Live Show Round Up – December 2015

December 28, 2015

We have recently moved our live show to Twitch and it has EXPLODED the amount of video we have posted of us playing and learning in Cinema 4D. We will be jumping on our Twitch channel more and more in the upcoming year to answer your C4D questions and to just play and experiment on Cinema 4D.

We will still be posting our bigger tutorials on our Tutorials Page, but look for more of these live shows and little experiments on our Youtube page and live on Twitch. Be sure to follow us on Twitch to get notifications when we go live.

Here are some of our favorite Live Moments from December.

Tutorial Focus:  , ,
Software:  ,

  • Hey Nick!

    Great Stuff there. A little hint for the clay one:

    Try using a Specular Map. The Clay doesnt have a 100% even amount of glossiness along the surface. There would be less and more reflectance depending on where the clay has been touched etc. Thats an important detail.

    Wish you all a happy New Year (in advance)!

  • Hey Nick
    Can you Make Tutorial of this
    Thanks in Advance.

  • Really nice!
    It’s great to see a modeling tutorial (lightsaber) instead of all the animation stuff, don’t get me wrong I guess most of the visitors are possible into animation but for me as a beginner it’s hard to find good modeling stuff for C4D compared to Max or others… I wonder why C4D modeling tutorials are so hard to find?

    Wish you could do more in future, I think Chris did an awesome job teaching showing all this little things and tricks even if he sometimes talks fast as a machine gun 😛 but I can follow even if english isn’t my first language…

    What I would love to see also, realistic interiors e.g. something like:

    Not sure it can be done without VRay in that quality but it looks awesome thought…

    best regards

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