Make A Classic Metal Logo In Cinema 4D

April 12, 2016


In this tutorial, I show you how to make a classic metal logo animation in Cinema 4D using specular lights and a simple texture. This animation is based on the Lucas Films logo in the latest Star Wars Trailer. I had a lot of fun making this one. Hope you like it.


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  • I have recently been spending some time back in AE after much absence and obsession with Cinema. I find myself wishing SIGNAL was ported to AE, I so prefer to do keyframes with it!

  • I also think the texture of the base text in the star wars logo has bump or displacement to catch some glints in the interior of the letters, which is missing in your version which might aid in readability.

  • Thank’s Nick, nice tutorial.

  • What happened to “I am the Gorilla”?

  • good platform to learn. thanks nick.

  • I have looked all over the internet on how to animate just the edges before like in most product reveal videos (Samsung, Apple, Tesla). I think this will help me do it. Thank you.

  • I love it! Thanks, Nick.

  • Tut is ok and all but you should really have written in the description that you will be using custom plugins and not only c4d and AE as you said and written you would.

  • super cool tutorial nick. thanks for this

  • I think you could be a great voice actor.

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    2006 messages? 🙂

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