Intro to Modeling In Cinema 4D Part 2a: Extrude

October 11, 2011

In this video, Chris Schmidt shows you how to use the extrude tool in Cinema 4d. Stay tuned for part 2b soon where Chris talks about the bevel tool.

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  • Thanks Chris! 🙂

  • I was expecting it :D. Thank you!!

  • It’s so nice to go back to basics !

  • I once did a speed modelling on how to build the Empire State Building only from a single cube and only using the extrude tools 🙂 feel free to check it out

  • I finished the 1st part a couple of minutes ago 🙂 now i refresh and there’s the 2nd. Just in time.

  • Please: NEVER EVER switch on “Create Caps” in the Extrude-Tool, unless you know what you’re doing. (example with that city-style plane)
    Edges that are connected to more than 2 Polygons just don’t make sense.
    It causes longer Rendertimes/wrong results in a raytracer, weird results when using HNURBS, can fail in collision detection and so on…

    Most of other 3D-packages don’t allow that (for some very good reason), C4D shouldn’t as well.

    So please don’t teach people how to do stuff wrong, especially when it comes to such basic things like modelling.
    You’d rather should do some research before you’re creating such tutorials.

    This is meant as constructive critics though…

    cheers 😉

    • I was pretty clear about the dangers of create caps. It’s not ‘wrong’ to use create caps, you just have to be careful where you use it. If you NEVER turn it on you’re missing out a potential tool. Try it out!

      • “[…]unless you know what you’re doing.”

      • Yes Chris, I watched through whole tutorial and you were quite clear about potentials and dangers of using creating caps option. I can’t understand the need Robert had to write that comment other than to show us he’s there too. Keep up good work Chris. Can’t wait you explaining us a bit about rigging in R13 in a little more detail/examples, apart from short intro at Chicago C4D meeting, as well as practical aspects of using Xpresso (like with robot arm and the cube with lava-like texture). Hope those are coming too.

    • Excellent tut Chris! I’m no expert in C4D, But I know what I’m doing, and forgetting to turn off create caps is one of my most common mistakes as well.

  • Thanks Chris – – these tutorials are fantastic.

  • “Shift” is now my new favourite button to create a nice round hole. Create a cube put it into a hypernurb object. Create a point right in the middle of a polygon. extrude this point and hold shift. then delete the polygons from the new spike. done.

    • then you will love the i-key ; )
      by the way: a four sided polygon never gets exactly round in a hypernurb. it would need eight sides as far as i know.

  • Perfect as i expected ! Thanks

  • covering the basics is awesome.

    keep on going! (:

  • ive been modeling for a while, and didn’t ever think about the variation part. refreshing to watch the basics. thank you.

  • Very usefull Chris, there are somethings that I don’t know, is a shame that we can’t download it.
    if someone know how to, please showme…

    • if you have a free vimeo account, you can download up to 5 videos every 24 hours (as long as the owner hasn’t explicitly prohibited downloading). chris & nick’s tuts *are* downloadable though. just right click on the video on, choose “view on vimeo”, make sure you’re logged into vimeo, and there will be a small text download link near the lower right of the page.

      I download them myself, and use AirVideo to stream them to my iPod touch, and watch them while I’m eating, or outside having a smoke or w/e. works great. (if anyone is wondering why I don’t stream them directly from vimeo, it’s because AirVideo has much more accurate controls, buffers way faster, allows you to pause and resume (even across restarts), and uses way less battery than streaming from the internet). looks awesome and everything is perfectly legible/readable on a retina display 8)

    • if u use a Mac,very simple way for u;

      1-open the link with Safari web browser
      2-on keyboard press with ”Command + Alt + A”
      or open Activity window from upper ”Window” menu
      3-start video from Vimeo
      4-when the starts video,you’ll see the MB of video under the vimeo section in Activity monitor.
      5-press with ”Alt” key and double click this section.
      6-safari browser automaticly starts download the video from vimeo 😉

      sorry for my English,if you want I will create a screen-video ”how to download”

      see you.

  • this Tuto remember me the old Dr. Sassi Tutos… I leaned a lot with him.

  • Chris,you are really great,super tutorial,thanks for sharing 😉
    if possible can u tell us ”Matrix Extrude”

    I like your tuts Dear Chris,your tuts are very helpfull.

    Thanks again for tuts 😉

  • Thanks! Nice stuff, some small tricks i didn’t know yet! just an other quick tip. One fast way to do an extrude in R13 is holding command while pulling an axis.

  • i would like to add my knowledge here…
    we all know that 3d is just polygons…
    rendering a point or an edge is not visible.
    but! when you extrude a point like how you showed us you create an edge and not a polygon.

    you can create points and edges without having polygons. then you can use another tool to bridge edges or create a polygon from points.

    someone told me (im not sure if that’s true) people who design cars for real production not just visually, their programs tend to export only points, so when those guys give those files to a company for their advertisement, 3d modelers have to create polygons from those points.

    also, i would like to add that when you select a polygon, the blue side is the back side. cinema 4d can render the back side of a polygon but this could mess up your modeling. especially if you’re going to export the model to another app that doesnt render back faces by default.

