Make Dynamic Chain Mail In Cinema 4D

October 25, 2011

“Heeey everybody! Here’s an old test I did resurrected as a tutorial. I’ll quickly create chain mail on simple geometry that can be used to quickly make the chain mail act dynamic! A few lights and textures then BOOM. Chain Mail. Somebody make something neat with this please!” – Chris Schmidt


About Chris Schmidt
Chris Schmidt is a self taught Cinema4D user since version 6 in 2001. After teaching C4D for 4 years at Prairie State College and creating a series of tutorials for Maxon on Cineversity, he cofounded Chicago’s C4d user group ChicagoC4d. With a general obsession of all things C4D especially character rigging, animation, Xpresso and Thinking Particles. Most recently co developed the City Kit with The Gorilla.

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  • I LOVE it when things that look complex are so simple. Thanks Chris!

  • Ah that’s brilliant, great techniques too that I’m inspired to try out. Thanks, Chris 🙂

  • Great tut

    are the modelling tutorials still continuing?

  • Your tutorials are always great! Keep up the good work Chris.

  • wonderful tutorial O.o thank you very much chris

  • Hmm trying to watch this on my iPad.. Do you not make your Vimeo videos mobile compliant? Im pretty sure there’s a setting for that in Vimeo.. Just curious if you don’t, why not?

  • Thanks for your time and great job.

  • In R13, I choose the rigid body tag for the plane but it gives me the collider body tag instead. Can anyone help me with this?

  • The combination of Nick and Chris is great. Nick knows how to make it look great and Chris knows all the X’s and O’s if you will. This works and thanks guys for the awesome tuts. I have learned so much from GSG. (NEWBIE SPEAKING, OBVIOUSLY)

  • Thanks Chris! Great tutorial!

    I’ve seen you use VrayforC4d and also there’s a small tutorial on your site. It would be great to have some video tutorials about shading and lighting in Vray.

  • omid abdollahzadeh October 26, 2011 at 5:24 am

    thanks for all of tutorials

  • i cant find dynamic tags when i right click why is that!

  • Thanks so much for this tutorial Chris. It’s brilliant following along and finding you’ve made something really cool in less than 30mins.
    Also I learned little tips throughout (particuarly Instance, lumas, and the Naki noise).

  • As you pointed out in your previous tutorials how to speed up the work by using shortcuts there is one which you should try. Instead of opening the project settings window to change the total frame number, just use the little box between the preview timeline and the goto start of animation button. Nice work

  • Could you use this to make spiderman webbing. It kinda looks like that

  • Hi Chris, You should use nice plugin from called solobutton, to solo an object without cliking on others objects, very useful !
    Thanks for your acknowledge 😉

  • Its very cool but it looks like the texture doesn’t stretch with it or its sliding. I love how easy it is to do this in cinema I’m a AE & Maya user and stuff like this makes me want to get cinema. Thanks

  • Not sure if you’ve done an interview with Chris Smidt yet, but I thought it would be cool to meet the man behind the nerd. Something like the MotionWorks unplugged interviews maybe.

  • The modelling part is very good indeed. Useful tips when it comes to be able to handle dynamics. Like your tutorials Chris. The “jump to current object” was a real eye-opener, even after 4 years of Cinema. The lighting however was a bid…lets say: short:) On my laptop I didn’t even see the chain mail on the sphere, because it was so dark lid.
    Keep up the good work.

  • All the tutorials are great, thx a lot for this work, i’ve learned a lot from your tuts,
    thx dude 🙂

  • hmm interesting robber chain mail

    maybe it is a bit to bounchy

  • and that is allso the reason why they are intersepting

  • This may be a beginner question (I am a beginner), but in regards to simply the plane object with the dynamics tag (prior to the clone additions); if you wanted to export the soft body plane to an OBJ sequence, it only uses the original plane (without the soft body dynamics) in the export. Is there a step after adding the dynamics to get the exported OBJ to retain the newly added shape changes (due to the tag) instead of using the orignal object shape? Sorry if this is confusing… and thanks!

