Make Complex Geometry Quickly With Hair And Brushes

March 17, 2015


In this AskGSG segment, Rod Eiji asks us how to make this really nice render from FOREAL. We decided that Hair and Brushes would be the best way to go about it. First, Chris uses hair to grow the general shape. Then, he uses brushes to comb it into place. Next, we turned the hair into real geometry and lit it for the final render.

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This video was recorded during a live episode of AskGSG. Visit our AskGSG Page to see our schedule and see how you can get recordings of our live show and Scene Files from this video.

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  • This was great tutorial! Thank you guys šŸ™‚

  • Chris, PC Cinema 4D has had the eyedropper tool built in since forever.

  • this is really nice and useful tutorial but please “fix” the tutorial name…50:59min tutorial…is this “quickly”..? are you sure šŸ˜‰

    • 1 hour is not that much to create a complicated geometry with hair! Especially in a tutorial, that means after you should be able to do it in like half the time

  • I had to say thanks at least once for all the tutorials you guys make.
    It’s very helpfull for people like me who learn C4d from scratch by themself.
    So, thank you.

  • Great tutorial, thanks guys.

  • Awesome guys!

  • Nice to see you two crazy Guys in the LAB… šŸ™‚
    I like this kind of tweaking and figuring something out…
    keep it comin that way…

  • Hey Nick How can i make this in cinema 4d help thanks you Creative Boxs

  • Thanks guys for sharing this incredible useful tutorial! šŸ™‚
    Started with cinema 4D because of greyscale’s tutorials, keep it up.

  • Really enjoyed this one! Really cool.

  • awesome guys, just what I needed to create a porky pine for a client…SWEET!

  • so cool!! tks!! some tutorial about packaging whit chocolate , efects liquid , cream ?? greeting from Ecuador!!

  • Hi Chris, I was just letting you know you can also shift-click the color palette and it’ll bring up the system color picker.


  • I dont have a global light šŸ™

  • Great tutorial ! you guys are my idol!

  • Great..Pretty near to the result!

    Hey Nick, visit this link
    I love the way how lighting was affecting on the objects and the environment seems cool and pleasant.

    Please make some way to crack this result.

    Help me!!

  • Loved the Rick and Morty reference šŸ˜€

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