Make A Fun Cartoony Fight Cloud With Pyrocluster

July 14, 2015

In this question from hecaton, Chris makes a dust cloud using the matrix object, the emitter, and Pyrocluster. This tutorial is based on a great fight scene from the short film Astérix Le domaine des dieux.

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  • Vincent-louis Apruzzese July 14, 2015 at 12:18 pm

    loved this tutorial, pryocluster has so much missed potential it’s good to see it being used in productive way. It used to have post render setting which rendered really quickly that mysteriously disappeared a few versions ago with no explanation why.

  • Thanks for this tuto.

    PS : Astérix et le domaine des Dieux is not a short film (except if 1h25mn is short for you 🙂 ).

  • You may also use the pyrocluster material to preview and adjust the poof size and shape. Go to PyroCluster Material “Shape” parameters, enable/check “Preview” and adjust settings for “Type, Radius, Scale, and Rotation”

  • Thank you very much for the tut.

  • Thank you C and N for doing another excellent tutorial!
    I totally love the way you dribble ideas between each other and disassembling theory into C4D technicals, as well as real life experience. This is one of my favorite, because it really explains and is super pedagogic! Way to go guys 🙂

  • Hey good tutorial but they are Gaul’s, not vikings!. Gauls are french Celts, (related to Scottish, Welsh and Irish Celts) Vikings are Scandinavian Warriors. 🙂

  • Awesome tutorial! I’ve been meaning to explore PyroCluster since I started using C4D 3 years ago, I can think of a couple projects I might have used it in already if I’d known (Used Particular in AE instead).

  • Brigitte Lattanzio August 1, 2015 at 1:44 pm

    Great tut!
    Illumination on/off – Enable the Use Illumination option to activate Illumination effects.
    Fades clouds

  • Can you use Pyro cluster materials with x particles? I can not get it to show up when I render.

  • Got to be honest here. I love C4D but I have never seen one visual effect done with pyrocluster that looks any good. It always looks so bad. That is my genuine opinion of the plugin. It just can’t pull it off. And the render times are horrific for something so sub-standard. I’ve seen much better results in compositing. Nick is great at what he does and I have a lot or respect for him and the Greyscalegorilla team but Pyrocluster just can’t cut it. Sorry.

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