Live Design Recording: Modeling a Character in Cinema 4D | Part 02

November 13, 2015

Bull Model

Here’s Part 02 of my modeling a character in Cinema 4D live stream! I finish making the arms, legs, and mouth on this bull character!

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Live Recording:

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  • Hi Ej, thanks for the great tutorials, about to see it now.. Can we expect a rigging of the character in part 03? I would love that. Ive seen tutorials out there but they use the basic humans as example. whenever i tried to rig a more cartoony character, it gets all screwed up… It would be great if you could do the rigging as well! thanks!

  • hi,can we do modeling with BluePrint like in 3d Max??

    • I don’t know how it is on 3d max but it’s easy to do planes with your blueprint as texture (some add blueprint in viewport background but I don’t like that)

    • Just create a plane and add a texture. Or use the viewport background, which is 1000 times better and more controllable.

  • hey ej,

    try the “points to circle” script, which is free, to arrange points in a circular maner!
    and iยดd like to tell you that i learned so much in the last 3 years about c4d, and youยดve been pretty much there doing “well to understand tuts” (is that right) from the very first day!!

    keep doiong the stuff you do…..

  • EJ, definitely rig and animate with a final render. As you’ve mentioned, a well designed final render is what motivates people to investigate further! You’ll have one of the only start to finish animated (well designed) character tutorials. Show us a similar process of say… your Microsoft gif animations. Cheers!

    • Thanks Jake! I definitely plan on doing a tutorial on the rigging, texturing and a little bit of animating part but I need to wait until after the holidays to devote all the time to it! but I think the live format will work for this as each subject is a time consuming thing!

      Cheers bud!

  • Thank you EJ. I am inspired by you to learn and grow as an artist!

  • Can you sir please do a tutorial on this?? the second image (text in the ground)

  • Thanks EJ! Great tutorials and I love your work. I know you were hesitant about posting the rigging part of the tutorial, but unfortunately I missed the live stream. Do you still have plans to post it?

  • Please do the rigging! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks

  • Hey EJ I hope you Upload the rigging of this character ๐Ÿ™ I really want to know how to RIG because almost all of the tutorials here are lighting and texturing.

  • Mike G. (Gugmi01) May 20, 2016 at 4:58 pm

    This was great- thank you. Was there ever a part 3/rigging portion of this made?

    Thanks again!!

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