Introducing Cineware and Cinema 4D Lite For After Effects

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Maxon and Adobe announced Cineware and Cinema 4D Lite that will included in the next version of After Effects. Of course, we will have more tutorials about this functionality as it launches. But, for starters, I made a few demo videos below to show off what this new workflow could do for you. One video is for current After Effects users looking to learn what Cineware and Cinema 4D Lite can do, and the other video is for current Cinema 4D users wondering about the new workflow and how it works.


Cineware is a brand new way to work between After Effects and Cinema 4D by letting you bring Cinema 4D files directly into After Effects with no rendering. Imagine Live Compositing™ directly in After Effects without having to render any files out of Cinema 4D. Change anything in your Cinema 4D file and it will automatically be updated in your AE comp. Very powerful stuff.

Cinema 4D Lite

Included in the upcoming version of After Effects is a FREE version of Cinema 4D called Cinema 4D Lite. It’s a new version of C4D specifically made for AE. For After Effects users, its a simple and free way to try out 3D in their workflow without buying anything other than After Effects. I think this will open up 3D to an entirely new set of users that would have never tried 3D before. Plus, if AE users find they are using Cinema 4D Lite in their projects and need more power, there is an easy upgrade path to the Professional versions of the software like the Broadcast or Studio version. A Full 3D package inside of After Effects… Period.

Demo For Cinema 4D Users

Demo For After Effects Users

Visit Our Cineware Page

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  • Very good, it is worth still can not test and do not know when will be available, I think Adobe is going to buy 4d cinema … a good job

  • Thanks Nick,

    This is awesome, I’ve been wanting to expand into C4D but the budget was never there, and now BAM it can happen.

    Looking forward to more information and will be checking out your tuts when the time comes.

    Keep up the great work you are a blessing to the motion community.

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  • This is really amazing, will definitely be helpful. But Nick can this new feature by adobe and cineware be compered to Element 3D from Videocopilot?

  • Nice one, thanks for the introduction ^^


  • Far out. This is one of those once in a generation leaps huh. I mean – removing the entire 3D rendering stage completely !

    This is the trigger I needed to finally abandon Maya and go C4D.

  • Prepare lessons to give us so much, thank you very much for us to warm up to the program. come easy for new studies

  • Oh my god, this is the best thing ever! thanks nick for shearing u are a really good teacher, I love your videos, please keep going!

  • Hey Nick,

    New website looks great by the way.

    This upgrade can’t come soon enough…

    The Video Copilot dudes have made a very simple workflow for morphing one object into another with Element with great looking results (in the way the geometry morphs particularly). I’ve been using C4D for a while but still haven’t got a clue as to how to pull that off the way especially with such ease. Would be good to see a tasty tutorial from you giving us the low-down on that bad boy move in C4D…

    All the best.


  • I feel its necessary to bring up a point that it seems has escaped the general populations awareness. This next version of AE is RENTAL ONLY. That goes for the Lite version of C4D included in AE. When you stop renting (ie at the $50 a month standard price) you loose access to the software. You also lose access to your projects. If eternally paying rent on software at the standard price of $600 a year isnt an issue for you, then this is a good offer. As of today 11,000 folks have signed a petition letting Adobe know this is not alright.
    I have been an enthusiastic tester and promoter of Adobe software. But not anymore. I own CS6 (which is great) and will continue using it for free until things change .

    • Yep, seems they are thinking of taking the cloud/Office 365 route. Fingers crossed it won’t happen.

      • Jason, its not a matter of “thinking”. This is the announced policy for all new Adobe software from now on. It happened on May 5 when it was announced at Adobe Max. All new software is rental only.

        • Ah no, that’s not good. Can’t see how that is going to add value to their product line. It just seems an aggressive step against piracy.

    • …where’s this petition, I’d love to sign it…

    The price seems ‘fair’, but for how long? Are/will there be 2 year contracts for it just like your phone, or cable? Pretty soon, it’s just another bill you have to pay….while we’re at it, why don’t we rent plug-ins too?? This is troubling…. I hope MAXON didn’t sign their rights away; would love to see CINEWARE for CS-Holdouts…..

