Make an Animated Countdown in Cinema 4D

August 30, 2016


Learn how you can create a fun, colorful animated countdown using Cinema 4D’s Mograph Module!

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Topics covered include:

• Using Illustrator to create our numbers
• Using Extrude Objects to create 3D geometry in Cinema 4D
• Animating objects using Random Effectors
• Using the Variation Shader to texture Mograph Clones
• How to blur Soft Shadows for nice shading
• A Handy Use of Set Driver/Set Driven XPresso
• Learn how to manually keyframe a decaying bounce curve

If you have any questions, be sure to post it in the comments section and if you create anything cool using this technique, be sure to share it with me!  Thanks for watching!

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  • hi, I’ve been watching you liking your work, we would like to see some more modeling training videos.

    Thank you

  • When Eyedsyn become a part of GSG??!! LOL!!

  • Ej and greyscalegorilla team, you guys are the best. Keep teaching us more, thank you

  • What tool did you use at the beginning to round the corners in Illustrator. I’m not seeing that handle to do that with the direct selection tool.

  • Good Stuff as always. Thanks for being so clear I was thinking of how to morph between the numbers so I could change the numbers for shapes. instead of having a separate clip for each shape

    so butterfly-flower-dove for instance.
    I’ve not got it right yet.

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