Make A Miniature Landscape in Cinema 4D with Built In Tools

July 7, 2015


In this AskGSG segment, Gombaygirl asks us how to make this 3D printed landscape made by Bengler. We tried making this one by using the Displace Deformer and a custom gradient.

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  • Few weeks ago i realized this type of pictute with the Dem Earth plugin.

  • Guilherme Todorov July 7, 2015 at 4:22 pm

    you guys are really stepping up the askGSG game. great work!

  • CHRIS: “I love filter. It’s my favorite shader.”


  • Would love to see this feature the terrain mask ????

  • Hey guys, I was following along with this tutorial and ran into an issue when I go to colorize the landscape. I’m at the point right after Chris changes the type on the displacement from Intensity (Centered) to just Intensity. Everything to this point seems to work fine. The issue I am having is that there are other parts of my terrain that are colored than just the river but their displacement isn’t the same.

    Any ideas on what I am missing?

    • I got stuck here as well. Luckily, I jumped ahead and it turns out their colorize isn’t quite right either. They try a few things and eventually find a working solution from about 15:00.

      Jump ahead and crack on!

  • as often, I tried to do it by myself before watching the tutorial and I was very surprised by the fact there’s apparently no easy way to apply any effector to a selection instead of complete objet (I’m certain I saw a tuto to do that without any pluggin but I don’t remember how)

  • Hi Nick and Chris, and everybody else
    Thank you for yet another excellent tutorial.
    Here’s where i ended, I would love some comments to help me progress even further…


  • hey Nick,

    i just want to ask you if u can make a tutorial like this video

    thanks man

  • It’s been a while (too long as always), since I left a comment. This was one of those awesome collaborative ASK GSG, which filled up lots of gaps for me. I am in the middle making a soap-a-like scene but yeah I wanted to add more things to it. This tutorial sheen light on my major issue to add more translucence to the actual object, but also use nose to grain more realism.
    Thanks for pulling this one of it sure helped me out lots!
    Best regards,

  • Really like this tutorial, easy and kinda fast. Was not a fan of how water was done, so I kinda when my own way.

  • Awesome tutorial! But where do I get the Sibl Loader for R16?

  • Great tutorial but I don’t like how you assume everyone has your lighting plugin.
    I couldn’t follow the tutorial after you added the lights because I don’t know how to replicate your custom lighting rigs.

  • Thanks guys, you are the best. Here is my version.

  • Hello Nick,
    I dont have a reflectance channel in my Cinema 4D. In my Cinema 4d the Name of the reflctance ist reflection. How can i change this. I use Cinema 4d 14

  • Could you do an extended tutorial on how to animate the river. I’m really curious about water motion in cinema but there aren’t very many tutorials on this.

  • Great tutorial,and amazing technics! Thank you!

  • so, I made something 🙂

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