    I personally find modeling in 3ds max way easier and cinema 4d for rendering, physx etc…

  • Thank you so MUCH!! Finally modeling tutorials that teach how to use each tool. Please keep making them and hopefully cover most if not all modeling tools. PLease!!

  • Wow thanks. I am new to C4d and these are very helpful!!!!

  • hey Chris,
    Was this one done in r13? Cos i noticed that the v key doesn’t work the same anymore. You get the tool box but its missing all the structure tools that used to be there. Any idea how to get this back – i used that all the time.


  • Nice work Chris, I can tell the non-project based tuts aren’t something you enjoy doing but’s helping me with the basics in a big way. Thanks to you and Nick for figuring out a way to offer these up for free 🙂

  • Looks cool tho but i have to go to school in half a hour so mabey when i get back.

  • Great job Chris!

    But for the opening Logo ‘GSG-Video’ every time I see the type pushing back it hurts my eyes to see how low it feels in frame! In future videos can you fix them with this copy more Optical Center! 🙂

  • This is a little side note, but as this is the post recent post, most people will see this comment.

    I’m playing around with SSS and R13, and i wanted to do some multipass’in.

    But with the physical renderer on, i can’t get multipass working, is there something you need to tick or activate to get multipass rendering out?


  • Dear Nick, great tutorials, thank you for all this learning stuff.
    I have been looking for a tutorial on “wind blowing paper sheets” if you have time plz can you giv me a hint, where to start :o)
    Thank you.

  • CS- thank you for sharing your knowledge..

  • These tuts are probably some of the most useful I have ever seen online. Thanks and please keep em coming!

  • Very Helpful thanks, 😛

  • thank you really

  • Hey! I´m Luis from spain, great job chris, I appreciate it very much. I would like to contribute adding a comment to the selection intro, the RING SELECTION (u-b) that is very usefull when you what to select loops in the other direction… My personal choice though is a tiny loop selection plugin from biomekk that works a little bit different,similar to modo selections ( keep having fun!

  • Hey guys I want to use Cinema 4D R13 and I want to get the demoversion, can I put on my name and email on the maxon demoversion page. But I’m 15 years old and I want to try it, pls need a reply thanks.

    • It won’t bite. Do it. Just make sure you go outside and hang out with friends from time to time. Not even joking with that advice. It can become extremely addictive…

      • Thanks man, and hey does the demoversion have the exact same features of the original one thanks. So can I get it by the way for free the demoversion

  • Great tutorial. LOVE that you cover the traps for young players as you go along.

    I’d love to know more about flow. Strategies to join meshes with different numbers of polys so that joins don’t show.

    Also I hope you keep going with the basics. Knife tool perhaps?

    Thanks. So useful. P

  • Hello Chris and Nick. First of all congratulations for your work.
    I went through these videos and its very interesting .I just have one question:
    How could I animate or key frame the parameters of the extrude mode. Is it possible or did I just missed it?

  • I’m a New Yorker and have never heard someone talk so fast, LOL. This would be really cool set to music. Anyway, I love that these tutorials are very basic so that we can really learn the tools. Thank you!

  • great tutorial very helpful but can somebody tell me how to animate extrusion?

  • omg—- learned a lot. you are a great teacher-

  • I cant wait for part 2b pretty awesome

  • Hi Chris; just stumbled on this more beginnery tutorial—long time lurker though. Love Greyscale Gorilla!

    I have been trying to figure out how to close off the bottom of a landscape object in C4D 15 for weeks now (not straight through—don’t worry!) and it has me stumped.

    How can I close the bottom of a landscape object?

    The reason I want to do it is because I want to slice a straight valley (or do a Boole subtract) through it and see straight sides. I thought if I could make it a solid this would work.

    Any ideas?

  • Bevel 91 degrees (for edges) > best tip ever… !!! THANKS

  • This is great, thanks for these tutorials. I am trying to do a negative extrude on the corner of a cylinder. Just need to made an indent. But setting Maximum Angle doesn’t keep the polys from intersecting. Is there a different tool or method needed?

  • What should I do if I can’t find the extrude tool anywhere on Cinema 4D Lite? Also, my program, when looking at a parametric shape, doesn’t show the segments until I turn it into a polygonal object. I am using version 16.038 if that makes a difference. Please Help. Thanks!

  • cant find the document scale option in project settings…by the way very helpful tutorials ty

  • I’m on day two of this software and for the life of me can’t figure out how to get the bevel window to pop up. I use “D” to click bevel but the window on the bottom right just stays on polygon. There’s probably an easy answer but I can’t find it. Help!

  • Great tutorial yeah great, one very irritating thing is no detail is gone into as to how he has his document set up to snap to units of 10

    How do you set this up??

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