Model, Light, And Render A Coffee Pot In Cinema 4D

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In this two part tutorial, Chris and I show you how to model, texture, light, render, and composite this 3D Scene. First, Chris will show you how to model the coffee pot using some traditional modeling techniques and loft nurbs. In the second video below, I will take over where chris left and show you how to light the scene using HDRI Studio Pack. Then I will tweak some textures and render using the Physical Renderer. Finally, we will head in to Photoshop and do a bit of final color correction and compositing.

Part 1: Modeling And Texturing

Part 2: Texture Tweaks, Lighting, and Rendering

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  • one more cool tut! Thanks

  • Thanks For your job Man! appreciate a lot !

  • Jesus, I’m in love with these tutorials. By the way, I love how Nick is always on an amazing mood when making these tutorials.

  • Amazing guys, I really enjoyed this 2 videos! I’m speechless! 😀 Well done!

  • Sorry newb here. In the early stages of modelling and when i make the discs they don’t join up like yours thus creating the shape of the flask. ie I have just a bunch of discs. Is this a view issue or do I have my settings wrong for example?


  • Amazing! it’s so easy learning 3D with you, Nick!
    It’s a really smooth way to begin!

  • Amazing!!! Love your work!!!

  • Hi Chris. Thanks for the tutorial. Your work is amazing.
    Here’s a newbie question: In the first modeling video, at about min 33.50, the R13 bevel tool helps to triangulate the inner surface of the handle, creating the correct subdivisions that will look good after applying the hypernurbs.
    In version R15, the new bevel tool does not create that triangulation.
    How can I solve this?
    Thank you 😉

    • I had the same problem – figured out a make-shift solution.

      Once you bevel the edges, take the knife tool and make a few vertical cuts straight through the handle (try making one at each peak – uncheck visible only) and then turn on your NURPS, the handle surface will stay inside the edge.

      You might have to try a few times, cutting at different angles – just check your render and make sure the vertices that are created don’t make gaps in your surface.

  • spot on… so many good eye opening techniques. thankyou

  • Great tutorial!

  • Hi,

    As always – thanks for this amazing tutorial.
    I been struggled to find the Cloth simulation.
    I use Cinema 4D R14 Broadcast. Is it has anything to do with that?

    Looking forward for anyone’s reply.


  • Great tutorial, as usual. I had some problems with the handle. To get rid of the artefacts did some knive cuts to get quads. The logo position Front does not work. Tutorial at 20:43 show the same. Need to convert and place into polygon selection.

  • love your works Guys. followed your tuts and made a similar one how do i send the image to u guys ….

  • Hi guys! Thanks for this tutorial. I’m trying to model the handle, but I’m having some troubles with the hypernurb, because to me the “bevel trick” doesn’t work. Do you have any idea of why?!

  • I always seem to be missing certain tiny things when running through tutorials. For instance in video one, when the render settings are being tweaked. I dont have the button labeled “indirect illumination”. Has it been moved in certain upadates?

    aside from that (which obviously isn’t your fault) these tut’s have been a great help!

  • horrible scratching noise about 1 minute in the video.
    I really want to watch this tutorial, but I may need to wait for my hears to heal.

    Did you move the mic or something? I really hope that wasn’t added in post.

  • The sound works great for me, thanks for these videos! Breaking the tut between you guys is awesome too! Keep on keepin’ on 🙂

  • Hey people,

    I have a BIG QUESTION.

    I have Cinema 4D 15 Studio and in the render settings I don’t have the Indirect Illumination option. Where can I find this option because I don’t have any shadows for the coffee pots.


  • Chris always caughing lmao hanging with cheech over there buddy? 😉

  • hi
    where is the image !!

  • Hey guys!

    Trying to render a still of this robot I modeled. I textured it using topcoat and am using the HDRI rig for the scene. I don’t know what I hit or adjusted, but my render has an insane amount of noise and I can’t seem to get rid of it no matter what I play with. Any idea what I did or how to correct this? Not using any third party render, just the physical render in C4D. Thank you so much.

    Link to screenshot of what I’m talking about:

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