  • Thanks’ a lot Chris for another great tutorial, I know where I can put this technique to good use. It really is interesting to see how you come up with new ways to use the dynamics system to achieve complex routines.

    Nice Work!
    Thanks’ again.

  • Great tutorial chris, was wondering if soft bodies are better for simulating cloth that the actual cloth module? They seem to do a pretty similar thing, are there any areas where using cloth is better than soft bodies or vice versa

  • Great stuff once again! Love the pace of these

  • another great tutorials… thanks GG

  • as always, thanks it’s a great tutorial

  • It looks like the elements are stretching once they hit the sphere which is of course wrong. Metal doesn’t stretch at all.

  • Great Tut! Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks!

  • y suddenly in r12..??
    btw can any 1 tell me how to move texture in r13
    i mean if u guys have seen tht dog tag tut of nick’s , there he uses tht tool to move tht tex..!! but in r13 in missing

  • check out wat i used the chain mail for and keep in mind I’m just a month in on my training and its all possible because of you guys thanks a lot for all your tutorials…..sending u love all the way from JAMAICA where its alway hot and sunny 🙂

  • I’m inspired to try out. Thanks, Chris

  • Hey Chris, very cool tutorial. I’m working on a snooker table,which I am animating with dynamics. when a ball gets potted,it goes through a net.But I’m struggeling to make the net move when a ball falls in ,so for now I keep it a solid piece of geometry.Could I use something like the chainmail to make the net and have it move with dynamics?
    I’d like to upload the c4d file,on here, but don’t know how.

    Greetings, Zeno Flore

  • Thanks for another awesome tut! I built this thing and can’t stop watching it!

    You are amazing!

  • Great Tutorial! You were asking about showing you things we might do with this, well here is mine. ——- I made a bowl and it’s available on Shapeways. I pause the animation and made sure each link was intersecting just a bit with the links next to them and then turned that upside down. The finished bowl is 6 in. wide and can be ordered in white, black, pink, purple, and grey flexible plastic OR go wild and order it in STAINLESS STEEL !

    Thanks again for the great tutorials!

  • Thanks for an excellent tutorial 🙂 i managed to get this a bit further and make a sleeve out of maille,has anybody made a body piece? a full dynamic maille garment would be awesome to see

  • hey in cinema 4d r12 we have something called create collider under simulation tag but in r13 we dont have that. now how to create this create collider

  • Pretty interesting tutorial, I’m glad you posted it. Have you ever thought about posting your models to some open source places like or ? If you get your content licensed at creative commons, you will have some control while sharing your stuff with the world. Regardless, cool model & tutorial!


  • Hello!
    Im trying to do a net, like a net you catch bad guys with. A net with heavy balls in all of the four corners, and i want the net to follow the heavy balls were ever the heavy balls go. And i cant figure out how to do that. I get the net to be soft with softbody, and i can fixate points (the four corners) but then i cant move those points.

    Pleas help me, im a beginner at this:)

  • awesome Chris!
    its amazing how you can learn a lot things from a simple but nice projects like this one,
    Cheers from Colombia

  • what i did with this tutorial…it didnt come out perfect…and i had some issues with using a different shape compared to the plain…but I think i did ok…

  • great , very helpfull !~~~~

  • Thanks to this fantastic tutorial, I learned more about cloner behaviour & dynamics than I’ve learned from other tutorials. Seeing you experiment as you go and not just showing us the ‘perfect’ way to do it from the start, really helps explaining things.

    “Somebody make something neat with this please!” asks Christ, well straight after the tutorial I thought I would jump in with both feet and try and make a chainmail coif.

    It’s not perfect, but I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I actually spent longer on the table experimenting with the new bevel/slide tools in R15 than I did making the coif, which took less than 15mins.

    This was a great tutorial that helped me produce what is possibly my best render to date since starting to learn Cinema 4d.

  • Chris your tuts are always great. A lot of technical functions included.

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