on what can be done with C4D lite. and teach all us aftereffects users how to use it. So Nick id like to take this opportunity to say Hi from Seattle. And lets rock this thing. You have a new Fan!

  • Hi Nick,

    first of all I think this is great news. Not only from the pipeline’s or efficiency’s point of view. Also for the “simple” C4D user. Because: Now we not only have a tight partnership of two accepted companies but a stunning toolset as a result of this collaboration. Furthermore: There definitely will be an impact on the business of 3D software packages. And I think it will change “superiority” of MAX and the marketshares will move. Am I too optimistic? Future will tell ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also a word on Cineware vs. Element 3D. It’s rather not a “versus” but an “and”. It’s not an “either or”. Both tools do have their field. And when you spend a little moment to take a look into the tech behind the tools you find out that f.e. the limits of accuracy is an advantage in speed – and vice versa. Cineware and Element 3D don’t compete – they complement!

    Last not least thank you Nick for the quick introduction to the possibilities of the new toolset. Your site is – as always – a great place of help, support and inspiration for the community! Thank you!

    My two cents. Happy weekend to everybody and happy rendering!

    • Well they do compete in the sense that they both are trying to solve a 3d problem. It just comes down to what you’re willing to sacrifice, speed vs quality.

  • Nick I’ve being following you for a while and its just so nice to see how excited you get with news like this. I really admire how much do you like what you do! Keep so on! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Aaron R. Stewart April 6, 2013 at 5:28 am

    Hey Nick, are products like your HDRI pack and Transform plug going to be able to be used in C4D lite?

  • hi.
    Is there a way to test cineware on CS6 ? sometimes we can access to beta of some plugins on adobe labs, so I have a little hope…

  • Where can I download the plugin?

  • And how it works with motion blur?

  • very hard slowly working plugin… this plugin amator

  • The software render is too slow for “software render”
    Andrew Kramer’s 3D plugin looks much faster.
    They should try to compete with that.

  • I’m hoping some day Maxon and Adobe team up and make C4D a Full fledged member of the creative suite. This is a great step, but I think both companies would benefit from a merger.

  • well it’s not a new thing. Node based compositors like Nuke and Fusion did this a while ago and that didn’t make any big difference yet. Artist still work in 3d pakages for better results. I don’t like to switch apps very often. and there is one more issue. In after effects you can see the render results and camera interaction but you can’t select and move object and in Cinema 4d you can select and move the objects but you can’t see the compostion, you don’t know where the hell you positioning things. You have to guess.

  • Many of these comments are so far off base it’s kind of funny… This is a game changer for C4D + AFX workflow. Will be saving me loads of $$

  • Why is everyone talking about Element 3D?

    I don’t understand.

    • Hi Shawn,

      I think the similarities are obvious: Both have somewhere “3D” in their feature list ๐Ÿ˜€
      The concept of each tool – and it’s impact on workflow and results – is not everybody’s cup of tea I’m afraid.


  • Hi guys, I remember reading somewhere something like this “If you only know how to use a hammer, you will see every problem as a nail”.

    I think that comparing element 3D with this new workflow is like comparing a super-cool filter with Photoshop. Each one of them has it’s specific range of use.

    I don’t see this as a Element 3D killer, so we are just seeing something that will evolve into better tools in the future. Will it require better hardware? Of course. Will be an extra learning curve? Sure, but If I can’t master it or can’t have the resources to give it a try, well… i wouldn’t use it.

    So, I will try to learn each tool and understand which one is better for specific tasks and will try to stay realistic into what can we do with the tools we have available.

    Nick, wish you the best for your presentations.

  • I can’t believe that Adobe and Maxon have finally merged there genius together as one and made something as unstoppable as After Effects with C4D!!! I can’t wait for all the Maya, 3DS, and Rhino users I know to look at me and finally say “Damn dude, you are Lucky as hell” Since everyday they pick on us C4D users!! But no more of that cause we now have some power on our side!! ( Not like we didn’t always have the secret weapon on our side) Anyway GREAT Tut Nick, as always YOU ARE THE MAN!!! Have fun and be safe in Vegas!! I will stop by the old booth and say WAAAAZZZZUPPPPPPP!!!!! Check me out at the Luxor Wednesday night, I”ll be that guy on the Decks, spinnin that ElectroSTEP!!

    • @ Chris GRiM – I am a Maya user who knows some C4D but prefers Maya…still. I would never tease someone else for the software they choose. That’s silly. But this doesn’t make me want to abandon Maya, which is my software of choice. I just hate that After Effects and Autodesk aren’t collaborating on something similar. I hope that in the future, this type of workflow will be standard because if not, other applications will get left behind. I work at a major TV network, and they are switching over from Maya to C4D.

