Model And Animate A Light To Follow A Target In Cinema 4D

April 18, 2013

In this Cinema 4D tutorial, Chris shows you how to model and rig a rotating light in Cinema 4D designed to make it follow a target in space.


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  • i have spotted “gsg plugins tags” in context menu, what is that? πŸ™‚

  • Great, Thank you! πŸ™‚

  • Great Tut.

    How about a tutorial for Modeling and weighting. I don’t think its ever been done on GSG.

  • cool thanks a lot for it…

  • I love the lighting on this one.

  • Hi Chris – thanks for the tut.

    Quick question: Is there a reason for adding the Up Vectors in such a simple example? Without them it seems that you could simplify this rig even further.

    Just add an Aim constraint to BaseRotate and, under ‘Constrain’, turn off ‘P’ and ‘B’. Add another Aim constraint to HeadRotate and target the null… or am I missing something?

    • SockGardener, my thoughts was much the same. The Up vectors and their target Null are an unnecessary complication. The light rig can be built with only an Aim targeted at the star in each of the two constraints, where only H is enabled in the first and only P is enabled in the second.

      And even if you were to use Up in addition to Aim, why on earth make things counterintuitively by using the obvious “aim” target (Star) for the Up and the obvious “up” target (Null) for the Aim?

      • The joints seem to be completely superfluous, too. The IK-Spline tag could have been put on the spline itself. Maybe I’m missing the point of the apparently unnecessary complications in this tutorial.

  • I really hope to see more rigging stuff. I don’t know why but I never thought about rigging and splines outside of human/animal/biological forms until I saw a demo for a deck of cards animated with a skeleton rig for some casino ad or other.

    Would love to see more on rigging and such.

    2 questions (with some sub-questions):
    A) What would happen to the light-rig if the target passed straight underneath a light ( like, 0 margin of a difference in terms of coordinates). Would it flip instantly? Is there a way to counteract this other than adding a 0,0001 lean into the light, so unless you get exactly the same offset it would prefer one side?

    B) Could you stick this inside a cloner object? Would it just take one instance of the camera and clone that? How would you go about fixing it – because my logic says that it would do just that, maybe I’m wrong.

  • Hi Chris,
    Very useful tutorial!
    This kind of light could be insert into a new update of Studio LightKit, without so much modelled pieces, don’t you think?
    I was thinking also if you put this kind of improvement into LightKit, maybe users could setup various lights into their scenes and then, have a sort of DMX virtual command to control all (you know : power, color variations in RGB, dimmers, etc.) like a REAL DMX console… In a way of a virtual scenography or like render controls in some render engines (eg: Next Limit Maxwell render, with its own sliders to control light and global illuminations)
    Consider this comment as a suggestion…
    Congrats for this excellent tutorial!

  • Amazing!! Especially, the part of the construction of the wire and its dynamics. Exciting! Thank you Chris!

  • Chris is awesome wen it comes 2 rigin he makes me wan a try ma hands on rigging always…..wit dis tut on cud make cinematic lights for music videos…nice wrk……

  • Good job!!!
    Nice Rig.
    I love it)))

  • Have you guys ever thought about doing some tutorials with Realflow involved?

    Also, if tutorials aren’t complex or too sepcific, you just end up with a bunch of tutorials that are using the same tools and never really teaching people anything new.

  • Hi Chris, this is just awesome πŸ™‚ And how about some rig for functional Rubiks Cube? πŸ™‚ IΒ΄ve been trying it in last few days but with no success … Anyway make some more crazy tut, your work is just great πŸ™‚

  • Hi Chris, Great Tutorial!.. To complete the sort of stage lighting scene, could you maybe look into a way of rigging for lasers such as:

    Lookin forward to your next tut.

  • Thank’s Bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great Tutorial……………….

  • really need professional tutorial Production FX …

    this web site so much tutorial amateur

  • Great tutorial and really helpful new tips πŸ™‚ Thanx!

  • Hi Chris,
    great tutorial as usual. I was wondering if you would be able to make a tutorial about the effect used in this video : by ManvsMachine on peeling a 3d object/logo and to do this wavy, bounds-aware tendrils? i have seen a tutorial about it there : but the tendrils in the tutorial keep intersecting and i was wondering if there was a possibility of doing it using dynamics or would they need to be keyframed?

  • Nice tutorial, one question:
    when the target pass right overhead to the base, it will make a sharp sudden 180′ turn.

    Is that manual intervene is a must to make it upside that at that moment, or there are any smarter/alternative way?


  • April 24, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    Thanks Chris. Nice tutorial!

    You can use a fracture object with object as child of fracture object and target effector with null as a child of the target effector as well. Works pretty great.

  • Great tuturial, gonna go and create with it now, thanks πŸ™‚

  • I created a 3d room in cinema 4d that i would like to use as a set to put our models into to show our new spring line of clothing. I’ve green / blue screen our models but i am having a hard time making the look believable. I though this would make a great tutorial (importing green screened video in to cinema 4d/ after effects.) I mention after effects because it looks like were not far from the cinema 4d plugin in after effects.

  • awesome, chris! thanks a ton.

  • Great tuts man, cool idea

  • Brilliant as always, was wondering if you could have a go at recreating this in a tut?

  • waooo kinda hard !!!!!

  • Chris Rules!

  • Thanks Nick !!!
    Is always a pleasure to follow you guys !

  • Here is better way for making dynamic cable:

  • Hi Nick and Chris, You guy are legends, One thing If I may, as a request, I and I suspect a lot of people may agree, I would like to get into Architectural Modeling (Houses etc, Buildings etc), Would you guys please do a tutorial on house modeling from a blue print, or image, it would be awfully beneficial!

  • I love you for this. Just getting started in C4D .

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