Exploring the Game-Changing Features in Cinema 4D R20

August 7, 2018

We open up MAXON’s new Cinema 4D R20 to check out the major new features like Fields and Volume Modeling.

In his first tour of Cinema 4D R20, Chris shows you all the new features that have him most excited about C4D since the release of R16.

This release includes a ton of new features that can handle all sorts of new workflows. You can checkout out the R20 announcement here.

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Ready to check out the new features? Let’s get started.

For more about Cinema 4D R20, check out the following:

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  • Overhyping every new release does get a little tired. Surprised GSG isn’t seeing that pattern.

  • Maxon had to make major changes in the new version. These are minor adjustments for Cinema 4D.

  • Hey Chris,

    i hope you can read this comment, i need your help with some expresso i think its easy and small thing but i don’t know how to do it and i didn’t find any tutorial for that.

    the issue is “how i can offset redshift proxies animations inside cloners”?
    i’v tried all mograph effectors with time offset and it’s not doing any effect.

    i have a football stadium crowd project and am stuck with character animations are so even, or i have to do it manually for a lot of characters to make it done …. please how i can link the animation timing of proxy with expresso

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