      In the meantime, as a Maya user, I will just have to learn the Maya to After Effects workflow the old fashioned (multi-pass renders) way, I guess. And I am okay with that for now.

  • Great news regarding AE and Cinema, really looking forward to implementing it. There’s one obvious catch I can’t seem to find any answers for, though:

    Cinema 4D render nodes + render server vs integrated AE render (not very farm friendly). Say I make a comp containing live C4D content, but I don’t want to occupy my PC using the normal, internal AE renderer.

    – BG render doesn’t support AE ray traced rendering, I doubt it will work with C4D-content (invoking an underlaying C4D-renderer)

    – AE does have farm functionality, and it’s possible to use watch folders that the farm grabs and renders in sequences to a network location. However, only the aerender.exe is possible to install without a license key (since CS6), and I don’t think that program contains the ability to render C4D content.

    If I have to render all AE effects AND the 3D content using the internal renderer of ONE machine, I’m not sure how much time I’ll be saving.

    Any clues?

  • This is exciting, but I’m taking it with some huge grains of salt. The 3D camera tracking tool in CS6 is absolutely awful. Unless Adobe can improve it (not holding my breath), I’m still going to have to use Nuke and/or PFTrack to integrate footage with 3D graphics.

  • Hey Nick,
    Any idea if this can take advantage of net render by chance? This could be a huge deal if they get it working with the render client!


  • Nick,

    Wondering if you tried RSMB with comps brought in via CineWare. Does it make having the Pro RSMB version unnecessary? …feels like a yes, but then again I don’t have either…

  • Honestly, the comments that start with PROGRAM/PLUGIN is better because REASON are just so insanely uneducated.

    Most of you don’t have a clue about what C4D is capable of. Yes Element3D is fast, but it’s so limited in what it can do. I’ve incorporated it into my work flow for quite a few things, but in order to use it to its full potential you NEED C4D and an understanding of C4D (Fracturing and modelling specifically). At this point I just use it for titles. And while in many cases the 3D files I receive are pre-renders, I can think of a lot of situations where making a change in AE and then leaving it to render while I do other things is a great option (Remember Background Renderer?) In the end this is a tool specifically targeting C4D artists and 3D compositors, which I’d imagine most of you critics aren’t. And while many talented people will be able to incorporate this into their workflow and do amazing things quickly and with more fluidity than render/importing. Most AE users will never use this feature.

    I’d be interested in seeing a speed comparison between rendering out of C4D, importing into AE then rendering an image sequence out of AE compared to just rendering straight to image sequence from AE.

  • Cant wait for this!!

  • I wish everyone would stop hating on Element. This announcement in my opinion is only going to help Element. All Element objects need to be imported from a 3d program, now it will be included with AE. Don’t get me wrong c4d is a much more powerful program but they are competing in different areas. It’s speed vs accuracy. People also have to realise that Element is an evolving plug in where as c4d is a mature product. Both are tools and I will be using them for the appropriate purpose.

    Here is a preview just to prove that Element is evolving and that v2 will include shadows:

  • Steven Griffiths April 10, 2013 at 7:58 am

    Totally off topic, but the transform exploding black cube you showed in this Demo. How did you manage to to have a different colour inside it? It looked pretty awesome!

  • AWESOME! Thanks for the demo. Glad I stuck with AE and C4D. I wonder if they used some of the architecture they built to work with Swift.

  • April 11, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    Does anybody knows when it will launched?

  • Hey Nick awesome tutorial….
    Thanks for sharing ….

    Interesting to know how you Get it
    Before it released to the market????

  • Dear Santa Nik, i’m far far away from you but that does not prevent me from watching your tuts. One thing becomes more and more difficult it is an upgrading my pentium 166Mhz. And after i watch this video about cineware and a new AE version, my PC say โ€” hey! dude! i haven’t 12 cores even 2 cores i haven’t, no 64Gb RAM, just only 256Mb =( Could you throw me out and ask mr. Nik to present his old mac pro for your daily tasks =)))) Thanks in advance ))) And for your great work )))

  • I have Visualize. I want to use my own version of Cinema and NOT lite. How do we do that?

  • I have Visualize. I want to use my own version and NOT the lite version. How do we do that?

  • I must be stupid because even a not yet realized what procedure to install or operate CINEWARE.
    Will someone help me?
    R14 + CS6 use windows system

  • Can you explain how to create that Orange/Purple Fractured Cube?
    Thanks a lot!!

  • Hi. Gorilla When CINEWARE available

  • I wonder if markers can be transferred over.

  • In think that we can start to talk about the period before this thing and the period after this thing.

