NAB 2015 Cinema 4D Presentations Batch 3

May 1, 2015

In these NAB 2015 presentations, three [scientific and medical animation] artists give us a peek into how they build stunning recreations of worlds invisible to the naked eye.

Joel Dubin provides a step-by-step tutorial demonstrating how to visualize a B-Lymphocyte using Cinema 4D and X-Particles.

Heidi Sinsel and Elizabeth McDonald from Nucleus Medical Media demonstrate how they use animation software Cinema 4D to visualize cellular processes.

Joel Dubin

NAB 2015 Rewind – Joel Dubin: X-Particles for Micro Medical Animation from Cineversity.


NAB 2015 Rewind – Nucleus Medical Inc: Medical Storytelling: The Art of Cellular 3D Animation from Cineversity.

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  • Hey guys!! do somebody know what happened to the other nab videos? they just uploaded half of them!!

    • They are releasing them over time instead of all at once. Stay tuned!

      • Ok, thanks Nick ! Definitely wanted to see Chris presentation and tips with soft bodies, etc and Noseman too… I have seen them in Livestream (late at night… 😉 i’m french) but too fast to follow and practice at same time.

    • half of them? they uploaded 8 of 27! hehehe there are 19 videos remaining

  • I see Joel likes Hans Zimmer too!

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