Model and Render The BananaCam App Icon With Cinema 4D

August 8, 2013

In this tutorial, we will be making a 3D iOS App icon. First, we will model the icon using basic shapes and primitives. Then, we will light it using Light Kit Pro and make custom plastic and glass textures.


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  • Where would I go about finding or getting the rounded shape icon for illustrator?

    • Yes, I would like to know that too.

    • Okay, this is what you can do. Drop a rectangle spline of say 400px in your ‘view port’. Now in the ‘object properties’ panel fill in this formula for ‘Radius’: 10/57*400px. This will give you the exact iOS icon corner radius; well at least according to David Barnard who got his answer from Louie Mantia; the latter working for Apple I believe:

      If you want use a different size for your rectangle just change the formula accordingly; I think the formula should hold up, up until 512px (or double that for Retina?). Official documentation is available via an Apple website as well; just search for it if you’re interested.

      I have been using this formula on my icon attempts; have a look:

      Hope this helps. Good luck.
      And Nick, thanks for sharing another brilliant tutorial.

    • Hi nick and everyone! I have a problem that is driving me crazy!!! When I see your tutorials I realize that when you select an object (cylinder, tube, sphere, whatever) the subdivisions, segments doesn`t appear! I want to doy exactly that and I don`t know how, please can you help me? I know that is a stupid question, thanks a lot!!!!

    • corner radius for the 512×512 icon = 80
      Nick did…..
      I think!!!

  • Benjamin Pedersen August 8, 2013 at 11:12 am

    Excellent tutorial again, Nick! I learn something new every time!

    Little Tip: alt-clicking the notification icon in the top right corner, makes those pesky update notifications go away until you alt-click it again 🙂

  • Abdullah Al-Bahar August 8, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    That was helpful and contains many useful concepts
    Thanks so much

  • Android version, ya dig?! We have hipstergram too

  • Hey Nick,

    Maybe I missed it, but why did you go through Illustrator to make your rounded square spline? You could always use a rectangular spline in Cinema, dial in the exact dimensions you need, and dial in the exact radius of the rounded corners…

    Just curious if there was a level of exactness I wasn’t aware of.


    • I would assume that Apple has pretty strict standards for app icons so it’s probably easiest to use a template that you know is acceptable versus recreating it in Cinema 4D and potentially being wrong.

  • Hey Nick,
    nice tutorial, as always!
    Just a few tips for the community I often use – hope you like it! 😉
    • Material Editor: for a better evaluation of the material, right-click on the material-preview in the material-editor to open an new, scalable preview-window.
    • 4-Panel View: use the appropriate View > Use as Render View-button
    • to reset to the default values for the most attributes (position, size, ring segments, brightness etc.) right-click the up and down arrows near the value
    Greetz, Tommy

  • Awesome Tut! Something I created from it

  • Hey Nick/Chris,

    I’ve got to say, this is THE BEST website for Cinema 4D and AE that I’ve come across! I’m also new here, so I don’t know how you get tutorial requests, but here goes. Have you seen the LEGO movie trailer? There is a sequence at the end where the title of the movie forms using LEGOs.. I’ve been trying but cannot seem to get anywhere close.. Do you think maybe you could shed some light? Thanks!

    Here is the link:

  • Hey nice tut nick, i have literally done like everyone of your tutorials, keep the good work man 🙂

  • Hi i have one question and i am hoping you guys can help me with this.
    In R14 every object i put in my scene has a orange kinda glow around it and i cant see the segments in the objects untill i make it editable.
    Is there any way i can get rid of this and just have it as it was before in R13 where i have no outlining and i can see the segments again??

    • Hit Shift-V to bring up your display settings. On e of the options is “No Outlines”. That’ll get rid of your orange glow on objects. As far as seeing segments, maybe go under your menu at the top of the viewport and set the display to “Gouraud Shading and Lines”?

      Hope that’s helpful.

  • This is freaky, all this week I have been creating 3D app icons using Cinema. Here’s one example:

  • I was actually surprised to see Nick doing this tutorial since there is some modeling I expected Chris

  • Thanx for the tutorial. And, by the way… you still are the gorilla, aren’t you? Will you gonna change the introduction formula? Maybe… This is Nick from GrayscaleGorrilla. Oh!, just curiosity, sorry.

  • Hi Nick , Love this tutorial. Its amazing as always , but just a request . Can you make a tutorial for the intros stuff in CInema 4D ? Like the intro videos which people use when they start their video!

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Thanks Nick, love this tutorial.
    This is my version:

  • hey nick i have a question to ask you

    when i render a animation my CPU utilization is below the 20% when i see in the task manager. I mean it doesn’t take half of the CPU resource. so my question is what should i do to make the c4d to utilize the CPU up-to 70% or something above to make my rendering much faster

    NOTE:i have optimized my render settings

  • Thanks for a great tutorial, i tried to go for a flatter approach, but damn its tempting to ramp up those reflections when you have the option!

  • Nick, wanted you to know that I laughed out loud when you said ‘warm it up Chris’. I got it. Just so you know.

  • If it makes you feel better, I snorted when you made your “warm it up, Chris” joke.


    Do they use particels?

  • Hey Nick – I really enjoyed this tutorial, and I’m looking forward to trying to replicate it in C4D. In the meantime, just to be wild and crazy, I decided to see if I could do it using just the 3D tools in Photoshop CC. Check it out:

    It definitely took me way longer in Photoshop to do it than it would have in Cinema, but I think this shows that Photoshop’s 3D engine has definitely come a long way.

  • here is what i have done, inspired by this tutorial

    thx for stuff, Nick

  • Thanks a lot, Nick! Great tutorial. I took a crack at replicating this using Blender:
    Yours came out better, though.

  • Nick, thanks a lot as always for this great tutorial…
    Here is what I achieved:

  • I am curious what you have the settings at for your Global light. It isn’t part of your light kit pro. Care to share?


  • Great tutorial! I used the concept to build a flyer for our churches fall directory! Check it out at

  • i want to know if i can download the tutorial videos so i can steady from them later as i don’t spend much time behind the pc.

  • “Warm it up, Chris!” HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • Hi Nick,
    Great tutorial!!!!
    I am new on C4D and I’ve learned lots of things with 🙂


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