    I use Cinema almost daily and my boss is an expert of ” let’s rethink all the stuff the day before the deadline “… my chin almost touched the floor when i see those 2 videos. I thought a bit about the rendering and maybe the render farm, wich i know, is not that great on After Effect, but for a day-to-day small objects rendering or some short sequences ( like a simple graphic designer like me have to do ), this i WAY sufficient as i don’t render tons of super-complex, raytraced, GI frames each day. And beside all the super-funky-funny stuff you can build to play around, THIS is gonna save the time ( and the mental health ) of many artists.
    THANK YOU Maxon & Adobe !

    And thank you, Nick, by the way ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hello. If I have Cinema 4D Studio R14, Can I use this one or I have to use the lite version?

  • Yay! finally an integration! Now I hope it will all still operate in a reasonable speed because I can not do anything with the current Raytraced 3D in after effects cs6 to work because it is so slow.

    And Nick! On the Demo For After Effects 03:13 you were trying to zero out the location of the 2.5D text…. but you were zeroing the “scale” ! I have always been trying to catch up with all your C4d tutorials and this one I caught your mistake because it is an AFX environment! I feel so proud of myself ! haha! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nice Stuff, dude!

  • In think that we can start to talk about the period before this thing and the period after this thing.

    I use Cinema almost daily and my boss is an expert of โ€ letโ€™s rethink all the stuff the day before the deadline โ€œโ€ฆ my chin almost touched the floor when i see those 2 videos. I thought a bit about the rendering and maybe the render farm, wich i know, is not that great on After Effect, but for a day-to-day small objects rendering or some short sequences ( like a simple graphic designer like me have to do ), this i WAY sufficient as i donโ€™t render tons of super-complex, raytraced, GI frames each day. And beside all the super-funky-funny stuff you can build to play around, THIS is gonna save the time ( and the mental health ) of many artists.
    THANK YOU Maxon & Adobe !

    And thank you, Nick, by the way ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey, Nick…

    Just take a look at the link given below :

    So, Did you watch it?

    Can you teach me how to do it…

    Thank You…

  • Hello Nick,

    Ty for youre blog and fantastic stuff as usual, I have only a question :

    I d like to share youre posts, especially via my twitter account but i cant find the share button…Its me, or you have decided to not have one on yr blog?

    It would be a lot easier to spread youre great work around.

    Ty and keep going with the awesome work.



  • Looks like a great way of bringing C4D into every After Effects users toolset from CS7 onwards. Just for that they should be applauded. I can only see positives from this development and I look forward to using this workflow soon. The combination of 3D camera tracking and 3D objects from C4D looks particularly exciting. Looking forward to more demos from GSG…

  • Very good, it is worth still can not test and do not know when will be available, I think Adobe is going to buy 4d cinema … a good job

  • Thanks Nick,

    This is awesome, I’ve been wanting to expand into C4D but the budget was never there, and now BAM it can happen.

    Looking forward to more information and will be checking out your tuts when the time comes.

    Keep up the great work you are a blessing to the motion community.

  • Green Screen Paint May 2, 2013 at 5:50 am

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  • This is really amazing, will definitely be helpful. But Nick can this new feature by adobe and cineware be compered to Element 3D from Videocopilot?

  • Nice one, thanks for the introduction ^^


  • Far out. This is one of those once in a generation leaps huh. I mean – removing the entire 3D rendering stage completely !

    This is the trigger I needed to finally abandon Maya and go C4D.

  • Prepare lessons to give us so much, thank you very much for us to warm up to the program. come easy for new studies

  • Oh my god, this is the best thing ever! thanks nick for shearing u are a really good teacher, I love your videos, please keep going!

  • Hey Nick,

    New website looks great by the way.

    This upgrade can’t come soon enough…

    The Video Copilot dudes have made a very simple workflow for morphing one object into another with Element with great looking results (in the way the geometry morphs particularly). I’ve been using C4D for a while but still haven’t got a clue as to how to pull that off the way especially with such ease. Would be good to see a tasty tutorial from you giving us the low-down on that bad boy move in C4D…

    All the best.


  • I feel its necessary to bring up a point that it seems has escaped the general populations awareness. This next version of AE is RENTAL ONLY. That goes for the Lite version of C4D included in AE. When you stop renting (ie at the $50 a month standard price) you loose access to the software. You also lose access to your projects. If eternally paying rent on software at the standard price of $600 a year isnt an issue for you, then this is a good offer. As of today 11,000 folks have signed a petition letting Adobe know this is not alright.
    I have been an enthusiastic tester and promoter of Adobe software. But not anymore. I own CS6 (which is great) and will continue using it for free until things change .

