Octane and Abstract Deformations With Brett Morris From Capacity at NAB 2015

May 15, 2015

Another series of C4D goodness from Cineversity!

Watch Brett Morris of Capacity used C4D and Octane renderer to create an undulating orb and an alien landscape. Gorgeous stuff. He even uses Signal to help easily animate some of the parameters. You can follow Bret Morris on Twitter at @bma_morris.

Brett Morris, Capacity Day 1

Brett Morris, Capacity Day 2

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  • Hello! Sorry, i not know english, can you say me “where i can take this expresso”?

  • Amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  • Octane and Arnold both have big releases coming out if you’re a C4D + Mac user. Anyone have any thoughts or experience on which is better to learn?

    • I needed a fast renderer for 2 big projects and didn’t want to spit them out to a cloud farm. I decided to try Octane and man, is it a beast. Everything this guy is saying is true. As far as a learning curve, I picked a majority of it up in 2 days. I was able to output a photo real frame in that time. I actually like the material editor better than c4d’s native one. There are still some weird things with it, like you can’t layer materials, etc. but it’ll only get better. I’m using a 2010 mac pro with a single 680 (through the network I have 2 more 680s) but I’m not at my work station (a trash can) because as of now Octane only uses Nvidia CUDA. The next release, 3.0, will unleash the power of my awesome dual graphics cards which, up until now have been wasting away.

    • Personally I’d say go with Arnold, its just been released and it is great, loving the IPR window for realtime preview, plus its super easy to get great rendered, all you need to worry about is the samples. The main reason I say this though, is that houdini Engine is also coming to C4D and Arnold is great at rendering volumetrics. You may find the Material Network editor in Arnold a little daunting, but the node based shader setup is very simular to how houdini works, so is a good preparation to harnessing the power of houdini for vfx when it drops. Arnold is by far the best in terms of quality vs speed imo.

      • A $1000 Titan X will demolish a $1000 5960X in render times. CPU rendering is old, slower, and costs more while GPU rendering is in a very immature state, light-years faster, and costs less. Octane 3.0 is coming soon with even more features and will support both AMD and NVIDIA GPU’s. There is honestly no point in purchasing a CPU-based render engine in 2015. The built-in physical render engine for Studio is still a great alternative if you don’t have a powerful GPU yet.

  • Great presentation

  • Amazing content !! Thank you for sharing. How did he change shirts so quickly from 35 to 36 mins?

  • Best Presentation I have seen. He is actually talking about something interesting and new. He is taking you through the steps. Legend

  • Hi there,

    Pretty new to C4D but I am very curious about Brett Morris, Capacity Day 1 at 37:30 on how to achieve such “organic explosions”. I tried but didn’t succeed in replicating the effect he walk us through during the video. Is there a better more step by step tutorial to replicate this?

    Thanks to the team for the hard work!

  • hi nick, i am a big fan of your design work, am from Cuba,a graphic designer, we have here, a very bad internet conexion, but we follow as we can all your videos, and we apreciate so much that you shere your knowledge, and a big part of our work is based in all your proyects, as now i am developing the image for a cuban TV show named 23 y M, so my question, i don knok how to download your tutorials, ´cause my conection does´nt let me to see them online, i´ll aprecciatte yor help ..thanks

    sorry if my english is not good

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