Make a Swirling Vortex with Mograph and Cinema 4D

May 31, 2012

In this tutorial, follow Chris as he sets up a Swirling Vortex animation in Cinema 4D using Mograph and a couple keyframes.

Sample Render

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  • Once again, very interesting. Thanks for this new lesson!

  • This is almost like something that I made a few months back.

  • Awesome… Must say I follow your creations with interest and I find so sweet that theres people showing others how to do these things. Nick’s my Man, your just awesome… I really learn from your tutorials and I bet others do to =) Big FAN!

  • Love this one…gives good insight into the variation and flexibility of mograph and procedural work in general

  • Great Tutorial Chris,
    That was just awesome, I learned a bunch of new things with this one and I can’t wait to try out this technique

  • hello Mr Chris!
    It s good to have some of your knowledge shared again !!

    >> were you inspired by this actuality thing ?! ;))
    \\ cheerz!!

  • I’m happy for you!

  • How about this concept of my animation 😀

  • what happened to doing a tut on every connector?

  • Very interesting . Thanks about Great tutorials .
    I Came from 3DS Max to C4d after after viewing your site
    Thank u again .

  • Neat! But….when?

  • Sorry, I should have been more explicit. WHEN do you need a sucking vortex of balls (C4D loves balls), etc.???

  • For some reason when I apply the random effector nothing happens. Am I missing something? Other then that great tutorial, just getting back into C4D!

  • I made this, thanks to this tutorial.
    It also uses a bit of Plexus and Optical Lens Flares

    Thanks Chris!

  • Ho-ly crap! You guys! I have spent an indecent amount of time in here already. I love your work and everything you do on this site, it is so good of you and flippin´ fingerlicking awesome. You have immediately cashed in on my awe, and from the looks of it, many many others´. All the best for you and what you´re doing. Will be a regular from now on.

  • thanks for the great tut. I wonder how i can do this animation to make energy orb then explode

  • Great Tut Chris……can’t say how much it’s appreciated that you, nick and all else take the time to share your knowledge….rare these days!

    I have a question about the vortex tut with the helix…..

    Is there a way using dynamics to stop the cubes from intersecting as they swirl around?
    I am animating a bunch of musical notes flying into a music dvd boxset and would like a natural look….this vortex tut may work well, but I need the objects not to intersect…can you point me in the right direction please mate?

    kind regards


  • wow man, im glad im looking back to the old videos 🙂 looks great man

  • Chris, you rock!! Very passionate tech, I love that.
    I have a question. Could you add a simulation tag to the scene so they spin as they touch and don’t interpenetrate? Thanks!

  • loved this tutorial. i’m trying to get a similar effect using this technique, aligning cubes along a spline inside a cloner and then applying a random effector. But for some reason I can’t get it to loop seamlessly after the random effecter is applied. Is there a way to do that? I’m trying to build a set of VJ loops using this method, among others. cheers!

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