    • Yep, seems they are thinking of taking the cloud/Office 365 route. Fingers crossed it won’t happen.

      • Jason, its not a matter of “thinking”. This is the announced policy for all new Adobe software from now on. It happened on May 5 when it was announced at Adobe Max. All new software is rental only.

        • Ah no, that’s not good. Can’t see how that is going to add value to their product line. It just seems an aggressive step against piracy.

    • …where’s this petition, I’d love to sign it…

    The price seems ‘fair’, but for how long? Are/will there be 2 year contracts for it just like your phone, or cable? Pretty soon, it’s just another bill you have to pay….while we’re at it, why don’t we rent plug-ins too?? This is troubling…. I hope MAXON didn’t sign their rights away; would love to see CINEWARE for CS-Holdouts…..

  • Anyone Please Reply:
    So Cineware is for After Effects CS7, will the add-on be available for CS6? I don’t feel like upgrading to CS7..

    • for now it seems Adobe is committed to a subscription-only model; however, there’s a lot of holdouts and negativity towards Adobe on this…hopefully they’ll change their minds…

  • I have C4D R14 Studio and Adobe Production Premium CS6. Since I have CS6, my initial year subscription to “CC” is is only $20 per month for the 1st year; then it goes to $50 per month which still seems reasonable if you compare it to the C4D Maintenance Program which I have ($650 per year). Judgement day will come, for me, if they start unreasonably jacking-up the subscription price in out-years. Because of “cloud technology advancements”, I think this IS THE FUTURE.

    I’m still a little confused about “what render engine is being used and when” since that’s what ultimately determines project quality.

  • Brilliant little tutorial for introducing after effects users to Cinema 4D Lite. Very exciting stuff about this new intergration!

  • Hi Nick, how are you? Could u help me please. I’m trying to do this tutorial but, I don’t know what happens when I apply the explode segments, my text disappear. May be problem of memory? What do you think? Thanks a lot.

  • This is really cool. Is there any fast way to have the video backplate in the c4d canvas for reference? Lets say you want the guy to animate jumping off the table at a certain time. Because you can’t see the edge of the table or the timing in C4d it seems limited. But if its possible to easily bring it in it seems like an awesome workflow…can you please make a tutorial using a backplate reference guide in c4d?

  • Hello.
    Please, help solve my problem.
    I have installed Cinema 4D Full but not on system volume. And it’s work fine. But Cineware use only own lite version. How i make bridge to my full version of C4D?
    When i delete lite version from AE Plugins folder, it’s say like – “Cinema 4d not installed”.
    Please, send me email.

  • v.nice Stuff .. and i wanna ask for something how i can make a 2 faces mat in one Object like you did in Transform cube like you did .. ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wow, over here trying to completely learn Motion 5 and my late to the party butt sees this. I’ve been trying to learn C4D for 10+ years just so I can do real 3D Text but I never had a 3 button nor could I afford one. May have to find a way now!

  • how do i get TRANSFORM plugin into C4D n is it downloadable???

  • is it possible to do several text scenes w/ Transform as well as other preset C4D objects and more texts in the same project n lastly a number of camera moves w/ diff. bckgrds in n out???????

  • can i get a short tutorial from the expert???…pls!…thanks Nick!

  • how can i set up different camera scenes…say topcam,maincam,rearcam n viewcam in C4D n compile them in one project…i watched u(Nick) do the eye pop out video, rendered the cams in the render queue b@ cld nt add the camera scenes…they actually rendered video by video b@ cld nt do this…???

  • how do you set a certain point in AE to be the zero of C4D and AE?

  • Hey Nick, first thank you for these tutorials,,
    In the second video at 11.05 you showed us a 3d tracking example in the kitchen.
    The issue I have! I’m trying to add a shadow to my 3d objects using cineware, you didn’t explain what you did actually.
    Technically in cinema I made a plan to cast shadows on it with an object buffer tag..
    Than after effects I used the cineware shadow multipass to cast shadows, and the object buffer multipass to remove the plan from my 3d scene.
    I know you did it in an easier way, please can you advice ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Nick,
    I am using C4D R15 and AECS6 but cant import my c4d files into ae but you can? as i dont even have a clue about my cineware layer is it available in cs6?

    Cheers Larry.

  • I’m sure I am not doing it right, but getting complex external models into Element 3D is bizarrely difficult, if not a game breaker… I’m learning how to bake textures which is supposed to help, but it’s still retarded that you have to reassign textures… either it is truly dumb or I am not doing it right.

  • Is there anything we would have to do to transform in c4d before it gets sent to cineware, as far as baking the animation, adding a compositing tag or anything like that?

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