Lighting Metallic Surfaces in Arnold

August 30, 2017


In this video, Chad Ashley demonstrates better ways to light metallic surfaces with HDRIs and Arnold. Whether you’re creating product visualizations or a cinematic chrome logo, Chad walks you through his approach to help make your reflective surfaces shine.


What You’ll Learn:

    • Better ways to light metallic surfaces with HDRIs and Arnold


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  • Thank you very much for this tutorial, i already buy metallic hdri pack.
    ? really like your car model how can i get this model for educational purposes?
    Thank you so much…

  • Will you do doing some Redshift tutorials soon ? Cheers.

  • Hey Chad

    Thanks for the tutorial. I’m having some difficulty tho.
    When I switch the “color” option in the Arnold Sky from “constant” to “texture”, and then try to drag the “color” attribute onto the HDRI Link tag, it doesn’t allow me to connect the two. When dragging a texture attribute such as “texture” in the “luminance” channel, the HDRI Link connects; but I can’t get the reflections to work in Arnold unless it is done through the Arnold Sky.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!

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