Nick Campbell: 3D Lighting and Product Visualization

September 2, 2015

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In this presentation from Siggraph 2015, Nick Campbell presents this tutorial on 3D Lighting and Product Visualization.

Nick Campbell: 3D Lighting and Product Visualization

Siggraph 2015 Rewind – Nick Campbell: 3D Lighting and Product Visualization from Cineversity.

Tutorial Focus:  ,

  • This is a wonderful tutorial, Nick! Thanks!

    Did you ever figure out why SHOT in X-particles didn’t work as expected?


  • Looking forward to TopCoat, Nick!
    Great improvement for the workflow it seems to be.
    As a suggestion, if you don’t already thought about it: would be great to save own reflection setup to have it ‘one click’ ready for the next project.
    Most interesting for me would be some organic reflection that mimics slimy wet surfaces like mucose membranes. Maybe even something that would make it possible to dismiss SSS here and there… if that’s possible.
    Thanks for the splendid work! Learned so much by you and the others from GSG.

  • Dude!…love, love, love your tutorials and energy. I was up all night working on a project totally exhausted, but being such a fan I decided to hit play and you boosted me up like a cup of Joe. you my friend are amazing, great stuff Nick

  • Excellent stuff as always, looking forward to playing with your great new plugin TopCoat!

  • Wow, what a tutorial and great presentation. You really know how to make the gear spin.
    Good luck with TopCoat, that sure is looking stunning, very very useful too.

  • Really cool tutorial as always.

    It’s uncanny because I literally discovered the same thing last week, by mistake, while I was just playing with the skinner. But it reminded me of glue instead of droplets. Hehe

  • Hey Nick !

    Great tutorial !! I have been following the site for a while and have loved the work you & Chris bring to the page !! I just wanted to know as to how i can approach this technique without the use of X-Particles because I currently don’t have the plug-in !! Thanks a lot !!

  • Great Video Nick and TopCoat looks amazing!

  • Great presentation Nick!

    Top Coat is very impressive. Maxon should throw a million dollars at you to buy it and make it a standard feature of C4D!

  • Fantastic technic! Thank you

  • Loved the tut. I don’t have access to x-particles, so I figured that you can make a simular look with a cloner in a metaball and some spheres. I’ts not quite the same, but It will get you a lot of the way.

  • Its noisy 🙁

    I hated r16-17 new reflectance channel , its slow and noisy.
    I am really disaapponted of it

  • very good tutorial, I would like to know the next phase in which condensation can (drops) may stick to the can and to turn the can. It can be done? Right now I have a project with these characteristics.

  • Hi nick.. plz give me a solution

    I am using x-particle 2 .. there is not SHOT emission mode… can you give me an answer how to make simulation like shot with trigger or pulse….


  • Is there anywhere I can get this C4D file to examine and play with the scene?

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