No Keyframes were Harmed in the Making of this Tutorial

February 9, 2016

This video is going teach you how to save time and energy by animating with Signal instead of traditional keyframes. I can’t tell you how many product fly-on’s I’ve done over my career. Everything from bottles of vitamins to various beers. That being said, phones seem to pop up the most and every time I animate something like this I try to do it faster than I did the last one. No one wants to reinvent the wheel every time one of these lands on your desk.

Signal is a tool that has made doing product fly-on’s actually fun again.

I can animate the entire setup procedurally and save the scene/rig for the next time. Client changes to timing and animation are no problem because instead of wrangling tons of key frames, I’m only having to adjust a few parameters in Signal.

Let’s Do This!

Questions or ideas, hit me in the comments below or follow me on twitter: @cgpov

Download the iPhone 6 Model here!



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  • Thank you Chad, I love your professional approach. I hope to see more product visualization tutorial.

  • Nice work Chad. Did you say that model would be available?

  • thanks for the tut chad!
    Nicley done. I would also love to see more product visualization tutorials. Especially texturing of real looking plastic, glass (bottles) and metal without any third party render engine would be really interesting.

    thanks again and best from germany.


  • Very helpful! Good video. Can’t wait to see more. Might just need to pick up signal even though you can do this with key frames I really like how the simple it was to adjust signal. Thanks again!

    • True, this entire animation COULD have been hand keyed, but the real benefit of Signal is its procedural nature. Everything is live and can be tweaked/changed very easily. You could even open up Expresso and write a little UI for future phone animation jobs that would tie into your Signal settings. Thanks for the comment!

  • That was really interesting. Thanks!

  • Is there anywhere I can find the textures for the phone? They are missing in the C4D file..

  • Thanks a a lot Chad very useful tutorial Thanks and regards from Colombia!

  • thanks for all your help u have given the community, I shall spare you guys in the PURGE

  • Amazing tutorial. Any idea how to convert the Octane textures back ?

    Thanks in advance

  • I am having some difficulty in signal. How do I create a new point on the graph when I am trying to make a curve?

  • great congratulations tutorial teacher

  • Hey Chad, I thought you would share a version of the scene for download for those who aren’t using Octane..Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Keep the tuts coming!

  • Is it possible to control a single point with Signal?

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