  • Anyone Please Reply:
    So Cineware is for After Effects CS7, will the add-on be available for CS6? I don’t feel like upgrading to CS7..

    • for now it seems Adobe is committed to a subscription-only model; however, there’s a lot of holdouts and negativity towards Adobe on this…hopefully they’ll change their minds…

  • I have C4D R14 Studio and Adobe Production Premium CS6. Since I have CS6, my initial year subscription to “CC” is is only $20 per month for the 1st year; then it goes to $50 per month which still seems reasonable if you compare it to the C4D Maintenance Program which I have ($650 per year). Judgement day will come, for me, if they start unreasonably jacking-up the subscription price in out-years. Because of “cloud technology advancements”, I think this IS THE FUTURE.

    I’m still a little confused about “what render engine is being used and when” since that’s what ultimately determines project quality.

  • Brilliant little tutorial for introducing after effects users to Cinema 4D Lite. Very exciting stuff about this new intergration!

  • Hi Nick, how are you? Could u help me please. I’m trying to do this tutorial but, I don’t know what happens when I apply the explode segments, my text disappear. May be problem of memory? What do you think? Thanks a lot.

  • This is really cool. Is there any fast way to have the video backplate in the c4d canvas for reference? Lets say you want the guy to animate jumping off the table at a certain time. Because you can’t see the edge of the table or the timing in C4d it seems limited. But if its possible to easily bring it in it seems like an awesome workflow…can you please make a tutorial using a backplate reference guide in c4d?

  • Hello.
    Please, help solve my problem.
    I have installed Cinema 4D Full but not on system volume. And it’s work fine. But Cineware use only own lite version. How i make bridge to my full version of C4D?
    When i delete lite version from AE Plugins folder, it’s say like – “Cinema 4d not installed”.
    Please, send me email.

  • v.nice Stuff .. and i wanna ask for something how i can make a 2 faces mat in one Object like you did in Transform cube like you did .. ! 🙂

  • Wow, over here trying to completely learn Motion 5 and my late to the party butt sees this. I’ve been trying to learn C4D for 10+ years just so I can do real 3D Text but I never had a 3 button nor could I afford one. May have to find a way now!

  • how do i get TRANSFORM plugin into C4D n is it downloadable???

  • is it possible to do several text scenes w/ Transform as well as other preset C4D objects and more texts in the same project n lastly a number of camera moves w/ diff. bckgrds in n out???????

  • can i get a short tutorial from the expert???…pls!…thanks Nick!

  • how can i set up different camera scenes…say topcam,maincam,rearcam n viewcam in C4D n compile them in one project…i watched u(Nick) do the eye pop out video, rendered the cams in the render queue b@ cld nt add the camera scenes…they actually rendered video by video b@ cld nt do this…???

  • how do you set a certain point in AE to be the zero of C4D and AE?

  • Hey Nick, first thank you for these tutorials,,
    In the second video at 11.05 you showed us a 3d tracking example in the kitchen.
    The issue I have! I’m trying to add a shadow to my 3d objects using cineware, you didn’t explain what you did actually.
    Technically in cinema I made a plan to cast shadows on it with an object buffer tag..
    Than after effects I used the cineware shadow multipass to cast shadows, and the object buffer multipass to remove the plan from my 3d scene.
    I know you did it in an easier way, please can you advice 🙂

  • Hi Nick,
    I am using C4D R15 and AECS6 but cant import my c4d files into ae but you can? as i dont even have a clue about my cineware layer is it available in cs6?

    Cheers Larry.

  • I’m sure I am not doing it right, but getting complex external models into Element 3D is bizarrely difficult, if not a game breaker… I’m learning how to bake textures which is supposed to help, but it’s still retarded that you have to reassign textures… either it is truly dumb or I am not doing it right.

  • Is there anything we would have to do to transform in c4d before it gets sent to cineware, as far as baking the animation, adding a compositing tag or anything like that?

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