Object Tearing Itself Free From Cloth

April 14, 2015

In this AskGSG user Ruedifly brought this inspired animation to my attention from Polynoid. Chris focuses on the idea of an object getting wrapped up and tangled in a stretchy piece of cloth and tearing it’s way free using cloth dynamics in C4D.

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  • Thanks for sharing Chris!

  • some stuff here!

  • WOAH!!!…to cool! Thank you!!!!

  • I’ve been noticing for a long time the quality of the content on this site falling off sharply. If you are going to use the tutorial model of emulating great work fans of the site find online – at the very least your readership should expect you to create a reasonable facsimile of the piece in question. Almost every time I check this site the source material looks great, and the piece from the resulting tutorial looks terrible, hacked together in the shortest time possible, and having just scraped the surface of the applicable techniques without achieving the look in the original piece, the result is a tutorial that is largely useless. It’s great that you guys are here sharing your knowledge, but if this site is going to live up to what it was, the effort expended creating tutorials should at least match that expended marketing products.

    • Brandon,

      I think they do this to produce content quickly and to help render times. The goal is teach people the possibility of how it might have been created and then people use their very own artistic judgement/skill of their own to produce what you think is commercial ready or quality ready renders from the tutorials. We live in a fast world , everything has been imitated ten times over. Giving people the blueprint to everything leaves the world with less creativity. But, I do see your argument and frustration.

    • Thanks Brandon. Post us the link to your own site full of helpful free resources that aren’t ” terrible, hacked together “, that way we have a benchmark for which we can all strive for.

    • This saying might help your concerns, Brandon…”You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”.

    • it’s a Ask GSG tuto, not a classic GSG tutorial.
      The goal of that kind of tuto is to give quickly one of the ways to obtain similar result. You will never have the same result in a 30 minutes tuto as dozen of hours of work

      But I have to admit that I miss the longer GSG tutorials (not just an ask GSG one) as there was before. I hope there will be one soon.

  • Love this!!! Quick question will you all be going another 5 Sec project soon, really miss those!!!

    Thank so much for all you do 🙂

  • Great tuto guys, how about something like this for the next one? just a suggestion

    • That would actually be a very cool tutorial if GSG could briefly go over the idea of how to create something like that. Especially with the flares (probably within after effects and whatnot).

  • thanks! it works. Good job

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