Model And Sculpt A Rubber Duck In Cinema 4D

February 2, 2016

In this Recording from AskGSG, Patrick Goski shows us how to model and sculpt a Rubber Duck character from scratch using Cinema 4D and the sculpting tools. Follow along and watch Patrick start with a cube and end up with this crazy character.

Time Lapse

Duck Sculpt Tutorial

Tutorial Focus:  ,

  • Fantastic work Patrick!
    So many great techniques in here.
    Lots more please.

    • Hi Patrick!
      Great modelling tutorial! I was wondering… is there any chance to see a tutorial for modelling a human head in C4D?

      It would be amazing!


  • Scuplt symmetry, is a native option,,?

  • On the iPhone, I have a lot of trouble scrolling through the GreyscaleGorilla webpages. It’s like this weird glitch that cuts off the bottom of the pages. You have to scroll back up and then down again, as many times as it takes, until the rest of the page shows up. Only on the iPhone, though. Everything works great on the computer. Just thought you guys should know. It can be quite annoying. If anyone else has noticed this, please let them know so they can fix it. Great tutorial. Loved it. Cute ducky ;-). Please do a lot more sculpting and modeling tuts, please!

    • Yep, same problem and I have notified GSG a loong time ago. I noticed however a simple work around. If you place your fingers to the right hand side when scrolling (off to the side of the blog post miniatures) it works much smoother and faster on ios devices. Haven’t had this behaviour on other sites.

  • Wow great job thanks guys

  • Pretty please, with sugar on top, could you please consider a follow-up on reprojection and unwrapping. Patrick is like the only one ever who explained sculpting in a way that made sense, but I am still intimidated by the next steps …

  • Hi! amazing stuff in this tutorial, pretty well covered since the beginning, some weird things happened to me though when I got to use the grab, smooth and other tools; for example, even though I have activated the “Link Simetry” option when using the sculpting tools, nothing happens in the other half of my model, I tried also to mirror from -x to x and I did not get the mirrored result at all, I think I made a mistake when I created the first Simetry Object, perhaps I did not make sure to put the edges in the correct position or something else since every time I appply any pressure to the middle of the model it opens apart like if the seamless was not close at all…like if the simetry object once converted to polygon was not closed in the middle, if you can throw some clues would be nice! Great information as always! and thanks so much!

    • Not sure about the sculpt tools, but if it is coming undone at the seam it might be due to it not being one object and clamped. To check this make sure the that your Symmetry Object under Attributes>Object>Tolerance is high enough that it makes a gap-less seam. You might have to zoom in close to make sure. For my case I only had to raise it to 0.05. Once that is confirmed make sure that in the same area under Modeling, hit the triangle to toggle the menu down, make sure Clamp Points on Axis is checked.

  • Nice work, Patrick!

    Thanks for sharing your techniques with us.

    Cheers from MN.

  • i dont gete the menu for sculting in the simetry atributtes, so when i start sculpting it onle affects the points but not the model how can i solve that?

  • and where or what is those icon from the left pallete, the mouse icon and the “s” icon? i dont have it in my R15 studio version


  • i meant i cant get the sub menu of modeling in the simetry atributes you use in the minute 7:44 🙁
    how can i activate it?

  • when i use the grab tool of the sculpting menu it doesnt affect in real time it only moves the mesh, but when i change from a window view or hit cmd+z i can see the what i did, but it doenst affect in real time is there anything that i need to activate it?
    sorry for so many doubts im new and from México, but i do reali lyke your tutorials

  • Thanks for the many tips and general approach. One thing that never worked for me was Control-shift selecting non consecutive edges to get all the ones in between.

  • great tutorial. i’m a newbie so lots more to learn, but having a problem with the mesh after converting the symmetry object to a single object. the poly mesh looks fine, but when i put it into a HN it pinches at some spots in the centre, where it had been cut earlier. any idea how to solve this problem?

    also, a followup beginner tutorial on lighting and materials to this would be great. i’ve been struggling with getting my renders to look decent (like the final render of the duck above). ideally i’d like to export PNGs with transparent backgrounds with beautifully-lit models, but haven’t managed to do that yet..

  • Is there a next tutorial on coloring him? i love the gloss!

  • Hello, I’m new to “all this” ! The tutorial is great, I am a total novice, but still managed to follow and create the duck until around the 25 minute mark, but then you added a null and started doing “wacky” things that I didn’t understand ! 😛
    Could you direct me to a tutorial that explains what is happening there so I can finish my lil’ ducky ?

  • Great tutorial! Can you make please a tutorial about Painting in Cinema 4D? Please. You guys are the best.

  • André Luis Guilarduci June 22, 2017 at 1:18 pm

    Could you do a tutorial of the same render?

  • Great tutorial! It just started to get way too fast for me around 25 minutes, where I got unredeemably lost. This is only my second C4D tutorial ever, so that could have something to do with it lol.

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