Modynamics VS New Dynamics

October 14, 2011

I use dynamics all the time and include a lot of it in my tutorials (it’s so fun!). But, there seems to be some confusion in the comments when it comes to adding the correct tags. And rightly so. There are two current systems of dynamics for Cinema 4D and they work a bit different from each other.

Modynamics is what originally came with Cinema 4D r11.5 and works only by placing dynamics tags on mograph objects. Tutorials like my Cherry 7up and Camera Mapping tutorials are made with Modynamics.

New Dynamics
New to Cinema 4D 12 and up (In the Studio Edition only) is a set of new dynamic tags that really has no new name. So, for now, let’s call them “New Dynamics”. New Dynamics includes a new rigid body dynamics tag allow you to make any object dynamic without the need for a mograph object. The New Dynamics also give you things like springs, connecters, and soft body dynamics.

Similar but Different
So, here is where it can be confusing. Even when doing basic, rigid body dynamics, these two systems work slightly different even though the tags look identical. Also, depending on what edition of Cinema 4D you have, you may have a hard time following along in tutorials. Remember, you only have the New Dynamics if you are using the Studio Edition of C4D. Also, keep in mind that all tutorials on GSG from September 2010 and forward is made with the New Dynamics. Hopefully this video will help clear up a few things if you find yourself following along with a tutorial and things are working differently then expected.

Tutorial Focus:  ,

  • thank you nick. 🙂

  • “Camera Mapping” tutorial link is broken.

  • Thanks Nick – – always great –

  • good clarification…i like that they added the tags without the need for mograph objects…

  • Ive just ben racking my brain trying to get my dynamics pieces to stop jiggling when they hit the floor? Now lets watch the tutorial. thanks

  • Hey Nick, slightly off topic but,

    I noticed you had VrayBridge installed in your copy of R13. I’ve been dabbling in it, any chance you’re going to do any tutorials related to using the Vray engine anytime?

    • Hey Yak,

      I asked the same question a few months ago as I had recieved Vray for Cinema 4D as a gift from my family but I had no idea how to use it. I searched the web for days before coming across this free pdf introducing vray for cinema 4d. It covers alot of ground from rendering to using the advanced materials. Hope it helps

      • Vray is simple to learn. it gives more realistic effects in my scene. especially interior lighting. But i wonder why vray in c4d looks some plastic look than in maya..

    • Envy-Studio has a good series on doing VRay renders. It goes over building the scene and rendering out using most of the settings in the bridge tab (GI, antialiasing, and AO). They show you speed differences regarding hair and geo as well. No SSS so you will have to scour VRayforC4D to get tips on the settings and how to use the lightdome.

  • I have a question
    can you add a collision deformer to a rigid body?

    like have a sphere fall on a plane then deform the plane then drop on to another object?

    every time i apply a rigid body to a colider object the deformation shuts off

  • thanks for being so quick to explain my question–really appreciate your tutorials. SUPER helpful

  • Good useful info, thank you Nick!

  • hi Nick! I really wish you could clarify differences between Cinema 4D versions (Studio,Prime, Broadcast & Visualise) because it’s quite confusing … ^___^’

  • Thanx! Very interesting information.

  • You cleared that up better than Clearisil with pimples! Thanks! lol

  • Makes things a little clearer.

    Cheers Nick

  • That’s good to know Nick, thanks a lot.

  • I Love New dynamic system. Your Study is very historical. Deep Thanks for Clear.

  • Hey Nick,
    My detective persona talked to me…
    The 3 circles on your glasses reminds me of splinter cell, and im pretty sure i saw vray tags when you right clicked.

    You are either a double agent or you’re planning for tutorials on other renderers..

  • that tut. relay help me to understand the physics options on C4D

  • can you add a collision deformer to a rigid body?

    you can but no effect since a collission deformer won’t prevent a rigidbody from going trough, the fix is to place a object with a collision tag (rigidbody deactivated) below the one with the collision deformer

    Stanly.ok, have you seen this already?

  • Hey Nick, 🙂

    This question is not about the tutorial…but i want know, which music do you like and use in some videos of you, because i like this music and i searxh for it but i cant find it… 😀

    So which music do you like and use in the videos like this:

    Thx and keep on making cool shit 😉

  • Hi Nick, great video like always, it´s a great deal what you doing to our community.

    Can you tell me what you think about this video please.
    Thank you very much.

  • Thanks for this. Its EXTREMELY useful info! Regarding this same topic, do you know how to bake dynamic particles in R13 broadcast? There is no cache tab in the project settings dynamics tab. I’ve tried a lot of other things but no success 🙁


    • if the placement hasn’t changed in 13 it should be there when you right click your object in the object manager, right click > mograph tags, mograph cache

  • OMG Nick! your hair is a mess!! what’s up with that??

  • shaving and you be more cool

  • that mic is so cool.. just waiting to see you spit them freestyles..

  • Thanks Nick….life is easier with knowledge.

  • @Pauly
    That Vray Tut is so good thanks for that!

  • Thanks so much, this helped me understand what’s going on with one of your great tutorials I couldn’t get to work in R13 Studio.

  • Gustavo Mazenotti March 1, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    Help ! Today I upgrade my old R12 to the new R13, but I cant find the Dynamics tag, like collider. soft and hard body, ghost and etc! where it is!??

  • FUCK NICK! you make my life so much easier! MAD PROPS!

  • how do i add a standard particle emitter into a dynamic system?

  • This is was a fun tutorial to follow along with. But I’m having trouble with the render. I’m new to Cinema 4d. The “Picture Viewer” is not rendering from the camera i’m telling it to. I have the “Render Camera” selected and its rendering from an arbitrary camera position. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Image of the problem:

  • Prior to the advent of the “bundle” system it was possible to purchase Dynamics as a separate module (I think Dynamics was introduced somewhere around version 9). So there was actually Dynamic functionality prior to MoGraph but it had to be purchased separately. Now the “Professional Dynamics” features come with the top price bundles (including Cloth and Aerodynamic properties). Personally I own the Broadcast bundle and find the MoGraph functionality to be all I really need. Running actual dynamic simulations can be a real time suck. MoGraph pretty much makes it painless.

  • Thanks for this precision….
    Anyways, I know C4D since R13, not before… but it’s interesting to know..
    (Sorry my english it’s no perfect… 😉 )

  • Thanks for clearing this up Nick! Very handy.

  • Thank You Nick “One small step for a man, one giant leap for a C4d people’s”

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