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In this tutorial Chris Schmidt shows off another great set of Cinema 4D quick tips that he presented at NAB 2014. I love watching Chris show me stuff I never knew about C4D. There is always something useful in these rapid-fire videos from Chris. Enjoy!

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  • Very cool stuff! Great Job!

  • Looking good Chris ;). Love your tutorials :).

  • That is very helpful! Thank you so much for the tutorials!! I hope to see more.

  • Awesome stuff thanks for sharing your knowledge

  • Love these short ones. Need more of these!

    • I’d love to do more, but they are incredibly time consuming to make.

      • maybe you can do one “making of the tutorial” like if you show your workflow in cinema when you’re brainstorming it. i don’t know would be cool you’re a freakin’ genius.

  • woow chris these are amazing tips I learned all cinema from you ,keep going bro.and Thanks.

  • Cool! actualy a thing I questioned about in twitter ๐Ÿ˜‰
    (found it out myself finaly but cool! )

  • Joshua Perlson May 8, 2014 at 11:11 am

    Chris, you’re a C4D pimp!

  • Chris, you are so smart. I definitely have a nerd crush.

  • Thank you Chris! These are really helpful. I always learn so much from your tutorials. Keep ’em coming!

  • Christ Schmidt is the boss.

    What a great guy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 14:56 made me want pizza.

  • Where can we make tutorial requests?

  • Hi Chris,

    Absolutely love your tutorials! Wanted to ask if there is a place to request for tutorials on the site?


    • Here in the comments is probably your best bet!

      • Can you talk about what would be the best things to show on a demo reel in one of your tutorials. Im graduating in a quarter and wondering what would be the best pieces to do to show a wide range of motion graphics.

  • Nice tips and tricks!!! However you could create tutorial on a specular, bump, diffusion and other material options. No matter how good the animation or model is, the texture is number 1 thing that you have to learn. That’s what you missing and suggesting to make a tutorial on. Thanks again and good job!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love the to-the-pointness of Chris!
    Great time savers, both the tips and the way of telling these.

  • Hi on background reference tut my clone shoots away, is this some setting wrong?

    • Normally if something dynamic shoots away it is intersecting something else dynamic. Perhaps a floor, perhaps a clone of itself.

  • superinstructive.

  • Hey Chris thanks for the tips and tricks. I do have a question for you about the first tip you shared. How do you find out what the priority a particular operation is? You said that Dynamics calculates on Generators with a value of 399. How did you know that? how can I find out what settings to use. Ive done a few character rigs in C4D and I kept running into this issue and I just had to guess until it worked like I expected. Is there a way to find out other than through trial and error?


    • I wish there was a way beyond trial and error. If there is any documentation I have yet to see it. I learned by doing a lot of rigging mostly. When working on a rig it is important to constantly change that there isn’t a frame of lag. My go-to test is to move the rig then hit undo. After the undo hit “G” (one frame forward) and see if anything moves. If something does, you’re got a priority issue somewhere. Another kicker is that inside an xpresso tag each node has a priority too!

  • where do I go to request a tutorial from you guys? I would like to send an example of what I’ve been working on, basically I’ve been trying to build an arena from a seating chart…thought I had figured out a quick and easy way to do it until it came to the corners…anyway it might be a fun project for you to play around with…Thanks again for all the great tuts!!!

  • Hi Chris, great stuff!

    The way you dragged a texture from one channel into another in the material editor, how do you do this? I can’t figure it out. Did you need to hold a shortkey or anything?


    • Nope, just grab the preview image and drag it to another channels name, then drop it on the shader.

      • Ah so that’s the trick, I tried dragging the word ‘Texture’ while inside a channel but couldn’t drop it into for example Luminance. Dragging the preview image works! Thanks alot! Such a timesaver ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Great job, as always.

    Just one piece of advice for you and for us: Breathe ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Hi Chris,
    this is what i was looking for. You explained it at the nab_2014 but it was too quick.
    Thanks you so much…

  • Great stuff. I’m not sure if you found a use for the tracer/random part yet, but I tried putting the tracer into a Sweep Nurb and the results were very interesting. Also, could that technique be used for a heart monitor?

  • That was so much info I forgot 70% of it already lol.
    Love GSG!

  • Hi! I just wanna say thank you, guys! I’m a design student from Brasil and I’m starting to learn about 3D now, and you ar helping me a lot! We don’t have many tutorials about C4D.


  • I’m always learning something new here, thank you chris.
    please i need to be able to download this tutorials, how can i do that?

  • Great stuff out there.. can’t wait to see more stuff in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚ thumbs up!

  • So many great time-saving tips. Thanks for sharing this!

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