#AskGSG 6: Make An Ornate Lighting Decoration With Mograph

January 6, 2015


In this Ask GSG, “docshibi” asks about these festive images by Michael Gutzmer.

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  • It looks more like a virus than a decoration if you ask me

  • Nick,

    How about a new series ‘Nick learns modelling and Chris learns rendering’
    if you show how you learn from each other it could be encouraging for beginners


    scale normal
    adjust rotation in Cloner’s Transform tab to make little condom-bulbs stick out
    you could use your signature dynamics trick to eliminate intersections (perhaps with proxy collision shape)

  • Arameh Khachikian January 7, 2015 at 7:03 am

    nothing to do with the tutorial, but teach me this: http://vimeo.com/104698747


  • Nick and Chris-
    I learn so much watching you plow through these projects you create.
    I appreciate the time you guys devote to helping the public and in
    turn we become your fans! It’s a win-win. Thank you.

  • 6:54

    I thought it was funny.

    I would also LOVE to see a quick tutorial on key elements of lighting and texturing to make renders look more real!

    It’s a bit discouraging for beginners like myself when maybe I modeled something cool, but the render looks like its fake because it’s either lit or textured incorrectly.

    Love the videos you guys make! Keep it up!

  • I just got sucked into the awesome that is your blog. Thank you.

  • can you tell us please about your team render? how many computur and specs ecc?

  • sup Nick! Thanks once more for these tutorials. its awesome to learn from learning and then have an opportunity to give back some feedback here. I do realize that at times you guys are learning as you go and so do eye! in fact, when you get a stuck, i do my best to find the way out of it or around it.

    …in this tut > remember the part where the sweet light clones would not line up on vertext @ -z or +z or even set to “none” and it became somewhat a pain to align those light bulb clones? well after a bit of hair pulling and a few lite curse words my momma wouldn’t be proud of… i figured this motha out!~

    here is my learnings on it.
    i found that cloning onto an object will behave strangely (alignment wise) unless we do the following. i’ve noticed that if we simply drop a “polygon object aka light bulb thingy” into a “Mograph Cloner” then simply set a “Sphere” as the object to clone our light bulbs onto, we will have issues in the alignment. it happens every time!
    >The absolute only way (i think) to get the clones to align the proper way, with no clusters gathering up on certain areas of the sphere, is as follows: 2 easy parts to it.

    part 1: (2 steps)
    1- create a “Radial Cloner” first ..yes i know radial you ask? yes radial i say!.: )
    “uncheck fix clones” then “check render instances” and set the plane to XZ then “check align box” next to it.

    2- Now! rotate the polygon object to “negative -90 degrees on P” & “180 degrees on B” (not the cloner object)

    part 2: (also 2 steps) it may seem redundant but hey this is how it goes…

    1-Now!!! Set your Cloners Mode to “Object” > yes this is when you set it to object and set the sphere as the object you want your clones to clone onto. i made my sphere type “Icosahedron” with 36 segments.

    2. UP Vector = Y+ (negative work too) set distribution to “Vertex”

    if you followed these 4 easy steps you should now have your clones properly aligned.

    NOTE: not sure why but the cloner needs to desperately understand how you need it to align your clones onto the object prior to setting it to clone onto object.
    its a brain fart really…
    i have no clue why really (scratches his head)…, just trust that you may not be able to properly align clones in these cases case, without considering the Radial aspect of cloning in efforts to get a proper alignment going. “without clusters.

    • subsequently, changing the cloner back to Object mode after the radial alignment. radial. in other words, get your alignment going first, then set to object mode and drop your sphere into the Object slot..

    • thanks eye3d. tried this and it works.

  • Surely the bulbs are glass and need a 1.33 index of refraction; that would have made them more visible.

  • Thanks Nick! Great tutorial.

    Quick question: how do I get the preset content in the sIBL Loader plugin?

  • mehh i was unable to make it due to some weird space between the bulb object and the sphere itself when you turn off the fix clone to align it manually.

  • Hello Nick & Crew
    Hope you’re all chilling, I had great fun going through this tut, I posted the results but have been banging my head trying to get a light to clone inside the little light sparkles, is it not possible to get that done? as a half way solution I just created a luminious object, but feel there could be a lot more scope to experiment if I could get the light cloner to work.
    all the best

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